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There is still hope to restore a broken Relationships/marriage


Relationships require mutual love, respect, and constant nurturing and that demands a lot of physical and emotional energy. Sometimes, it can get challenging to sustain the flow and trouble could manifest in many ways, Relationships or Marriage is never a smooth sailing ride. It needs constant effort, patience, and perseverance. You can break it in a second, but to sustain it, you need to hang on until you anchor your relationship. We all know life is not a bed of roses 🌹 ,we are full of emotions and each everyone of us are different from one another In terms of how we display our emotions . At every stage of life we are surrounded by relationships that are relevant to It. The excitement and feeling of being have no bounds, So we feel broken and lost when relationships go berserk.

Most Relationships go Wrong by

  • Criticizing your partner
  • Arguing all the time
  • Assuming wrong things
  • Not believing in your partner word because of previous mistakes
  • Insecurities
  • Lying
  • Infidelity
  • Cheating
  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of communication
  • Not believing your to change from bad

Means to Repair Broken Relationships or Marriage

  • There should be means for an open communication
  • Make effort from both sides
  • Listen to your partner
  • Understand your spouse perspective
  • Eliminate blame
  • Take responsibility
  • Learn to forgive
  • Rebuild trust
  • Give your partner time and space
  • Get on same page and support each other
  • Reinvent yourself


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