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My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 9


Princess Judith, in a state of melancholy kept rolling on her bed as different thoughts were sweeping through her mind. As though her head was about to explode, she screamed out of her bed and moved to the direction of her dressing mirror. She sat in front of the mirror as kept muttering and scoffing repeatedly. “I caused this” she said to herself through the mirror. “Could have gone myself…Judith!…don’t be a fool, your lies end today…I’ll regain my name!” she said firmly. With her hand on the mirror, she cleaned a part as though wiping her tears off of it.
Grace, however, as soon as the meeting ended set off for the palace. On her way through the market square, she saw a beautiful gold hairpin and stopped to purchase it. “Her Highness will love this…she has always wanted this particular design” she said to herself enthusiastically. She bought the hairpin and continued her journey to the palace. When she got to the palace gate, she ordered the attendants following her to return to their different quarters and afterwards made her way to the princess’s quarters. When she got there, she noticed the attendants at the entrance whispering among themselves and moved closer to them. “What’s happening?” she asked. They swiftly adjusted their queues and bowed their heads without a word. “I guess it’s not something serious after all…sorry for poking my nose” she said, and as she was walking away, one of them said “Its the princess, I think something is troubling her…she kept throwing and breaking things in her room” “Oh…haahaa..that’s funny. She might be busy cleaning the room” she said and walked away.
Princess Judith, with an unstable mind, kept moving round her room with continuous mutter. She heard a knock on the door as she, after trying to compose herself, went to open the door. Grace, however, with a mesmerizing smile left the princess dumbfounded. Entering as though nothing had happened, swinging her arms, she showed the princess the gift she bought for her. Coming back to her senses, princess Judith drastically changed her countenance and flung the hairpin out of Grace’s grip. “How dare you!” she started as Grace who seemed lost immediately went on her knees with her head bowed to the ground. “You betrayed me…did you think you could make use of that little opportunity to make your name and rub mine in the mud?” she continued. “Your Highness, please permit me to ask, what is going on? I..I am lost”Grace asked with her head still bowed.
The princess angrily listed all her worries and fears as Grace kept pleading and promising she never intended to do any of such, giving example of how she corrected the people she met on her way to the council that she was not the princess but the princess’s slave. All her explanations and excuses seemed to be working as she noticed that the princess was becoming calm little by little. Then, as her final resort, she went on her knees and reaffirmed the princess of how loyal she was to her. The princess sighed and went to get her up. She sat her down on a stool beside the dressing mirror and said “Its fine”. “I’m sorry for making you worry that much, Your Highness” Grace said. “I’m sorry for doubting you too. I shouldn’t have…I guess I was just too sick in the head” she said and they both laughed. The princess went over to the hairpin she had just smashed on the floor, with guilt in her countenance she said “I just broke this…I was too stupid to realize how beautiful it is. I’ve always wanted this design”, caressing it. “Its alright Your Highness, I can always get you another one, now that I know where to get it”Grace said, smiling and she collected the broken piece from the princess and disposed it in the waste bin. She looked round the room and noticed how the princess had angrily left everywhere in complete disarray. “I think I’ve got a lot of work here today” she said to herself as she started putting the room back in order.

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