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Need a Healthy Long hair? Check out these Amazing Tips for Hair Growth



Onions is a good treatment for hair growth be a it boost collagen production and encourages hair growth


  • Peel the outer layer of onion and chop into smaller pieces then blend the chopped onions into a smooth pulp and strain the pulp to extract the juice in it, then apply the juice on hair regularly till I get positive result.
    Also you can mix onion juice with Castor oil and apply to hair, castor oil stimulates hair growth and strengthen hair follicles.
Castor seed and oil


Ginger possesses an anti-fungi and antibacterial properties which helps to increase scalp circulation, it stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair growth.


  • Mix ginger powder to 1 cup of coconut oil and gently rub on hair then wrap hair on plastic film overnight, the next day wash hair with shampoo and lukewarm water
  • Mix ginger powder with egg yolk and 1tsp of honey wrap hair then wash after 30 minutes with shampoo and Lukewarm water
  • Peel off fresh ginger chopped and blend with little water added then extract the juice and apply to scalp for about 5 to 10 minutes then wash with shampoo and lukewarm water

Egg yolk

Egg yolk is also good for hair it builds up the protein in your hair to keep hair thicker and promotes hair growth


  • Mix egg yolk with castor oil and honey then apply to hair for some minutes and wash off

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar encourages hair growth and prevent hair loss, just mix ACV with little water and apply to hair


Pulp of banana well mashed and add a tbsp of almond oil blend it well and apply to hair then wash off after 30 minutes

Others include

Rose water

Cucumber water


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