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Tomorrow is an Indecision Chapter Six


A video camera showed Lady Anna and Goppi when they discussed together and when Lady Anna went to meet Adeshina inside the car, she opened the car and she discussed with Adeshina and closed the door, she entered the car and they drive it out. After Lady Anna watched the video, she got shocked, the video camera is with Zobo and he started laughing but Lady Anna’s face was sad and she asked “Oh boy, where did you get all these? What are you doing with it?”. Around the mansion, Zobo laughed and then replied “Yes, I did it. Listen, the first time I got the mission from Goppi, that we are to kidnap a man, I don’t think it as a great job to offer but I just remembered this job is to be done for a rich woman like you, I knew I could get paid through this. Since you cannot help us if we just come in a normal way. But I picked a video camera that I stole some weeks back, after the job, I recorded you and this is just a blackmail. I’m sorry if it hurts you but I just have to do it, pay the ransom for this and I will not leak the video, moreover you are so popular and the man has been killed by you, it’s a big boost”.
Lady Anna replied gently “No, I didn’t kill him, it just went viral. Please don’t post this for people to watch, it wasn’t intentional”. She started bleeding from the nose again, and Zobo asked her “Why? What’s the blood on your nose all about?”, Lady Anna quickly used her cloth to clean the nose and replied “No, don’t worry about me, I will be fine”. Zobo then smiled “I need to be worry, because you just have to pay my money”, “But how much do you need? Don’t kill me with this. I didn’t kill him, it was a coincidence”, “Coincidences are attractive, thank God it happened that way, I wouldn’t have got a way to ask for twenty million naira”. Lady Anna wailed out “What?”.
The discussion continues and Zobo asked “Oh, that’s too much or what? With how rich you are. Even if you lost fifty million naira, will you feel it? How much is twenty million naira to you? You’d better find your way of reputing your name, your husband’s name and your daughter’s name”. Because it doesn’t cost me a thing to post this in a moment, it will spread fast. Even if I can’t post it, I will just deliver it to a broadcasting station,it may be Television or Radio. Oh no, television is okay, he opined. Just for them to show the video clearly to the world”.
That time, Lady Anna hears her name from inside, she looked straight and could see it’s Yemi, she replied by shouting “Don’t worry, I’m coming inside soon, Yemi asked “Hope no problem?”, “Yes, nothing”. Yemi moved inside and Zobo laughed again “Your husband doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t know that his wife has dereputed his identity”.
Lady Anna touched Zobo and tell him “Help me, I will pay you the twenty million naira within two weeks, don’t post this out. Please”, Zobo asked “A week, two weeks is fourteen days and that’s too long. What’s delaying you? Make it a week, I can’t wait too long”. Lady Anna bleeds again and continue to use her cloth to clean it, she replied “No problem, I will pay you within that seven days, just please come with this video camera and handle it to me, let’s make it an exchange”, “Yes, sure. Good of you ma, but take care of your bleeding nose”, “Thank you”, “I’m going now”, “Let me accompany you”, “No need”, “Really?”, “Okay, come with me”, Zobo started going and Lady Anna followed him.
At the gate side, both of them suspected the gateman is having an argument with someone outside the gate. Lady Anna shouted at him “What are you doing there idiot? Who are you talking to?” the gateman replied immediately “Ma, it’s a woman, she has been shouting since but I didn’t reply her at the first place. She is still here crying, I told her to go but…”, Lady Anna interrupted “Let her in”, the gateman continues “She said she wants to see you but I told her you are busy with someone else, maybe she is a beggar, she isn’t ma” Lady Anna shouted again “Do you want me to kill you? I said, let her in”.
The gateman moved out of the gateway and Ruth entered that time, Lady Anna and Zobo keeps watching Ruth as she is shouting “So it’s you, Lady Anna, right? Where is him? Where did you house him, bring him out right now. You kidnapped my husband”. Both Zobo and Lady Anna starred at themselves and Lady Anna replied “Please be calmed, who are you? What, what do you need?”. Ruth replied “I am Ruth, Adeshina’s wife and you kidnapped him, he is my husband. Please bring him out for me right now, it’s enough”.
Zobo asked “Woman, how did you know all these?”, Ruth started to explain“When he was missing since last three days night, I received his message on phone yesterday but I didn’t check it because I was sad and disappointed of his absence when I actually needed him. But, I woke up this morning and tried calling him when my mind was free with him, but his line was off. Then, I remembered the SMS he sent to me, I checked it, I was shocked of all he wrote. So, you are his daughter, you kidnapped him after you have disowned him for long and only because you needed his blood. I was supposed to bring policemen along but I just wanted it to go easy. He wrote your address and described you in the SMS. Now, where is my husband?”
Everything surprised Lady Anna “Where did he do that? How and When? How come he did that, but his hands were tied. Wait, this face, Shade?”. Ruth got shocked of the name Lady Anna called her “How did you know that name? I threw away the name for long. Who are you and where is my husband?”
Zobo smile “This is serious, you are delaying me, I need to go, but woman. I must inform you, before I go. Don’t shout, your husband commited suicide”, Ruth screamed out “What???” That time Iyalomowu rushed to the place and asked Lady Anna “Any problem ma?”, the gateman also gazed at them from the gateway. Lady Anna shouted at them both “Get out of here”, Lady Anna looked at Ruth as she keeps crying and tell her “Wait, you shouldn’t cry yet. Listen to me now… will you?”.
Ruth replied still crying “You stupid woman, I don’t need any explanation from you. All I know is that I will avenge my husband’s death. You killed him, I will make sure you escape it not”, Zobo then ask “Shut up, what nonsense are you ultering from the mouth? Did she kill him, the man killed himself”, Ruth locked Zobo’s cloth and shouted “You are with her, both of you killed my husband, I must show you both”. Lady Anna shouted at Ruth “Stop shouting and listen to me Shade”. Ruth got cooled down after hearing the name again, Lady Anna used her cloth to clean the nose again and then started the explanation.
Some years back, Kayode arrived home with anger, he met Shade and Gbade outside and he asked them “Where is that superfluous girl?”, Gbade keeps looking and Shade did not reply as well. Kayode ran inside and started shouting “Come out right now, the nonsense you’ve caused is now hitting the town”, that time, Yinka moved out gently and Kayode shouted more “I can’t just overlook you, with the way you received some beat up last night. Today, you’ve started another rubbish around again. You went to my Asabi, telling her some trash. You hit her, you did all that”.
Yinka replied “Dad, you mean that strange lady? See the way she did to my siblings last night. She bashed them when I was not around, what sort nonsense is that. We can’t just keep looking till she kill my siblings. They mean a lot to me but I didn’t beat her, I only talked shit with her and warned her to stop disturbing my brother and sister”. Kayode shouted out again “Who is lying between you two? She cannot lie. That is just what I know, you lied. Then I will teach you, the lessons you’ve not received before. So that if you get married, your husband will not say that your parents refused to teach you.” He ran to Yinka and started beating her in a rough way none stop. Both Shade and Gbade were around the doorstep watching them and they were crying as well.
After the time, Kayode had left her, she stood up and moved to Gbade and Shade, she told them gently “All this suffering is because of you two. This time, I just have to find my way. If I still remain here, I can’t just wait and look the way you are been punished. I’m heading forward and I know the Lord will lead me through, I wish you both good luck along your way of life and I will check on you two soon. Stop crying, the Lord will surely protect you two. Our mother will watch over you, nothing will happen to you, you’ll survive it”. Without carrying any load, she stood up and left, Shade and Gbade keeps crying till she left.
After listening to the story from Lady Anna, Ruth then call the name “Sister Yinka?”, Lady Anna is so happy that Shade could remember as they both hug each other, they were so happy. Zobo keeps looking at them and then ask “What’s all this unity stuff all about? Are you Shade and is she Yinka for real?”, Ruth replied “Yes”, that’s my real name, she’s my elder sister for real”. Zobo suddenly hold his head with his two hands “What is happening to us? I am Gbade, I am the third”. Both Ruth and Lady looked at him with surprise and Ruth reply “Fake, no way”, Lady reply “You only developed a fake identity from our discussion. Go home, I will pay your money as been discussed”. Zobo quickly open his purse and picked out Kayode’s photograph on it, he showed it to Lady Anna “Check it, anything to say?”.
Both Lady Anna and Ruth checked it carefully and Ruth reply “it’s true”, Lady Anna shouted at Ruth “No, don’t believe him, he is a thief, he has lot’s of scope of poking nose into issues. Only me knows him”. Zobo then speak “Yes, I know you cannot believe me that way because of what I’ve been going through. But remember, dad do call you Shade as Asake, me as Akanbi and you Yinka as Atoke. Atoke, your favourite sport is running and you loved kissing me and Shade whenever you see us. You beat us to learn but we both loved playing and…” Lady Anna is so amazed and she suddenly hug Zobo “Enough, that’s damn true, you are my Gbade, yes I believe”. She kissed Zobo on the cheek again. Indeed, three of them are happy to meet.
Ruth then speak “I am so glad for this association, I am really happy but how I wish daddy is here with us as well, this is so sad. We’ve gone a long way”. Lady Anna then explain “Shade, what are you saying?”, blood drops from her nose again, she cleans it with her cloth. That time Ruth asked “I’ve noticed you since, this is the fourth time the blood comes from your nose, what is happening? Are you sick?”, Lady Anna sighed. Zobo asked too “Yes, tell us, what is happening to you? You did not tell me since that time I’ve been asking, now we are family, you have to tell us”. Lady Anna replied “I will tell, and that blood you see from my nose is leukemia. I have a very short time to live, it is the only thing that brought unity to us”. Ruth asked “How?”, “You just asked of our father, you don’t know he’s the man we’ve been talking about? My father is your father and he’s your husband”.
Ruth asked by touching Lady Anna “Do you mean that the late Adeshina my husband is Kayode our father?”. None of them replied her, Zobo also asked the same “Wait sister Yinka, is that same man I kidnapped, that is my father?”. Lady Anna speaks out gently “What a sad story”. Ruth was so sad she fell down and sat on the floor, she asked “Who in the world am I to tell that I gave birth of a baby for my father? This has never happened before, what have I done?”. Lady Anna replied “Everything happened because of the change of names, everyone of us changed our real names, due to the fact that we didn’t want the old image to reflect again but it went wrong for us all”.
The sad brutal thinking went into their minds, they keep remembering the past. Zobo remembered the time he kidnapped Adeshina from the back and the time he checked Adeshina’s photograph and he wanted to see him. Ruth remembered the time she prayed to see her family, the time she met Adeshina and how he took good care of him, the time she gave birth to a baby and did not see him around. Lady Anna remembered the time she sent Adeshina away when he came to her and also the time she talked to him inside the car, and the time she met him dead inside the car before reaching the hospital.
Lady Anna told them both “That time, he was in the car when I was driving to the hospital, I found him dead on the way, he committed suicide with an iron rod, I did not know he has loosen his hands, he just killed himself in order not to be a useful soul for me. Because only his blood could cure me and that’s all”.
Ruth stood up gently and did not say anything, she ran out immediately and Zobo asked Lady Anna “Where is she going?”, Lady Anna replied “I don’t know|, she cleans her nose more “Let’s follow her”. Zobo ran out and found Ruth trying to stop a bike, Zobo shouted at Ruth “Wait! Wait!!”, but Ruth did not stop at all, she sat on the bike and the biker ride away. Zobo ran inside and found Lady Anna already inside her jeep, Lady Ana shouted at Zobo “Open the gate”. Zobo quickly open the gate, Lady Anna drives close to Zobo and Zobo entered.
Inside this jeep, Lady Anna keeps driving and following the bike going along. Then she asked Zobo “Why is she going that way?”, Zobo replied “it’s a great indecision to me, I can’t tell”, “We need to follow her anywhere she’s going. But you both are supposed to be with dad since the time I left, what scattered you too?”. Zobo explained “You know I was a little boy that time but the little I heard after you left was that you informed our mother’s family that daddy killed mummy and it dismantle the family when mummy’s family people discomposed daddy a lot. That caused the reason of daddy to leave us both all alone”. Lady Anna asked “Me? Did I say such? When?”. Zobo replied “That’s just what we heard, nobody knows how it came up. It could be mummy’s family people because they hate daddy before”, “Hmn!!! That’s true, but where did you guys stay?”, “We stayed with daddy’s family people but they did not take good care of us till we left and I departed with my sister”. “That’s too bad”, “How did you manage to be so rich like that? Did you marry a rich person?”, “No, I reached here and I struggled myself. You know I am an educated person. I made it through that when I got a job and I received high salary. Lastly, I got married to a rich man and it all helped together.” Zobo then tell her “Leave that for you now, drive fast and let’s get her for now, where is she heading to?”
Both of them saw Ruth dropping down from the bike, she paid money to the biker and she ran inside the two storey building. They did not stop following her immediately the drop from the jeep. They keep climbing up the staircase and Lady Anna asked “Where is her room here, is this her house?”, Zobo replied “Yes, it’s het house, the second strorey is her place and the second room by the left side”, “How possible? How did you come to descry that?”, “Remember the time you gave us the mission to kidnap. You know this is the house where both dad and her reside”, “Oh!!! It’s true”. They both reached the room entrance but the door was locked already and the new baby was busy crying.
Zobo shouted “Sister, please open up, this time, we should be together”, but they did not hear any reply, they heard the sound of window opening and Lady Anna asked “What are we going to do? Staying like this isn’t the solution, can’t you just break in through the door? I know you can do that”. Zobo asked “Why must I do that?”, “Seems she’s trying to harm herself, she must not die, you know?”, “Oh yes, it’s true”. Zobo struggled and used his body to hit the door continuously until the door opened. They met the baby crying on the bed, Lady Anna carried him and tried stopping him from crying. Zobo met the window opened and they cannot locate Ruth inside the room. Zobo asked “Where is she?”, he went through the opened window and looked straight down, he got shocked when he saw Ruth on the floor, he shouted and ran downstairs. Lady Anna followed him immediately.
They reached the downstairs and met Ruth there, she’s dead already and both of them cried out of her loss, the baby did not stop crying and Lady Anna did not bother cleaning her nose again, the blood is around all her body. Zobo looked straight to Lady Anna and speak with vexation “See!!! What is all these? You caused all these to us Yinka, you destroyed our lives from the beginning. She committed suicide just because of the shame you’ve brought unto her. Dad himself committed suicide of the hatred you brought to him. If you did not run out of home that time, if you stayed with us and took good care of us two, all these wouldn’t have happened. Now you’re about to leave me as well, will I be the only one left right here? Nothing is more better than going to meet my mother, my father and my Asake there. We should be expecting you there, I can’t wait till you go too and leave me all alone here. If suicide is the way, I will do it right here as well, Asake wait for me, we are going together”.
Lady Anna tried to speak but she started coughing nonstop, Zobo did not bother to look at her, suddenly he saw her fell down flat and she still hold the baby. Zobo checked on her and found out there’s lots of blood on her already, the blood now comes from her mouth and her eyes were both red. Lady Anna couldn’t say a word, Zobo keeps calling her but Lady Anna died gently and peacefully. Zobo cried out loud and carried the new baby boy, he hold the kid firmly and started telling him “Boy, this is life for you, you’ve seen all these. Our family unity came the time you reached this earth. Our family got wiped out the time you arrived, I know you’ve seen all. Leaving you behind is the biggest mess ever, I will live this world just because of you, you gave to me another live which is starting today. All because of you, you are my savior and I must live to take care of you. You must not go to the wrong path unlike us all. I’m giving you the name Pelumi (with me) because you are now my partner, I’m giving you the name Ayomide(here comes my joy) because you brought huge happiness to me, I’m giving you the name Adegbayi(endoweder of integrity) because you deserve lots of good care. I’m giving you these three names and may the Lord be with you as from today. Nobody knows tomorrow because tomorrow is an indecision but I promise to make your tomorrow good and good no matter what. Your futures shall be the type everybody wants, I pray the Lord stays with you as from now on. Amen”.


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