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My Dream (Vol 2) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 2


Like a moving corpse, Grace was walking slowly away from the trees where she had hidden herself. She just couldn’t bear all she heard that she was either lost in her thoughts or had lost her mind. Little did she know tears were rolling down her cheeks. Before now, she had always wondered why those men came into their house and killed her parents in cold blood and even ran after her own life. Her father was no popular man, he had lived a very quiet life with his family because all that mattered to him was his family. He therefore shouldn’t have made himself enemies. Her mother, on the other hand, was also an easygoing trader who had little penny on her and wouldn’t have people to envy her.
The whole world suddenly became dark clouds after the sudden death of her parents. And yes, just at the time she needed someone, she found the princess who received her with her arms widely opened and with a smile. Princess Judith seemed to her like an angel whose job was to take away all her sorrows. But now, her eyes were suddenly opened to the cruel reality; the reason behind the death of her parents. The confession of the king echoing in her head that she began to stagger. Now, would she be safe? All these thoughts kept roaming her mind that she suddenly collapsed by the road.
Servants who were passing kept muttering and looking at her lying on the floor. Many recognized her but couldn’t help her even if they wished to, as they were not sure if she was already a state enemy after she was framed for stealing the princess’ jewellery. To save their own heads, they kept passing her by and everyone had to face their own businesses. Tony, on his father’s errand to the royal refinery noticed the servants gathered in groups and having indistinct conversations amongst themselves. He decided to ignore and go his way as he needed to attend to his father’s errand urgently.
As he was about to turn to the entrance of the refinery, he turned back instinctively to take a final look at the body lying on the floor when he spotted the pair of humble looking lilac shoes the person was wearing. The shoes looked somewhat familiar to him as he became curious to see the face. He strained his eyes abruptly through the people gathered and to his greatest surprise, it was Grace. Immediately, his eyebrows moved in surprise and he ran towards her shoving the people on his way aside. As soon as the servants saw him, they dispersed to their various businesses.
He bent towards Grace who was at that time unconscious and lifted her head with his hand. He tried waking her effortlessly. He became restless. He continued calling out Grace’s name with trembling voice, wondering what could have happened to her. He then lifted her up in his arms, carrying her to a royal physician. Great fear engulfed him as he was hoping that she was still alive and well, wondering how long she would have been lying on the road unconsciously and helplessly.
As he was rushing off the road with Grace in his arms, Princess Judith, who was now on her way to her quarters after conversing with her father saw Tony. At first, she did not notice Grace in his arms as she was beclouded with different thoughts from her conversation with her father. She noticed Tony was rushing off somewhere restlessly and fearfully with someone in his arms. She looked upon the person he was bearing in his arms and saw that it was Grace. She paused for a minute, staring at them until they were out of sight, and scoffed afterwards. Sharply, she turned towards the palace with a great frown as though she was ready to consume anything that came her way.


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