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My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 7


Princess Judith kept fantasizing about Miracle. Then, a message was brought to her from the council of princesses, informing her about an assembly scheduled for later that evening. She then lost interest in her fantasies. She turned to Grace who was watching her patiently as she was talking about Miracle “Let’s go” she said and they returned to her quarters, the attendants positioned themselves at the entrance of the quarters. Princess Judith, for as much as she would love to be present at the assembly, there was no way for her to boycott the crowd of people waiting for her on the streets, as it is the tradition that she should go by foot, being her first time to the assembly of the council of princesses. So, she decided she would not go herself. According to their tradition, a princess, who because of a tangible reason would not be present at the meeting, must send a worthy representative. “You will go in my stead, Grace” she said to Grace silently. “But….Your Highness..” Grace started as the princess cut it “I can’t go. I can’t stand people touching me, I have a sensitive skin. I might get a disease. I heard the people waiting at the streets would want to touch, shake, kiss their princess….I can’t allow that….you can be their princess for today” Grace sat down beside her trying to convince her, all to no avail.
Princess Judith then laid herself on her bed and wrapped herself with clothes “Make sure you spread the word that I’m sick…..not even the attendants outside should know the truth, OK?” she ordered Grace, she then sent words to the queen and king telling them she was sick. They immediately sent her a doctor who, seeing him, people around the palace believed she was sick. Grace then got herself dressed in fine clothing. She then proceeded on her journey with two attendants, one on her right hand side and the other on her left. Grace looked so elegant in her dressing that people kept staring at her as she kept walking majestically on her high heels towards the gate of the palace.
As soon as she got outside the palace, she lifted her face as she saw the crowd of people waiting for the princess on a street not too far from the gate of the palace. She looked at the attendants beside her and smiled at them “We can do this, right?” she asked and one of them replied “Dont you worry My Lady, we’ll take care of the crowd for you” “Oh no no no no….I didn’t mean that. I’ll attend to them. Its fine” she said “You are sure about this?” the second attendant asked and she smiled at her and replied “Yea….don’t worry…. I’m not a noble, I’m one of them…..and lest I forget, I am so not My Lady” they laughed and continued moving closer to the people. When they got to where the people were assembled, the people bowed themselves down before her, addressing her as though she was the princess – very few of them knew she wasn’t really the princess. They pressed on her as the attendants beside her tried keeping them off her path, they tried touching her. Grace looked upon the poor citizens waiting to feel the skin of their princess, as though it would relieve them of all life troubles, she had compassion on them. She moved closer to them, stretched forth her hands to shake as many as her hands could touch. She then sighted an old woman trying to make her way through the crowd, she went to her direction and allowed the old woman to hold her to her heart’s content. The people were very pleased to see her so humble, they kept praising her and addressing her as the princess. Then, she shouted with a loud voice “I am very honored to be among you, not as a princess, but as one of you. I am in fact not the princess, Her Highness is not well. I am her servant and she has sent me in her stead to council. I am sorry if I have disappointed you’all” After her words, there was a great silence. Breaking the silence was the voice of the old woman saying “Your presence alone has wiped our tears. We do not see you as a servant, as you have listened kindly to us and have kissed us. You are the princess of our hearts”. After the old woman spoke, the people chorused “Your Highness!!”. Grace was startled at the reaction of the people. She then bid them farewell and went her way to the assembly.
When she got to there, she met some of the princesses already settled and waiting for the others. She told them that the princess was ill and couldn’t make it to the assembly, thereby sending her as a replacement. The princesses wondered how a servant could represent a princess whose first time at the meeting would speak a lot about her future as a princess.

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