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My Dream (Vol 2) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 1


The king, in his magnificent red and gold regalia was roaming the garden close to the court. The king’s attendants as well as the royal guards with their heads bowed, kept a safe distance from him as the worried countenance of the king was so alarming that trespassing would call for punishment or better still, instant death. As though he was organising his thoughts, he kept rubbing his chin and forehead with his left hand and swinging the loose part of his regalia with the right.
Princess Judith, having searched everywhere she thought the king would be, she finally arrived at the garden. Seeing the king, she rushed towards him as though she was ready to tear him apart. Remembering he was a king, she tried to comport herself. “Father!” she called out and the king looked towards her. “So..have you sent her out?” she asked. The king scoffed and replied “I do not wish to send her away. She stays in the palace!” The princess seemed to be dissatisfied with the conclusion of the king as she angrily questioned the king “Do you even care for me?” “Of course I do, my princess” the king answered
“But you don’t show it, Father…If you do, you shouldn’t put anyone above me. You are meant to do what I want…but you are not!” the princess cried. The king moved towards her and embraced her, consoled her with sweet words. “The only thing that gives me so much joy in my heart is you…My only daughter, but there are things you don’t know. Such that could give and take lives. Things that you need to be protected from” the king said. The princess looked at him wondering what could be the reason for the king’s words and action and said “Tell me, Father. What is so serious that concerns me..and concerns Grace? What do I need to be protected from?”
The king sighed and said “You see…your father has done so many secret things. And they are bad, really bad” At this, Princess Judith seemed interested in the words of the king, she asked “How bad? Did you kill? Emm…well, killing bad people is not bad.” The king smiled and said “Not bad people this time, even the innocents…everyone that stood in my way to the throne, both young and old.” Hearing this, the princess was surprised, she gasped and covered her mouth in awe at the words of her father whom she thought was the most upright man she had ever known.
Grace, wandering along a narrow path connecting the garden and the royal refinery, saw the king and the princess discussing and hid herself between the trees blocking her off from the sight of people on both sides, peeping through and eavesdropping. The king sighed and took hold of the hand of the princess. He had wanted the brightest future for his daughter, he wanted her to be the princess and after his own demise – the Queen. He therefore wiped out those who to him were obstacles on his way to achieving that. Grace’s father was meant to be the king after the death of the former king, but he, being uninterested in the throne had left the palace for almost twenty years to lead a normal life in the city. About a year ago when Judith’s father became impatient for his father to die and hand over the crown to another person and also the fear of the love of his father for Grace’s father which might according to him lead his father to leaving the throne for Grace’s father, he decided to take drastic steps – the killing of his father the king and the massacre of his brother’s family.
Having heard the whole story, Princess Judith became dumbfounded and almost couldn’t believe all was actually true. She stammered for some seconds before she could ask “Emm…so who did you say your brother was?” “Alli..Grace’s father.” The king replied. “So…you mean you are responsible for Grace’s ordeals? And wait a minute…her father was supposed to be the king after granddad?” The princess became lost and overwhelmed by the story she just heard.
Having heard this, Grace who was busy eavesdropping gasped out of her hiding place. The whole story seemed to her like a mystery. She couldn’t believe all she just heard. She walked away from the trees like a moving corpse.


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