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Never Seek Relationship Advice From Outsiders


It’s never right to talk about your relationship to outsiders so as to seek advice from them, it is the best way you can have a healthy and happy relationship.

Whenever you feel wronged, instead of getting advice from an outsider or yelling and getting verbal attacks why don’t you just calm down or sleep over it then when you feel relaxed you sit and talk about your odds that is the best way you can stay longer in it.

At times you don’t need to talk you just have to let it go because talking over and over and complaining doesn’t solve issue perfectly, you can just take a stroll and thing about other good things you’ve seen in the relationship and how important it is to be together

Also There Are Some Mistakes We Commit Which Can Alter The Trust Your Partner Have For You

Lying can destroy a relationship being honest saves a lot, you don’t have to lie so as no to make your partner feel bad or hurt you can just omit the truth for example if your partner get you a gift you don’t like why don’t you just smile about and make nice comments about the gift.

Finance matters a lot sometimes love isn’t just enough before planning on getting married sit and talk how you both earn enough to sustain a happy And healthy family.

Never talk about break-ups

Don’t be the perfect one be the right one

Not Apologizing when you should, apologizing doesn’t mean you’re wrong or right it only means you value your relationship more than your pride.

But also don’t

Another thing is don’t ever be with someone because someone else pressured you to. 

And also don’t go into relationships with these unrealistic expectations. 

Always trust and try to forgive

Be proud to be seen together

No one is responsible for your happiness, You are responsible for your happiness although it feels good and easy when you partner make you happy but the best happiness is when you make yourself happy. And also Love yourself.

If you feel you need to talk to an outsider a psychologist or therapist will be the best


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