Home Stories My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 14

My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 14


My Dream (Vol 1)

By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola

Chapter 14

The next day, Princess Judith, flinging her door open, ran out of the room speaking in a loud voice My jewellery!! Someone stole my jewellery!” She immediately made her way to the palace with her attendants running behind her. She hurried inside the court furiously and turned to the king, who sitting on his throne was addressing the ministers. “Your Majesty! I have been robbed. I have been robbed of my expensive jewellery, father!” To gain the absolute attentionand sympathy of the king, she sat down on the floor somberly. The king who loved his only daughter dearly, seeing her sitting on the floor left his throne and came to her, all servants in the court immediately knelt down as they saw their king bending down beside the princess. “My princess, who has wronged you this much?” turning to the servants and the ministers present at the court, he asked Who did this?” The ministers and the servants immediately bowed down at the furious question of the king and shouted with one voice “Your Majesty!”.

“I suggest we search all the servants rooms, Father” Princess Judith said still wearing an unhappy expression. The king therefore agreed to search all the servants rooms and gave a decree that all servants be brought to the court and the guardsshould search all their rooms thoroughly for the princess’jewellery. Along with other servants Grace was brought to the court. They assembled all the servants in front of the court as the guards went ahead to search their different rooms. In the meantime, the princess got up from where she was sitting and the king ordered that a seat be placed beside his throne for her to sit. The queen also joined the court as it became a graveissue in the palace.

Soon, one of the guards who went in search of the princess’jewellery hurried into the court bearing a silver tray containing shinning and expensive looking jewellery. All eyes were turned towards him, the servants outside the court turned looking at the guard as he was bearing the tray containing jewellery in his hands, all wondering where he would have found them. There was a great murmur outside and inside the court. Not long after, two guards swiftly came out of the court and towards the servants, they immediately seized Grace and dragged her inside. All other servants stared in disbelief as they all seemed to trust Grace.

They dragged Grace to the middle of the court, the queen and princess Judith in front, the ministers surrounding her. She looked round the hall and not knowing what to utter, tears kept flowing down her cheeks. Princess Judith immediately stood up from her seat and said You thief!”. Grace was surprised when she heard this, she had expected the princess to trust and defend her, unknown to her that the princess who had carefully planned it all and had sent her on a false errand in the morning had put the jewellery in her room.

“She must be punished! Throw her out of the palaceimmediately!” princess Judith said. Grace fell on her knees looking lost and heartbroken. The ministers began to murmur amongst themselves, many condemning her and few apathetic. Wailing, Grace began to plead her innocence, she turned to the princess and then the king saying “I am innocent”. “Send for the disciplinary committee immediately. She must be interrogated” the queen commanded one of the servants present at the court. The queen got up from her seat and came towards Grace moving round her majestically as though she was examining her. “You filthy thingthe jewellery is worth more than your dirty life..” she said. The disciplinary committee soon entered the court. They presented themselves before the king.

The king kept examining Grace from his throne without saying a word. Breaking his silence he said “Dismiss all the servants outside”. The queen kept convincing the king to order the disciplinary committee to commence the interrogation, the princess also kept pestering the king for Grace to be punished and sent out of the palace as soon as possible. The king ordered silence in the court and askedeverybody to vacate the court immediately and he be left alone with Grace. All ministers, servants, attendants, disciplinary committee followed by the queen left the court. After them, the princess sheepishly left, wondering why the king wanted to have an audience with Grace alone.




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