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My Dream (Vol 1) By Fapohunda Bolanle Busola Chapter 5


In a room well decorated, the ventilation soothing the soul and body. Grace, awed at the sight of the beautiful wears of glowing colors and expensive materials accurately arranged, she kept staring across the room with her mouth opened. “Snap out of it!” the princess shouted mockingly. They both laughed as the princess brought a pair of shoes to her. “This is perfect for the robe” she said. “Yes Your Highness….it is more than perfect….. I must confess…..I can die here….its a paradise.” Grace said. “We should get you something from here too” the princess said as she looked around for a dress and shoes for Grace as well. “This is beautiful” Grace remarked.
They left for the princess’s quarters. “We should start with the speech. After the speech we can proceed with dressing you up” Grace said as they started preparing the princess’s speech. After the speech, she got the princess dressed. “You look awesome Your Highness” Grace remarked. “Thanks….you should dress up too. Her Majesty will soon send for me” princess Judith said as she turned to face the mirror. Grace put on the dress and shoes the princess selected for her. “Oh well…..now it looks like you are me and I am you” the princess said as they both laughed. Soon, the queen sent a maid to them and they left to join the king and the queen and left for Greenland.
As soon as they got there, the place was already filled up. All neighbouring princesses seated at the forefront, the kings and queens immediately after the princesses. The ministers and their children behind the kings and queens and all servants with their masters and mistresses. A special sit was reserved for Judith, not with the other princesses since she was yet to be initiated, but directly opposite everybody, on the stage. Grace standing beside her was ready for orders. The place was very big and filled with many important people. Thus, princess Judith was nervous as Grace, even though nervous as well, was calming her down. The program soon began. Since it was an all-night program, it had a lot of activities to it.
The initiation rites started as they got princess Judith changed into a white religious robe and all other princesses, also wearing white robes came on stage surrounding her. The stage was glowing with the color of their robes as though it was painted white, they kept singing their tradition initiation songs. After the songs, the other princesses all sat down beside her to the left and right sides and ten maidens on two rows came, also dressed in white robes. One of them bearing a crown in her hand and another beads on a tray in her hands. The moved closer to the the princesses, knelt down before her and two of the other princesses came to them. They took the beads and decorated princess Judith and also placed the crown on her head. Then the maidens bowed down before her and went back the same way they came. The princesses and the audience then stood up, and sang a congratulatory song. Afterwards, she was led into a room to change back into her elegant robe. The whole process lasted for about an hour. After the rites, she got changed into her original robe. When it was time for her to give her speech, she became more nervous. She looked at Grace who gave her a reassuring nod and smile , and went afterwards to give her speech. After the speech, the whole hall was impressed by the intelligent speech and applauded her. She went back to her seat and smiled at Grace.
It was time for merriment, singers and choreographers came on stage for their performances. As people were congratulating the princess, Grace went ahead to get drinks for herself and the princess. On her way, she bumped into a young man. “I’m so sorry” she said as she lifted up her face. When their eyes met, they kept staring at each other speechlessly. The young man was very pleasing to the eyes, tall and well built. His face, few years younger than he seemed to be, his sparkling blue eyeballs and graceful smiles, one could not just resist. After some minutes of silence, Grace remembered she was sent on an errand by the princess and left sheepishly. The young man kept staring at her till she vanished amidst the crowd. Grace brought the drink to the princess who at that time was done receiving greetings from the royalties. The both found a place to sit, enjoying their drinks and the performances of the choreographers. Soon, princess Judith sighted the same young man Grace had encountered. She kept staring at him, who was sitting five tables away from them and didn’t see her. His beauty caught her attention “Oh my God!” she said in amazement. “Whats that my princess?” Grace asked. Princess Judith did not reply but immediately went to the young man. “Hey” she said “I’m Judith”. Grace was still sitting where the princess left her. “Hi….I’m Miracle” the young man said. Princess Judith could not help but stare at the young man as they were discussing. “Nice speech up there” he said and princess Judith smiled and thanked him. Soon, Grace joined them, she was surprised to see the same young man she bumped into, Miracle was also surprised and pleased to see her again. They properly greeted and introduced each other, but Grace was reluctant to talk to Miracle, as she noticed princess Judith was already into him. The princess offered Grace a sit and asked them where they met before which Miracle explained. They all laughed and continued gisting. “Let me go for more drinks” Grace said and Miracle stood up “I’ll go with you” he said as he wanted more discussions with Grace. Grace looked at princess Judith and declined the offer, told Miracle to sit and assured him she would bring their drinks to them.

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