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Why Omashola and Ike weren’t on the Eviction Stage, They got a Strike Instead


Omashola and Ike have been issued a Strike each. Both were found guilty of threatening the safety of other Housemates and were initially put up for Eviction. Big Brother in a show of magnanimity decided to issue them a stern warning and a Strike each for breaking the House rules.

Omashola had earlier gone on a show of rage after his Betnaija coins were stolen; using foul language and issuing threats at other Housemates he felt were responsible for robbing him. Joining him in his fit of rage was Ike who was going to be a recipient of some Coins from Omoshola to add to his. Ike’s hurling of a bottle that could have hurt a fellow Housemate earned him a Strike too.

The announcement of their punishments which took place shortly before the Live Eviction Show had all the Housemates tense as they expected the worst while hoping for the best. As Biggie reeled out the gravity of both Omashola and Ike’s outburst, you could see the fear in their eyes. So it was a huge relief when they both found out that they were only getting a Strike each.

Further speaking on the punishment given, Big Brother warned all the Housemates that there will be no tolerance for any violent outburst in the House. Housemates were urged to visit the Diary Room should they have the need to let go of some steam. Biggie also warned that three Strikes meant disqualification from the House for any erring Housemates. This means Both Omashola and Ike have to tread carefully not to risk getting another Strike during their stay in the House.

The rest of the Housemates also couldn’t help but share in the joy that they both weren’t going to get Evicted.



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