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MY DREAM (Vol. 1)


By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola

Chapter 1
Grace was an intelligent and wise girl. She was beautiful and charming. She was almost sixteen years old when she wrote her senior secondary school certificate examination, and her result was one of the best results in her state.
She had the desire of becoming a neurosurgeon, but due to her poor family background, she could not further her education. Her family hardly completed the three-square-meal in a day, but she never let go of her faith and thus excelled above others everywhere she went.
February 10 was the day she would celebrate her 16th birthday. She woke up very early at 5:00am joyfully. She took her bath, applied some make up, wore her best cloth. After her prayer, she set off to her parents’ room.
On getting there, she started knocking at the door, “Dad! Mum!” she shouted, but there was no response. Again she shouted “Dad! Mum! Please don’t tell me you’re not awake yet….I’m set, all dressed…..see I applied some make up….errrr”. After some minutes and she could no longer wait, she threw herself against the door and it opened. When she got inside the room, she met her parents lying in the midst of blood.
She could not believe her eyes, as the only child of her parents, she had no one to call. She ran quickly towards their bodies crying, and noticed that they were strangled and stabbed to death. “Oh my God” she lamented. There was no one else at home, then who could have done it? Few minutes later, she started hearing footsteps approaching the room where she was. Immediately, she slid under the bed and two men came in.
“I can’t find the girl” the first man said, “I couldn’t find her either” the second replied. “They are here for me?” she asked herself quietly, sobbing. “We must find her” the second man said as they hurled out of the building searching for her.
She gasped out of her hiding place, then out of the house with the intention of calling for help from the neighbors. On getting to the door, she saw the men coming back, she ran as fast as she could towards the bush. The men then saw her and started running after her.

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