Home Stories My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 11

My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 11


My Dream (Vol 1)

By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola

Chapter 11

Getting to the spring, the attendants took different positions of security. Two of them guarding the entrance, six of them mustered around the princess and two of them came to undress her. Grace collected her clothes in her hands and the princess stepped into the spring. With her heart beclouded with different thoughts, she sighed continuously, frowning and relating sorely with her servants. After the her bath, they left for the palace.

When they got to the palace, the princess immediately dismissed the attendants including Grace and went to her quarters. Grace also went to her quarters and when she got there, she shut the door. She sat on a stool with her hand supporting her chin. Few seconds later, she changed position from the stool to the bed. She remained restless for about thirty minutes moving around the room thinking aloud, “What do I do to make things right? Surely I have disappointed her Highness as her mood throughout today was nothing to write home about and I know I caused it all.” She thought. She went back to sit on the stool and immediately stood up again “I think I know what to do!” she said.

She moved to her mirror, changed her clothes into a less attractive cloth and tied her hair looking like the other servants. She decided to go to the garden, pick the favorite flower of the princess which could be totally irresistible and beg for her forgiveness on her knees. The thought seemed to please Grace, she set off for the garden. When she got there, she proceeded to pick the flowers as she saw the back view of a young man who seemed lost on one of the walkways of the garden. She picked the flower and went to the young man with the thought of helping him find his way. “Hello” she said as the young man who seemed to recognize her voice turned around with ecstasy.

When the young man turned to face her, Grace was surprised it was Miracle, the guy that had caught her attention and most especially that of the princess. “Hey!” Miracle said with his usual captivating smile. Grace was dumbfounded as she became confused, not knowing if she should be happy seeing Miracle again or sad that at the moment she was about to make things right with the princess, Miracle showed up again.Miracle was too excited seeing her, he immediately caught her up in his embrace. Grace with great fear of the princess’s reaction if she by chance witnessed the scene, sheepishly released herself from his embrace. “Err…are you lost?” she asked quickly. “Oh yea I think so…but how great you found me!”he said and laughed Err…not bad…but where exactly are you headed? I could direct you” Grace said and Miracle answered “The princess…I want to see the princess “ Grace started stammering as though she was shocked he wanted to see the princess and seeing the expression of Grace he said “I…err…need to deliver my father’s message. He has a function in few months and wishes to specially invite the princess. I’d love to see you there, I’d really love to” “Emm…I should lead you to the princess” Grace said and led him to the princess.

Grace ushered Miracle to the princess’s quarters. Seeing Miracle and Grace together with flowers in Grace’s hand, she thought that Miracle had given the flowers to Grace. As Grace was about to present the flowers to the princess, the princess dismissed her with contempt in her expressions. Grace, however, disappointed that all her plans to make amends with the princess failed with the misconception of Miracle and the flowers, went to her quarters with great sadness.


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