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Could This Be Love ?



It’s Monday finally I will be attending the same school with my crush, I was filled with joy.

He so cute, hot, tall, and masculine but he is arrogant and not nice so decide to avoid any trouble with him.

I’m Tony the 19 years old with a curvy body and seductive eyes. The baddest hourglass but he doesn’t seems to be attracted to the me.

I stay in the same street with Felix and been trying to get close to him but he is a tight type and doesn’t seems to see any gesture or may be his knows I’m attracted to him but his arrogance made him pretend not to see any of my advances.

The classes for the day went well so was walking down the corridor after class I saw Felix so decide to say hi to him then before could go near him a girl and two of her friends walked up to him and try to flirt with him but he looked at them disgustingly and left them standing. Then Becca came and we left the school together.

I and Becca talked about alot of things that happened in school that day then she sighted Felix and draw my attention to his beauty. Then she decided to make fun of my feelings for him and said when will I be brave enough to tell Felix how I feel about him, then she called me what I hate to be called “Coward”.

I was pissed and she said if u want to prove that I’m not a coward I should walk up to Felix and tell him I liked him.

The I tried to keep up to the distance between him I was so close to touching him from back when he turned back to bend and pick his Bluetooth that fell off but before he could bend as he turned our lips met each other and we were both stunned!!

Wait for Mr arrogant reaction on next Chapter

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