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My Dream (Vol 2) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 3


Feeling the gentle touch of the breeze sweetly romancing the soft hair on her skin. The princess, walking through one of the many walkways in the garden in disquietude. She had a lot going through her mind; curiosity about many things. She kept thinking about the whole story her father told her, wondering about the extent to which the king would have gone in his attempt to keeping the throne. Flashing back to the story of Grace’s ordeals and linking both together, she felt there was more to the whole story she heard from her father. Curiosity led her into concluding on finding out more from those whom she thought would have carried out the dirty assignments of the king for him.
She decided to dig deep and get the most trusted royal guards who usually carried out secret and important tasks for the king. She acquired men who were very skilled in swordsmanship, and got hold of the trusted royal guards of the king. She interrogated them and threatened to castrate them and slaughter their families if they refused to tell her in details all the secret things they had done for the king especially those that had to do with the throne. They revealed the whole truth to her which included the pit in which Grace fell while on the run for her life. The king had been using the pit as a means of getting girls who unfortunately fell into it and sold them to slavery and to prostitution. The men and old women who fell into the pit were immediately sold to a foreign country.
She released the royal guards afterwards and ordered them never to make it known to the king that she knew all about his evil sources of income. She decided to keep the whole thing to herself and returned to her quarters. As soon as she got to the entrance of her quarters, she suddenly stopped as though she had forgotten something. Her attendants, however, who had been looking for her as she sneaked out of the palace without their knowledge immediately spotted her and sighed in relief as they all rushed to her in order of their arrangement. She ordered them to return to the quarters claiming she had things to do without them. She headed for Grace’s quarters.
Grace, who had a lot to take in from the recent happenings in her life was found sulking in her balcony. As soon as she noticed Princess Judith’s presence, she stood up trying to compose herself. “Your Highness…I..err..I’m sorry I..” “What are you doing? “ the princess cut in. She gave Grace a disgusting look that Grace was forced to go on her knees. She remembered when she saw her in Tony’s hands and scoffed. “The brothel is really a place meant for you”, she said. Grace was shocked as she heard that, she kept wondering why the princess would say such. The princess therefore told her about the pit and told her the king was responsible for the pit.
“The throne needs to be secured from fools like you, don’t you think? You and your parents are just contamination to the throne, apology to the deceased. The people do not need a family of fools to rule them, you should be happy we helped in upholding the dignity and intelligence of the throne”. Grace kept weeping at the words of the princess. After the princess had said all she wanted to say, she turned to leave. As she was about to get to the door, she saw Tony standing by the door and seemed to have been eavesdropping. She looked at him and walked past him. Tony hurried in to Grace whom he met weeping on her knees. He lifted her up and embraced her in solace.


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