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My Dream (Vol 2) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 7


Miracle and Tony, sitting adjacent each other under an oak tree not far from the palace were discussing, they were not totally comfortably as they seemed to be rivals. Not long after they started their conversation, Grace appeared. Walking girlishly as usual, Miracle looked lost in his smiles as he usually got fascinated by her steps. Tony noticed the expression of Miracle as soon as he saw Grace and he looked irritated. Grace got closer to them and greeted them. She sat opposite the two to avoid arguments and kept smiling at them. “I met Timi again. The girl I met in the brothel and made it a little bit bearable.” She said. “Oh is she in the palace?” Miracle asked. “Yes, she is now a royal guard” Grace replied.
Grace had told Timi to join them under the tree since she was not on duty for the day. Soon, she arrived and greeted them. She looked surprised as she saw Tony as though she knew him “Young Master.. “ she said as Tony did not seem to recognize her. “You know him?” Grace asked as she saw the confused look of Timi’s and the cold look of Tony’s. “Emm…maybe not…” Timi said when she saw that Tony didn’t recognize her. She sat with them and after exchanging pleasantries with them, they continued talking. After some time, as though everyone ran out of words, it became silent.
“I’m retrieving the throne”, Grace broke the silence as they all turned to her in surprise. They were so shocked that they all stammered “Wha..wha..what?!” at the same time. “I’ve decided to get back what is mine. I can’t take this injustice any longer “ she continued. Timi sighed and nodded in agreement as Miracle said “Err…emm…its all good..but how are you doing that as a slave?” “You mean how are we?…because we are in this together” Timi said. Tony got up and said “We can start by buying her freedom”. Grace became lost as she was surprised to see their utmost support. “Emm…guys I…err..I’m sorry but I need to do this…alone. I can. I can’t bother you with my troubles. I really appreciate your…” before she could finish her words, Miracle cut in “We are doing this together Grace! So as you were saying, Tony, we should start by getting her her freedom”. Timi looked at Grace and gave her a sly smile and a wink.
They decided to send Tony to the palace the following day to demand for Grace’s freedom from the princess. When ge got there the following day, the princess, however, told him that Grace’s matter was already out of her control but the king’shimself. Tony therefore proceeded to the court and demanded for an audience with the king. Having gained audience with the king, Tony, summoning all courage to speak freely to the king proceeded and stood before the king. He saluted the king in their custom and placed his demand before the king. The king, on hearing Tony’s request, became furious. He had no intention of letting Grace out of his control, but according to the statute of the land which preceded even over the king, he had to let her go provided Tony could afford her price. The king therefore demanded for two bags of gold coins in exchange for Grace. Tony as well as all that were present in the court was amazed at the demand of the king. The original price for the freedom of every slave was twenty gold coins, but the king, as he was unwilling to release Grace made the outrageous demand to make it difficult and eventually impossible for him to buy Grace’s freedom.
Tony therefore returned to his comrades and narrated everything to them. Miracle got up immediately and said “We have to make this fast…we can’t drag it any further. We are getting your freedom Grace.” He aid firmly as Tony agreed with him. They both agreed to divide the cost and get a bag of gold coins each. Grace was dissatisfied as she also wanted to contribute to her freedom but they both shouted at the the same time “No”. After the shout, they all felt awkward as the chorus was alarming. The king had told Tony that he had to return to the palace with the bags of gold in three days. After two days, Miracle and Tony got the bags of gold coins and came together with the others. “Oh my God! How did you manage to get these in two days?” Grace said with her eyes filled with tears. Tony moved closer to her and held her hand, smiling without uttering a word and gave her a reassuring nod. “Alright that’s enough!…can we proceed?” Miracle said abruptly. “I can never like this guy” he said to himself staring at Tony with a smirk.
They however proceeded with their plan. Tony returned to the king with the bags of gold coins. Grace also immediately returned to the palace as her attention would be needed at the court. The king was astonished as Tony could return after two days with the requirement. He bit his tongue as he could not express his displeasure before the ministers present at the court. He sheepishly granted Grace’s freedom. He sent for Grace as she was to be officially freed. Tony handed the bags of gold coins over as the king also handed Grace over to him. He therefore left the palace with Grace.


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