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Today I became monster, evil itself is what I should be called but it isn’t my fault why would he think of getting married to her why? After all the love i showered on him, my life can never remain the same.


He dropped me off at the front of my house and said he won’t be able to come in that he wants to pick his friend up so they would go to his house together but Dave’s actions since we left his house to come and drop me at mine seems suspicious. Well no problem I told him and went inside my house , I took my bath and climbed on to the bed to sleep but I couldn’t sleep Dave hasn’t called yet. Is he alright I need to know so I pick up my phone to call him but no answer I tried his line for about 20times but no response so I decide to go back to his house.

On getting there i parked my car outside the gate and rang the bell for the gateman to open the gate he did but tried to stop me from going in but ignored him as I was close to the door I could hear voices so I decide to listen couldn’t believe my ears did I just hear “can’t believe we are getting married soon”. I was boiling with anger already so I decide to go through the back door which leads to the kitchen I picked up a sharp knife fortunately his girlfriend was coming to the kitchen so I hid myself at the back of the door and pulled my top off immediately she walked in I covered her mouth with the top and stab her to death but I think Dave heard a strange sound and came towards the kitchen he saw Sarah lying in the pool of blood and went down beside her screaming ”what have u done” immediately I picked up the stool beside me and hit him on the head. He was unconscious immediately I called Tessy to meet me at Dave’s house.

Tessy came 40 minutes after and gave the gateman the poisoned drink I asked to get and she came him. She was shocked with what she saw and immediately checked the house for blankets to wrap the dead body of Sarah’s and after some minutes she went out to check the gateman he was lying lifeless on the ground and drag the two bodies to bush which was near Dave’s house and bury both Sarah and the gateman body.

We went back inside then Tessy asked me what my plan was I told her immediately we cleaned up the messed room. But I didn’t know what to do next immediately she picked up Dave’s phone and message his mother that he is traveling for an urgent business the next morning and won’t be back till the next three months. So we carried Dave into the car and drove to my house to pick some stuff which would be useful for a journey then Tessy called a Doctor friend of her’s to meet us at a junction so he would treat Dave. Before we get to the Doctor we saw some police officers on the road they stopped our car to search us , I was shaking with fear already then the man flashed his torch at the back of the car and saw Dave on my arm………

To be continued


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