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My Dream (Vol 1) Chapter 2


By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola

Chapter 2
Still on the run, there was nowhere to hide as the men kept pursuing her. After a while, she could not run fast anymore as she was becoming tired and her legs getting weak, she kept running. Unknown to her that a pit was right in front of her, she fell into it. The pit was so deep and narrow that one could hardly notice it. The men then ran past the pit, as they did not notice it.
When she got to the bottom of the deep pit, she fainted. The next morning, when she woke up, she found herself among some set of girls looking all tattered and scared, she slowly got up, looking around.
“Excuse me, please where is this?” she asked, nobody answered her. “I’m sorry to bother you if this is a bad time, but can someone please give me an answer?” she asked again, yet no one answered her. After a while, one of the girls moved closer to her.
“We don’t know too” she whispered. “Oh…so how can I get out of here? I’m not meant to be here” Grace replied. The girl laughed scornfully and said “No one is meant to be here babe….we all got here by one accident or the other, some of us were even kidnapped. Once you’re unfortunate to be here, you’re a slave”. “What?!” Grace exclaimed and started crying, the girl moved closer to her, “Don’t cry….it won’t solve the problem. I cried for two months too and yet no one is here to save me, no one knows this place. Now, you see the girl over there…..?” she asked pointing at a girl leaning over another girl’s shoulder. “She is a minister’s daughter, she was kidnapped last year from a family ceremony from the neighboring town. Now, she is a slave here. They hardly feed us.” She said. Grace found a place to sit as the girl sat beside her as well, “Wait….why are we here? Who are the *they*? What are they gonna do with us?” Grace asked with a shaky voice and the girl replied, “You ask too many questions….errr I’ll answer you. They are like slave dealers or something. They come here to pick anyone they wish at anytime. They sell us to brothels, they sell us to people who need slaves….in short, they do whatever they want with us” “Oh my God” Grace said as she wiped her tears. “Ok….is there a way to get out of here?” she asked. “If there was, you probably wouldn’t meet anyone here….especially me……Well, maybe you could climb up again” she said mockingly and laughed. “Anyways I’m Timi, what’s your name?” she asked. “Grace” she replied. “Ok Grace, don’t worry you will get used to it. Just hope and pray they dont sell you to hell” Timi said and left for her former position.
Everyday without food she endured, even with no knowledge of where she was or who was keeping them there. Most of the time, she sat alone crying and sulking. She still hadn’t gotten over the sudden death of her parents.

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