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*The Call Girl – Chapter Thirty-Four And Thirty – Five





Adam makes his way into the police station. They were having a meeting he noticed as he got closer.

A few people who saw him give him a sad look, breaking the center apart as they tentatively place a hand on his shoulders as he passed through patting him gently. They knew how close he was with Steve, aside them being partners while he was in the force, they were very good friends. No matter how much they fell out with each other, they always made up before the dawn meets them.

He nods saying nothing but nodding till he gets to the middle.

Gareth was speaking to the officers about Steve and how he was a good cop and how he would be buried.

He cites him , ” Can you give us a minute Adam?”

Adam folds his arms and then shakes his head ”Sorry Gareth. But go on ahead, when you done i am going to say my piece”

”Adam, this is a meeting. We just lost a good cop, now is not the time to have a smart mouth. You can go out there and wait at the waiting area. That’s where visitors are meant to be. Just because you were a cop at some point don’t give you privilege to enter restricted sections of the police”

Adam smiles ”Look, whatever beef we both have can be squared some other time. I just came here to find out if you are investigating his death”

”Investigate? He died from an accident, what is there to investigate.?” He throws Adam a dirty look ”Allow the dead some peace man”

”Died from an accident you say, how?”

”Didn’t you hear it over the news, Adam? He was driving, carelessly maybe. It was a bad bend and he was trying to swerve away from hitting the incoming vehicle and then lost control. ”

”Right,” Adam looks at the officer who spoke ”How long have you known Steve?”

”A few years” the man replied

”What is the first thing he boosts about?” Adam looks around ”Anyone cares to throw that in?”

”How he is a fxxking racer!” Another officer chips in

”You damn right”’

”So what Adam?” Gareth speaks ”What does that signify?”

”You are smart Gareth, i am sure you know what that means! He was soo good he could cut round a bend while having a job done on his little car and won’t blink. ”

The officers laugh, but he was serious ”I have seen him race cars, on that same bend without breaking a sweat for years, he know how to avoid that devils curve like it got volcanic pouring down the mountains top and flushing it’s way to the streets. So, you cannot tell me that broad day light, a man who is like a freaking freak on the road suddenly loses the steer-wheel, didn’t see the car coming, swerves off the road still hitting the trunk and then…boom! Somersaults a few times and then he died? Really?”

”The reports are there for you to see if you want Adam. Plus that’s how accidents happen. They are called unforeseen circumstances.”

”Seen it, don’t mean shit. Plus, i have been to the sight on my way here. i see more than the slated number of tyres scratches on the road. Unforeseen my ass.!!”

Gareth sighs”Because it’s a public road Adam, ofcourse you would see more than one. Now..that doesn’t mean nothing”

”No , it does mean that he was killed”

Muttering, Gareth raises his hands to silence their muttering ”Adam, i know Steve was your friend-”

”He was more than a friend, he was my brother..the only friend i had close to a family” Adam fumns, his eyes turns red

Gareth nods repeating ”I know he was your friend, and that it is hard to believe he is no longer with us. But still, it would be very insensitive to make a case out of this when there is nothing”

”Really? How do i tell his wife then? What should i tell her?”

”The truth, he died from an accident-

”Caused by another. He was killed dammit!!! And i think i know why and who”

Gareth stares at him as the muttering continuous ”I would advice that you think very carefully before making such absurd cases. Besides if what you say is supposedly through, what is the motive huh? ”

”Absurd?” He shakes his head staring at everyone ”He said absurd cases? Someone is dead, the first thing is to find out how he did and if there is a reason for his death. not to stand here and eulogize about his life when you and i both know you were a dick to him sometimes for sticking his neck out for me.”

”Adam, you are excused” Gareth says through clenched teeth.

”You are not the boss of me, not anymore and you do not get to boss me around”

”I would have them forcefully remove you if you dare me” Gareth threatens him.

Adam smiles ”Who do you think would be stupid enough to touch me in this state hmm?” he stares at all of them and then back at Gareth ”Look, i came here for clarity and i ain’t getting it because it seems as though i am getting blocked for no reason. Let me simplify it accurately for you so you understand the importance. Two days ago; i ran into Steve in a pub, we sat down for a chat. Somehow, it slipped out that he got hands on the forensics report and that you said it’s an Only-You- view”

Gareth frowns ”That is inaccurate, the lab had some issues, fire outbreak.”

”How convenient! So you are saying he didn’t have the reports on him?”

”I am saying that it is inaccurate. There was no way he would have had it. From where?”

”Which lab was used, how come there is no police reports to back it up or the lab reporting a fire?”

Gareth didn’t like the questions ”Are you insinuating something Adam?”

The officers were muttering. Adam shakes his head ”Just clarifying. So if he didn’t have it, that meant he was lying, why would he do that?”

”You tell me. Your boss is a wanted criminal for the death of a woman, he was probably fishing to see what you were going to do about it..don’t you think so?”

”Oh, that i would take it from him and what, get rid of it?”

”Possibly, infact..i could charge you for accessory to murder, there is no how you wouldn’t have known what your boss was up to and maybe know where her body is” Gareth states, trying to turn the table around ”I should arrest and drill you so you let up the Mayor’s son”

Adam smiles ”Strangely, if you think your threats would make me shiver, you are mistaken. You have nothing on me, neither do you have on him”

”A girl is dead..that is all i need seeming that she was last seen in his company, pictures of her gruesome state all over the media and your Boss in hiding.what else do we need?”


”How about you show us where he hid her body and then we can get all the prints..hmmm”

Adam shakes his head ”I would do one better, i would find out what happened to Steve because his death smells like an horse’s ass and that ain’t right. And about Jaime Lockswire, you wish you can lay a hand on him” Adam states, turns and walks away.

”Sir, what if he is right, i mean it is fishy..one minute Steve is here working a case, next minute he was removed and then he doesn’t show up and is found dead on the highway..dude drives like a race cat..it doesn’t look accidental”

Gareth rubs his jaw ”This is life, shit happens, a good man is gone. Ain’t no foul play”

”And the reports he mentioned Steve mentioned?”

Gareth turns to the officer in anger ”Are you stupid ? Where the lot of you not here when i went out to get it and then gave a report.? Was Steve even here? God knows what he was about and he got into an accident and infact, he was ghost this morning before his death, why was that? Anyone knows why Steve didn’t show up at work?” He turns around, they are shaking his head ”Well there. Life happened, now he is dead. Adam coming here to scream balls would not bring your friend back or comfort his wife. He is dead and should be given a befitting burial.” He states ”Next time Adam walks in here right through those does passing the visitor’s end, arrest him and throw the keys away, that’s my order or i would have your batches. He is no longer a police officer but a cock sucker to that brat of a Mayor’s son and trying to clear his name, he has no more privileges…so arrest him. In the main time, i need all eyes and ears…how can no one be able to pinpoint where the Mayor’s son is?” he screams ”Get to work. ” He points to a team of ten ”Tomorrow is the primaries election for the Heritage Group, you lot would be in attendance..get you team’

”But, would it still hold with all that is going on, i mean, the Mayor and his wife…after all Jaime Lockswire is in hiding and we know he was pushing for his son to be candidate…i doubt it would hold with the issue on ground” The officer is shaking his head

”It is..” Gareth says walking away ”And we would be there to keep the peace incase there isn’t.”

As soon as he enters his office, he scrolls down his phone and dials his number.

”I need to speak with you, it’s important”


”What is it Gareth?” Jimmy excuses himself from the meeting he was having, calling on his secretary to serve them tea .

He is staring out of the window of his office, watching the cars below.


”You heard about Steve?”

Gareth goes to his chair and takes a seat, his look worried.


Jimmy smiles ”Oh, it was in the news. How sad, my regards to his family” He answers with an air of aloofness.


Gareth gets up and begins to pace ”Okay, i need to understand what’s going on here. Because between when you called me and asked that you needed the forensics reports, you taking it from Steve, what else happened?”


Jimmy frowns looking behind him, he steps further away ”Meaning?” He lays his finger to his window, kicks out a fly perching.


Sweats breaks out from his forehead, he repeats ”I just want to understand okay. Since the issue with the Mayor’s son, you…well you asked for the reports..i didn’t even get to see the results. You took it from Steve and up till now, no word. Did you give it to the Mayor, what was in it…what the hell is going on and then suddenly Steve is dead from an accident…and” he trails off.


Jimmy frowns shoving his hand into his pocket ”Are you actually insinuating i had anything to do with that? The pub had people, i am sure if you dig you would be told i came, and then i left. whatever happened to him after that i do not know”

”And the reports, what’s in it?”

Jimmy smiles ”That is not your concern”

”Is there by any chance it proves the Mayor’s son innocent of the crime he is being blamed for?”

”Supposing that’s the case?”

There was silence at the other end of the line, Jimmy smiles ”Oh Gareth, you know this is stupid, do not try to play the guy with the conscious. You are a rogue cop, always have being and maybe would be for a long time..we have done things together and you benefit from it. Since when did you grow a pair of conscience?”

”Steve was a good guy, stubborn but good”

”Steve was playing in a pond he shouldn’t”

”So you killed him?” He could hear the surprise in his voice.

Jimmy doesn’t answer ”You called me because of this Gareth?” He is staring as a car drives through the intersection, entering his building and disappearing below the car park.

He knew whose car it was.


Gareth resumes pacing ”Adam, Jaime’s body guard is asking questions, the right ones. Insinuating foul play”


Jimmy folds his fist ”Adam that asshole.Oh well” He shrugs ” he can only ask, there is nothing he would find” He is staring at his fingers now.

”He is smart, sharp…the fool was one of the brightest, he began sniffing me before i kicked him off the force, what if he finds something”

”Are you scared for me or for you?”

”Look Jimmy, i have a good life, a good career, i have a family”

”Then stop masturbating like a little fxxker. There is nothing to find, no evidence, no trace. Adam is being Adam…the curious cat, they eventually die out”

”You’ll kill him too?”

Jimmy smiles ”Let’s just let that thought play out for a bit. For now, you need not to worry. You did nothing”

”But handed you evidence that may have proved Jaime Lockswire innocent which you got rid off. that’s a crime, plus knowing now that you killed Steve..keeping quiet is a crime and-”

”Getting fat allowances from our deals for the past few years and turning your eyes away from the gruesome is a crime, but you aren’t complaining are you? The luxurious houses, exotic cars and get away vacays with the family? Don’t be an hypocrite. You love the life of crime, so don’t pretend like you turn Jesus. Besides, nothing would happen, especially after my win tomorrow..i get President of the Heritage group, its a smooth ticket to winning the Mayor-ship election come next month, which is in less than two weeks.. i can handpick frogs and toss them into the pond and only those who are loyal get to eat the fat bone at the table with me, and you for starters gets Chief of fxxking police while i get that loyal dog to my father out the curve. We would run the city how we want with no one to question us, fat fxxking cheeks and…no poster boy Jaime, no assholes like Adam, no Mr Wellington as Mayor to breath down our necks. i would be king..whose side do you want to be on Gareth when i make top base hmmm? Mine or whoever the fxxk is on the losing side?”

”As long as you win”

”I will.” Jimmy smiles ”I am the fxxking Messiah..think me as Jesus, the one who has come to make all things great…ofcourse. Yes i will win. So what would it be? ”


”Good, see you tomorrow looking sharp then”

The line cuts. Jimmy turns around ”I would like to continue but it seems as though i have to attend to another matter” He excuses himself and heads to his office.

His phone was ringing ”Yes”’ he nods listening ”Let him in”

He turns and perches on his table, waiting for his uninvited guests.

He still has to meet up that fxxker Kennedy later today. He had it all planned out. Then when he gets a hold of Alexander, he would make her death painless.

No one would stand in his way of getting all that he wants, no one!.


There was a surprising sudden urge to pull her back and kiss her again, for reasons he didn’t understand.

Where the hell is that coming from?

They are still staring at each other.

Jaime stares at her..a smile suddenly curving at the corners of his lips.

”See, not that bid was it?”

She blinks, suddenly finding her voice , clearing it ”Still ewwish” she lied


”I swear it, i still do not understand what the fuzz is about. ” she suddenly felt hot, her cheeks was burning. She touches them.

He smiles ”Really, then why did you have that look”

”What look?”

”Flushed look” he indicates with a nod of his head.”

”What?” she frowns ”I just feel hot, like air isn’t getting in here” she says

His smile broadens ”The AC is on and i am practically freezing”

”You just fill chilled doesn’t mean it’s cold. ”

He nods ”Maybe its the kiss..you know being properly kissed can mess up your metabolism ”’

She hits him ”You wish, Kissing is disgusting, proved my point the whole time..it’s disgustingly ewwish”

”Didn’t feel ewwish when you kissed me back” he points out

”You forget i am a Call Girl and one of our traits is to be in character and pretend”

”This was no be in character and pretending…you kissed me back, for a girl who doesn’t like kisses or maybe don’t know how to actually kiss….you weren’t all that bad, rusty years, rough on the edges …a little more practice would make you kick ass at kissing”

She scoffs ”’You can’t be serious”

”Service to humanity, remember, infact, we should start our second class right way”



”No!” she made to get up, he pulls her back to himself

”Why, are you scared you may like it too much?”

”Kiss? Hell no”

”Or maybe you may end up liking me and my kisses?”

She rolls her eyes ”No and No and were you not just crying? aren’t you the macho pretty boy with the arrogance and sort…now you are acting all….”

”Mushy?” he offers

”Like a little kid”

He laughs , letting her go.

Now she suddenly wished she didn’t say anything.

why though, what the hell just happened? It feels a though someone switched off ”Hate each other” to ”Be friends with each other”

”Who was the fool who is messing up with their lives, it ain’t pretty , no. She hates the man, period.

He gets up giving her his hand and then pulling her up. They stare at each other. His countenance changes.

” I am sorry for what Jimmy did, locking you in there. I am sure it has nothing to do with you but everything to do with me.. If he hadn’t being an asshole, you wouldn’t have been attacked. I feel responsible. I am sorry”

”Wow” she folds her hands, ”And i didn’t need to ask you to apologize, you are learning fast..”

He smiles ”You keep saying i like to have my way but you seem to be getting yours every single damn time, how do you do it?”

”Skills, maybe if you are nice to me i can teach you”

”Oh really?”

”Yes really”

He nods ”I already told you i would be nice to you from henceforth, because i believe we are both grown adults and we can live civilly under same roof-”

”For now, till this boils over”

”Oh, she isn’t fighting and screaming ”I want to go home, let me go home Jaime Lockswire, i don’t want to be here and bla bla blabadash” he mimics her voice

She found herself laughing ”You are a clown, i didn’t know that. Another thing added to your list, asshole, jerk, clown”

”Thank you, i would take that as a compliment, but, atleast i am way better than you. You have a rotten mouth, bad attitude and…”

”And what?”

Sweet lips

He clears his throat ”I have to call Adam, he was pretty upset when he left” he turns away from her reaching for his phone.

She stares at him back ”Lockswire?”

”Hmm?” He turns

”Are you going to fix this?”

”Find your attacker, yes i will. You need to be safe, everyone woman on the street needs to be protected and-”

She is shaking her head. ”This, i mean , Adam, the issue of Jimmy, your parents..are you going to fix it?”

He is silent ”I am trying to”

”I know i do not know the details and asking you would be way crossing the line but, like i told you, i am putting things together…and i know Jimmy has no good intention towards you, nor your family, and i do not know whether it has anything to do with your father’s company or whatever but…you should fix this, if not for you, for your parents. God knows what’s going through their mind now worried about you, if you are safe and the state of your mind thinking you supposedly killed a woman, killed me. If you won’t do it for you, fix it for your mother who loves you, a father who would literally give up everything for you. Do it for the people who care for you”

”You don’t know me Alexander”

”I know that, maybe i am overstepping. But be that as it may, your reluctance of fixing this, is also stopping me from living my life, i can’t tell anyone i am alive because you don’t want me to…fine, your reasons don;t make sense but… your actions are affecting others, especially those who care about you. You stay down, while whoever has it out on you is out there having the time of his life while you are here”

”No one has it out for me”

”Really? Am i the only reason why you do not want to clear your name, i mean, why?”

”Alexander, we were just getting to be civil with each other…” he rubs his temple ”Please, don’t start with that…”

”Yeah. Maybe you should understand that i walk with my eyes open..you should too. You don’t let people trample over you. Let me tell you something Lockswire..”She hesitates for a brief second, wondering if she should be slightly honest with him, she nods continuing ”…all my life, i have lived in fear, in pain and unable to defend myself..just because”

He stares at her, she continuous ”And the reason why i couldn’t defend myself was because i was in a position whereby i was helpless to. And i knew remaining in that situation would ruin me completely, which it did..but i had a choice; stay or leave. I choose to leave, and maybe the reality of what i faced wasn’t pretty, but..it was better than where i was, in a sense. Now, do i want to give whoever power back to hold me to a state of fear again? No. If they did, would i continue to let them? No!. And if i had people who matter and are dear to me, would i allow that fear hurt them, No! And if they were being hurt due to my inability to help them before, i would do everything in my power to change it, anything. ” she says, taking a step closer to him, stopping as she stood face to him, he is staring at her ”Lockswire, whoever is putting you in a state you do not want should be stopped. Whoever is like a figure of fear in your life needs to realize that you aren’t scared anymore, needs to know that you are taking back your power, your life and they cannot do anything about it. Whoever gets joy from ruining you and bending you to their wills should realize that, your destiny is in your hands..and you would work your destiny to what you want not what they want. They need to understand that you have to do you, and not them. They need to realize that..”ITS ENOUGH, YOU ARE TAKING YOUR LIFE BACK!!!” she blinks, realizing that she wasn’t talking to just him, she was talking to herself.

Her father had been the figure of fear in her life, pain and all things bad. He had ruined her, cowered her into hiding. Her life had been a shade of mess all because of him. All he had done to her, all he had brought upon her by virtue of being her father..

All he had done to her and still intends to do.

She was done walking in fear, she was done hiding. She was going to take her life back, and if he came for her, this time..she would fight back, much more she had ever done in her entire life.

He was not taking her, he was not going to ruin her life any further.


She blinks ”I know all i am saying might not make sense to you, but you need to take your life back. if not for you, do it for the people who matter and care for you, who is holding a touch over you, who is praying for you, who would give up anything for you. Do it for them. And do not let whoever continue to derive joy in your predicament. It is not your fault you are who you are, it’s their fault for not seeing how amazing a person you are. It is not your fault you are loved, it’s their fault for not loving you. It is not your fault Lockswire, so you do not need to give them power to ruin your life how they want, it’s their fault for thinking that evil would triumph good, have they not read, darkness cannot comprehend light? So shine, let the darkness dissipate.”

He blinks, she turns and began walking away ”Bekington?”

She stops, not turning ”Yes?”

”One day, i hope you tell me who had the power to ruin your life”

”Maybe when you take your life back, i would” She reaches the door



”You said i was an amazing person”

She turns , ”Really? I was just giving a boost speech, you shouldn’t believe anything that comes out from my mouth”

He smiles ”Yeah, you got a rotten mouth”

She smiles , turns and opens the door ”You should be glad, it’s the only mouth who gets to talk sense into your blocked head”

He returns the smile, then it slips away as it suddenly became serious ”Thank you..for…” he trails off.

She risks a stare , nods and leaves him staring as she closes the door.

He turns away staring at his phone as he seats back on his bed. He dials Adam’s number.


Adam ignores the call.

He had earlier gone to the morgue to see Steve’s body. Unable to stare at it he had looked away, walking to the attendant.

”Did you get anything from the body when he was brought in?”


”Phone, wallet, document, reports anything?”

”Oh yeah. Sorry about your friend”’


”Excuse me”

A few minutes later, he handed him a bag ”This was all he had on him. Would you sign off on it, and the release of his body to the family.?”

”Yeah, i would”

He signs and then as the attendant leaves, he opens the bag , reaching for the documents he had . Nothing relating to the case. His wallet had a few change inside, card, medical cards etc. Picture of him and his wife and his parents. He and Adam’.

Adam sniffs closing the wallet. He reaches for his phone. It was locked. He puts in the code to it.

The phone opens, he scrolls through call log between the day before and till the time of his accident. His last caller was him.

He goes through his messages, nothing. He sighs, putting the items back into the bag and zipping it up, He turns to the body.

”What did you find Steve, what was it ?He didn’t have to kill you. I know he is the one, it has to him.I would proof it.I swear it, and i would make sure he pays, i swear it brother” He places his hands on his cold’s shoulders and then walks away, cleaning his eyes.

Once he left the morgue, he drives straight to his house.

There were a few cars parked, he enters the building and then made his way to their living room where a few people gathered.

As soon as she saw him, she bursts into more tears, he goes to her as they part the way for him. She wraps her into a hug .

”I am so sorry Annette, i am so sorry” he held her tight as she cried in his arms

”I want to die Adam, he left me, Steve left me and he promised he wouldn’t, he let me, he…let us” she touches her tummy.

Adam pulls her even tighter a she held her, closing his eyes ”I swear i would make it right, i will”

He lets her cry on his shoulders.


Alone in her room, she is seated on the bed, while he is staring out the window , Annette, you should go stay with your parents for a while, you can’t be here alone” he turns to her

She nods ”Once we bury him. They haven’t released his body yet”

”I signed the release forms. ”

”Thank you Adam”

He nods coming to her, kneeling infront of her and taking her hands ”I would ensure you both are taken care off, do not worry. I may have not been there to protect him, but i would always protect you, both of you, you are my family too. ”

She nods wiping her eyes.

”Annette, i need to ask, so please think before answering me. Last night, did you notice anything strange about your husband?”


”Yes, anything at all, weird behavior , anything”

”My husband always has a weird behavior , and when he is working a sensitive case he is extra weird”

”So he was working a sensitive case?”

”The Mayor’s son is a sensitive case”

”But he was taken off of it, was he not, atleast that was the information i was told”

”Yes” she nods ”He was pretty upset. But…last night when he got home, he was..”

”He was what?”

”He was by his computer all night, i don’t know what he was working on and he didn’t give me details, he never gives me details”

”Yes, that’s because police business is risky business” he smiles ”And this morning, he didn’t tell you he wasn’t going to work did he ?”

She shakes his head ”He left as he normally did during the day. I only realized he didn’t show up at work when i got the call. ” she covers her mouth as she sobs, he nods squeezing her free hand.

”Where did he go to Adam why didn’t he go to work. He, was a good driver, it is not possibly for him to make that little mistake, he is a skilled driver, but..” she trails off

”I know. If his death was foul play, i would find justice. ”

”Thank you”

He gets up ”I do not know if you can give me access to his computers and where he works from, i need to change for anything that would point me to the right direction”

”I do not have access, but, the study is next door. But, i never touch his computer and all that, he says police work, so…”

He nods ”Don’t worry, i would find a way around it” he takes her back to her parents and then lets himself into the study.

He goes to his computer and then opens it. After series of failed attempt at the password, he was about to give up when a name occurred to him ”Gentry01”

He had access. ”Steve, i should have known.” he smiles shaking his head.

That was their code name when they began at the force, he even wanted to name his first child Gentry, after the officer who had a pretty face for a man, a good heart but who died too soon protecting him from a stray bullet.

It took him thirty minutes to go through his computer, scanning through, searching for anything. Searching for a folder named Jimmy, or Jaime, Forensics reports, anything.

He found nothing.

Just when he was about to shut down, he sees his name.

He clicks on the folder.

Forensics report, he quickly opens it and then sees it. He quickly scans the room to see a printer, he plugs it and then prints out the document. He clicks on the second folder named ”High Priority”

He opens it and then his mouth drops to the floor ”Oh my God, Steve”

He brings out the documents, then he brings out his phone, connects it to the laptop and sends the folders to himself.

He presses delete. Shuts down the laptop and then makes his way out with the folded documents in his jacket.

He goes to her, ”Annete, follow your parents back home, you would not be safe here” he whispers to her as he hugged her

”Why Adam, what did you find?”

”Just leave Annete, please, i would call you when all is settled”

”But my husband, i need to bury him”

”Hold on..just go” he says letting go of her, and then going to speak to her parents.

Another five minutes he leaves the building, his eyes bloodshot, anger swelling in him as he made his way to his office.


Her mother watches her as she paces the length of the room.

”What is it Christine, you mood have been sour for days?”

”Mother, not now”

”I am worried, please talk to me”

”Talk to you, as if you can solve my problem? Please, leave me alone and stop trying to smoother me”

Her mother sighs ”That Mad, Kennedy, is too old for you”

”Oh mother, do i look like i fancy old fools”

”But what he said and…”

”Mother, get lost. !! You are irrtitating, i am trying to think and you are here suffocating the life out of me”

”You will not speak to me that way” Her mother blinks, Christine stops pacing and then takes steps towards her mother

”I would speak to you how the hell i want, mother, So fxxk off. All you do is hover around like, i do not need you too. My life is messed up right now and i do not need you to make it any worse”

”Then tell me, i would help you” Her mother cried

”I need Jaime, do you know where you can find him hmm? No. Or that bitch who stole him from me, that Alexandra girl”

”Oh Christine, how can you be heartless, she is dead”

Christine laughs ”Oh right,” she laughs ”Like hell she is” she says under her breath ”You cannot help me mother. Tomorrow, Jimmy would win”

Mrs Barlow stands up ”He wouldn’t, our votes would count, he wouldn’t . No one would want a man like tat to make President”

”Oh, you are stupidly naive mother. Jimmy has all your board members in his pocket”

”He doesn’t have me, the Mayor and a few others”

”Who would amount to nothing, didn’t you watch the news, the Major endorsed him, for candidate… he would win the Heritage president, and then he would have a sure ticket to the Mayor seat.”

”Not on my watch, he is a bad man. It is just sad that Jacob loved him so much, but a son who is bad is bad, and he is the worst of them all, he cannot have the lives of others in his hand, he would ruin us all”

Christine smiles ”Just so you know, once he gets that seat tomorrow, you are one of the persons he would kick off the board”

Her mother gasps ”i hold a large share, he cannot”

”You are stupidly naive mother, stupidly. Leave me, i must prepare for tomorrow.”

”Christine?” Pain shoots through her heart

”Leave me mother, i need to think damnit!!!!”

Tears leaving her eyes,Mrs Barlow turns and walks away. Christine continues to pace.

When she had called Jimmy again, after their argument, he told her that he had texted Kennedy to meet, and that he had plans for him.

”What plans Jimmy?” She had asked

”Lets just say..we may bid him goodbye a little early”

”Jimmy, he threatened to kill me, so whatever you want to do you better do it fast.!”

”I do not fancy you Christine so i am not doing this for you, but…for now, one necessary evil at a time” she could hear him smile.

”What does that mean?”

He doesn’t answer , rather he replies ”You do know i am winning tomorrow right?”

”What if you don’t?”

”I am, everyone are in my pocket, no one wants tobe on the other side”

”What if you don’t? My mother, the Mayor and a few others will vote against you”

”6 to 11, come on Christine, do the math, i already am winning, theirs would do nothing”

”The Mayor’s vet is larger than all that put together”

”Right, it doesn’t matter, he doesn’t run a dictatorship, he won’t enforce it. He hasn’t ever done it and he wouldn’t.”

”You seem sure of yourself”

”Yes, because doing that means he is buying everyone out, he wants to be a one man team, but he wouldn’t, he is old, he needs a successor, i am that person”

”I watched the news, there is no way the Mayor would have endorsed you Jimmy, what did you do, how did you do it?” She was curious

He laughed ”In this game, you have got to be smart, really smart to win. You should learn from me Christine, and i must warn you, never ever threaten me again else i would ensure you don’t wake up to another day. You were scared of Kennedy, i am worse”

”Look i was upset, i was in a corner and besides, i was the one who even made sure you are getting a clean win, if i didn’t ask that you be rid of Alexandra, Jaime would have still being in play, but he is out of the way, because of me, so i deserve a little credit and besides you lied to me, if i had known you had all this planned out, i maybe wouldn’t have helped.”

”Greed Christine, that is what blinded you, but with or without that, i would have succeeded, i have been planning a long time, you did nothing, so don’t be stupid”

”So what would i get from all this?”

”A seat at the board of directors, level A ofcourse, a nice view from your office, a pay check larger than what you can have and your mouth shut”

She suns a hand through her hair ”You make Mayor, i want adviser”


”Why the hell now Jimmy, are you gonna toss me away?”

‘He laughs ”Don’t be greedy, i would think about it. By the way, have you heard from Pretty boy?”

”No, now his number doesn’t connect anymore. Being going to see the Wellingtons, no word from him. The police haven’t been able to get anything, Adam wouldn’t answer my call. Its like he just disappeared..with her” She squeezes her fist

”Jealous much?”

”What if he falls for her?”

”Not my business, i don’t care but if he does it would be short lived, she is a loose cannon, so she can’t stay among the living plus, i believe she hasn’t told anyone i locked her in, if not why haven’t i be confronted?. Plus, no forensics report to tie me to this case, and then Kennedy would be ridden off, i have nothing tying me to anything. I make President tomorrow, Mayor in two weeks and i would be king’ He laughs

”What if Jaime shows up?”

”He wouldn’t. if he did, he would be signing his death warrant”

She gasp ”You would kill your own brother?”

”He is not my brother, do not ruin my day Christine., See you tomorrow and you should advice your mother to vote for me, else she would be among the weed i would root out with no mercy”

The line dies.

She sighs remembering their conversation. Checking the time, waiting fro news from Jimmy.

She takes a seat, it doesn’t matter anyways, Jimmy, would do what he has to do. She just needs to focus for tomorrow.

She may not get Jaime, but atleast she would be glad when Alexandra is gone for real. That would please her immensely.

She smiles, Maybe she should pitch her net on Jimmy, if she seduces him and gets in his good book,s she wouldn’t lose out entirely would she.

Even though he isn’t as sexily handsome as Jaime, he would have power, and that is what she wants, that power and the wealth that comes with it, plus he isn’t a bad lay.

They say, if one door closes, another one opens.

She gets up and then stares at the mirror ”How would i look like being the Wife of Jimmy,? Not bad eh? Not bad at all” she began to laugh into the mirror.


Alexandra meets Tinny-B coming out of the shower. She goes on and lays on the bed.

”What’s up? Is Adam back, what was that about?”

Alexandra seats up ”No, he isn’t. Tinny-B, can you help me sneak out of this house tomorrow?”

”You scary, this place is like a fortress , you think you can sneak out without big bad wolf finding out?

Alexandra smiles ”He isn’t a big bad wolf”

Tinny-B frowns, pointing at her ”Hey hey hey, what is that look?”

”What look?”

”That look?” she points at her face

Alexandra is staring curiously ”What look?”

Tinny-B pulls at her cheeks, Alexandra hits her hands away ”Stop, what?”

”That look, like something just happened look”

”No look” she made to get up, Tinny-B pulls her back

”What did you do in there, what happened? Because i heard your voices, then i heard nothing. What happened in there?”

”Stop prying, can you sneak me out tomorrow?”

”I already told you i have a client, so yes, you wanted to play dress up, i said okay, but where do you intend to go to tomorrow, home, work?”

”Nope, just get ready. ”


Alexandra gets up and then walks to the other side of the room, staring out of the window. Her hand unconsciously found their way to her lips, she closes her eyes for a brief second, remembering his kiss.

Really, was this what being really properly kissed felt like?

She felt strange, really strange.


”Find Adam” Jaime says coming downstairs and speaking to three men who was waiting for him. ”He isn’t picking my calls and i know him, he may do something he shouldn’t. Find him, bring him home”

”Yes Sir”

He turns away

”Sir, the primaries, you know its happening tommorow?”


”You gonna let it?”

”Do what i ask. There is nothing that concerns me there”



”We haven’t been able to find Miss bekington’s attacker, trail went cold. No one is looking into it”

”That’s because i am the prime suspect. Get more eyes, comb the city, and also..tell the guys to not let me parents leave their sight..i want nothing to happen to them”


As they leave, he dials Adam’s number again.


Adam switches off his phone as he is ushered into the office.

”Adam, what do i owe this visit?” Jimmy turns to face him, a smile on his face.

The door shuts behind him. Adam takes a few steps to him ”Why did you kill him?”


”Why did you kill him?”

”Tsk tsk tsk, that is a strong accusation”

”Oh yeah?” Jimmy opens his jacket and then drops the documents on the table ”Looks a familiar?”

Jimmy picks up the files and the stares at them, he drops them ”You have been busy Adam…or should i say, Steve was..”

”I am taking this to the authorities”

”You should”

”You aren’t scared?” Adam raises an eyebrow, perplexed.

”They mean nothing, know why? o can prove they are altered document. How did you get the reports, lab got burned, where did you get the other information?”

Adam stares at him ”Does it matter?’

”Dead guy. fine. i could also say he was a a rogue cop, trying to blackmail me, in one hour i can come up with something so bad, they would put his entire generation in jail,. his wife, her parent.s his..”

”You do not deny this?”

”You are a smart man Adam. I do not need to”

”This are children Jimmy, what heartless human you are, this have been going on for years, you intended to destroy this city. ”

Jimmy laughs ”’Adam Adam Adam, we live in a world were we do anything to survive”

”This is genocide!!!!” Adam exclaims

”Ah, necessary evil”

”I am taking this to the Mayor, Jaime, and the authorities, the media. You would be done for, ruined, finished!!!”

”Like is said, you should, this hold no water, before you reach that door, i have everyone on my side, i know how to tell a mean sob story Adam. So i would advice you to shut the fxxk up”

”You are not scared are you? You think you are unstoppable? You killed a man and let his wife a widow?”

”I did nothing, Adam. But you can leave now. And tell my brother, i hope he likes his hideout”

”You almost killed the Mayor, you almost had Jaime Killed, you also rammed into the tree with your step mother while he was pregnant causing the death of her child. Now, you are committing genocide, and all this heinous crime, what for, for wealth?”

”Adam, what i do to get ahead of life is none of your business, I would do more. The reason why i am allowing you speak with me right now is because….harming you right now would only raise suspicion, so i would let you..but tell Jaime, he should be a good dog and remain low, after three weeks, we can have a talk, when i become everything he would never be..” he laughs ”He knows if he as much as rear his head, all that he loves and holds dear would be no more. he understands all this, so he would never do anything stupid, you on the other hand do not, and you would be the death of him and his family if you don’t crawl back to being a little doggy hmm.” He winks

Adam shakes his head, folding his fist ”The only reason you stand tall is because Jaime isn’t standing up to you, right?”

”Pretty boy knows his duties, and i fear no one”

”You should, you really should”

”Who?” Jimmy laughs ”Jaime? The Mayor? By tomorrow, they would be scared of me, in two weeks, they would be nothing more than just a name on paper. Go back to your hole Adam, but maybe you can drop an address though, i miss my brother, i should give him a hug from his parents, so lonely that boy, always have been. Sad one…” he laughs again

”Sure, i would give him your message ”Adam turns away smiling rubbing his lips”Sure, but i just needed to come here to give you this?”

”Oh the documents? Thanks, my shredding machine haven had a meal”

”No, this”

Adam lets his hand go, making contact with Jimmy’s jaw. As soon as he hits the floor, the door bursts open and two hefty men rushes him, dragging Adam and slams him to the wall and placing a gun to his head.

Jimmy staggers up, wiping the blood off his lips, he laughs wickedly, angrily, folding his fist ”Today, you live Adam, just for today, but i promise you, when tomorrow ends, you would end with it.” He threatens ” Let him go” He tells his men.


”Let him go, for today”

They do, Adam smiles adjusting himself ”I would wait for tomorrow then, and i promise you Jimmy, if Jaime wouldn’t stop you, i will. You think you have the upper hand? Pride goes before a fall.” He turns and walks away slamming the door shut.

”Why are we letting him go boss’?”

”if i hurt him, or if he goes missing, Jaime would come out. I need Jaime tucked away in his cocoon till after all this, i must win tomorrow, no matter what. After then, i would comb the city till i have his head on a spike. Jaime too”

His phone rings, he speaks it up ”Kennedy, where are you?”

”I am at the place, where the hell are you?”

Jimmy look up and then nods ”Be there in five”

The men nod, and then they leave


Jimmy saw the car drive in.

He had come early to comb the area to ensure Jimmy wasn’t about to set him up. It was lonely, and abandoned, he came prepared for fowl play.

He makes his way downstairs, passing through unfinished rooms from the uncompleted building.

Jimmy alights from the car, as soon a she sighs him.

”What the fxxk happened to your mouth?”

”An angry client ”

”So what do you have for me?”

”Oh nothing really, just that i really want to tie up loose end, and you are a ticking time bomb” he shoves his hands from his pocket.

Another car drives in and the two men alight from the car behind him, Kennedy takes a step back, his hand goes to the back of his jacket.

”Jimmy,…why are they here?”

”Precaution mostly. You see, tomorrow is a big day for me, i would be pitching for primaries tomorrow at the Heritage group and i don’t need surprises..so. It’s a big win for me, that i know so, i can’t have loose ends running around, going around threatening people and making me feel like he got a upper hand. That glory is for me alone Kennedy and like God, i do not like to share so…”

”So what?”

Jimmy nods to them ”So goodbye Kennedy” Jimmy says entering his car ”Make sure no one finds his body” he says driving away.

The two men bring out their guns, Kennedy brings out his ”Jimmy, you fxxking asshole Jimmy!!!”

Jimmy laughs ”Don’t worry, that bitch you like, Alexandra, i would send her to you..you both can fxxk in the spirit world. Never mess with a man you don’t see his entire hand” He drives away.


He kept laughing, he heard the first gun shoot ring out, and then multiple follow afterwards.

He kept driving, and even began whistling.


Kennedy lays on the floor, blood seeping out from his body, making a tiny map on the sand.

One of the men laid on the floor, bleeding from his neck, the other one got a bullet to shoulders.

He staggers to the his partner, and begin to pull him away. His phone rings

”Is it done?”

”Yes boss,” the man coughs ”Dick got hit in the neck, bleeding out, i got one in the shoulder, but i would live, i need to get him to the hospital”

”And the fool?”

”Got multiple hits, he is dead”

”Burn the body”

”Let me get Dick help first, he would live if i get him help first”

”Find, toss the body somewhere, lay low, I would get team two to be at the primaries tomorrow. There is a bag of bills in the boot of your car, use that. Get a holiday, i am in a happy mood today, haha”

”Okay boss”

The line cuts, he turns around when he heard something behind him. Kennedy was standing there, a smile on his face, the bullet proof vest on the floor and bag of thick red liquids he attached to his body destroyed, seeping down soaking his shirt .

Surprise fills the man’s face as he spoke ”I thought –”

”I was dead?” Kennedy laughs ”Yeah, never underestimate a man on a mission, wish you could give that information to your boss but i don’t like messengers” He shoots, two bullets rips through the man’s skull causing him to hit the floor dead.

He walks up to him, and then points to gun to the man holding his neck and bleeding out, staring at him, pleading with his eyes ”Plea-”

Kennedy shoots.

In another hour, he had their bodies buried, He opens the boot, picks out the bag of bills, enters their car and zoom off, a smile on his face.

”I should get me a suit, i intend to crash your primaries Jimmy, you shouldn’t have shown me your hand, now you would see mine”

He laughs.


Jaime is worried, they had returned without Adam. The only information he got was that Adam had visited the station, then the family of his late friend and then nothing else.

He was about to make a call he didn’t want to to the chief of police scared that something may have happened to Adam when he walk s in.

”Where have you been?”

Adam says nothing , he hands him his phone ”Why don’t you take a look at this, and tell me if you need to be here or going out there and making sure the earth is rid of this scum.”

Jaime takes a look at him before he takes the phone.

He staggers backwards ”Where did you get this from?”

”Steve’s computer”

”So he just had it, how did he find all this?”

”He is thorough, he has always been thorough. I think he hoped that if something happened to him i could find it. The folder had my name”

”Are you saying he knew he would be killed?”

Adam shakes his head ”No, but as long as you are in the force, you live every day as though it’s your last, because you ca get killed in battle, field, at work, any time, so…usually in academy school, we are taught to always leave clues behind, just incase. This is his, he was properly trying to tell me before he died. But, i found it”

”Do you know what this means? That my brother has been-”

”He is a monster”

”Jesus, these are children, this has been going on for years”

”Yes. This is prove, what are you going to do with this?”

Jaime is speechless ”I cannot..i…” He trails off

Adam shakes bis head ”He was right, you can do nothing”

Jaime’s head shoots up ”Did you meet Jimmy?”

Adam flares up ”Yes i did, i even landed him a punch, But guess what? He saw these and didn’t bat an eye, why? He got power now, and by tomorrow, he would have more of it while you hide her claiming you are protecting your family? from who? That man? By tomorrow you may not even have a family to protect Sir, because once he gets what he wants, he wouldn’t need your silence anymore but your dead body and maybe that of your parents. You want to protect them, and every other person in this city and stop the killings of little children in the community and all that, you fight him, that’s what you do. He knows i can’t take this public, he would make Steve a rogue cop , a blackmailer and obviously he is telling me that he can pull a number on me. But that shit don’t scare me. i do not fear him, i have nothing to lose, the only reason i have not gone to the authorities is because i want you to do something, it’s because i do care about your life, and that of your family..he can come after me, i can fight him, but would you fight or you would sit back and let him bring ruin to us all?”

”I..Adam, i”

”Right!” Adam says walking away.

Jaime watches him leave, he stands there, his eyes closed. His fist tightened.


”Adam?” Tinny-B calls out to him

He doesn’t turn ”Yes Ma’am”

”Alexandra wants to see you. Where is Jaime?”

”Don’t know..what does she want?”

”A favor. She is at the balcony, out back, she needs you to be discreet”

He frowns turning, he nods walking away.

Tinny-B turns around and goes to look for Jaime, just incase he comes looking for Adam.


He sees her standing there, deep in thoughts ”Ma’am, you called”

She nods turning ”I am sorry about your friend. ”

He nods

”I need your help”

”What for?”

”Jaime Lockswire”

He raises an eyebrow ”Why?”

”Why what?”


She turns away ”I believe we meet people for a reason, and i think the reason why we met is so that i can be able to face my demons, but he needs to face his, maybe i would draw strength from his”

”Who is your demon?” he is curious,

”Someone whom others call dearly and run home to. Someone who is meant to love and protect, guide and direct, He is my demon.”

He wished he understood what she was saying, that would be for later, the only thing that interests him was Jaime, and what she wants .

”What do you want me to do?”

She turns and faces him .


The Next Morning…

Reporters and the news media filled the streets ushering themselves into the heritage building. The board of directors already have taken their seats, a few witnesses stood at the corner. The mike stand was set and they were live.

It was a few minutes to start time. Jimmy is seen smiling and talking Mr Chena while the others who were supporting him took one end of the conference room.

Mrs. Barlow and the six other board members took the other section. Observers and spectators rakes the rest of the room.

The Wellingtons were no where to be seen.

”Is the Mayor not coming?” A report calls from the middle of the room. It’s a few minutes to start time.”

Jimmy and a few others check the time,

”Maybe he wouldn’t” another said. Everyone is muttering.

Jimmy is frowning.

He has to be here, he has seal it, once he wins, he needs his father’s veto power. And he has to sign all the documents to him. He has got to be here.

”Chena, i told you said he would be here?”

”Yes” Chena leans forward ”He would be, that’s what i was told”

”It’s almost time, and my patience is running thin”

”He..” Chena trails off as a few security operatives are seen entering the hall

”He is here!” A reporter exclaims ”The Mayor is here”

”Sir?‘‘ everyone greets and acknowledges his presence. Gemmylne is walking beside him as they make their way to their seat.

Mrs. Barlow stretches out to hug Gem, and then taps Jacob’s hand.

Jimmy smiles.

Christine walks in just there, and then walks to greet the Wellingtons, smiling and then touching their hands.

Jimmy smiles again ”Such a devious little snake” he mutters under his breath.

Their eyes meet. He nods, she nods.

”Let us get this over with” Jacob mutters.

Chena gets up ”Welcome ladies and gentle, now we would begin the primaries for the Presidential election of the next President of the Heritage group founded by the present president, Mr, Jacob Wellington, who is also the Mayor, But due to the recent circumstances,he has stepped down from being president while i become one temporary. Working tirelessly to ensure the rise of the Heritage group which is a foundation for us all. But today, we are here to witness the pitching of our candidates. If you recall, they were ten, but now due to-”

”Mr Chena, i believe you can carry on without mentioning the reason why my son cannot be here at every chance, carry one”

Jimmy smiles again, oh, today was a smiling day for him.

Chena spares him a glance, Jimmy nods . He sights Gareth comes in with a few officers. He felt like King already. Everyone here was here to support him.

What a glorious day to make history, he smiles, running his jaw.

Chena was talking ”And now, we would allow everyone to make their pitch, having had the opportunity to listen to their proposals and their plan for the future for the Heritage group. We have come together to vote and then we would choose the winner, who would be the face and name of our Heritage group, while the Mayor, for now, would oversea dealings till he no longer can.”

Jacob shakes his head , Gem squeezes his hands

”It would be okay Jacob, all is well.”

”Now, i present to you Christine Barlow, and then we would carry on till the last man, who would be Jimmy ofcourse. Christine, the world awaits”

Christine smiles thanking him and taking the stand as the camera begins to click and news media recording live.

”Thank you so much. I want to use this medium to thank my loving mother, who has raised me and who has supported me..she is the best. i love you mum” Christine blows her a kiss.

Mrs Barlow smiles, she turns away and then blinks back the tears threatening to fall. She knew Christine didn’t mean it, and it hurts her to see how deceptive her daughter could be.

She sniffs, Christine continues to talk.


Jaime watches from his living room.

”Sir, taking Tinny-B to drop her off at her gig, and then taking her to my friends i talked about to watch over her while all this blows over since you said Miss Bekington would be here .”

Jaime nods and then turns, he frowns ”Why are you all covered up like that and look like that Tinny-B?”

She doesn’t answer , he began to rise

”I guess she is playing custom” Adam says stepping forward, she has her mouth taped ”

”What for?”

”Client’s needs i guess” Adam shrugs, hoping that he doesn’t demand that she removes her glasses or anything.

Jaime’s frown deepens ”Tinny-B, i think…or don’t you think you need another line of business?”

She nods . He couldn’t see her face. She had on black shades, blond wig and a black hug hat. A long coat as well. ”Where is Bekington?”

A door opens, he sees someone wearing a white shirt, his white shirt step out and then go back in closing the door. He shakes his head.

He should get his shirt back. He got her cloths, she should wear them.


”Go Adam. Tinny-B, your friend would be protected, hope you know that?”

She nods.

”My card, incase you need anything, call, or call Adam,” He takes a step closer giving it to her , ”…and hold on to this for a while, ” he hands her a few folded bills. She didn’t reach out to take it.


Adam stretches out his hand and takes it, nudging her towards the door ”I have to stop by the morgue to sign off the release of Steve’s body so the family can bury him”

Jaime nods as they leave, the clapping draws him back to the screen.

He turns away going back to it.

Maybe she shouldn’t watch, but, he needs to. That way, he gets to see his parents.

His heart breaks watching them so sad.


An hour later, Jimmy is taking the stand ”Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me blow your mind with the most amazing proposal i have…now, you see–”

Jaime’s hands fold into a fist.

Suddenly they was a commotion, Jaime frowns leaning froward. Christine stands up slowly, surprise in her eyes.

Jimmy is speechless… Sometime screams, people are stepping back.

”What the hell is happening?” Jaime stands up, fear gripping him ”What the hell is happening? ” he began to dial the chief of police,

His mother screams, he sees his father grab her. Someone gasps, people are still moving away from the door.

”Damnit, what the hell is happening, no one is picking” His heart is racing. He is calling Adam.

The camera suddenly turns to the reason for the commotion.

There she stood ”Hello Jimmy, you look as though you have just seen a ghost, but you don’t seem surprise . Strange, very revealing” she says to him, then she turns to everyone ”That’s right, it’s me, in the flesh. My name is Alexandra Bekington, and no i am not dead, and no Jaime Lockswire isn’t a murderer. Did i mention i am alive, oh yes, in the flesh ” She smiles ”but i do know one thing, Jimmy was the one who locked me in the room before i got attacked..the question is why. And yes, it was Locksiwre who save me and took me to the hospital..now i am good, so i though, why don’t i come to find out who the fxxk is messing with my life. Care to elaborate Jimmy..? You knew i wasn’t dead didn’t you?”

Cameras are clicking, the reporters after recovering from their shock, shove their mics to her face as they bombard her with questions. Then he sees him, Adam behind her.

”Alexander!!!!” Jaime gasps staggering. He ran up the stares, pushing the door open to find Tinny-B wearing his white shit.

She turns around ”I am sorry, she …”

He didn’t let her finish. He runs down the stars, grabs his jacket and begins to run out the door, jumping into his car which alerts his security detail as they chase after him.

He cuts through his gate, speeding into town driving like a mad man.




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