Home Stories My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 13

My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 13


My Dream (Vol 1)

By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola

Chapter 13

Having poured the content of the glasses all over Grace, the princess, feigning sympathy, took hold of a piece of cloth and started cleaning Grace’s dress which the stain had already turned purple. Oh my God…I’m so sorry…oh”, she said witha concerned tone and facial expression. “Its fine Your Highness. I can just look for a place to clean myself”, Grace said, smiling, “There is a river close to the hall, you should go there”, the princess said. Grace nodded after thanking the princess and set off for the river. The princess kept holding Tony back with words and preventing him from following Grace. Tony inept wondering at the actions of the princess which seemed somewhat suspicious. As soon as Grace was leaving for the river, Miracle saw her back view from afar and started following her. Sit here, I’ll go and check her up”,Princess Judith said to Tony and she hurried towards the river.

When Grace got to the river, she leaned over the water carefully and she was careful not to fall into the river. She kept singing as she was taking water from the river with her hand and carefully washing the affected parts of her dress. “Ireally hope Her Highness will not be vexed that I’m taking too much time here…the stain is just too stubborn, she said to herself as she scrubbed the stubborn stains on her cloth. As she was about to lift herself up from the river bank, Princess Judith who seemed to be waiting for the right time to eliminate her pushed her into the river, expecting her to drown since she couldn’t swim her way out. She kept gasping and trying to balance herself in the water which seemed to be very difficult. She tried screaming for help but she couldn’t as tears kept rolling down her cheeks into the river. 

Thoughts of death kept crossing Grace’s mind as she would soon start drowning. Her strength was failing. Princess Judith, standing across the river was acting as if she was concerned but had no power to save her. She kept going back and forthwith her hands stretched, even though she had no intention of saving her.

Immediately, Tony, who was following the princess to the river without the knowledge of the princess dived into the river to save Grace. Miracle, who also had sighted Grace in the hall on her way to the river, and had decided to follow her, saw her in the river and immediately dived into the river. The princess, seeing how the two young men immediately dived into the river for the purpose of saving Grace, burst out into tears as though they had poured salt on her wound. Tony, a fast swimmer got to Grace before she started drowning and carried her in his arms out of the river.

Miracle, however, who had unconsciously dived into the river in haste began to drown as he had forgotten he was a bad swimmer. Tony, seeing Miracle struggling in the water, dived in again to save him. As soon as Miracle was helped out of the river, he then crawled to Grace who was still getting over the shock. He embraced her and patting her back lightly, he said,“Its okay…its okay, its fine now”. The princess became puzzled as all did not go her way, she kept staring at Grace in Miracle’s embrace and Tony beside them also patting Grace’s shoulder. She couldn’t pretend anymore as she also couldn’t stand the sight, she left the place in anger and bitterness.



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