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All Housemates Up for Eviction


One-by-one, the Housemates strolled into the Diary Room to make their Nominations. Following the competitive spirit birthed from back-to-back Evictions in the House, the Pepper Dem gang laid down the names of two Housemates they wanted up for Eviction. Well, in Frodd’s case he Nominated Nelson for personally reasons perhaps?

In the past, we’ve had the case of the Housemates trying so hard not to offend their fellow Housemates’ fans and in doing so, ended up Nominating the Veto Power Holder – just so the burden of Nomination is put on the VPH during the ‘Save and Replace’ process. However, following how Seyi flipped this strategy and ended up getting ‘Evicted’ due to being strategically Nominated, the Pepper Dem gang got enveloped with guilt and were forced to Nominate fairly.

Here’s how the Housemates Nominated:

Psyche! No Nominations this week!

Oh the surprise that crept on their faces when Big Brother announced that their individual Nominations count for nothing this week. Khafi gets Nominated, Ike gets Nominated, Mike gets Nominated, everyone gets Nominated!

A Reward for Disobedience

Biggie being who he is, did not fail to show his sense of humour as he ‘gifted’ the Housemates by putting them all up for Nomination – for being naughty all through their stay in his House. In essence, they were rewarded for all the times they failed to participate in the morning exercises, the times they talked in hush tones and of course, those annoying days they were being reminded to have their microphones on when talking at all times.

As a reward for constantly flouting Biggie’s rules, the whole House is up for Nominations this week and at least one Housemate will be Evicted on Sunday during the Live Eviction show. (Yes, the fake Evicted Housemates are not left out).



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