Inside a market, people were there buying and selling, Adeshina was there as well, he was already at the side where they sell baby products, he was at one big store and picking the necessary products needed for his incoming baby. After lots of stuffs had been picked, the seller calculated the total amount of what he purchased. He dipped his hand into his trouser to pick the money but he at that moment discovered that his pocket was empty. It was a great confusion to him, curiosly, he checked the entire areas that seems money may be kept but nothing was found, the seller and the people who were also there for shopping pitied his condition of unrest. Gently and with shame, he dropped all the commodities and left.
During that time, Zobo passed out the market gate, he reached a corner where no one resides, he found out that everywhere was silent and then he picked out the bale of money inside his pocket, he was really glad counting it “Wow!!! I got this job now, this really gives me an impetus a to be successful with this. I think i have to put more effort to accomplish more from pickpocketting”. After he calculated the money, he shouted and jump up “Fifteen thousand naira, this is a wow. Celebration matters, that man fed me today, thank you for that”.
Confusion went through Ruth when she saw Adeshina returned back with bitter appearance. She tried asking him “Please tell me, what went wrong?”, Adeshina started to explain“I have been saving money since few months ago, just to make it a surprise to you, I collected the money and I didn’t inform you. It was 15 thousand naira, so I went to the market to buy our incoming baby’s product. That’s the place I detected I’ve been robbed, all the 15 thousand was stolen from me without my notice”. After Ruth heard it, she got shocked “What? Do you mean the whole money was stolen?”, Adeshina replied “Yes, everything”, “Who on earth did this to us? This is how calamity jump to people and in which way would this thief escape acridity? No way, as long as my creator exists”, Adeshina hold her “Enough my wife, let’s just leave the person, the Lord will judge”.
During the night, they were left with no food, they received some food from their neighbor and they both ate together to sleep for the night. After eating, they both closed eyes and prayed before sleeping.
Doctor Seyi was inside his office, he was happy to see her Lady Anna as she arrived, he welcome her “Good afternoon to you ma, welcome”, Lady Anna replied “Yes. Doctor, you didn’t bother to ask of me since all these while”, “Oh, have your sit, it wasn’t intentional but it’s my job, please, I’m always busy”, Lady Anna sat on a seat opposite to the doctor “Yes, I know. How’s business sir?”, “Thanks to the Lord and how about your health?”, “I am supposed to ask that from you sir, it all depend on you”, “Not me, it’s God”, “So, I’m here to hear the outcome of the test, will you please tell me my health condition because I’m dying already. Let me know my death day”, “You shouldn’t say that, we will try all our utmost to save you. First, with the test we carried out, the result”. Doctor Seyi stood up and checked some files inside the drawer, he picked a paper inside and then sat down after given the paper to Lady Anna.
Doctor Seyi informed her “This is so serious, you are suffering from leukemia, it surprised me strongly”, Lady Anna asked “But, the indigent me doesn’t understand what leukemia means, until you tell me, I’m listening”, “We call it cancer of the blood cells and it’s rear because of the cure, we can just say it’s very fatal”. Lady Anna looked carefully to the paper and speak gently “Nothing more, since you can say it’s fatal, what else? Let me just believe I’m gone”, “No, there is a way to protect you”, “Okay, my daughter, right? Because of the last time you told me to bring her here”, “How I wish she can but she can’t. This type of leukemia is very rear, the blood of your mother or father can help the situation. And I’m glad you have parents, that shows you are safe. Just bring one of them, they are needed alive.” Lady Anna gazed up and started thinking through it “Yes, I now know my father is still alive but this father. What next will happen?”.
Goppi is under a tree inside a quiet area, there’s Lady Anna with him and Lady Anna picked out a photograph and showed it to Goppi. Goppi asked her “This is him?”, Lady Anna replied “Yes, he is the one which I need, you have to make it a perfect job. I don’t know how you’ll do it, but just make sure his hands are tied and deliver him to me, final”, “Alright ma, how about the bills for boys?”, “Your boys? How many are you all?”, “We are four and please double up something for us. You know boys need money, to spend is important”, “Goppi, you’ve started, you are a thief”, “We are thieves madam”, “I’m here with your money as well”. Lady Anna took out the bale of money from her hand bag and gave it to Goppi, Goppi was so happy “You will relish the job ma, we shall surprise you. Very soon, I’ll get back to you”, “Alright”, both of them departed gently.
During one night, Ruth was feeling weak and then she called Adeshina from the room whilst sleeping “Adeshina, get up right now”, Adeshina stood up and asked “What happened?”, “I’m feeling so weak and help is needed this time. I think we should be going to the hospital”, with surprise Adeshina asked “Hospital? Is it up to that? Let’s go then, let me arrange some necessary stuffs”. “Yes, please be quick”, “I’ll need to pick the clothes, where are they?”, “I washed some during the day, go get them down stairs where they were hung”, “Okay, I’m coming” Adeshina stepped outside the room and went straight to the stair case till he reached the down stairs. He was there to get the hung clothes, at that time Goppi and his guys were around there already spying Adeshina.
As part of the kidnappers, Zobo was one of them and he was the one at the frontline when they were about to kidnap Adeshina. He used a flitted handkerchief on Adeshina’s nose and Adeshina got paralyzed immediately he sniffed it. The rest helped Zobo, they carried Adeshina away from the scene.
Early in the morning, Goppi and the three guys were together, they were happy for the successful mission and they were discussing. Goppi appreciated them “Thank you all guys, you all did an amazing job and I trust you all. Even our new man surprised me, Zobo you’re a great man”, Zobo replied “I’ve been practicing since as well and the little I learned from you helped me and everything worked together”. One of the guys spoke “Yes, Zobo impressed me, the first time he arrived, I thought he would be a drab. I’m glad of your superb performance, keep it up”.
Goppi told them “Yes, Zobo looks like an innocent most times but now we all can see he’s perfect. The man is still in the car right?”, one of the guys replied “Yes sir”, “Okay, I will drive him right to Lady Anna soon, but the pay is right here . She gave it to me since that day and let me share for everyone. Because everyone has already calculated their ways of spending, am I right?”, all the guys started rejoicing together, Goppi took out the bale of money and started calculating it.
Inside the car there, where Adeshina’s hands were tied, the car glass has been winded up and Goppi drove the car to an old area. Adeshina was watching everywhere but his mouth was covered, so he cannot talk at all. At last, Goppi stopped the car at a particular quiet place and stepped out of the car. It surprised Adeshina the exact time Goppi stepped out, he saw him around the place with Lady Anna. It was a big surprise to Adeshina and he was watching over them. The whole time, Goppi and Lady Anna were discussing and they moved near to Adeshina, Lady Anna opened the car and met Adeshina there.
With happiness, Lady Anna greeted Adeshina “Good morning sir, daddy. It’s beautiful to see you. Setting dying my eyes on you is a blessing to me. Just try and condone me, I’ll be using your advantage soon. At hospital, I’m suffering from leukemia and only your blood can cure my life, so… I must get you there to my doctor alive. Don’t think I need any other thing from you, that’s all. After that, I’ll set you free. But for now, you’re mine, keep enjoying till I’m done here”. She closed the door and moved out, Adeshina felt a great depression and he started thinking “Me? Now, I’m nothing but just a useless person. Is this actually my daughter or my adversary, why must I allow her to fulfill her dream on me? Since she has considered me a useless person, I must not consider her my daughter as well. I must find my way to stop this, nobody can dupe me”.
Few minutes later, Lady Anna arrived to the car, she entered to drive, she starred at Adeshina and smile, she removed the plaster on Adeshina’s mouth and asked “Do you have anything to say sir?”, Adeshina replied “Yes, I have a lit, for this moment I’ll need to go see my child. My wife was about to give birth last night, I must go there to see her, give me the time”, Lady Anna replied “Oh no”, with smile “I’m using you now and I will release you at my convenient time. So, until I’m done with you, you have nowhere to go”, “Please, this is important, is my dead body needed?”, “No, you are needed alive, so be patient while I take you there. I think you can’t prefer me dying as well, so make sure you render this help. Well, you have no choice, it’s an hospital and we shall be done soon. Just stay calm all will be well, I will release you Mr. Kayode”, “What do you mean by that name?”, “Mr. Kayode was my dad, I don’t know Mr. Adeshina at all”.
At that moment, Adeshina’s mobile phone rang and Lady Anna asked in anger voice “What’s that? Are you with a phone? These boys!!!”, she checked Adeshina’s pocket and picked out the phone, she checked it and speak with laughter “My heartbeat, could that be your wife? I didn’t know you’ve married again” Adeshina replied “Let me speak with her, she needs me right now. Let me just hear her condition”, “Condi… what? No way, I’ll talk to her, stay mute” she quickly use the plaster to glue Adeshina’s mouth and she picked the mobile phone, she didn’t speak and she listened to the man’s voice on the mobile phone “Hello! Hello sir, your attention is needed right now here. You’ve got a new baby boy but we need you to come, just reply”. After that, Lady Anna hung the call and smile “Nice one, so soon! Congratulations, have your phone. After this, I will give to you some money, you get? Just to take care of my new brother or what could I call him?”. She put the mobile phone inside Adeshina’s pocket. She faced the front, hold the steering firmly and she used the handkerchief to clean her bleeding nose, she drives away.
After some moments, inside the room, Ruth is on the bed with the new baby boy, she was thinking “Is this life? Why is everything going like this for me? But God, why did you forego me this way? All my problems relies on men. Why did Adeshina run away the time I have a child? I don’t just understand yet. Maybe he is a player and he is done playing with me, that’s just the only way. No problem, this is my destiny, I just have to take it like this”. During the time, she received an SMS on her phone, she picked up the phone to check and she got shocked it’s SMS from Adeshina, she hissed and throw away the phone, then told herself “Now I understand fully, his whole journey. I just said it that he is a player, so he is done and he sent an SMS to explain but I will never read that”, she started crying during the moment.
The following day, Zobo was there at a cool spot, he didn’t stop drinking seaman hot and smoking Indian hemp. He has smoked and drank a lot already but he didn’t stop still, people came around, met him there and left him, he continues with it till evening. That time, TomTom called him “Hey boss, I think your time is now over here”, Zobo got vexed hearing that “What do you mean by that? I just started, this enjoyment is in my body”, “Oh yes, I know but money cannot allow you anymore “, “Why? I have paid enough to you since morning. I gave the whole twenty thousand naira to you, don’t tell me I’ve finished it all”, “Of curse, you’ve finished it all. Did you stop smoking? I keep calculating your bills and it’s now complete, or do you still have any money with you so I can give to you another weed pack?”, “TSK… no, nothing more, I’m done. Let me just go home, we shall meet tomorrow again. After I work, I will come to you another enjoyment will start afresh”, “Yes, I love such enjoyment, don’t forget to patronize us again, don’t go any other place, you know you are already a customer”, “Yes, thank you”, “You can now have your leave”, “Go? Okay, yes it’s time. But, can I get a cigarette that can make my time cool till I reach home?”, “Not for free, you have to pay”, “And you’re expecting me to patronize? Well, I’ll come”, “Just go man, let my customers come in”. Zobo stood up staggering and moved out of the cool spot murmuring.
After Zobo is gone, TomTom started laughing, George on the seat then called TomTom “What’s funny bae?”, “Husband, I just sent the idiot away?”, “Why? Is he still having money with you?”, “Even he just spent ten thousand plus but you know, I am going home. I have gained a lot from him anyway, if not, how do you expect me and you to have a good time?”, “Oh, nice one darling. I understand, that’s the best way to behave, just for us to enjoy more. I pray he comes tomorrow again”, “He have to, you’ve heard my advertisement to him, right?”, “Yes, but five thousand naira is mine from that money”, TomTom look straight to George and smile, she hug him “Don’t worry my husband, you own me, let’s close for today and go home”, George wass happy as well and he used a fierce face to stare at TomTom from behind.
Zobo was walking along the way so tired, he checked his whole clothes pockets, finally found a purse and he smiled. He picked it out and asked himself “I am flat already, all I am thinking for now is going to another work tomorrow, money is needed. But let me just check this purse, at least I should have a little there to live for the day”, he checked the purse very well tearing the purse but only a photograph dropped from the purse and get to the ground.
With anger, Zobo checked the photograph after he picked it up, he found it is Kayode on the photograph, he was so happy and he hugged the photograph “Oh daddy, I’m missing you for long. I pray to see you soon, please Lord, help me out, let me locate my father one day. But, this purse, I’ve been keeping it with me for long”. He checked the purse further and found a card where a phone number was written and he gazed at the phone number properly and remember “Oh, it’s you, Lady Anna. Her number, wow!!! This is a business apart, I have to call her, now I understand the reason for me to smile but I have no phone, no money. What else would do it?”.


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