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Could this be Love (Two)


What is wrong with you , are u out of your mind? Felix fired, why do you always stalk me, can’t I just walk in peace again.

I was dumbfounded i couldn’t say anything, he left after picking up his Bluetooth. Becca came forward and we went home silently, we departed at the front of my house.

The next day it was morning, the alarm bared in my ears, I glance through the clock beside the night stand.


It was 7:30am almost late for school, I rushed to the bathroom brushed my teeth and took my bath with 30 minutes I was set for school so I went to the living room, Becca was waiting already I took little out of my breakfast and we set out for school.

On our way to school Becca talked about what happened between me and Felix and I told her I will apologize to him but also told her it felt good to find his lip on my and that I craved for more, Becca looked at me and winked ” Lover girl”.

Class went well for the day , I was waiting with Becca outside the school gate about leaving the school when I saw Felix crossing to the other side of the road. Not paying attention to the moving cars I was focused on meeting up with Felix and crossed without thinking the next moment I was hit by a bike and in no time people already gathered around me, Felix looked back to see why people were shouting.

He rushed down to me pushed the bike owner and Becca away from me. He lifted me and Becca stop a car to help us get to the nearest clinic.

On getting to the clinic I was admitted immediately but the Doctor assured them that it’s not something that is very serious.

Mum and Dad were there already but the asked them to stay out that I was resting.

Later they asked them to go into my room I was awake. But mum and Dad went to see the Doctor leaving Becca and Felix behind.

Felix walked up to me kissed me on my lips, oh my God did he just kiss me on lips?

He said he was sorry that Becca explained everything and he already knows that I got into an accident because I was trying to apologise to him.

I was short of words, could this be love or pity?

Then he spilled the milk, will u be my girlfriend?

Finally !!!

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