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The Call Girl- chapter two


Jaime Lockswire never liked his plans to be changed. He hated dis-orderlies, irregularities and anything that causes him to change his plans.

He was always precise and coordinated. Anything that threatened to disrupt his course of things upsets him and he hates to be upset.

And yet, despite knowing quite well what he likes and doesn’t, Bekky decides to mess up his plans.

He sighs.

Everything had been set up for tonight prior to today ; he was going to pick her up at exactly 9 pm and both of them would head to the dinner party slated at about 9:15 pm at the glass house, thereafter they would be at the Gaming Square which is also important, and at the course of the evening, right about the time for dessert, they would leave to his townhouse in the tower, up at Brook-street; he never liked to take the girls anywhere else but his place.

He liked his privacy, but at the same time, he had to keep up an appearance, and Bekky was part of that ”Appearance’.

Now Bekky was unavailable.

He flexes his knuckles. He was upset as he stares out the window of his limousine while his driver takes him downtown.

He had called ”Rick”, the one everyone refers to as the ”Boss”; he was the one everyone went to in town when they need ”A girl” or ”Girls” depending on what rocks your boat or tickles your fancy.

Ironically, his club and strip bar was called ”The Boss Escapades”, it definitely leaves everything to wild imaginations.

And imaginations did run wild.

The first time he went into The Boss Escapades, he was on his way home from a dinner hosted by the Mayor of the city. He had had a bad day, really bad and he needed to cool off and burn some steam.

His driver ”Adam” had suggested taking him to his country house or better yet, drive into the town to go to the elites club, but he didn’t want that.

He was tired of being around old fools who were more interested in nothing other than money and more money, women who were eager to step on people just to get into higher positions, children who wanted to kick out their parents from their seats and loiters who were standing by the corner waiting to pick up the crumbs from the floor after their blood bath.

He didn’t want to be stuck with them all night too since he practically deals with them all day.

He needed to relax, outside the four walls of an office, leather chair and fixated smiles of staffs and the smell of mints.

He needed a cool place where no one knew him; well that was sort of impossible because, a few people knew who he was but …still,

He needed a place where their idea of him begins and ends at what he says.

Which was why, when Adam slows down waiting for the traffic light to turn green, he had looked sideways to see tons of cars and a group of people trouping into a street, he had told Adam to take a turn and follow the crowd.

”Sir, your security detail is a few cars away, they need to check out the area and-”

”Just go down that street Adam, I don’t need securities at my beck and call.” He had replied him.

Adam, reluctantly had cut to the left, taken a turn and driven into the close of the street. He knew Adam was sending coordinates of their location to his security details as he saw his hand working his phone.

He smiles shaking his head,

Adam, so..security conscious.

He had often wondered if Adam was scared for him or for himself.

Slowing the car to a stop, Adam had quickly alighted from the car, leaving the doors locked with him inside.

”Damnit Adam!!” he curses as he realized he couldn’t leave the car. So he had to wait, watching Adam walk to the entrance of the building where loud music was coming from and a lot of people struggling to get in.

As every club house would go, there were about four hefty looking guards at the door, the typical bouncers for every club house but those bouncers had in one hand holding a taser, and in the other a bat stick.

Jaime chuckled remembering how absurd the picture looked with them in it. No one in their right senses would want to go face off with those guys unless they had a death wish.

The guys already looked like they could kill you with their large hands and big chest which is obviously as a result of steroids..but still, with them looking like that already should scare anyone who got eyes.

And with a taser and a bat, they obviously intend to take someone down and keep them down, even if you are some anomaly human.

He smiles.

He could see Adam pathing a way for himself as he pushed through the crowd of people wanting to get a chance to go in, the voices of people cursing and shouting above themselves to be heard.

Adam still pushes through till he gets there, Jaime could see them stop him first with the bat at a distance, one of the hefty guys asks him for something, Jaime figures it had to do with some IV or some ID, because he could see Adam opening his jacket, and showing them ..one of them gets close to him, then he points to the limousine he was in.

After a few minutes, two of them had walked back with him to the car, Adam puts his hand in his pocket and brings out the auto-lock, he presses the button and the car unlocks, Jaime had wound down his side of the window as Adam bends..

”Don’t ever lock me inside the car again Adam” he warned him.

He could see the smile Adam tried to hide..”Yessir.” as he nods, but both of them knew Adam was a faultier when it came to security, he would rather risk the query than be caught off guard, that meant that he was definitely going to get locked up in the car again until Adam feels it is safe to let him out.

He had turned away from him, ”What happens here?” Jaime directs his question to the men who were looking at him as though they hadn’t seen a man in a black limousine before, or maybe they expected to see someone else.

Yes, maybe that. He had always got that look from a lot of people. At first, it made him uncomfortable, and then later on, it just amused him to see their faces, a lot of questions dancing in their minds. He knew if he was a mind reader he would have had an encyclopedia of confusion seating on the table every day of his life.

Yes, they always had that look on their faces, but after a few long years, he was used to it by now..even their surprises don’t trigger his left eyebrows rising any more as it used to.

”Goodevening Sir, welcome to the Boss Escapes. It’s a pleasure place for the highs and lows, fantasy land if you will. You get everything you want in one place it doesn’t matter if you are the catholic priest or the king of Alabama, we got you. It is about pleasure and everything pleasure; it’s a body and soul kind of thing. So Sir, you want to go into the club, chill at the bar, see our beautiful ladies or relax at the VIP lounge if you don’t want disturbance or you rather just call in and have a pretty damsel to tag along with you if you don’t want to be seen…we got the best of the best sort of ladies, the crème’ de la crème’, and they will do and can do whatever the hell you want, your preferences don’t matter, and if you want to hide from the wife, The Boss Escapades can keep your secrets” he had said that with a smile, Jaime wondered if he saw his finger, he should realize he had no reason to hide.

Then again, most married men went around with no ring, he didn’t blame the guy for assuming.

Jaime had smiled ”And what’s your club like for new comers? And the membership fee?” He wanted to know

”Well, you would have to see the Boss for that. Plus it depends, you want a temp or a perm?”

Jaime had raised an eyebrow questionly.

”Temporary or permanent ” Adam haf offered

”Right” Jaime nods his head ”What ever happened to using full sentences these days”


The bouncer shrugs “‘It don’t matter none, you got the drift” he muttered under his breath.

Jaime looks behind the bouncer talking to him; the other two of his colleagues are fighting to hold on to the thronging crowd. Whatever was going on in there was enough to bring the entire city from this side of town to their doorstep, and he was more curious at the moment.

He would really like to see what was so interesting in this place that had people practically fighting to get in, he had thought to himself that night weeks ago.

Maybe, it would distract him from the stressful day he had, and just maybe he can wet his appetite due to his pent up stress.

That was what he needed, to let out some steam, and maybe this ”The Boss Escapades” might just work.

”How do I go in, I wouldn’t want to be-” spotted , he had lets it slide. He might like the attention sometimes but not all the time, especially if the place was bad for a public figure, he wouldn’t want the media house to eat cake on his behalf while they have his face splashed in the news magazine by tomorrow evening. He wouldn’t have necessarily minded but it was always safe to be in the news of what you can handle not what you can’t and have no idea of.

”Oh, VIP is this way sir, we open the gate and you drive in. we give you access to your VIP lounge, and if you want to see the Boss, you can do so there as well.”

”Very well, Adam” he turned to him and leans back into the car, he notices Adam’s attention was elsewhere, he had followed his gaze and turned to stare at his direction, a black car had just pulled up a few blocks behind them.

He sighs, knowing that that must be his security detail.

”Adam?” he called his name again, Adam turned back to him as he nods, acknowledging that he heard him, he nods turning again but now to the men standing beside the car” We would drive in” he told the bouncer who noded to his colleague who had been quiet all through.

”There is an entrance fee for every new comer though” the man had rubbed his jaw


”Rules are rules”

Adam looked at Jaime, Jaime nodded. He brings out a few notes and counts it,

”How much?” He had asked the boubcer

”five thousand!” the bouncer replied with a straight face.

Jaime smiles, Yeah right!!

”Really, so you mean everyone here had five thousand to pay just to get into a stupid club?” Adam wanted to know

”Well….it is company’s rules” the man defended.

”Maybe I would have a word with your manager” Adam shoves the money back into his pocket, the bouncer frowns, his eyes following the movement.

”You want to tell me how to do my job?” he had sounded angry

”No, I just want to make sure you are actually doing it and not trying to rip us off just because you see a sweet limo and a man in tux in the back seat”

”Doesn’t mean none, plus I am not ripping you off, you can ask my colleague, right dude?” he had nudged the man beside him, they exchange a quick knowing look.

”Sure, right, it is five thousand. That’s it”

”Well, that is bullshit, I ain’t giving you that much just to get into a place”

”Adam, just give the man the money, ” Jaime had told him

”But Sir, you do realize that it’s a rip off, I don’t see people swinging five thousand there a few minutes ago”

”We took them before you all came ”

”And they are still standing outside because?”

”because ”he began ”Well… giving them numbers for-”

”’Quit lying” Adam threw at him

”I am not!!” he challenged back

”Yes you-”

”ADAM!!!” Jaime flexes his fingers, another he hates was in unnecessary delays, Adam should know better than that.

Adam sighs rubbing his jaw as he smiles, ”Fine Sir, here is your five thousand, and just so you know ama make sure you aren’t lying and if you are, don’t get the funny idea that I am just a driver, can you now show us the entrance so my Boss can have some space, thank you” he enters the car after handing him the money, they are smiling broadly

”Dude, call security to let them through, drive down , take a turn, the gate would be open. Do enjoy your evening sir, ”

Adam had driven to the direction, once the car slowed to a stop, he had alighted and had opened the door for him, a receptionist had ushered him into the building, he told her he wanted the open area, but somewhere private. He wanted to be able to take a look at what was so particular about the place.

The receptionist had ushered him up the stairs and into a room, he noticed it was sound proof, because all the noise and blaring of music he heard downstairs were suddenly faded, the only music he could hear came from the speakers over head, it was something slow and homely..

”There is a button to your side of the chair” she had pointed to it that day, ”Just open it and press the red button, the shutters of the downstairs view would open, you get to see what goes on in the entire club and even strip bar. There is a pamphlet of our services in case you are interested, and there is a restaurant in case you are hungry, a room in case you need to scratch an itch and of course we have our strip tease of different variations for your tease pleasure, we have the one –night standers and we have a more contractual business with the ladies, the Call Girls. Please go through our services while you enjoy the view and when you are ready to request for a service, kindly ring the bell and I will come attend to you” she finished .

He had picked it up and glanced through it, he presses the button as he sat on the chair, just as she had said, the shutters of the room opens up.. it felt as though he was in the middle of the club, seeing every one as they trooped in. He sighted Adam heading to the bar, and ordered for a drink, a few minutes later he see’s two men dressed in black and a face cap heading inside too, they go to opposite ends of the bar, they order a drink too.

So much for being subtly, Jaime smiles.

He could tell they were cops from a mile away, what point of playing undercover and less obvious don’t they get? He had wondered as he smiled to himself again, then again, he didn’t need them, he had no idea why they refused to listen that he could take care of himself. He turns away from the view and glances again at the pamphlet..

”Call Girl. What exactly is this category?” he wanted to know, she was still standing there,

”Well sir, most people might want to have a girl for a night, and most would want to have them for more than one night, use them for other businesses and so on and so forth. What the call girl is -is that, she can be your anything, everything for as long as you want her to be, for a price ofcourse.”

”What do you mean anything- everything?”

She had hidden a smile ”She can be your prostitute, your pretend girlfriend, pretend wife, your chief mourner to cry at your funeral, your sister your nurse or teacher or your sex toy…I mean anything everything, there are no limits for the right price”

He liked the sound of that ” So if I were to pick a call girl now, how classy are these call girls. I mean, I see a lot of girls on the streets and I wouldn’t want some girl who has gone round the block a thousand times”

”Most girls have gone round the block a thousand times. You are in a club Sir, a strip house and the house of wild escapades…what did you think the girls here do?”

”Right. What I mean to say is…if I am interested that is, I would want someone who is worth it, knows her onions and isn’t one who is…known by my circle of people”

She nodded ”I see, if I may ask sir, if you are interested that is, what would you want to use the call girl for, if you eventually key into our service”

He had smiled that evening , ”I think you left that part entirely up to me”

”That I did. So, what would it be? We have pictures of our girls”

”Sure that would be fine”

”Okay, I will get you a catalogue, when you pick you can have an audience with the Boss, in the main time, enjoy the show, one of our best would be gracing the stage soon with her electrifying strip tease” she smiled walking away and leaving him the peace and quiet of the room.

His phone buzzed m, it was a message from Adam ”Any good Sir?”

He sighs typing back ”If you pay so much attention to yourself as you do me Adam, you would have a life, but sadly you only think about me. Get a drink, toast a girl and leave me alone” he had sent the message with a smile on his face

Adam had been his driver for years, one of his trusted, but sometimes he can be like a smothering mother hen and an annoying one too.

The receptionist came back into the room, dropped a tray on the table baring wine and some snacks and the catalogue folded, he thanking her, as she left as he began to flip through.

”Jade, Tinny-B, Alexa…hmmm, nice shape, beautiful body, Bekky..wow, Connie…hmm, Tontor, daisy, dilly, fabulous diva and wow” he shakes his head ”Though their faces weren’t shown, they looked pretty good, clean, classy ladies.

The faint sound of cheering had caused him to look up, the crowd of people mostly men had suddenly moved closer to the stage waiting for something; cheering and clapping and whistling, suddenly the room had gone dark, and the light remained on the stage.

There is silence, he could tell because even the faint sound wasn’t heard. Everyone’s eyes were on the stage, he was curious too, so he decided to look,waiting for what caused them to call on a crazy frenzy.

It took a little more than a few minutes, soon he lost interest, and went back to flipping through the pamphlet when the noise is louder again, even than the first.

He looked up and he sees her… dressed in shirt and a shorts, long heels with flabs around it, and a smile too beautiful even without seeing her entire face.

She had a mask covering her eyes, a hat on her head and a stick she wielded making a sexual walk to the stage, she stood a stage higher over their heads, they are cheering, she blew them a kiss, and turned to the man who is behind the curtain..it must have been a signal because suddenly he could hear music coming on.

She danced seductively walking to the pole, once there, grabbing it..she became one with it.

And for each dance move she made and swung on the pole. She would lose a cloth.

Jaime, who had been seated suddenly got up, forgetting the pamphlet, he got to the window, drawn to her electrifying steps and movement as she moved, apparently he wasn’t the only one..everyman in the room was salivating over her.. and it didn’t look like this was the first time they were seeing her, she must have held the, spell bound for a while, she definitely knew her onions and how to keep a man’s gaze on her body and giving them the high they needed.

She would do.

He needed someone who would take his mind off things, she could be his bed mate and at the same time be his call girl for other attivities, only her body would be distraction enough for the time being.

He had watched her till she was done, seeing how men were fighting to touch her, want her, but being waded away by the bouncers. Her show had ended, she had left and everyone goes back to their drinks and everyting else they were doing right before that goddess whoever she was walked in.

Yes, she would do, to satisfy his appetite and maybe other appetites he may have planned out.

He had gone back to the seat and rang the bell, the receptionist came back to meet him.

”So soon sir? Have you decided on the service you want us to offer to you, by the way…I hope you enjoyed the strip tease pole dancer show?”

”I want her, ”


”Yes, the sripper, I want her for my call girl”

She nods ”Very well sir, follw me while I take you to the Boss to make the final conclusions”’


The Boss wasn’t so much older than him, maybe a few years, the man got up when he was ushered in, a knowing smile on his face.

”Mr Jaime Lockwire” The man stretches out his hand to shake him

Jaime had raised an eyebrow ”How did you know who I was?”

”I know who and who comes and leaves, plus, when my boys informed me a new comer was here, I needed to know who, the cameras picked up your face and I recognized you instantly, welcome Sir, please do take a seat. How do I help you?” he smiles even broadly then he had released Jaime’s hand

”First off, you didn’t introduce your self ”

”My apologies, Mr name is Rickson Bossade, once into politics, got bored, inherited a little fortune from the father, always wanted to have a hoe house, finally got myself some classy one” he smiles

Humour, that was good.

”Okay, how do you describe your services’?”

”Your secret is safe with us. I hear you want a Call Girl and you picked ?”

”Yes, yes… she told me they can be what I want them to be, do what I want them to do, no complains?”

”For the right price, of course no complains ”

”Good. Then, the girl who just stripped, I want her, how much does she go for?”

”Well… let me find out who first”

Jiame had nodded,waiting as Rickson made a call’.


”Yessir. ?” Tinny-B answered the call ringing ,

”Who just left the stage ?”

”Sorry?” She closes one side of her ear to be able to hear him over the music that was just turned on

”I said who just performed?” Rickson had repeated, but the blaring sound of the club room made it impossible for her to hear.

Bekky is laughing as she enters the room, she throws her cloths over the chair and reaches for Tinny-B’s shoulders and grabs her in a hug.

”Hey tinny, my tinny yinny-B” she haf squeezed her tighter

”Oh bekky..” she moves her mother from the ear piece to push her away from her, ”Stop woman, I am on the phone with the Boss” she cautions her

”Oops, sorry!!” Bekky chuckles letting her go

Tinny-B had turned back to the phone after shutting the door and killing the noise ”Hello Sir, you were saying?”

But the line was dead.

She had sighed ”See I didn’t even get to hear what he asked”

”Doesn’t matter, he would call back if it is important”

”True, so why were you hugging me?”

”Happy birthday Tinny-B, I got you a present,”

”Oh…. wow” Tinny-B had rushed to her, takes the case that has a black stud earring, she smiles hugging her ”Thank you”

”You are welcome” they hugged again.

”Where is Alexandra though, her show was as amazing as it was dripping with honey” Bekky says

”I know right? She is taking a shower, she says she wants to wash the hands of the men who were grabbing at her while she was pole dancing and stripping..”

”Oh well, the downside of the job but, damn, you need to see the men cheering and wagging their tongues” Bekky laughs

”They do that for you too”

”Not as much as they do her, she is a gooddess on that stage mehn, if the pole was a man, she would have given it blue balls by now”

They laughed.


”Bekky, she was the one who just performed ” The Boss had told him that night weeks ago.

”Then I want Bekky.” He concludes stating.

”Long term, short term?”

”Short term for now, ”


”I will liase with Bekky and she can give you that information, how do I pay?”

”You will need to fill out-” he reaches for a file

”I do not want my information on paper Mr Rick”

The man had smiled” ‘Of course, I will have my PA draft out the prices for long term and short term..you feel free to take the necessary payments and Bekky is all yours for the duration of the time you picked to do as you please”

It had taken a few minutes to make the transactions, once done they shook hands and that was it.

That was a few weeks ago today,

Bekky had showed up at his house the next day, and he could swear she looked different from the view he had of her in the room. She was curvy and beautiful yes, but…. she seemed different from when he saw her from the room, maybe the mirror magnified everything.. and the lights glowed her skin a faded milk..

Bekky was slighty dark.

But after a night, Bekky was okay just fine.

And for the past couple of weeks, three time a week… Bekky had been his Call Girl and he had scheduled her into his plans.

And today, today he needed her to be his Call Girl and what happens? He had called Rick when he couldn’t get across to her’

”Oh I am so sorry Mr Lockswire, but she called in sick, when out of town to see the parents”

”And I wasn’t informed?” he was angry, he already had his plans made.

”I am so sorry sir” Rick repeats

”So what happens Mr Rick?” he had been standing in the middle of his office, his jaw flexing ”I cannot cancel”

”I will find you a replacement till Bekky returns”

”I do not want a replacement, I want Bekky. She already is apprised and understands what I like and don’t, what I want and what I don’t, and what is necessary and how I do things, I do not have the luxury of time to start with a new girl, she understands my needs and meets it Rick, I thought I could depend on your services ”

”Yes sir you can, trust us, we have a lot of Bekky’s here and this one would do just fine, she would blow your mind with her skills. if only you would give her a chance to stand in, I am sure you wouldn’t regret”

He sighed ”So who is this person?”

Rick had hesitated over the phone yesterday while they spoke.


”I was just checking that all was clear. I will send to you Alexandra Bekkington, she would be a stand in for Bekky till she returns”

”This Alexandra, is she up to a classic standard, I have something importamt this evening and she would have to pull up some A class performance for my pleasure and for others”

”I can assure you, she would handle it, I told you, we only have the best of the best here”

”Very well… Arrange her, I will pick her up tomorrow at 9pm at the club reception, and I hope no disappointments”

”None sir, I promise you.”


That was yesterday, today, after work, he had gone home to refresh himself, dressing up in his tux and a red lapel at his breast pocket, seating in the back of his limousine, he enjoys the quiet ride to the club.

Mr Rick had called him earlier today to affirm that the so called Alexandra would be waiting at the reception by 9pm, all he had to do was call them and she would be on the phone,

He hopes that she would do.

Yes, he hates his plans scattered, it messes up things for him and makes him really upset.

Sighing he had looked up when Adam tells him that they were at the club, he takes his phone and dails the reception desk, asking them to check and give her the phone

”Hello?” her voice came

”Alexandra Bekington?”

”Yes?” came her voice again

”Please step outside” he cuts the call.

Her voice may sound nice but he knew that things were never what it seems to be.


He saw a lady walk out of the club, wearing a red dress and black high heels, her hair reaching her shoulders, she was tall for a girl.

Good thing that she wasn’t as tall as he was, he wouldn’t want to be looking up when talking to her.

He unbuttons his suit as he steps out of the car looking her over ” Alexandra Bekington?” He repeats just to be sure, he hated to be wrong.

He heard her gasp, ”Dear lord’

He frowns.

There it was a again, that look of surpise.

It never gets old.


”If you are done staring can you pick your fallen mouth and please step into the car” Jiame says opening the door wide, telling Adam to get back into the car, he could handle one door by himself.

Alexandra closes her mouth, speechless.

”Alexandra” he calls her name again for the third time

She is still staring at him

”Oh don’t tell me he sent me a deaf and dumb Call Girl?” Jaime squeezes his face, his anger showing;

Alexandra collects herself, she closes her mouth, swallows and then smile as she speaks. ”Mr Lockswire” she says stepping to him and giving him her hand to shake,

He ignores it steps away from the car and ushers her in, she pauses for a second, he raises his eyebrow, sighing she slips into the car, taking a minute to catch her breath, as soon a he slips into the car as well, she returns her smile to her face.

”So Mr Lockwire, what can I do for you?”

”I would do the talking and you the listening and answering. First of all, how is your hygience?”

”Excuse me?”

”Your hygiene, do you smell?”

”Are you being serous?”

”Yes.” he says with a straight face

She laughs shaking her head ”No I do not smell, you have a nose, I am sure you would have perceived it if I did’”

He is quiet as he studies her , “Rule number one” he began

”No kissing, and during sex, I do whatever I want with whatever I want and no complains, and when we are in public you act and do what I say. You never talk back at me, you respect me and while we are running this contract you are not allowed to have consensual relations with another person… you are my beck and Call girl, and my word is finale” he says, adding ” Rule number two, I do not like the perfume you are using, never use it again. And lastly, you only go to sleep when you come over when I am asleep, I hate to have to watch another fall asleep before me, and if you ever steal from me, I will have you arrested. And also, now for the event rules -” he began

”You gat to be fxxkig kidding me!!” she blurts out before she could stop herself as she exclaims cutting him off.


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