Early in the morning, Tokyo was already at the police custody and he was making request from the officer in charge. The officer told him “There is no way to take him along without paying something, this is Nigeria”, Tokyo replied “Who is set to take someone here without paying? But your bail is free motto is a fake thing, everybody knows. Bring him out please, he is my conductor and that is why he is delaying me from working this morning, we need to go along together. How much is the bail?”.
After Zobo had been bailed, both him and Tokyo moved out of the police station and they were discussing as Tokyo insulted Zobo “What a doofus guy, you’ve did the wrong thing. You did not think of helping yourself, walking all around at 12:00am, are you serious at all?”, Zobo replied “Oh no, that’s the difference? Why can’t you just help yourself and you were smoking all along, is that a lie as well”, “The policemen just tell naughty things always”, “They did not, I knew you are a damn smoker, nothing compared to Sango. I only came for your bail because of work, all the time you’ve delayed me bailing you, you’ll have to pay for it, proving stubborn boy”, “I’m just your kid anyways, Tokyo sir”. They both keep moving all along, till they reached the parked commercial bus and they entered.
Ruth is there so tired of taking care of the sick baby, she gave pap to the baby but the kid still remain sick. She inhaled and told herself “What’s this suffering all about? This sick child keep disturbing my memory. All the time, she’s sick, why being a sicker? Her father is not a sick person, including me too, so where did she get this? All the medication has been used, the man reason of her sickness is not detected by nurses. No money to go to the hospital. Even she’s giving more sympathy to me, I supposed to be at work, no way to live the sick child all alone at home. The better way”.
Right at the place where bricklayers and workmen were working, Ruth was there as well as a labourer carrying the bowl of mixed cement on her head and also her little baby on her back. She was working hard and she noticed the baby had stopped crying, she was happy so that she could put her down to sleep. Then a bricklayer informed her “You need to check your kid, she’s sleeping maybe you can now use the chance to lay her down”, Ruth replied “Oh!!! Thank you sir”, she moved right to a safe area to lay the sick baby.
Ruth noticed the baby is not breathing again and her temperature was so low, she was confused and she shouted out loud calling people’s attention “Oh everybody help me, I am now into a big mess, my kid seems not to be breathing again”. Everyone around stopped working and checked the baby but all found out she’s already late. Everyone pitied Ruth’s situation over help for the long months but Ruth showed a smiley face and told everyone “There is no cause for alarm everybody, I think it’s now a beautiful time for me. This late kid has delayed and disturbed me a lot concerning my career’s matter, now I’ll be able to face my life. Now, the freedom is mine”. Everybody looked at her in a strange way.
Ruth entered the house, she met Craig inside and Craig shouted “What is wrong with you? Where were you since?”, Ruth with the baby’s corpse, she dropped it gently on the bed and informed Craig in a serious way “Foolish man, consider me as nobody to your life, I am tired of all the headache you’ve been bringing to me. I am now free, the only thing that caged me was that kid, no I am free because she is no more. I am not your wife anymore, so…. This is a bye. I mean bye forever”. Craig replied immediately “Hey wait, what’s this suspense all about, are you threatening me? What do you want now?”, “I request nothing from you, I am off. To be dead is for more better than living with you, I’m gone”. Craig shouted again “Oh, wait…don’t go yet”. Craig moved to Ruth, he tried hitting her, Ruth pushed him back and hit him with a mirror on the head, Craig fell down immediately and Ruth rushed out without checking up his health.
Adeshina consulted a magician, he was right there at the magician’s abode and the magician asked him “What exactly is your problem man, let me inform the Wakam Jaskum Demons to solve it for you”, Adeshina replied “First and I think that’s the most important. I really need to get my life to a better lane because things are really going too dull for me. A lot to explain but I think your demon Wakam Jas or what can understand my mind to the fullest”, the magician shouted on Adeshina “Shut up, what did you just call my father? It is Wakam Jaskum, better shut your. Right now, bring a thousand naira note with your left palm, I need to consult the Wakam Jaskum demon”, “I’m sorry, alright sir. But the money I have with me is not up to that. I have eight hundred and fifty naira with me here”, “Really? No problem, bring it out and let me do the necessary stuff”.
Adeshina hand over the money from his pocket to the magician and the magician started saying some strange incantations, he faced Adeshina smiling “Wow, no more acrimony over you man, you will make it very big, I supposed to say you’ve made it indeed”. Adeshina was happy and he kept smiling as well “What am I to do sir?”, “Now, Wakam Jaskum has explained to me the little thing that you will do that will get your life better. Wakam Jaskum revealed to me that everything has turned down for you”. Adeshina replied “Yes sir, it’s not a lie”, “Do you have a wife at home with you?” “No sir, she’s dead long time ago”, “Now your way of making it is through your wife”, “She’s dead I say”, “Yes, you’ll need to get another one and she will be the root of your wealth”, “How would I know the specific one to get sir?”, “Any woman you see, talk to her, if she’s yours, she will accept you but make her a young woman, that’s it for you”, Adeshina looked in a confusing way and he stood up “Thank you very much sir, I really appreciate and I will get back to you”, “Alright, Wakam Jaskum is with you all along”, “Bye”, Adeshina left gently.
After Adeshina is gone, the magician removed his cap and started laughing “What’s the Wakam Jaskum shit all about? I only do my thing to earn money but it’s a pity he has nothing, I would have let him give more. But it’s so save he is coming back after getting a wife that would disturb his life more. My brain feed me, to hell with Wakam Jaskum”, he laughed more.
In the sun, Ruth was walking all along and covering her head with a scarf, she’s walking so slow and Adeshina came across her. Adeshina waited and looked her steadily, then moved close to her “Afternoon to you”, Ruth replied in a tired way “Yes sir”, “Oh you must be tired, let’s get out of the sun and discuss, please”, “About what?”, “I just have interest in getting your interest into something”, “What’s that?”, “A minute would do it, let’s go to that canteen”, Ruth looked straight to a canteen ahead and she accepted.
Both of them were there in the canteen, a bottle of cold maltina drink was there with Ruth and Adeshina sat beside her and started discussing “Sorry, seems the hot sun hurt you too much”, “Ruth replied “Thank you sir, seriously”, “Sorry for that, and how are you? Where are you coming from and where are you going to?”, “Please, what’s our discussion all about?”, “I am going into it already, just try and cope with me. You get?”
Ruth sat tight and replied “Okay, I’m all hears”, Adeshina started “From the start, Adeshina is my name and I am with no wife, neither children. As I am right now, I am willing to have a wife that would stay with me till the end and give to me children. Seeing you right from the sun, what I detected in you was so strong. It’s pure love and I really want your help, I need you to avert me from this bogey. Please don’t decline my request”, the request got Ruth shocked and she asked “Are you asking to me to marry an old man like you?”, “Don’t look me like an old man, in my family. A man like me is recognized as a boy because we live for so long and I still have longer years to live. Or what are you thinking particularly?”, “I don’t have any response to give you sir, I am totally confused. Maybe I’ll need to think through it”, “Think? You surprised me with that, you are not a kid now, you are not part of those ladies all around that think through it for weeks, months or years. I think whatever you want should be on your mind right now, don’t delay things if you want things to work out”, Ruth looked Adeshina in a strange way and remained calm.
At the front of a two storey building around an uptown street, Adeshina and Ruth were there and Adeshina pointed a finger to the top “That’s my house, the second room in the second story is my room. This is where you will be living Ruth, my love”. Ruth got shocked “Oh sir, I don’t really like upstairs, it get me afraid most times”, “Why? Are you saying we can’t live here?”, “No, now your want is my want, I will have to stay with you sir, let’s move inside”.
Ruth just finished cooking and she served the table, she eats together with Adeshina, then Adeshina explained to her “Right now, I will be leaving soon for work”, “Really? So early? Are you trying to leave me all alone?”, “To leave you is not just possible but you know it’s a must to work. I need to full the tipper and get the sand load to another site, I have just two trips to go today, after then, I am coming back home”. Ruth smile and hold Adeshina tight “Thank God it’s not that long. I‘ll be waiting sir”, both of them shared an happy moment together.
On a day, inside Patient’s room, lady Anna was there with her and both of them were playing a video game with game pads, they kept playing and laughed together all along. Patient told lady Anna “Now I am showing you that I am your boss”, Lady Anna also told her “See you, I will also show you that I am your mother, I will have to win this time”, “My chance of winning is strong ma”. Suddenly ma”. Suddenly, lady Anna fell and got shocked in a confusing way. Patient got afraid and tried calling her but she did not give any response, she noticed that lady Anna was bleeding blood from her nose and she ran outside. After returned with Yemi, they met lady Annna sitted and there’s no blood on her nose anymore, it got them both shocked and they tried taking care of lady Anna but she reacted like nothing happened.


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