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Where Have I Gone Wrong


My name is Sikemi I’m 23years old and 400level student of Unilorin. I’m a pretty lady who gets a lot of attention from Guys. The issue between me and my friend started when we went out together to see a movie, On getting to the Cinema I saw a guy I was attracted to he was so cute that i had to walked up to him to appreciate his look not knowing he and my friend once had a connection. I had to break the silence between him and my friend when they saw each other and kept quiet so we went in for the movie. The movie ended 3hrs later as we were about to leave when guy walked up to me and ask for my Mobile number I was surprised but deep down I was excited. So since then we chatted,talked,go out on dates and a lot of fun together but I noticed that my friend on the other side changed and she started acting cold towards me that I had to wake her up In the middle of the night to ask her why she changed at first she was reluctant about saying anything but she later open up that she was once pregnant for the guy and later had abortion because he rejected the pregnancy.

I was shocked ,the next morning I went to his house (kola) I asked him why he neglected my friend and made her abort her pregnancy. But he pleaded for my patience so as to explain how it happened. He said he knew my friend through his cousin Niyi that they were dating each other . Kola said his cousin loves my friend Anny a lot even more than himself. He said the first time he met my Friend was at a restaurant where they bumped into each other and he apologized. The second time they met was at his cousin’s house ,she came visiting but Niyi was not around but he asked her to wait for him. And he also apologized for the other day. So they talked for some minutes and the next thing was that she started flirting with him and confessed that the since the other day they bumped into each other she has been thinking of seeing him again but Kola said he got angry and warned her not to repeat such or else he will report her to his cousin.

So he said it was his cousin’s birthday and there has been a lot of fun and everyone present was enjoying the party, Kola said he was drunk so he went to relax in one of the rooms then he saw my friend who offered him water and that was all he remembered until the next day when he woked up and found her next to him naked. He was so confuse and furious that he left the place without saying anything to anyone . On getting home he freshened up and try to cool his nerves to remember how everything happened then he got a text from someone saying she enjoyed every bit if him (Anny).

Then he said he stopped going to his cousin’s place but kept receiving several love messages from my friend.

So a month after the birthday party he received a message from Anny that she is pregnant and she was very sure he is the father and that she is very happy because finally he will be hers.

He said he had to call her to meet up at his place and sort things out. Kola said he pleaded that everything that happened was a mistake and moreover she was dating his cousin and he loves her so much but Anny insisted that nothing can stop her from being with Kola that she is madly in love with him.

Kola said they were still on the matter when his girlfriend Becca came in and slapped him. Becca said she heard everything they said and she said she was going to make the whole family know what they have done , So Anny tried to stop her but she slipped and fell hard on the ground and that was how she lost the baby but not through abortion I felt bad and apologized for accusing him wrongly and he said I did nothing wrong that it was good to ask him .

Then he said he wants me to be his girlfriend that he is madly in love with me I was stunned but also happy because I also want him to be mine but I left without saying a word.

On getting home I met Anny but decide not to tell her about Kola’s side of the story but I told her he asked me out but her reply was surprising ,She said she is in love with Kola and no even me will stop her from having him.

The next day she moved out of the house and also threatened me to stay away from Kola or else

Please I really need an advice on what to do because I’m deeply I’m love with Kola


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