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The Call Girl – Chapter Thirty-Six*





Tinny-B screamed jumping up from the bed. She ran close to the Tv screen, then she fell to her knees ”Oh my God! Oh my God!! Oh my God!!!”

Live transmission was suddenly cut.

”No no no no!!!” she grabs her phone and dialed Alexandra’s number.

”Oh my God please no no no!!!!”

No answer .She dials Adam’s number. No answer either

”Oh my God who fell to the ground, who got shot!! Jesus no please let it not be Alex or Jaime or Adam or any of those innocent people my God no!!!” she is running down the stairs as she doesn’t get any answer.

She didn’t have Jaime’s number to call.

”Ma’am, Ma’am?” A security detail approaches her as she came running outside

”There was a gun shoot and..i — i –someone got shot and i– do –i don’t know who and i think someone is dead or..the the live feed has been cut and -oh my God you have got to take me there and-” she turns around, tears filing her eyes and and then treks down her face, she ran her hands through her hair ”You have got to take me there. My friend she-‘ she cries ”She may have been killed. or Adam or your Boss..someone was shot and i don’t know who and i just want to make sure..please, please” she cried.

”Ma’am, you have got to calm down” the security agent tells her trying to calm her down but she was getting hysterical as she continued to talk, her voice rising

”Calm down and let me get understand what you are saying? Some one was shoot and –”

Another security detail comes running towards them as he has his hands to his left ear ”Dickson, a situation at the Heritage premises, a gun went off and we don’t know who got shot. I am taking the two guys, stay here till you get word from me” He says running towards a car and two others run behind him entering the car with him.

”I want to come with ..i have to and ” she says leaving the first man and heading to him, grabbing him by the hand..

”No Ma’am, we do not know what’s going on and right now we need to leave”

”NO!! my friend…i have to know who got shoot and make sure it wasn’t either of them. Oh God i shouldn’t have listened to her now…what if it was Jaime or Adam oh God..it’s my fault, if i didn’t listen to her stupid plan of coming out to show that she is alive, none of them would get hurt and no i do not know who got shoot and if the person is alive and..no no wait for me, please no!!” the agent is pulling away as Tinny-B chases after him

”Dickson, hold on to her and no one leaves or enters until you hear from me or Adam”

”No!!!”Dickson grabs her from behind and then holds her still . Tinny-B is screaming and thrashing to be let go ”No!” she cries sinking to the floor.

”Calm down Ma’am, like he said, they don’t know who got shoot so…calm down, he would get word from him soon” he says holding unto her a she cries.


The gun had gun off.

No one saw it in time.

Someone had dropped to the floor, there was blood.

No one really saw what happened. How it happened.

It happened too fast.

More people drop with the commotion. Some for cover, some ran out the door. Some to the floor. There were voices, people were shouting orders. The four people who were standing just a few minutes ago before the gun went off were all on the floor. The mic stand had fallen too, crashing as well to the floor.

Jimmy, Kennedy, Jaime and Alexandra laid sprawled, un-moving.

Gemmylyne continuous to scream . Jacob pushes the officers who had shield him when the gun went off and rushes to the scene.

Gemmylyne rushes after him, Christine stood transfixed to her feet for a few minutes shocked.

”Turn off those cameras, everyone out” Someone screams out orders,

Adam is close to them, his gun in his hands, he sinks to his knees, unsure how to proceed at the moment, Jaime’s security details are behind him fighting spaces with the officers, not letting them come closer till they find out what had happened and what next to do. They let the Chief of Police pass as he screams out more orders.

Salim is beside Adam, his look filled with uncertainty.

”Who got shot?” he asks more

to himself than Adam

”I don’t know, no one is moving…i..” he trails off.

None of them had moved, the blood continued to make an un-shamed appearance spreading its self and soaking up shoes.

The police have their guns out, so did Jaime’s security. There were not about to step aside until they have the situation under control. A few people who managed to leave the conference room made their way outside and docked for covers. The rest who didn’t manage to leave are laid out on the floor fearing for their lives and their head down.

The reporters who had hit the floor are rising up, quickly scanning if the room is out of danger and trying to focus their camera back on the scene, and begin live feeds.

”Get them out of here i say, out of here now!!” Salim shouts again as he sights them.

Hands grab them, cameras are shoved away, they were not friendly. Flashes of cameras goes click click. Trying to get as much as they could, it would be the top story by 6:pm news tonight and maybe for the next week. A reporter might get promoted if he gets exclusive jist off this scene.

Click,Click, Cameras are rolling, reporters are positioning their mics and shoving it to faces of officers,board members, anyone who might tell them anything as they push to make their way to the front where officers and the Wellington family are gathered.

”Who got shot?”

”Who is dead?”

”Is the new President alive?”

”The girl who came back from the dead, where is she?”

”Who was the man who got the gun?”

”Jimmy, is Jimmy alive?”

”Tell us who-”

”I said get them the hell out of here or i will have your batches, Damnit!!”

Someones camera got smashed, another gets tossed to the wall, people are ushered out, pushed even.

There is blood, and no one is moving.

Adam is terrified of what the situation would be.

Jimmy and Kennedy had fallen to the floor, when the gun went off. Alexander and Jaime had followed immediately before the noise of the gun died out. That he was sure off.

”My son, my son” Jacob cries going to his knees covering his mouth and then reaching for Jaime at the same time.

There is blood. Lots of it.

Gemmylyne is falling beside him

Mrs. Barlow hands covers her mouth as her legs go weak, she grabs on to something, but there is nothing. She sinks to the ground too.

‘Who got shot?” Mr Lupit cries out, unable to see as the sea of officers flood his view

”Oh God!” Mr Chena excliams

The board members, the Wellingtons, and a few other aspirants for the President position and Christine , the officers including Adam and Jaime’s security details were the only ones remaining in the room.

”Jaime, Sir?” Adam calls out his name, scared to turn him

Jimmy moves, he was on top Kennedy. Someone groans..

Adam holds onto his gun. Ready for anything that pose as a threat.

He had seen Kennedy reach and pull the gun, he had seen Jimmy reach for it too, then he had seen it point to them, Alexander and Jaime. Was it intended for one or two he wasn’t sure.

It happened in blink of an eye, before he could say or do anything, the gun had gone off, people had taken cover, the screams, the dropping to the floor and then the blood. His heart was beating fast, he was uncertain who was shoot.

He stares as the blood was making a small pool.

Someone groans again, Jimmy raises his head ”i– i”

Adam without thinking reaches for him grabbing him by the collars before he is saved by Gareth and a few officers..

”Let him go, let him go Adam” Salim orders

Adam pushes him aside and then stares down at Jaime again as he saw a movement.

”Jaime!!” Gem cries again reaching for her son same time his father did again.

Jaime is pulled up, his white sheet has a map of blood stretched in it. He isn’t moving.

Gem gasps again as Jacob mutters ”Oh my God Jaime, you..are–” he trails off as he chokes.

”I was..i was trying to..safe him i…i ..oh God” Jimmy looks up right in time to see Jaime’s stained sheet ”I tried to..i saw the gun and i..oh my God” Jimmy cries out shifting backwards and holding Gareth by the shirt. No one pays attention to him as they continue to stare on at the hysterical Gem and a very emotional Jacob.

Jimmy turns to them, a smile he tries to hide when no one was looking.

Die you wasted scum, i told you to watch you back.

He muses within.

He cries out again mockingly ”Oh God, he..he..oh no!! ” He wails dramatically for effect.

”Jaime?’ Christine hears what Jimmy says, she sinks to her knees ‘Oh my God mother, it was Jaime ” she breathes

Mrs. Barlow lets a gasp escape from her lips as she leaves the floor and rushes to Gem, hugging her still as she screams reaching for Jaime, again. She is held held, she struggled free squashing her son.

Jacob touches his son’s face..”Jaime, my son” he cries, his hands shaking. Jimmy’s look is angered, he wished he had aimed it to his father instead. He folds his feet, but maintained his mocking sobbing.

Adam is speechless..he reaches for Jaime too..his eyes are closed, he didn’t show any size of life. Adam touches his pulse.

There was a pulse. Strong pulse.

”What are you all standing there, call 911 damnit, fxxking call 911” Adam shouts as he realized that he had a chance of survival if he is taken to the hospital.

Someone is placing a call, someone is sobbing, people are talking , Jimmy is crying out in pretense pain ”I..i wanted to stop him and i couldn’t, i couldn’t ” he cried.

No one is paying attention to him, everyone was concerned about Jaime.

Adam pauses and then remembers the forth person who isn’t moving as well.

Oh God,Alexander!

”Jesus !!” he reaches for her

Jaime stirs, touching his head and then opens his eyes, scanning the room briefly, too briefly.

”Call 911!! damnit !!” Adam’s voice perceives into his head

They are pulling Jaime up and forgetting Jimmy.

Someone prys the gun away from Jimmy’s hands. He isn’t moving either.

Jaime jerks up with a start, His mother screams, his father pulls him to him ”Jaime!!”

She pushes him away and then falls to her son , touching his shirt ”Baby, my son.. they are calling the hospital, don’t stress yourself, just..relax please” she cries feeling optimistic that though he was shot, he was alive and talking and if help would come just on time, he would be fine.

They are holding unto him, he needs to breath, he can’t..

Wait, what happened.. ?

He tried to remember.

Heritage group, Alexander, Jimmy, He won the Heritage persistent, then he telling Salim to investigate Jimmy, then that man…that..Kennedy, yes! From Lonestar company, there was congratulations, and then Alexander..fillled with fear..Her attacker,He shows a gun, he shoots and–


He jerks up looking around as a searing pain hit his head, he touches his head. When they had fallen, hitting the mic stand, he had hit his head. But the pain is little compared to the fear which grips him suddenly.

”Alexander!” he nudges his mother gently away reaching for her limb body.

He had seen the gun, he had put himself before her trying to protect her and then…how, how is it that…

”Jaime, you are bleeding you have been shot” His father cries out trying to restrain him,everyone tries to too. Gem reaches for his shirt holding to cause him to stay still, and places both hands where she felt he was losing blood. She is crying and begging him to stay still that help is on the way.

He is shaking his head ”Its..its ”He looks down at himself , shaking his head ”Its not my blood” he says touching himself briefly and realizing it. ”It is not my blood mama” he says reaching for Alexander who is in Adam’s hands. He had her head on his lap..staring at her, weak and unsure what to do or think.

He looks up at Jaime as he heard his name ”Jaime…Alexander?”

, ”Sir…she..she isn’t breathing” he chokes realizing now who was shot.

”No no no no no!!” Jimmy cries out, more to himself than them, seeing that Jaime wasn’t the one shot ” I..he..shot you and..you were shot and..he pulled trigger and..he ..i shot..he shot you and” Jimmy cannot understand it as he is shaking his head and backing away.

How can he not die. How can he still be alive. how the hell does he always never get to die. How the fxxk why?

Jimmy pushes Gareth to the wall in anger.

Mr Chena reaches for him and grabs him ”Jimmy!”

”Damnit, Damnit, Damnit!” he curses

”Call 911 damnit someone ” Jaime nudges Adam away and grabs Alexander and turning her. He gasps.

He couldn’t tell were the blood was coming from, all he saw was blood dripping as he turns her to face him. She wasn’t moving. His eyes closed. His eyes suddenly became blinded with mist.

”Damnit, someone call 911!!”‘ he screams as his veins popped out. His hands are shaking as he reaches for her face, he can’t breath. His chest hurts.

A blare of siren is heard.

”Alexander? Alexander can you hear me?” He calls out to her, placing his head to her face, trying to listen to her breathing. Hoping, just hoping.

He places a hand to her tummy, runs it over her body fearfully, searching where she was bleeding from. Hoping to stop it, just hoping she stays alive till help came.

”Alexander, if you can hear me, stay with me okay. Stay with me, i am getting you help. You are not dying on me!!!” he whispers to her.

Too scared to touch her chest, uncertain if he really want to find out how bad.

Quickly he lifts her up, ”Get out from the way, get out from the way!!” he screams rushing her out of the Heritage group conference room and dashing out. He is followed by Adam, security agents, police officers.

”My parents, someone get my parents damnit!!!” He screams over his shoulders

”Go Jaime,”Jacob says grabbing his wife and pulling her up with him, ”We are right behind you”

”Grab that man, arrest that man if he his alive, he must pay for what he did here today!!” Jacob bellows as he is rushing after his son.

Salim orders some men to follow them. The room thinned out even more as the board members rush out with them. Christine stays behind. A few officers remained staring over the remaining man on the floor. His gun is put into a bag and sealed for evidence.

Jimmy stops wailing as Kennedy groans.

Kennedy stirs awake as he is pulled up and handcuffed. He had passed out briefly. He had slammed his head to the mic stand too. The pain blinds him for a moment. He shakes his head and He is shocked to find himself cuffed.

”Wait, what?” He mutters confused trying to shake free.

Salim, the Chief of police is screaming something, he cannot understand.

He had…

His eyes grows big as he remembers…

She had wanted to tell the world that it was him, she wasn’t supposed to do that, do that to him. He wanted to..he wanted to scare her and then shoot in the air and then find away to escape…but then…

His gaze shifts to Jimmy, who is standing by the corner there, his eyes unreadable..

He had jumped him, he had grabbed the pistol and..fingered the trigger.

His eyes grows bigger as something else dawned on him..he had blacked out..hitting the floor.

Then, why..

Salim is dragging him away..He doesn’t want to leave.

”Alexander, where is Alexander?!!! ” he begins to wail seeing the blood, seeing the almost empty room. Not seeing her.

”Shut up!” Salim screams as he pushes him to another officer, Gareth steps forward to take him, Salim stops him ”Gareth, you would be under review, for now, stay away. Take him away officer” he charges to the two officers who quickly drag him away as he continuous to struggle.

”Alexander, my..ba-..Jimmy you fxxking asshole, i will kill you i swear i will kill you” He struggles away from them and charges towards Jimmy, reflex came in handy as Jimmy punches him to the floor.

Kennedy drops, groaning, he made to get up again but was roughly pulled up and dragged away.

”Jimmy, i will kill you, i swear to God..you killed my..you killed my Alexander” he wails

”That man is crazy, he is crazy..he he..shot her, that sweet poor girl” Jimmy chokes staring at his hands, playing the part of one pained..

Salim stares at him, the room was empty now..He should go to the Mayor and his family and also find out if the girl who came back from dead is actually dead.

He remembers Jaime’s distraught face, he seemed pained, heart wrenching so. He begins to walk away, then he remembers and beckons to an officer who comes back in handing him a phone.

”The Mayor” He hands him a phone.

Salim nods taking the phone ”Take him into detention too.”

Jimmy’s eyes grows big ”What the fxxk?” He shouts ”What did i do, you cannot do this..how dare you Salim!!” Jimmy is shocked

”I heard everything Jaime said, and though i am yet to scrutinize the evidence in this phone handed to me by him concerning the incriminating proof Steve has supposedly stumbled upon-”

”Prove and evidence that may be planted and made up to blackmail me, i told you that cop was rogue, how come he didn’t step forward since if that were so true?”

”That i don’t know. The President of the Heritage group had ordered an investigation, that would happen Jimmy”

Jimmy folds his hands into a tight fist ”You quickly bend to suck the cock of anyone in power don’t you”

”Watch you tone Jimmy, i know of your arrogance and just because you are the Mayor’s so doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole and for what is worth, i am glad it wasn’t you who won. Your brother is a fine young man with a good head on his shoulders and his head is in the right place, you on the other hand had been sketchy, i never felt right with you in the same room, because my instincts was smelt shit oozing from your ass”

Jimmy smiles ”You have no right to detain me, and until i am proven guilty, suck my cock.”

He is walking away , Salim stops him ”Even though i cannot arrest you until this facts are proven right or otherwise” he waves Adam’s phone ”i can restrict your movement while the investigation is on-going, ”

”You wouldn’t dare”

”Yes i can; from now on, here is your new body guard Jimmy, he goes where you go, gets familiar with your routine, probably might even watch you shit when you take a dump..lose him, and i am coming for you, is that understood? That means that if you make any move that screams red, we are coming for you”

”You subject me to a watch dog?” Jimmy sneers.

”If you have nothing to hid Jimmy, this should go smoothly”

”If i had become president..you would have been removed once i hit Mayorship, first point of call” Jimmy doesn’t hide his hatred

”God works in mysterious ways. You would answer when called, show up when needed at the station and you will not restrict or refuse when served a warrant. That would be done by tomorrow as directed by Jaime”

Jimmy doesn’t smile. He is thinking of better ways he can end all of them at a go. Jaime, who seem to be missing death every time he had tried to kill him, like he got some guardian angel protecting him…oh, today would have been glorious indeed, but again, the fxxker got lucky. Again, this time by a fxxking woman.


He smiles now.

That Bitch! That atleast was something to give him Joy, she was dead. They possibly didn’t believe her ranting that he locked her up. No evidence to prove it.

No, wait, Salim had it.

He eyes the phone.

They can’t prove anything, not until they find real evidence. He needs to leave here, he needs to make some calls, it doesn’t matter how much he has to spend tonight, they need to dig and find out how the fxking hell Steve was able to find things about him no one was able to do for years.

Once he finds more things that can be used against him, he would destroy all of it, then, he would find away and get that phone and do justice to it.

He would be free and they would have nothing on him, nothing at all.

He smiles

”We got eyes on you Jimmy” Salim says working away ”Let me know if a makes a fxxking fart wrongly” he says to the officer over his shoulders and exits.

The officer stares at Jimmy

”Get the fxxk out of my face, i need to breath”

He doesn’t smile, he steps away and then watches him keenly. Jimmy isn’t pleased, he isn’t.

Today everything had gone to sheet, even..

He stares around to realise that even Chena and the others who were backing him had left him.

He was going to kill them all, all of them.

He sees her when he walks towards him, eyeing the officer.

She comes closer to him, her voice lowered ”Jimmy, if he talks, we..we..” she began ”I don’t want to go to Jail,Jaime will hate me..my father..even my mother”

He grabs her and shakes her, ”Get your head out of your ass, i don’t care shit for you, i am all about me now, so fxxk off” he pushes her away before the officer could stop him, he storms away

”Are you okay Ma’am?’

Shaken, she shakes her head and then makes her way out.

The officer realizing his mistake chases after Jimmy.

But he was long gone.

”Fxxk!” he mutters dailing

”Sir, i lost him”


”Then don’t come back till you do”

Salim cuts the call and then stares at the Mayor.

They are in the hospital, Jaime is pacing the length of the room, Adam is watching him, worried.

Gem goes to him, he shakes his head ”No mother, i…” he continues to pace the room.

”There is a sea of reporters outside Sir” Salim states

”Get them out of here , ” Jaime screams coming towards Salim

Adam stands up blocking him ”Hey, relax”

”Relax? ” He nudges him away and then grabs Salim, ”Correct me if i am wrong but didn’t you investigate everyone after that event, hmm?”

”Jaime,let him go!!” Jacob touches his arm ”Son”

”No father, he needs to answer me. ” Jaime’s eyes is bloodshot, he shakes him.

”Jaime..” Salim began

”Answer me dammit. If you had done your job thoroughly you would have realized that you had the attacker all along. But you let him slip through your hands and now….” Jaime lifts him up

”Let him go son” Jacob pleads

”Answer me damnit! How come you let him slip under your fingers, why were you not doing your job properly hmmm?” he repeats.

”Boss, relax man!” Adam places his hands on his shoulders

Salim knew he was angry, and possibly worried, he didn’t blame him. And he was right, maybe there missed something, they didn’t see it, they didn’t realize. He wasn’t the one who interrogated him himself but he had put a man to it. Possibly he should have done a thorough job. The man had not given any red lights, nothing.

He was at fault, infact the entire police was at fault, they were expected to save lives, do all they can to smell danger, and…damnit.. They were supposed to whisk everyone who came through those doors, how come they missed him and didn’t realize that he had a gun in the premises. They have failed, Jaime was right..and a life might be lost today.

”I am sorry..i” He repeats at lose of what to say to abate Jaime’s anger.

”You better pray she lives Salim, you better pray she survives it”

”Jaime” his mother comes to him, placing her hand on his ”Let him go son, this won’t make any difference, we just have to pray for a miracle, let him go”

Jaime closes his eyes and then leaves him, he turns around walking away, his mother followed him.

Adam steps away.

Salim adjusts himself.

”How could you let this happen Salim, you are supposed to be at the top of things” Jacob’s voice was hard

”I don’t know how we missed it Sir, its..” he sighs staring at Jaime ”’I am sorry Sir”

Jacob nods ”I am just glad that he wasn’t shot, but there is a girl fighting for her life in there”

”A girl he obviously cares about” Salim observes looking away

”It appears so” He turns to Salim ”Is he arrested?”

He nods ”Going to be kept under lock and key, with guards, no visitors nothing.”

”Good, for his crimes, make sure he serves live. If she dies, he is getting the death penalty”

”He is going nowhere Sir”

”He better not. I cannot believe a man can be so tactfully evil, he attacked her, thought she was dead, and then came at her again in the open? Men like that don’t deserve to live. If my son had been shot, he wouldn’t have survived a moment long..” Jacob says running a hand though his hair.

”I am so sorry Sir” Salim repeats.

”Jimmy…” He looks at Salim, his eyes sad, tears fills his eyes ” All that Jaime said, do you..do you think he was right? That it was the truth, that Jimmy, my son…my first son did all that he said he did, that that deceased cop found out as evidence, Steve?”

Salim sighs watching the pain in his eyes ”Maybe, these are evidence, but we need to check it out” Salim taps the phone Jaime had given him.

”I know he hates me, have always hated me, and maybe never had much love for his brother but I would never ever think he would do any of those things…and..oh God” he covers his face with his hands ”Those were children and-”

Salim places his hands on his shoulders ”Take it easy Sir, I know this is painful to hear let alone to bear”

”He is my son, no matter how horrible he had been to me, I never loved him less, I still gave him all he wanted..maybe he needed something more..that which I cannot ever do”

‘Which is?”

”His brother’s place.”

Salim nods , Jacob continued ”Jimmy made his choice, he went the wrong way, and for a long time I had to live with the pain of losing my son though he was alive. He was the one who didn’t want my name, my recognition and even made sure I never addressed him as son. He made the papers and had me sign them years ago even before I became me…On paper he isn’t my son, but blood he is. Maybe, he never would have guessed I would rise up to be who I am now..and when he came back..seeking all, it was never possible. I had a family who loved me, and a son who adored me..but I never loved him less Salim..i never did. But Jimmy, wanted all..things I could never give him..how do you save a boy who was lost since from day one? I tried Salim, I did, but Jimmy..” he trails off wiping his eyes ”He had a good life when I could provide and was able to do so permanently, but he..he choose his part, he left me , his father..who would have given an arm for him…do I throw Jaime under a bus now because the son wants in, albeit wrongly and evilly? No, Jaime Is my son, and I love that boy. He gave me life, a reason to go on and showed me that I can be a better father. I am a better man because of him. Because of him, Gem had a reason to hang on to life after we lost out child in that car crash… a crash Jaime says Jimmy caused” his eyes tears up…”how can a son be so evil Salim, how?” he cries

Salim shakes his head ”’Take it easy Sir”

Jacob sniffs

”So you second Jaime’s decision to investigate?” Salim wanted to confirm if he should go ahead

Jacob nods ”If my son had done all those things mentioned and if you can prove it, he would be persecuted. I have a duty to this city Jacob, to the people I care about…if anyone brings them harm, they would face the law”

”And ..” Salim stares at him treading carefully ”If Jimmy was Jaime, would he face the law too?”

Jacob looks at him ”I love my sons, but if one would lift a hand to cause harm to another for no reason, bury children alive and let them die, smuggling girls off for prostitution and bring down communities just for greed and money..you will face the law. We may not be gods or angels, but I believe our duty to humanity is to protect one another, and I will protect those who cannot defend themselves. I am not biased about my son Jimmy, I have loved him as much as I can, times and times again I have reached out to help, to want him to change, to come home, but h had done everything to ensure he doesn’t, he has done everything to ensure he doesn’t change, everything to hurt me…will it be under he kills me? No, I have a wife to care for, a son to love, a city to carter to..i would do my humanity service..and I would rid the earth of scum, that man, is one of them for attacking an innocent girl and Jimmy would face he law for his crimes, and if he had much as locked her in that storeroom and then because of that got attacked, he would face the law too, and when he does serve his time and is ready to reform, I will stand outside that gate with open arms and welcome my son. I will forgive him and I am sure his family would too. But you do not correct a child by spoiling him, you correct a child by punishing him for his sins so he understands the dimension of what he has done. ”

”Yes sir”

”Now get those reporters away from here” Jacob turns away ”My son doesn’t want them in his face and I am sure he doesn’t want them in hers”

”Yes Sir”


”Jaime, son. Relax please” Gem tries to calm him down.

”Mama, I can’t..i can’t” he continuous to pace

She stops him and then pulls him to her, forcing him to seat down as she sinks to a chair, she touches his face and turns him to her , he makes to turn away , she holds his face still , his eyes are red, misty red.

”Oh Jaime!!” she touches his cheek

”it’s my fault Mama, I caused this, what if she dies, what if?’

She is shaking her head ”We pray for a miracle”

He shakes his head too ”I don’t want a miracle, I just want her to be okay, ” He turns away and puts his face in his hands, she watches him, reaching out and running a hand through his hair, she had always loved doing that when he was little, he usually always fell asleep on her lap. Staring at him now, it comes back to her as she realized something.

”The first time I had ever seen you care for something like this so much was years ago, when you had Toki”

He doesn’t turn.

”When we brought her home for the first time and gifted her to you, your eyes were filled with love for that little dog, you loved it. You were just ten, probably didn’t understand what love was but you loved it, took it everywhere you went, fed it, bathed it..for years you both grew together, like best friends, a boy and his loyal dog, and when you found her lying on the road, crushed to nothing…

He raises up his head and stares at her, remembering

”I felt my heart was closing, and cried all week till I feel sick”

She nods ”We never found who ran her off the road, but you never really healed from that. My son, for a ten year old you understood what it meant to love something unconditionally even when love was unknown to you, it didn’t matter if you didn’t understand, all you knew that you couldn’t live without that dog; you showed up when it needed you, you were always there to protect whether it asked or not…you loved that dog Jaime, even without realizing that what you felt was love..you loved it even though it was a pet..”

”What are you saying mother?”

She leans in closer, and touches his face ”You have that look in your eyes that says a thousand things than what you mouth would say. You have that same look you had for a pet years ago, that which you love without knowing, that which you cared without truly realizing, that which you want to protect, to cater to without realizing the dimension, that which you may want to give you all just because it is broken, or hurt..that same look”

”I don’t understand”

”Alexander, you love her don’t you?”

He frowns leaning away ”No mother. I do not, where that came from?” He is shocked, confused even.

”Love is a strange trickish little thing my son you never know when it creeps up on you, spreads evenly across your heart and then tickles your toes and then you begin to levitate”

He stretches his hands and then touches her forehead ”Are you well mother?”

She smiles taking his hands and placing kisses to them ”I am..” she smiles more touching him ”You love that girl who is fighting for her life in there, and maybe you don’t realize yet it but you will, the signs are there, obviously so”

”I do not”

”Explain why you are so hurt and an emotional wreck now?”

He opens his mouth to speak, and then closes it , then he frown deepens ”She was shot mother, while in my company, she was attacked mother, still in my company, I fell responsible for her”

”Is that the only thing you feel for her, responsibility? You don’t care about her?”

”’Well, I probably do care for her wellbeing Mama, it doesn’t spell love”

”Maybe, maybe so. There is nothing wrong to love her”

”I don’t even know her, it’s been a few weeks since we met and she…she is er..”

”A what?”

He stares at his hands ”A call girl. I had hired her services ..” he breathes.

She leans away frowning ”Not your handler?”

He shakes his head ”All that was a front..i don’t do drugs mother neither am I one who needs psychiatric help or whatever”


”I just needed a ..i needed to put up an act and–” he trails off.

She blinks ”Why?

”Jimmy.. he er…” he closes his eyes ”I don’t want to talk about Jimmy now Mama” he opens them ”Later I will explain why to you, right now my head is all jumbled up, I need to know that she is okay” he sighs.

She nods letting it be for now, Jimmy.. she shakes her head. Later, it would be addressed. He stares at him ” A cal girl?”

He faces her ”We haven’t..i didn’t hire her for that and …I ..” He felt he needed to explain.

”You don’t have to explain your sexual live to me son, you are a gown man what you do in your private business is not my concern. What I care is your wellbeing, your happiness and all that concerns you…”

He nods

”And you do love that girl. About her job, I am not one to judge, our hearts leads us to where we never knew it would go…and if you fell inlove with a stripper, a girl who offers her body in exchange for money or survival..i will not bat an eye, the heart wants what it wants…and I may not be the conventional tradition mother, so I would respect your choice . For what is worth, once or twice we have met, I think Alexander is a sweet girl and I wouldn’t have guessed her profession. She is nice, understanding..i mean you know she promised me she would get you back to your senses and maybe run a hand to your guts if you were stubborn to obey?”

He smiles, ”She is annoying, has a fowl mouth, stubborn and drives me crazy”

She smiles touching his face ”There it is, that look in your eyes again. It sparkles…that is love right here”

”I don’t really mama, I don’t know her, we haven’t even had thoughts.. thoughts and..i mean..” he repeats

”What is love really? Must you know one to love one? Must you have thoughts of love to love one? No..love comes unannounced..love becomes you..and if you can see a girl like that and smile at her craziness and weirdness and don’t want to toss her away when she is a pain, but want to protect her and even had to grab the Chief of police by the neck because of her?…that must be a real deal kind of love”

He laughs ”I was mad”

”Exactly my point, you would do anything for that one whom you love. She is lucky girl then. Imagine what you would do if something worse happens to her now”

”I…I don’t know” he admits, this realization is surprising, first he had hated her, then he …if something worse happens, that she dies…he doesn’t know how he can take ir or what he would do…

He folds his fist ”I…I just want her to be okay”

She takes his hands ”we pray she is, and maybe, you can have that sparkle to your eyes again”

”Mama, quit it..i am not inlove. ”

”Okay. ” she leans in and then kisses his face ”Go wash you up baby”

He stares down at his shirt, all bloodied ”No, not until I know she is okay-”

The door burst open, the doctor is walking towards them. Jaime jumps up, they gather him

”How is she?”

He removes his gloves and then nods ”She is good”

”Oh thank God” Gem claps her hands in a prayer fashion and laughs, relieved.

”That is great news doctor” Jacob says shaking him

Jaime says nothing, he closes his eyes and then nods his head.. ”Can I see her?”

”She lost a lot of blood..but she is out of danger, the bullet had ripped through and out of her, which was a good thing. She is all patched, given blood and is resting. So we can’t allow anyone to see her, not today. You all can go home”

Jaime shakes his head ”I have to see her doc”

”You can’t. She is resting”

”Not leaving till I do”

”Doc, ” Jacob says , ”If he says he won’t leave till he does, he wouldn’t so..”

He sighs ”Fine, she needs rest okay.. so you can’t stay for lone” He says ushering a nurse to direct him

”Baby” his mother stops him

He leans in and kisses her ”Go home Mama, I would tell her you send your well wishes”

She nods. He goes to his father,

They say nothing but hug ”I am sorry, about Jimmy” Jaime whispers

”Don’t be” Jacob pulls away and stares at him ”You will not apologize for being you, for being my son”

”Even if-”

”You are my son, you will not apologize for it” he hugs him again ”Go on, we would talk about your brother later”

He nods stepping away ”Salim” he looks at him apologetically.

”It’s fine Sir” Salim shakes his hands,

Jaime nods ”Put extra security on my parents…they don’t leave your sight”

”Yes sir”

They watch him walk away

”Adam, you would be here?” Jacob wanted to confirm.

”Yessir, I would be, some guys are out back, he is save, they would be.”

”Okay,” Jacob nods leaving.

Adam watches them leave and then takes a seat, his phone has been ringing nonstop.

”Speak” He answers. It was a security detail from the house, he could hear her screaming and crying. ”Put her on”.


”Adam, what is happening, please please tell me what is happened..i heard the gun shot, someone fell and..” she trails off listening o”Oh my God, Alex? Where are yu guys, I need to see her” she wails sinking to the floor.


He stands up ”She is out of danger Tinny-B. Don’t worry, she has the best medical care, Jaime is in there with her. Jimmy, her attacker? Arrested..Don’ t worry Tinny-B, once she can receive visitors you would be notified, for now, relax, she is okay, Jaime is there with her, you know he won’t let any more harm comes to her. Relax, now go back into the house and stop giving the securities a bad time. Okay then, see you later.” He cuts the call and waits for Jaime.


Jaime walks into the room and stares down at her, he pulls a seat closer to her and seats ”Damnit Alexander, ” he runs a hand through his hair ”I told you to promise me you won’t ever put yourself in danger, but you don’t listen. You are always too stubborn, always”

His chest burns seeing her in this state . He reaches for her hand, take it in his ”Why didn’t you tell me you knew who your attacker was, why? Why didn’t you say you remember his face, we would have caught him a long time ago. I am so sorry, if I hadn’t hired you, if I hadn’t taken you to the party, none of this wouldn’t have happened, not with Jimmy either, and not you lying on this bed fighting for your life. I..”’ he closes his eyes

”I am sorry. ” he rubs her hands ”Just get better and I would make you a promise of my own. I would rip out that contract, and then I would ensure you stay far away from me. I guess I just bring bad luck to people. I can’t have you die on me. You can go anywhere you want till this blows over. This Kennedy thing, and Jimmy thing, I don’t want you in the cross fire. I wouldn’t forgive myself if you get hurt again.”’ He sniffs, his chest was still burning, he rubs it.

He looks at her and stretches, a tendril of hair lays over her eyes, he brushes it behind her ear. He lingers, letting his thumb brush against her cheeks..”For a woman, you seem soo strong and brave, stupidly brave. I stood infront of you Alexander, for reasons I cannot understand, I stood infront of you to protect you from harm but you pushed me away and stood infront of me instead, taking a bullet for me…why? Why did you do that? Don’t you care about you? Don’t you want to live? Why put your life on the line for a man you hardly know…why Alexander?

You were also doing the same thing

His mind pricks him. He sighs caressing her cheeks. He gets up and sits on the side of the bed, letting his eyes roam over her body, ”Once you get better, you are going to go far away from all this, okay? You are going to live that ass job and I would get you a befitting one, You are going to go on and live right, be beautiful and maybe you would meet an amazing man who you can annoy to his death bed”’ he smiles touching her hand and caressing her palm ”it’s so quiet, not able to hear you bantering with me, cussing me out and stuff. I am kinda used to your bashing Alexandra, it is annoying yes but…” he smiles ”I remember the first time we met, the horror on your face when I said you should wear that dress.

”You have got to be fxxking kidding me” you said. For a beautify woman, you had a foul mouth, I said to myself. Or was it when the dress ripped off and I realized my mistake, oh the hell you gave me… but I must admit, you have a pretty beautiful backside” he shakes his head

”Oh Jaime what are you even saying” he mutters and then sighs ”’I remember you standing at the top of my stairs, legs that ran up for miles, wearing nothing but a shirt..you should have seen Christine’s face, she was mortified. You know I choked drinking water? You know why? I was staring at you. And my God I didn’t know why you suddenly had that annoying effect on me, and you didn’t have the decency to tell me sorry when I choked, you little wrench” he laughs shaking his head. Then he remembers the pool event.

”That night you kissed me infront of Christine in the pool, I felt strange, surprisingly so..i never felt strange kissing a girl before but…there was just something I couldn’t comprehend. Then when I kissed you again in my house, ..after that episode of me crying, by the way, tell anyone about that and I am bagging your ass.” He laughs continuing ” That kiss, I believe I was trying to do service to humanity teaching you something, but…I wanted to kiss you again, a sudden urge to, need to , desire to…I” He shakes his head ”Mama says I am inlove with you. She doesn’t know I don’t like you. She doesn’t know I used to not like you. ” he smiles.

”She thinks me saying I care for you is love” he stares at her, ”Do I love you Alexander? It’s not possible! I don’t know you, I don’t even know your favorite color, or..what you love doing” he caresses her cheeks and then smiles ”I know you hate to be bossed, hate to be told what to do, like to be apologized to when wronged. I know you care for people, you put yourself in arms way if going by today events is any indication and even without thinking. You take the bull by the horn” Then he remembers her look when he got her all prettied up in the salon and took her to get a dress.

”You looked breathtaking beautiful in white, I should have told you that day but pride, I didn’t want your head to swell” he laughs ”But you were by far the most beautiful in that room that night. Heads turned when you walked, I was just too stupid to appreciate I had a beautiful woman in my arms. Also, you look great in my favorite white shirt, maybe you should keep it, looks better on you. When you smile, or laugh like a crazy person, your eyes sparkles and when you are angry, it is scary too…you literally turned my perfect world upside down Alexander” he shakes his head ”I have always been coordinated, precise and well organized but you came and then shook it…and I cannot believe I let you” he touches his chest and he drops his hands ”Love mama says, mama knows nothing” he stares at her

”Or I don’t know what I feel? I know I don’t want you hurt, I know I hate to see you like this, I know I want to protect you and keep you safe…I know it hurts to see you like this…I know..” he shakes his head ”that I am so used to your presence that I wonder what would happen when you eventually get to leave…that is all I know” He brushes her cheeks again ”He would pay for this Alexander, that Kennedy man, he would pay..i promise you. Get better soon, I’ll be here, waiting” he gets up hearing a knock to the door.. he turns, it was a nurse telling him he needs to let her rest , he nods. He leaves the bed, he pauses at the door and then goes back, without thinking he leans in and places a kiss to her lips..he turns and walks away.

”I would be back in the morning, there would be securities at the door, the floor would be booked out


The door closes .

Alexander opens her eyes.


Jaime meets her standing there, next to Adam who isn’t paying attention to her.

”She wouldn’t leave Sir” It was Adam who spoke.

She rushes to him and then flings herself at her, her eyes wet ”Oh Jaime, i..thank God you are save, I was so scared. I called Gem and she told me where you here . Oh look at this blood, come let me take you home so I can clean you up,…I..” her hands her shaking, she needs to play this right, Jaime is President now, she needs to get him for her, Alexander dead. She prays so. He would need a shoulder to cry on, M\maybe she hasn’t lost just yet. Jimmy, screw Jimmy. If she seduces Jaime, she would ask him to kill Kenned and he would. He is angry, he would kill him for shooting that bitch girl.

No Kennedy to spill that it was her plan and Jimmy’s to aattack Alexander, She would be free. Then they can marry, and when He becomes Mayor, all would be well. And for Jimmy, he needs to be gotten rid off now. He was useless to her. He hates Jaime, that means at this very moment with the investigation Jaime has ordered on him, he would want to do everything possible to get out from it and maybe harm Jaime in the process. No…Jimmy has to be ridden off, Kennedy too…Alexander was gone. All would be fine.

He pulls her away and nudges her away ”Christine”

”No Jaime, I know..she is dead and…you need to wash off these blood so….”

”She isn’t! She is fine, she is recovering” That alone warmed his heart.

”I…;” she trails off and then recollects herself ”That is fine, thank God, but you need to…” she holds him again

”Christine stop it damnit, stop it!!” he snaps

”Why are you mad at me huh? All I have done is support you, love you, and care for you, even when you have eyes on another woman I still love you” she blurts out in anger, shocked that he was being mean to her.


”You loved me too Jaime, for so long, why are yu doing this to me? I love you, you love me”’

”I don’t love you Christine, I may have once but that is over. Stop forcing yourself on me. Right now, the only woman I care about is in there fighting for her live and she is my top priority. You don’t come close to being first place in my life when she is there, you don’t. It’s my mother and then her, you understand ”

She blinks back tears ”Jaime” pain coursing through her as it hits her. Jaime loves her, he loves Alexander.

‘Yes..Christine I am tired to your tantrums, and your manipulating tactics. Alexander did nothing other than being herself and I if do care for her, hell if I do love her is because it makes sense to me..so please Christine, all I can over to you is friendship, limited edition…nothing more. Congrats on your appointment to a board member, but our relations is strictly business Christine, and I would appreciate it if you do well to stay away from me when you want to get like this.. Adam please have someone escort her out and meet me in the car”

”Yes Sir”


He doesn’t answer.


Seated in the car as she drives home, she made a final decision. ”If I don’t have you Jaime, no one else will, no one else will. ”

Even if she makes another deal with the devil, this time, she would give it all up. She turns at the next intersection and heads to Jimmy’s.


”Sir, Miss Barlow is here to see you” His butler calls him from the door.

”Tell her to fxxk off”

”Sir, she said she isn’t leaving” the butler tells him

He sighs getting up ”Can you sight any policeman?”

”No Sir”

Jimmy cuts the call, goes downstairs and then lets her in ”You have a death wish Christine, I am not in the best of moods. Your fxxkxing Jaime won, why are you here, you should be licking his balls by now and pledging your alliance, right?”

She says nothing and then walks past him, climbing the stairs and making her way to his room, frowning he follows her…

”What the fxxk Christine, you deaf now?”

She drops her bag and faces him ”Jaime loves her”

”So, she is dead”

”No she isn’t”

Jimmy is shocked, then he recovers ”They must have made a deal with Jesus then!”

”I want her dead”

”As you can see, that isn’t happening;’

”I want him dead too”

He raises an eye ”I thought you loved him”

”I loved his money, not him, he hurt me tonight’, he put her above me, he doesn’t care for me, maybe loves her more than he ever did me, Maybe, he never love me, that look in his eyes, I never saw it for me. It makes me feel his love for me wasn’t as real as this love he has for her, she may be his very first true love, it burns”

”Welcome to my world” He smirks

”I can’t have Jaime, that means I can’t have his wealth, I can’t become the wife of the president talk less of being a wife of the number one man in this city…that means I lose everything..and I hate to lose”


”So what else can we do to makes sure they all go burning to the ground?”

”You think I want to remain sitting dock?”

She stares at him, walking towards him ”What Jaime said about you, is it true, those things he said you did?”

He stares at her, walking closer to her ”What if it is”

She smiles ”I knew you were a messed up, didn’t think you were this kind of messed up”

”So, bite me, want to report to the cops too, hmm? I kill people for a living Christine” he raises a hand to caress her cheeks

”Yes, I see that, that is why your father will never love you as much as he loves Jaime”

He grabs her neck in anger and slams her to the wall ”I will kill you”

She laughs barely able to breathe ”That is why Jaime is week, because he will never be the man you are now, who wants something and goes all the way to get it. Jaime is not what this city needs, this city needs you…and if they don’t get you, no one else gets to rule and I would rather die than see her be his queen. Let us give them a replay of Romeo and Juliet” she chokes ”We can add the parents too. I will help, I know the hospital, I can direct the killer, Also I can go in and out of the Mayor’s residence and no one can stop me, why? Because they love me so they cannot suspect. So you see Jimmy, I am a real asset, and without me, you cannot bring down your brother or make your father pay, I will give you the city…”

He smiles releasing her neck ”Here I thought I was one of a kind, but you Christine, you are the devils incarnate”

”What do you say?”

”Let’s kill my family, ” he smiles

”Say the time and when, I won’t bat an eyelash”

He touches her hair ”I believe you. Infact, talking evil is turning me the fxxk on” she smiles releasing his hands and pushing him away from he

”It is stimulating” she observes feeling warm

He watches as she undressed, staring at him naked, he felt his manhood throbbing, he takes off his shirt, and the strips, standing straight to reveal a very harden member.

”Come here , Christine, I can fxxk you till eternity”

She comes, going to her knees and taking his hardened self into her mouth. He groans watching her as she sucks him hard.. he moans pushing her head and watching her take all of him in.

Unable to stay still he bends lifting her up and slamming her to the bed. She smiles licking her lips..

”Come to me Jimmy, ” she turns on her tummy and goes on all fours, he climbs the bed, and without any ceremony he pulls her from her waist to him, pushing himself at her rear he licks his hand, and then rubs his erection, and with one quick thrust he penetrates her. She cries out. But she doesn’t stop him, he began to move, and she meets him thrust for backward movement.

She moans loudly, urging him to continue, he thrusts faster, throwing his head backwards and enjoying the rush to his head.

She pushes him out of her and the turns over, pushing him to lie face up, she straddles him and then began to move, using his hand to grab her breast , she rocked him.

It felt good, being fxxked this way. Jaime was too gentle, too romantic, too loving, Jimmy was what she needed. A man who knew how to control a woman, a man who knew what he wanted, a devilishly sexy man like Jimmy, who would give her a good rump and then take on the world without fear.

She rocked him as he banged her from under., When she neared her end, she grabbed him, he holds her tight as his thrusting increased.

”Huh huh, yes yes YESSSSS!!!” she exclaims.

”Ohh fxxk!” his cum was thunderous as he gripped her, tight, choking her, ceasing her breath, then he brings her down to him, kissing her .

They kiss. They smile at each other.



Jaime is standing at the foot of the table, the board of directors were lined, seated. His father is in attendance.

He is addressing them. Everyone is there, even Mr Chena, he had quickly pledged his loyalty, forgetting Jimmy. So did the other members who stood by him, they were now pledging allegiance to Jaime now.



Tinny-B is staring at her friend, her hand in hers..then she smiles when she opens her eyes

”Hey girlfriend”


”How you feeling?”

”I feel like I have been hit by a bus”

”Well a bullet is technically a kind of bus”

They smiled .



Jimmy is standing in his office when the cops come with a warrant.

”Sir?” His secretary looks at him, he nods, she steps away. They had been searching his office all day. He smiles to himself.

Last night, after Christine, he had put his boys to work, breaking down firewalls and making sure there isn’t a trace of him being criminal online, as far back as ten years ago, Every newspaper clipping, anything tying him to anything.

He had even sent them to Steve’s house. No one was there, he was told. He told them to break in, toss his computer and destroy anything wanting.

For collateral damage, he had put someone to find the wife, maybe a little roughing would help if she knows anything.

Today, he woke up happy. If they don’t find anything about him, they can’t prove that evidence Salim has with him that it’s true. No case, he walks a free man…and then he would act.

Christine, Christine…such deviously little cunt, a sweet one. He sees her in a new light now..

In a few days, she makes her move. When she is good to go, she gives him a signal.

For the main time, he would play the nice boy.

He frowns remembering Kennedy, he needs to find someone to silence him in prison, now that Gareth and his boys were removed for review, he has no inside man.

But everyone has a price.

He had sent his boys to search for a rogue cop, he needs a man to handle Kennedy in jail.

”Your computer, we need the access codes, we need all your files, we need everything” Salim states walking through the doors and dropping the warrant on the table

Jimmy types on his computer and asks his secretary to give them access ”Knock yourself out Salim, have a field day” He says leaving

”And where are you going to? You lost my man back at the group conference, you will not lose him again”

The officer appears behind Jimmy

”Well, he should learn to keep up, and where I am going? I am sure you would get the info from your dog here” with that, he leaves. The officer follows him

”Search every damn thing” Salim orders.



The meeting had ended, Jaime is closing his briefcase. The Tv in the room is muted as he could see camera fields of what happened yesterday, every reporter in town was talking about it.

His father and Mrs Barlow are talking to a few board members and the rest of the aspirants who made it to the board despite their low votes, they were the new generation, according to his father.

He adjusts his suit, he felt her close, he doesn’t look up. She reaches out and then places a hand over his ”Jaime?”

”Oh God Christine, please” he shakes his head, he didn’t need her to start again.

”No, hear me out. I, I understand now that we can never be and I have to accept that someone else has got your heart so..i know I haven’t not been a nice person and I made it hard for her, I am sorry . I promise that I wouldn’t bug you ever again. A girl knows when she has been defeated”

”You make it sound like a battle”

”Love is a battle ground, but I would count my loses and go. Thank you for loving me when you did, I am only sorry I didn’t get to love you right back when I should have, Alexander is a lucky girl” she drops her hands ”Going forward, I intend to work professionally with you, I hope we can remain friends?”

He eyes the hands she stretches out to him ”Nothing else, no more tantrums and showing up in places you shouldn’t?”

”I promise”

”Christine, I know you, there is always something more to your -”

”Not this time, I promise. Just one thing though, just because we aren’t together anymore, does not mean I can’t be close to your family. I adore your father and Gem has been a sweetheart to me, you won’t stop me from visiting and saying hello. Come for events and stuff?”

He smiles ”My parents are fond of you, I can’t and won’t stop that”

She smiles and turns away ”Oh, by the way, I heard the Mayor is throwing a party on your honor?”

”Yeah” he looks away ”Told him he didn’t need to but he wants to, my head isn’t in that at the moment”

”How is she?” She hides the anger in her voice.

He smiles ”Alive”

”Well I guess I would see you at the party then?”

”It’s not till a few days.”

”Yeah, still” She walks away.

He looks at his father and walks to him, saying goodbye to everyone else.

Thankfully, a lot of things would not only change around here but be better, and he was happy that for the first time, he can be himself and help his father and make his legacy great. Glad that his projects , all of it would come to fruition and that they would go ahead and help more communities .

They are walking out the door, bodyguards following them, the police are outside, Jacob stops him ”I am proud of you son”

”Thank you father, I am not even half the man you are”

”No, you are better”

He nods

”Tell me the truth for once, what had been happening to you, all this while?”

He looks into his eyes ”Jimmy had father, he threatened me, he threatened all of you, I couldn’t risk it”

”You should have come to me”

”I couldn’t. I needed him to get what he wants so that my family can be safe”

”You are my family”

He was about to say something, his father stops him ”You are my son, so in as much as you wanted to protect us, you should also allow me protect you..”

”I thought by-”

He shakes his head ”I knew something was different and ..i always believed you were a good man and you are…whatever Jimmy is and what he wants should not be allowed to sacrifice his family. And all those things you said he did-”

”I couldn’t believe it myself. I am sorry, for having them investigate him”

”You did the right thing. You will make a fine Mayor son,”

”I ..the weight is too much papa” He sighs ”I fear I may fail.”

” You won’t. Besides, you would have a good woman to help you, like I had with your mother”

”Good woman, when I find her” he nods

”You have”

He stares at him ”Not you too Father”

He chuckles ”Is it too hard to accept? Your mother told me you doubt it”

”And you don’t think I shouldn’t?”

He smiles touching his face and then drops his hand ”When love comes, however and in which form, it doesn’t need our permission, it just makes a home, maybe you have found yours, in the most un-likiest of woman…and maybe she may just be the reason you feel different, if you do.”

”Okay father, you and mother sure had crazy to drink.” He is walking away

”Your mother stopped by. Hope you don’t mind I do too?”

”Sure, but I have to make a stop, you go ahead, Adam is there”


Jimmy had a few meetings, went about his day to day activity. Un-bothered about the cops.

An hour later he came and met the police gone.

”Are they coming back to arrest me?” he mocked. Knowing they found nothing.

His secretary shakes her head ”No ofcourse not Sir, you are innocent. I wonder why Mr Jaime would insuinate that”

”I too wonder. Okay, going to my office. No disturbance please”

He goes into the office, the officer made to follow him ”Fxxk off” he shuts the door and then takes a seat.

He opens his window. Before he got to work, He had had then put two ladders outside his window. He climbs down through the window, makes hs way slowly down, and then drops on the roof. He takes two ladders down and then drops down entering the garage, he enters his car and then speeds away.

He meets the man at the pub, a rogue cop his boys had found for him, ”Kennedy Anderson in cell, premium guard lock down. Can you get in? “

The officer smiles “I won’t be here if I can’t “

“Good. Kill him” he says handing him a few bills ”No trace of it being a murder, use an untraceable pill and give him an heart attack or something, you have enough money to give you a good life when you are done”

“Got it” The man wears his glasses

“If you fail..”

“I won’t”

“You better not”

Jimmy leaves.

He mets up Christine as she told him her plans in how to end the family. It would happen at Jaime’s party in the Mayor’s house. A few days from now.

For Alexander , if they can’t get a nurse to kill her in the hospital before then, she would die with them on the day of the party.

Then they had sex. Twice. After talking deaths.

An hour later, he found himself climbing up the roof, up the ladders and helping himself back into his office through the window.

He wipes his brows and then takes a seat, a smile on his face. He opens his door , shouts inaudible orders, making sure the officer saw him, then he shuts it.

He laughs and then laughs.


Gem looks up when Jacob walks in, she rubs Alexander’s hands. Tinny-B jumps up and then backs away “Mr Mayor Sir, oh my God, you are here?”

He smiles raising an eyebrow

”Oh my God I am such a fan, you are an awesone person and..oh can I hug you?”

”No!” Alexander smiles trying to get up

”No child, stay” Gem stops her laughing ”That is Tinny-B, Alexander’s best friend’” She offers to her husband

”Tinny-B?”He laughs “Nice name”

She cleans her hands and then stretches it ”TinaTehilah Bianca-leah”

Alexander gasps wide-eyed

”What? Tinny-B spares her a look “I actually do have a real name” she says over her shoulders, Alexander is laughing, “I swear I wouldn’t have guessed that”

Jacob shakes her hand, ”Nice to meet you, you taking care of her..yes? ”

”Yessir” She salutes

”Jacob please” he tells her

”Yes sir, I mean Jacob Sir Jacob”

They all laughed.

They talked with Alexander for a while. An hour later they are about to leave.

”You are always welcome in our home Alexander, and don’t worry, you will get justice. ” Jacobs parts her hands

”Thank you Sir”

”Get well Darlyne..” Gem leans and then kisses her forehead. “You are so brave, but don’t put yourself in danger again okay?. You deserve to live” she smiles down at her.

Alexander’s chest closes. She blinks back the tears threatening to fall. Gem continued. ” So doctor said you are healing fast and would go home in a day or two. Have your parents been contacted?”

”Shr has me, I am her family”

She figured that they were no more She smiles, ”Well, we can be your family too if you accept us. Is that okay with you?”

She couldn’t hold it in any longer, she grabs Gem and cries, Gem is shocked, she stares at her husband and then holds on to her

”Aww Alexander, I am sorry if i said anything I shouldn’t”

She is shaking her head ”No no…it’s just….i never realy had a real family, or someone who cared enough to be one. You don’t know me and yet you are offering a stranger.. ..i just felt…” she buries her face and sobs.

”Emotional” Tinny-B offers

They laugh ”Aww we are sorry, I tell you what…you will be my special guest of honour at Jaime’s party, yes? Promise you would be there”

”If that nut head lets me that is” she wipes her nose and her eyes “I bet he would restrain me to a bed till he figures I am fit to walk let alone party. God help him do, my mouth works fine to sharpen him with” She wipes her nose again. They laugh

”Oh, knowing you, you wouldn’t give him half a choice” Gem pulls her cheeks ”I would come see you tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that and I would bring you goodies…”

Sh smiles “I fell like a little girl already”

”Well it’s a good feeling, so enjoy it. Jiame I fear isn’t like that”

She smile ”He did get me a bowl of chicken and pizza and massaged my feets once, I wanted to torture him for spanking me and.. ” she blurts out and then clamps her mouth shut . Their faces were a mask of shock, and then laughter

”Oh!” Gem gasps

”Did I say that out loud?”

”Yes babe, gave us vituals too, were you butt naked spanked or clothed spanked though. Just curious ”

”Tinny-B’!!” She hides her face “I am sorry. ” She apologizes to the Wellingtons

Gem is laughing and shaking her head ”Okay kids, we didn’t have to hear that” she is pushing her husband away ”Get well Alexander…”

”Jaime should be here soon” Jacob says smiling and turning. She waves.

They are alone now. Tinny-B has a mischievous glint on.

”Ohhh, you didn’t tell me that part”

She laughs, ”Hey he was being a jerk. It was the night with the turn dress” she says lowering her eyes

”Hey , what’s that look” Tinny -B points at her.

”I erm..i think I am hearing things”


”While I slept, I think I heard Jaime talking to me, saying things..it think he loves me or rather that.. !!”

”WHAT!!!!!!?” Tinny-B shrieks not letting her finish.

”Ssshhhh!” His points at her lips.


Alexander clamps her mouth shut
”the fxxk, shut up” she laughs

Tinny-B removes her hands ”I mean what the fxxk, for real, tell me everything”

”Okay, this is wh


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