Zobo reached the garage lately on a day, at the exact place where he supposed to meet their bus, he didn’t see it there. He was confused “Oh God, boss did this to me, I slept off and woke up late, he supposed to call me on phone or tell me in any way, now I have no work to do this moment, but the best is to wait till he return”, he moved close to some benches at the garage and he sat there expecting Tokyo’s bus to arrive.
Not so long, Tokyo’s bus arrived to the garage and Zobo ran to it immediately, Tokyo looked at Zobo in a fierce way and Zobo started begging “Please sir, I am so sorry for my mistake. It wasn’t intentional please”. Tokyo reply “All you did was just totally nonsense, you were supposed to reach my house by 6 O’ Clock, I waited for you till 7 O’ Clock before leaving. You made me miss a trip and I will have to punish you for that, for the whole today, no work for you”. Zobo portrait and plead again “Tokyo boss please, it was my landlord that came to me, asking for house rent and she collected all the money with me, I was unable to take bike to your place, that’s why I walked along and it was before I reach your house, and then I came here. You should know I am a workaholic sir”. “Workaholic my foot, my word is my word, come tomorrow, today is too late for you already”, “No sir, let me call some boss drivers here sir”, “To beg me? No way. My word remain the same, I stand by it always and I can’t change it. Tomorrow is not too bad, do not utter a word or else I add another day to it”. Hearing all that, Zobo stayed silent and walked away from Tokyo during the time, he watched him afar as he call passengers to the commercial bus and after the commercial bus is loaded, Tokyo drove out.
There on Zobo’s sit, he was pressing his phone, he clicked at game and busy playing game. Until his phone rang and he noticed it’s Tokyo’s call, he was so glad “Oh my boss, he can’t do without me, he has called me back. Work time, wow!!! Let me pick this”. He picked the call, he heard a different voice shouting in an afraid way “Hey!!! We found this phone of the driver, his last number on call history is this number, we need to inform you that his bus had accident along the way and everyone there in the bus died, no one survived, you have to come here for him”. The call he received got him shocked, he threw his phone on the ground, he hold his head and screamed out “I am doomed for real, nothing for me again in this world, I have lost everything. My benefactor died, what’s left for me?”.
Ruth had returned to her labour work at the bricklayers’ site, she worked perfectly and the bricklayers praised her that she is hard working. Until the job is finished in the evening and they all gathered to collect their wages. That’s the time Kasali which was the leading brick layer talk to them “Thank you all, everyone for the work, you all surprised me with the way you worked and I think Chief Adeyemo is having another work for us at another site, more pays to get, you understand. Now these are your wages”, he started sharing it to them one after the other and the last to reach is Ruth, he didn’t hand over the wage to her and he speak “Everybody can leave, I have a short meeting with Ruth”.
Ruth stood next to Kasali, she was confused of the surprise meeting “Please sir, what wrong have I done?”, Kasali replied “Nothing bad, I just need to inform you about a serious situation. I am having a problem and only you can solve it”, “What’s it sir? Why me?”, “As you are, you don’t need to get these little wages all days, you deserve more than that. You know, there is a way I can help you out on it, I just need your attention. Be with me, let’s role together, move with me and let’s mix up”. All what Ruth heard surprised her, she asked “Please, in full details sir, I don’t get you yet”, Kasali then try touching Ruth on the shoulder but Ruth shifted backward and Kasali told her “Let’s be having affairs together, I’ll promote you”. Hearing that got Ruth angry, she shout at Kasali “Stop it, enough. Now I get the type of man you are, so that is the help you could do? I am grateful Mr. promoter, give me my money, we have nothing to discuss.” Kasali looked in a strange way, he handed over the wage to Ruth and Ruth walked out immediately.
Around the compound, Yemi was there inside the car and expecting Lady Anna to come along. After few minutes, Lady Anna moved out and tell Yemi “I am so sorry for coming late, I was fixing something since”, Yemi replied her “No worries, let’s go. You know time is gone”. The time Lady Anna open the door, she noticed blood passing out from her nose and she wanted to use her face towel to wipe it but she didn’t locate it. She them leave the door and ran inside the house immediately. Yemi was surprised to see her behaving so strange. “What is wrong with this woman? At this moment, we should be there”. He stood up leaving the car and move inside to check Lady Anna.
Lady Anna reached her room, before picking up her face towel from the bed, there is lot of blood already on her cloth and she sighs “Oh God, this is the cloth picked for the event, everybody wears this, what am I going to do? I need to change now”.
Yemi opened the door, entered into Lady Anna’s room, he got shocked seeing Lady Anna on another cloth and already finished dressing. Then Yemi asked “Why are you behaving this way? What just went with you madam? How could you change the picked cloth, you know everybody wears this cloth today, what’s all these strange attitude all about?”. Lady Anna then tell him “Don’t worry dear, only me understand my reason, come zip up this one for me”, Yemi get close to her and ask “Why should I? When you changed without telling me any point”, “Oh, sorry…it’s all about the cloth, my tailor did not work perfectly on it, her apprentice did it. Moreover, when I wanted to enter into the car, the skirt got lose and if I go ahead with the little lose, it might go wide during the party”. Yemi then tell her “Yes, it’s true if that’s the reason. I can’t allow a tatter cloth for my wife as well, it would tarnish someone’s image. Let’s go this way, we have our reason”. He then zip up Lady Anna’s cloth and they both move outside as Lady Anna hold her red face towel tight.
Zobo keeps passing along a street, he is tired of walking until he jammed some guys playing some bet games. He noticed some audience there, he found out a man that just won and he received his money immediately from the game planners. The bet game planners advertise more “Come play your game, it is play, get and go. It is very easy to play, lowest money to start with is 50 naira and the highest is any type you want”. Merely hearing the advertisement, he picked out the 50 naira note inside his pocked and speak to himself “Now I will need to double up this money. Well, life is a risk and I need to do this for now”, he get closer to the bet game and raise up his voice “I am next man”. The bet game planners discuss together in silent voices, they collect the money from Zobo and the audience watch as well. They all surrounded them and then the dice roller tell Zobo “This is how to play, let me explain. I will roll the dice but you will pick a number, if your number comes out, you go home with 100 naira note as of the double your money game. Are you set?”, Zobo reply “Yes, my number is 4, let’s go”. The dice was rolled and everybody got surprised seeing the number out as ‘4’, the game planners also feels so bad and that’s the time Zobo started hailing himself.
One of the game planners called Zobo “Hey man, you will not be able to get your money like that. Playing once is not the rule of the game, you have to play three times. Two more times to go, double up your money guy”. Zobo replied “I don’t know that, you did not inform me before about it, that’s cheating and I will not accept it. I don’t even have any cash with me again”, the game planner then reply “Then you go home easily”, “To do what? I must get my money, or I will destroy this place today”.
That’s the time argument started, the audience started watching them, Zobo hit one of the game planners, then the game planners face him all together and started hitting him. That’s the time they all heard a voice and everyone scattered, they found out it’s King Das and everyone remained silent. King Das asked “Why are you guys fighting at this arena? You know I am the king of all thugs around here, anything I command will surely come to pass with no delay. What happened? Explain before I usurp power from you all”.
One of the game planner tried to explain but Zobo interrupted and tell King Das “I came to play game here and they scammed me. I must just collect my money, I won it”. King Das ask the game planners “Is it true, you gamblers?”, none of them is set to reply and King Das continue “I just need to do this, I know the dude didn’t lie, I know what you guys could do. Keep playing your games but one more time I hear this type of a thing from you guys again, you’re vacating from here then”. The game planners appreciate King Das and they returned back to their work.
As King Das keep going, he noticed Zobo following him and then Zobo call him “Hey boss!!! Please, I need your help, they refused to return my money”, then King Das explain to him “They don’t return money, they are scammers. I will just advice you to leave them all alone”, “I supposed to but I am with no penny at this moment”, “Let me help you, will you follow me along?”, “Along? Yes, I will. Let’s start it”. King Das moved ahead and Zobo followed him along.
There are lots of goons there at an old building while they all enjoys. King Das and Zobo arrived and all the goons smoking hemp and cigarette and some of them drinking alcoholic drinks starts hailing King Das as the leader of the goons there. King Das then speak “Thank you all, I really appreciate and I must introduce this new folk to you. I just found him and he’s now one of us, only if we check him. Tell your name new guy”, Zobo reply “I am Zobo by name”, “Wow, Zobo. That is great and you have to be trustworthy. As you can see everyone here, nobody is vile, we all live together with trust and do things together”, “Alright sir”, “Mix and mingle with these guys, you are now one of us, let me flex around”.
After some hours, all the goons are still there together, Zobo is there on his knees and the goons surrounds him. King Das arrived, he was so surprised, he asked immediately “Please, what sort of call did I just receive? Will you just tell me what is happening?”. One of the goons speak to King Das “Sir, you’re the boss here, nobody else is in power and we give the best respect to you, if not we could have done lots of annihilation to him. I know you would not believe what he did and we didn’t know who he is to you. Since you brought him, please ask him yourself what he has done wrong”. King Das face Zobo and he can see the fear covers Zobo’s face, he asked “Hey Zobo, be truthful, tell me. What has happened? Don’t be afraid to speak with me”. Zobo gives his reply “Sir, I don’t know what to say because they planned all they did to me intentionally, it seems they don’t need me here”.
Another goon shout “Pure sabotage is what you deserve, we only respect boss, that’s why we waited till he arrives”, King Das raised his voice higher again “Enough everybody, he needs to speak to me himself. Now, tell the truth to me”, Zobo replied “They showed me some weed, a bag of weed some hours ago, then they later said I stole it. They said it’s missing and I did it, whereas I don’t know anything about it”.
After listening to that, King Das wailed out “What have you done Zobo? I never brought guys here this way, I only trusted you at the first time I saw you, so you’re such a sly person. Unbelievable, do you think my guys can just lie about you? We’ve been together for longs years and they can never tell the wrong to me. As they’ve said, anybody we caught stealing deserves pure death, jungle justice immediately but just because you arrived today and I really wish to do no harm today. I will just tell you to walk away right now and never return to this street ever in your life.” Zobo is about to speak and king Das tell him “Don’t bother to utter a sound, you can just go right now before I get upset”. Zobo stand up immediately and leave the place, they all starred at him until he passed away and his last thought was “Even if this is the right way, I need to walk through it now, they considered me a thief, stealing can make my day lovely then”.


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