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The Call Girl- Chapter Thirty – Eight



For the first time in her life, she wanted something more, something real, something physical, a man.

Today, at this very moment, a man didn’t signify fear, didn’t signify pain, didn’t signify all the horrible things she had known, been forced to be accustomed to and having to live her life that way because of what had happened to her.

For the first time, she didn’t cringe when a man touched her, she didn’t need to squeeze her eyes and then pretend, she didn’t pray in her heart that his lips shouldn’t touch hers or wish she can die from the touch to her skin.

For the first time, she wanted all of him, this man, this man called Jaime Lockswire. She yearned and desired his kisses, she squirmed when he kissed her neck, trailing her jaw line with his tongue.

She however, closes her eyes and squeezes them, not because she didn’t want to see him, but because all at once the feelings were rushing into her head.

For the first time, she was feeling things she never knew she could feel. For the first time, she wanted to explore this feeling, without fear, without shame…she wanted to explore it with him.

He loves her, he said he did.

Dear Lord!!She feels ..she feels…so many things, things she doesn’t even know how to explain. Here was a man she couldn’t stand, she literally wanted to bite hid head off, no scratch that -here was a man she wanted to smash his head in with her teo-shoe for being so annoying, here was a man who made her want to scream her lungs out for being him, here was a man who didn’t let a day go by and they are at each other’s throats…that same man, that she hated and he obviously hated her…

Here he was, professing his love to her, wanting and desiring her in ways that aren’t known to her…and by God, she loved it, she loved all the things he was making her feel.

He wanted to know how she felt about him? She didn’t know, she was being honest when she told him she didn’t know how she felt..other than feeling as though her heart wants to explode from pounding, other than her need to be kissed by him and how….oh she didn’t know how to explain what she feels.

Oh, but she did know that she felt tingling between her thighs because of his kisses, his sweet sweet kisses from her lips, cheeks, neck and collarbone..


For the first time she wanted something so bad she wasn’t ashamed to say it.

Yes! She meant it when she said she wanted him to make love to her, she really did.

She wants to be loved by him physically, she wants to be touched , caressed and kissed. She wanted to feel him inside of her, and know for real what it feels like to be made loved to by a man who loves her. She wants to be loved the way a man loves a woman. The way he says he loves her.

Now she understands what Tinny-B meant when she said, ”When you eventually like someone or maybe love him, everything is going to feel right, every kiss, touch, would be so thrilling that it would feel like heaven’

Indeed, his kisses were electrifying, it made the hairs on her hands stand as though someone had touched he with ice. When he trailed his tongue down her neck, she ached. And then when he had his hands, or finger, yes finger, trail her shoulders..she felt like she couldn’t stay still.

By God, she felt like screaming, but she didn’t want to scream, she felt like doing so many things at once, but couldn’t think of what to do. Infact, her toes tickles, her insides were acting funny, infact..she was in a state of euphoria.Whatever euphoria means at the moment to her she didn’t give a shit.

She was flying. Yes, that’s it, she was in bliss. Wonderful fluffy bliss.

Yes, Jaime Lockswire was a man who she had never thought anything about, was a man she wouldn’t have dared looked at because ..well, he wasn’t the most handsome man that had crossed her path, but just because of her father, because of the men..who had wanted her body…who had taken pleasure in what she can give them, she had hated the lot of them, she had hated all men and only tolerated them because, well, a girl has to survive in the street.

But never had she thought that one day, one man, one cocky annoying man could make her feel what she is feeling right now, feelings she had no name to, feelings she could not even begin to comprehend,just this man..was breaking down her resolves…her walls, her hard imaginary walls and her…

She bites her lips ,

Her walls between her thighs, at her core, ..she could feel it, she could feel it…her wetness, gathering at her core. Something she had never felt before. She new her panty was wet, ..

oh dear Lord, …she ached so bad she could scream.

How the hell did this happen? The possibility of it was still baffling, by by god there was no way she was not going to let this happen..whatever it was. This feeling was going to be explored if not she might just die from this thrilling electrifying excitement.

He loves her, he loves her…he said he did, and if all she is feeling and all he is feeling isn’t heaven right now, then nothing can compare to it..

It is very girl’s dream to be loved, though she had never lived in their teenage fantasy, didn’t indulge nor did she care for it, because she knew that it was useless. Maybe, she shouldn’t have been too fast to throw it all away, because right now, right here, this moment with this beautiful man had her feeling like she was on the verge of living a fantasy, one she had no intention of stopping.

Right her right now, for every moment she had missed, for every joy she had not been able to get, for very happiness that had eluded her, right here…right this moment, Jaime Lockswire was making her feel like she was flying, and that, that is all she wants..to fly, even higher she would go. And he would take her, he would go with her..all the way.

She doesn’t know what love is, but if what he says is true, that he loves her, and he is showing her just how much he does..then, she wants to love this way to and be able to love him right back..

She touches his face, and then caresses it.

They are still kissing, as he continuous to tease her lips, neck, jaw..

He is trying to control his ranging emotions, it was getting harder by the minute. He goes back to kissing her lips, slowly he pauses, staring down at her…he touches his hands to her hand on his face.., he removes it and then kisses it, kissing the inside of her palm.

”I want to make love to you” he whispers against her lips

She smiles ”I think i already requested that already” she whispers back

He nods kissing her ”In the heat of the moment, you forget that you are still healing?”

She doesn’t follow his eyes ”You are not going to make me feel this way and then let me go” she pulls him by the hair, he smiles laughing

”You gonna rape me?”

”If i have to” she says. She releases his hair and runs her finger through it, she leans upward to kiss him.

”We are getting bold aren’t we?” he observes with a smile

”I am a good student, am i not teacher?”

”Yes, yes you are” he kisses her nose again, and then her jawline, he groans and hides his head against her shoulders

She laughs ”What?”

”I don’t want to hurt you?”

”Doctor said i am healing fast, i don’t think a little..erm..” she trails off as her cheeks burns.

Look at her acting like a little slut, surely Tinny-B would be ashamed. But she bet she could visual Tinny-B right now telling her ”Girl if you don’t crab that dxxk and show him whose’s boss, am a slap your face back to Jerusalem and ask baby Jesus to mercy for passing up a good dxxk!..

She blushes at her thoughts.

He chuckles ”Why are you blushing?”

She thins her lips ”Nothing, just silly random thoughts” she bites her lips

”Argh! You need to stop biting your lips like that” he groans


”Er, it’s a turn on”

”So when i bite my lips like this it turn your on?” she bites her lips

His eyes dims ”yes”

”Hmm, so..how many bites should get you to lose it?”

”Alexander?” he warns

”Come on..how many, i mean..this girl right now..is begging, i mean, you can’t just advice yourself to tell me you love me, no how did you put it..’‘I am crazily inlove with you Alexander’‘ You can’t just pull that stuff on me, kiss me like heaven, have me feeling like…like if i don’t know how to explain it, like making me feel all tingling all over ..and then you let me go..no Darlene, i am going to turn you on till all you want to do is get on with me” she laughs mischievously

He shakes his head in laughter ”You are the worst i swear” he smiles down at her as she laughs ”You have a beautiful laugh” he observes ”And i like the sound of Darlene”

”And you kisses are divine, literally” she bites her lips again, and i really really want you..” she whispers ”Like i have never wanted anyone before..” she whispers ”And maybe if you are nice and make me keep feeling what i am feeling right now, i can call you darlyne all day every day” she winks

”If you think i don’t want to make love to you right now then you shouldn’t have that thought. i am literally controlling myself. In as much as i want to, i need to think about you, you are still healing and i won’t you to exert yourself” he tells her, she groans, he laughs

He rolls off her body, and then carefully pulled her up on his body. She laid on his bared chest, he still had the towel wrapped around his waist. Her head is rested on his chest, his hand over her back as he runs his fingers up and down her shoulders, smelling her hair. She could feel him smile.



”What?” she pushes,

”Do you know what this means now?”

”What what means now?”

”Tonight, this moment, us?”


”It means that you are my girlfriend”

She laughs ”Eh, eh Mr…i didn’t realize i signed another contract”

she felt him frowns , ”Speaking off” he kisses her forehead, and then moves her away from his body, he goes to the drawer and pulls out the document and then turns to her ”We do not need this anymore” he says bringing it to her ”You want to do the honors or i should?”

”Break- a-leg!” she mutters watching him as she sat up on the bed, pushing her legs under her. He nods, he rips off the documents and then tosses it into his bin. He turns to face her, folding his arms he leans on the table .

”Why the serious face?” she observes

”I want to take care of you Alexander, i want to protect you, i want to fight the goddamn world for you, I do not want to see you in this pain, ever, nor in danger..right now, right this moment, my family, you and then every other person fellows. I love you, ”

”You already told me you love me, remember” she smiles loving the way he said it with his voice thick with emotion.

”No! i do not think you understand how much, because i do not , but..i literally want to protect you.”

”Now you scaring me”

”For has long as i can remember and be able to love and understand, i have had things and people i love leave me..they always leave, the only people i have close to perfect is my parents and then…there was Christine and-” he trails off, she blinks..

”Do you still care or love her’?” A tint of jealously grips up her shoulders

He shakes his head ”Not even the slightest”

”You are scared i would leave?”

”I am more scared that they would take you away from me, that’s why this..” he points at her tummy ”Scares the shit out of me, i do not want anything else to happen to you Alexander, i wont be able to bear it”

”Nothing will!” she whispers

”You have got to listen to me, please..do what i need you to do, stay when i ask you to stay, go when i ask you to go”

”I am not leaving the city” her vice is firm, a tiny bout of anger shows.

He shakes his head coming to her, ”Relax miss fiery hot temper! You do not realize that now that i know i love you, you aren’t leaving my sight ” he whispers to her ”I just want to protect you and keep you safe, that is all, can you understand that?” he caresses her cheeks.

She nods

””So, can we talk about you not returning to your job?”

”What would i do?’

”Anything else…i won’t let girlfriend be doing that..ever again”

She laughs ”I did mention that i still didn’t realize i signed a new contract, did you miss that?” She inquired.

”Nope” he smiles ”You didn’t get the memo?”

”Er…Which is?” she raises an eyebrow ”Invisible memo?”

”When a guy says he loves a girl,and they have a little make out session,that’s an official seal to dating”

”Oh,i must have missed the memo, sorry, i don’t date stray dogs”

”Ohh!!!! Touch down, knock down, Alexander one, Jaime nil” he holds his chest and then jerks, and jerks ‘Mayday! Mayday!…man down! I repeat, man down!…..” he falls to the bed, Alexander roars in laughter.

”You are such a clown” she joked hitting him, he plops sideways on the bed and then stares at her

”See, that laughter?, that is what i want to hear always, this..this right here, is what i want to have on a daily…this crazy ass woman who got me riled up when i met her is what i want…see how this makes sense, all of this… ”

”Hmm, ”


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