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How To Get Rid of Wart (Instumpa)

  • GARLIC– Crush garlic to form paste and apply a little of it on your wart then cover with Bandaid, do this everyday until the wart fall off
  • CASTOR OIL – You can add few drops of castor oil on your wart several times in a day or make paste with castor and baking soda then apply on wart
  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR- Few drops of apple vinegar on wart, also you can apply apple cider vinegar, soak a cotton ball in vinegar (about half-soaked) and place it on the facial wart. Then, cover the area with an adhesive bandage for 24 hours.
  • ONION- You either make paste with onion or slice onion and add on your wart then hold with bandaid
  • LEMON JUICE : Soak one side of a cotton ball in lemon juice, then attach it over your wart with a BandAid or medical tape. Change several times a day.
  • BANANA PEELS: Use medical tape or a BandAid to hold a small slice of banana peel on your wart, with the inside of the peel touching it.
  • Retinoid (Tretinoin) Cream
  • 5-Fluorouracil

Try pulsed dye laser therapy.
 Laser therapy uses heat energy to destroy the wart and the red blood cells that feed it. The therapy is usually well tolerated, and does not leave scars or pigment anomalies. The pulsed dye laser is fast and efficient, but its cost makes it less accessible than other options. This treatment has an 80% or greater efficacy when used on warts.

  • The lesions usually resolve without scarring at about two weeks.
  • This treatment is used for a variety of skin problems.


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