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My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 15


Grace was left alone with the king. She kept trembling and couldn’t but keep her head bowed with teary eyes. The king kept mute for some time and later spoke “Raise your head young lady”. “Who am I to look you in the eye, Your Majesty? I dare not” Grace said bowing her head to the ground.”Lift your head” the king repeated as Grace fearfully lifted her head. The king ordered her to stand from where she was kneeling and offered her a seat. Trembling on the seat, the king told her never to be nervous and assured her he never meant any harm.
“You’re Grace?” he asked and Grace answered “Yes, Your Majesty” The king then started asking series of questions from Grace. He wanted to know more about the innocent-looking girl who just found a way to gain his sympathy and trust from afar. “There is something different about you…tell me how you ended up with the princess” the king said. Flashes of the past kept roaming her mind. Tears rolled down her cheeks, she kept struggling with the tears when suddenly she burst out crying.
“Oh…that must be a painful experience back then” the king said. After so much struggle, Grace could talk. She told the king she wasn’t born a slave. The king seemed to be interested in Grace’s story and he adjusted himself on his golden throne. Then, Grace started her story from the beginning of her ordeals – her sixteenth birthday. She had mentioned that she was from a poor family, the only child of her parents who struggled to make ends meet. She paused for a while trying to make normal her shaking voice and then continued. She told the king that her parents were murdered, the reason unknown to anyone and on the quest of running for her own life, she fell into a pit which was a channel to a brothel and where she was later sold as slave.
Suddenly, the king gestured to her to stop the story. “You fell into a pit which was a passage to a brothel?” He asked. “Yes Your Majesty” Grace replied. The king gave a sarcastic smile and looked at Grace in amazement and asked “So..who were your parents?” “My mother was Mrs Mary Johnson and my father Mr Alli Johnson” she replied. “Wait! Who did you say your father was?” the king asked with an emotion mixed with both fear and anxiety. “Mr Alli Johnson, Your Majesty” Grace replied again. At this point, the king got up from his throne immediately. He dismissed Grace and sent for two of his specially trained royal guards that soon appeared before him and knelt down on their left knees.
“About a year ago, if I remember clearly, I sent you on an important mission to the city to eliminate a certain family” the king started. “Yes Your Majesty” they both chorused still on their knees. “Did you by chance leave anyone behind?” he asked them. They both looked at each other and one of them replied “Your Majesty…we lost their daughter. On the hunt for her in the woods, she suddenly disappeared… Probably some wild animal consumed her.” The king scoffed and said with a half opened mouth “She is alive…right here in the palace” The two servants looked up at the king in amazement and looked at each other.
The king told them the story Grace narrated to him, how she fell into the pit and later became a slave. They were surprised and asked the king for the permission to kill Grace. The king told them not to kill her and told them of his intention of keeping her under his close watch.


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