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My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 8


At the assembly, the princesses were seated, each on her throne-like chair with her servant standing beside her. Grace sat on the chair meant for princess Judith and one of the attendants that followed her stood beside her. There, they were tutored how to carry out their roles in an out of their various palaces. Sophistry was a part of their learning. There was always a supervisor present at each assembly, to monitor all the princesses and take note of each princess’s performance and improvements. It was meant to be princess Judith’s first and most important day at the assembly. She was meant to impress the other princesses and the supervisor, but she was quite indisposed and couldn’t make it. The supervisor was about to put in her record an unsatisfying beginning as Grace intervened “I can do it. I’ll speak on her behalf” she said. They all looked at her and laughed. “You don’t even belong here” one of them said. “Its not just about speaking, its about getting through to us…..a princess’s speech must be sophisticated…without which you cannot impress us. You are just a slave to a princess” the supervisor said. Grace stood up confidently and said “I’ll try”.
They were shocked at Grace’s confidence and determination, they gave her the chance to speak. She then moved forward to face them all, her head up high and her shoulder raised. They were very eager to hear her speak, not because she was a good speaker but because they were waiting to mock her mistakes. She was silent for few minutes as her eyes were sweeping through the assembly as though she was observing them all, and afterwards she started. They were surprised at the way she was so fluent and sophisticated with her words – just a slave. The zealousness shown as she was speaking mesmerized them. Before she could finish speaking, they all started applauding her with graceful smiles on their faces. When she finished giving her speech, she bowed and made for her seat. She impressed even the supervisor that she began to wonder if princess Judith had tricked them by sending a sophist pretending to be a slave.
At the palace, Princess Judith was on her way to visit the queen’s quarters. As she stepped outside her quarters, she noticed the attendants standing outside, whispering and smiling, most of them with a surprised look on their faces. She decided to ignore them and went her way. Outside her quarters, she overheard two slaves talking about what happened at the assembly of princesses. She stopped as she was interested and then asked them “What are you talking about?” They immediately bowed as one of them answered her “Your Highness….I…I…we heard Miss Grace was exceptional at the assembly. The princesses and supervisor liked her and….and want more of her in the assembly” “Oh, really” she said and afterwards dismissed them. She continued her journey as she saw three slaves standing by a well, talking, one of them saying “She was so beautiful….even though I couldn’t see her….. they said people at the streets could touch her and she was really cool and lovely. And they said she was the princess of their hearts….thats the kind of princess we need, dont you think? I wish I was there….”as soon as she heard this, she turned back to returned to her quarters, her eyes filled with tears. When she got to her room, she shut the door and buried herself in her bed.
First, slaves in an out of the palace, and then the freed and freeborn. And now, just in a single day, her name was caressing the lips of many. Jealousy engulfed princess Judith as she felt betrayed by Grace. To her, Grace took advantage of the day.

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