Alexander woke up with a start as she screams ”Jaime!!’ as she sat up almost immediately.

Her eyes opening in fear, her hands shaking and her heart about to burst. She stares at the bed and then the room, her father wasn’t laughing down at her nor was she tied and naked on the bed. She stares at the door, her heart in her mouth.

But it stared back at her, bare. There was no Jaime, nor was there blood making a pool to the bed.

She lets out a small sob as she closes her mouth, her eyes were wet, her body shaking . ”It was a dream!!!” she breaths. ”It was just a dream” she cried into her hands. ”But it felt real, so real! But it is a dream – it” she trails off noticing something was wrong.

Where is Jaime? Why is the bed empty..where..Oh God!!!

Then she jumps up from the bed ”Jaime?” and pads to the door, with one swing she pulls it up and then rushes downstairs screaming his name..

”Jaime!!!” JAIME!!!!!”

”Alexander, what’s wrong?” Tinny-B rushes out of the opposite room, sighting the hysterical Alexander she flies down the stairs and then grabs her ”Alexander what’s wrong?” fear fills her voice, she had never seen her friend this way before ”Baby talk to me, what’s wrong?”

”Jaime!” she choked ”Jaime, where is Jaime -He ..” she turns around ”JAIME!!!!!!!”

Another door flies open , Adam rushes out, a gun in hand where nothing but his brief , He walks briefly to her , Alert as his eyes scans the area, Tinny-B is trying to calm her down ”Alexander, calm down, what is it?”

”JAIME!” She screams

”What is wrong, what happened?” he turns her to face him , ‘What happened Damnit!”

Two other doors flies open, about a dozen guards appeared in the room, guns showing and pointed in all areas…

”Jaime! Oh my God where is Jaime ?” she cries ”Where is he?”

”Check the parameters, did anyone see anything?” Adam says over his shoulders

”No..it’s been quiet and–” one of them says ,

”The fxxk is going on here, find him” Adam yells suddenly scared something had happen to him

The front door opens, Jaime walks in with a frown on his way…”What’s going on?” he asks removing the ear-piece in his ears and the small towel he had over his neck.

Alexander cries in relief as she nudges them away and runs to him, she grabs him into a hug and then cries..

”Babe, what’s wrong, why-”

She was shaking he noticed , he wraps his arms around her ”Baby, talk to me..what’s wrong, please?” she kept crying and holding him even tighter ”What the hell happened?” he asks no one in particular

”She erm..she just kept screaming for you like..i don’t know” Tinny-B trails off running a hand through her hair ”I don’t know, she seemed deathly pale…as though she –” she trails off

Understanding now, he closes and then opens his eyes, he grabs her tight ”It’s okay, it’s okay”

Adam turns and then nods, the security details suddenly vacate the room.

”Oh God Jaime!!” she cried

”It’s just a bad dream, a bad dream okay?”

”No, it felt so real like -” she sniffs pulling away ”Like you-” she touches his chest and then ran her hand over it ”Like you were bleeding from a gut to your stomach, by the door and he was–” she trails off covering her mouth ”Oh God it felt so real and i wanted to die” she cries

He pulls her to him again, she sobs even more..

”Damn, never seen her like this before”Tinny-B says worried

Adam nods ”Something must have scared her badly ” he says sighing ”Come on’ lets give them some privacy ”


They both walk away leaving Alexander and Jaime alone.

He pulls her with him, he sinks into a chair and then carries her as he would a child. Alexander leans on him as she tries to calm down.


”Yes?” she managed

”What were you thinking about before you slept?” he hugs her to him, his jaw resting on her head

”I don’t know- ”

”Look? You had a bad dream and it might be as a result of what you had in mind”

She shakes her head ”I wasn’t thinking about your death before i slept Jaime-”

He is quiet, he takes her hand and then kisses it ”It doesn’t necessarily mean you were, it could mean that you were and are worried for my safety ”

”You were not in my dream, it was real- you were not just bleeding out, you were already dead. It felt as real as anything” she sniffs

”Babe, it was a dream”

”Promise me you would be safe today, please, I do not have a good feeling at all and i have never been this scared for another person like this, Promise me!”

”You do not have a good feeling because you know everything about my life, and Jimmy, and then all of it, so you feel that there is danger lurking around”

”He won’t give up easily, i do not believe he would”

”I told you the Chief of Police has eyes on him and plus the place would be crawling with securities and plus..i know my brother can be..erratic and all but- there is a no danger there Alexander”

”I don’t believe it!” she is shaking her head ”And you do not believe what you just said either. With all what you told me last night- you cannot believe what you just said” she points out

He sighs ” You are right, i do not but- ” he takes in a deep breath ”I do not always have to think the worst of my brother. I used to look up to him and wanted to be like him..but when i realized that that drunken night he lets it all out – i knew that…the hate he had in his heart was real and its all because he was and is angry at father for the death of his mother, not even trying to see the glaring truth that his mother OD-ed, and that she caused her own death and that it broke my father too..he only felt he was the only one who lost someone and he blamed father for it- and maybe even hated him more for moving on, for falling and marrying my mother, for me.

He said to me once ”Jaime will never be my replacement, he would never be!!!”’ Jaime smiles sadly shaking his head ” I thought he was just angry when he said that to father, i was standing there, barely ten there, but i felt the hate but i was a kid, i would never believe my brother hated me but that drunken night babe, a day i would never forget and i stared down at him, my heart breaking, shaking and tears in my eyes ”Tell me all this is a lie Jimmy, tell me you are just drunk and angry and you didn’t do those things and that you love me, you love father and then mother” i grabbed him and then asked him ” Jaime shakes his head again

”Jimmy spat and then he laughed hitting me away he laughed and then he turns to me, his eyes darkened ”I hate you Jaime, i hate you and that slut in there can and will never be my mother and i pray you all die and i want you all to die..you took my life and you made it yours, you took my father away from me and had him love you more than he did me and left me alone- you and your mother will never have the joy and peace my mother never got to enjoy. Jacob Wellington killed my mother, the only one who loved me, took care of me and then gave him all for me- Jacob killed her and then left her, and then me and then he had you and her? ” Jaime smiles sadly again recounting that night years ago , he continued

”-I will make your life a living hell, i will i promise you- so do this hmmm, do this and i would let you live maybe- tell him to give you up and then give me all- then i promise i might even consider letting you keep your name”

Jaime sighs ”And again, i left that night torn – i knew he was drunk and when people are drunk they tend to say things they don’t mean, so- i was already torn but i told myself- by tomorrow, he would be himself; the brother i had always loved- but the next day, he saw me and i asked him if he remembered what he told me that night and he stared at me- I may be drunk, but whatever i said is what i am- now you know..so Jaime boy- would you do what i want or you want me to make all i said last night into a reality- ? Then i knew that the man i considered brother and loved was nothing other than a heartless fool- one who would go to any length to get what he wanted.

The first time he told me he was serious was when i was having a conference and then he made a statement . You know, we had a fight the night before and he was forcing my hand, i told him to get lost- then he said, ”maybe by tomorrow you would know i ain’t about to play dolls with you– and then the next day during the conference, his call came in while i was talking, i ignored it and then his message came in ”If you survive this- great, if you don’t- say hi to my momma for me, ”

Before i could assimilate what he meant, a shot was fired, i was pushed to the ground by my then security..there were screams and all..then i felt him, choking on me, i reached for him ”

Jaime stares at his hands ”The bullet ripped through his skull and blood gushed out- he died in my hands – he protected me and then died in my arms Alexander, and i didn’t have a chance to tell him i was sorry for letting my brother do this, that i was sorry i didn’t realize he would die for me. Then almost immediately Jimmy’s message came in ”Damnit, maybe the gods want you alive for a little more…oh well, how about we have that conversation again pretty boy.?.gimme me what i want or maybe someone close to you might be getting options too- say father , mother, oh…how about that Christine girl you used to date? would you feel bothered if i imprint her wherever she is with some bullets? hahaha”

What was i supposed to do Alexander? I couldn’t do anything? Not when Mother started having threatening calls and having a few scares from random strangers, and when one day she was pushed down the stairs and almost died? No babe, i wanted and had to keep my family alive and the only way was to give him what he wanted..and i tried to- ensuring to change me name from Wellington to Lockswire, taking on my mother’s maiden name. Father was hurt but he let me, then i began doing all this to make father disappointed in me, cut me off and stuff but that fox..i feel he kept seeing right through me and realizing i wasn’t myself so he didn’t budget, he didn’t.

The fights, the quarrels and all i had to do to make him hate me, the embarrassment, the women, the bad press and reputation, every damn thin Alexander, father tells me ”I love you son, i love you madly, and i know you, this is not you, s i won’t give up on you- you’ll come back to us one day, and we would be waiting and i screamed at him – he should love his son Jimmy, he should tell that to Jimmy and he said – You don’t know how many times i went into the dark to pull him out, a thousand times i did, when he spat at me , cursed me, hurt me, hurt you and Gem…so many times i did- and every time he lashed out and hurt me more until the day it almost killed me..and i had to let go-

there is a difference when a child loves you and throws tantrums and there is a difference when you see a glaring truth- And the truth i had to stop denying was that Jimmy hates me , hates all of us..why do i need to keep fighting for a son who gave up on me a long long time ago? It would end up killing me so i am done chasing him. God knows i love him because i still give him what he wants but i would love him from afar and when he decides to come home, i would be waiting , but until then- i would love what God has gifted me, a second chance and i would take it and protect it viciously.

I held you in my arms Jaime, and i saw those beautiful eyes of yours when you stared at me..they were full of love and for the first time…i cried, i cried so hard it shook me-

I have always wanted that unconditional , undiluted and un-measured love from Jimmy- but all i see is darkness and fiery- but you..even when you act out and cuss and do all this things i see you do- when you look at me- all i see is pain and regret and a thousands words translating to say -I am sorry father, i love you””

A tear slids down his eyes ”And i know, that whatever you are going through and can’t tell me, it’s okay- i know you love me, and your mother and even your brother- so i will not give up on you, never!” Another tear slids down, Alexander reaches for his face and then wipes it again, her heart breaking for him

Jaime sniffs ”So- you see Alexander” he held her hands ”i was hurting people i love for him, because i felt i needed to please him so that he would see that i was in no competition with him, nor am i taking his place. He would always come first..always..but Jimmy like one in-satiated wanted more and more and maybe i would have succeeded in making father sign all to him and cutting me off..maybe, if i kept on pushing harder and then i said- maybe if i play one last hand by getting a handler and then claiming i was depressed and dangerous and all that razz- with the public calling for my head for the safety for the city , father would have no choice but you Alexander came and messed up my world” he smiles

”And i am grateful, because meeting you made me realize that i had to stand up to me fears, my demons and that protecting my family is not by cowering in fear and letting the bad win, is by standing infront of them and taking the bad head on- so that day, seeing how you tricked me and went to the company and then on live Tv stood up to Jimmy?- oh God- i didn’t realize when i started running- i didn’t realize then that i was running to you because i loved you and didn’t want to lose you- i thought i was only running to save my family and stuff but when i got there- i realized that- screw it! i can only protect my family if i stand up to him, and i did-

It’s like you gave me strength – like i could do anything- and i did- i won that day, to him, to my fears and to my demons – now- i believe i can face anything, any damn thing – i can face him and tell him to his face – I take my life Jimmy, i take my family and i will keep them save from you- throw me all you got- this time i wont take the piss sitting down” he nods ”And that’s what i am doing . I am not going to cower in fear because Jimmy may have one or two things up his sleeves? No- i would be protecting my family whatever he has to throw..so he can bring it , i am not running anymore- ” he turns her to face him ” So like i said, i have eyes on ground just incase, i will be fine, nothing would happen, i promise” he lifts her jaw with an index finger ” I promise, it was only a bad dream..nothing else”


”Smile for me”

”Don’t feel like”

”That’s okay” he pulls her to him

”But where did you go to this morning?” she was curious

”I erm – went for a run?” he hugs her tight, she felt something in his pocket,

”What’s this?”

His eyes grows big, he reaches for her hand and then pulls it away ”Nothing! Come on- let me bath you, you smell” he lifts her and then throws her over his shoulders, spanking her butt once for effects

”Ouch!!” She yells laughing ”I do not smell…hey!!”

”Yes, baby needs a clean shower and i would rub every inch of your body clean smelly-smelly Alexander smelly” he sang laughing as he pads up the stairs with her over his shoulders, he kicks his door open and then spanks her again playfully.

She yells again laughing ”I will get you Jaime, put me down!” she laughs

”On the bed–or on the floor? Okay- floor!” he made to drop her

She screams ”No no NO!”

”Oh women, what do you really want? Drop me! i want to drop you..NOOOOO! Don’t drop me..see, indecision, pick a struggle woman- drop or not to drop?!”‘

”Hug!!” she pouts from his shoulders and then made a face

He laughs, then he pulls her down slowly from the waist down to his front, he wraps her legs around him and then held her, she has her hands round his neck , staring at him, he is still walking them to the toilet door ” he pauses at the door with her ”You are the best thing that ever happened to me Alexander, i hope you know that?”

She shakes her head

”I mean it babe, you are”

Then she felt that bubbling emotion about to burst through her, and she knew for certain that he was the best thing that had happened to her to..the only best thing in her life that makes sense, that felt right and meant right… she breaths closing her eyes, then she opens them to stare at him ”And you are my most precious gift, my happiness, my pleasant smile- MINE!’ she whispers, her voice thick with emotion, her heart bursting with electrifying energy she had never felt.

Is this what love is? Is thus what love feels like? That sensation she felt in her heart the way it is coursing through her body, different from the way she feels when she is horny and wants to be made love to by him.

This was different, new..it made her feel lightheaded as though drunk and she had not had a drink in weeks, it made her feel as though she wanted to fly and yet she was barely touching the ground because he carried her- but this made her feel as though she was in the clouds, flying..

The feeling was making her heart feel as though it is filled wit bubbles, and her tummy is crawling with butterflies and her heart keep expanding as though it’s about to burst.

Is this love? What she is feeling…? Is this love?’

This was more than the way she felt when she realized she liked him, liked every tiny detail about him when he confessed his love to her. This is more than when she is happy and her happiness was freedom but this was more..this was more, so much more that she can’t explain the level of happiness, the joy..the peace that squeezes through her..

Is this love?”

She stares at the man making her feel this way..

Is this love, has she finally realized what love is? This feelings and emotions playing poker inside her, –

Alexander thinks to herself…

Can she able to live without him? No!

Will her life ever remain thesame again? No!

Does she like him ? God yes!

Want him all the time ?” Yes!

Love the way he loves her ? God knows that’s a billions yeses!

‘Does she love him? My God, if what i am feeling makes any sense at all …then yes…yes!! Then she has fallen madly in love with Jaime Lockswire … that is the only thing that makes no sense but does right now…that is the only thing she has got to be feeling…love, wonderful sweet sweet happy love for this man.


She breaths , her eyes pooling , she has fallen madly inlove with him too…

A tear drops, she covers her mouth

He shakes his head, removing her hands from her mouth, he stares at her ”No tears babe, no tears, why are you sad, why are you crying?”

‘My God!!” she laughs ”Oh God!!” she hugs him and then begin kissing him all over his face ”I am not sad now, i am happy, i am crying from happiness , from realizing that you mean the world to me, right this moment- you mean the fxxking world to me!” she kisses his lips, and kept kissing him

”God i love you!” he whispers as he turns away from the door leading to the bathroom and then sinks into the bed with her ”’I love you so much”’ he kisses her back and he kept telling her at every breath.

He makes love to her slowly, whispering sweet endearments to her, making her his over and over again till she called out his name.

He went with her, he fell with her and they shattered together, in love, in harmony..in passionate ecstasy..and then he caught her while she fell, falling beside her they fell down to earth…satiated.

He kisses her lids, her nose, and then her lips , wishing he could ask her to marry him this very moment but then again, he had already spoken to his mother, she would kill him if he ruins it out.

”Why are you smiling?”

”Because i cannot imagine not having you in my life!”

”Oh, you would get bored” she says hugging him, he is still ontop of her, still inside her.

He chuckles ”I won’t..”

”You will!”

”We shall see”he kisses her again so so he isn’t tempted to ask . ”Come let me go bath you” he pulls away and then grabs her by the leg, she laughs as he pulls her to him, she opens her arms and then he lifts her as he would a baby ”Come baby, lets save water”’ he pads with her to the bathroom, turns on the shower , he kisses her before he began to latter her body with the sponge

She giggles all through.


Adam is lost in thoughts, he didn’t notice when Tinny-B pushes a plate of evenly spread peanut butter on bread to him, nor the glass of juice

”You okay?” she nudges him pulling her seat closer, she seats

”Yeah!” he nods, ”Thank you”

”You welcome” she takes a bite ”So…who are you taking for this thing later on?”

He smiles ”I wold be working”

”All work and no play makes Adam a very very dull boy” she teases

”Oh well…”

”Hey, you cannot say you don’t have a little fun?”

”By fun you mean?”

”I don’t know, go out on a date or something”

He chuckles turning to her ”Are you asking me out Tinny-B?”

She smiles ”What if i am?”

He shakes his head ”Tinny-B..i erm.. i don’t erm…look you are a beautiful girl but erm–”

Then it dawns on her , ”Erm…never mind, i was just being silly” she says getting up and then leaving him stare after her

”Damnit Tinny-B, stupid!!” she says beating herself up and then exiting the door

”She didn’t even let me finish?” Adam frowns to himself, shaking his head he finishes up the bread and Juice, and then leaves.


An hour later he gets a call. He sends a text message to Jaime, he grabs his keys and then leaves.


”Hey girl?” Tinny-B manages a smile as Alexander enters the room ”You okay?”

Alexander walks to the bed and then sinks on it ”Yes, it was just a dream, scared me to pieces.”

Tinny-B comes to her and then hugs her ”It’s okay. You okay now?”

She nods

‘Great, so we have a few hours to kill, whatcha wanna do?”

”I don’t know”

”Where is Jaime?”

”In his study, seemed so serious that place so i didn’t want to bug him” she smiles ”You know what? How about we take a ride to go see a movie?”

”Movies are great at night and this is a Saturday morning..would be boring”

Alexander sighs ”Oh, i am bored” she pouts

”Baby, you cannot get bored here..i mean this house is huge, servants and security crawling the place…Jaime , the hot sexy stud to your beck and call, you shouldn’t be bored. Unlike me who just got rejected ”

Alexander frowns ”hey, who dares to?” she pulls her to the bed

”Adam, that fine man”

”Aww, i am sorry!” she hugs her friend

‘Its okay, i was just shooting my shot” she smiles ”Picked up that slang from an African article..oh well, guess it wasn’t made for me plus it’s not overtime a call girl gets her dreams of a dashing fine man falling for her unlike you so…it’s fine”

”Hey! Look i would tell you what you told me, one day-”

”Oh shut up!” Tinny-B laughs clamping her friend’s mouth shut ”i hate to hear my advice.” She gets up ”The party would be scrawling and breathing with finer men, who says i might not see my Prince charming, wait- i am invited right?”

”Who says huh? I am sure Gem wouldn’t mind me bring a friend and you both have met so…Jaime said you can come so…”


” So..where to?”

”You do realize that we won’t be alone, Jaime would have his security gumming your hip”

She smiles ”I know, maybe i should live like a celebrity for a day, won’t hurt..come go get your ass in the shower you hoe..lets drive down town..i feel ontop of the world and i want to scream it at the top of my voice like- ” she stands on the bed, spread her hands wide and then twirls ‘I LOVE YOU JAIME LOCKSWIRE,..I LOVE YOU MADLY, INSANELY AND OUT OF THIS WORLD…I LOVE YOU!!!” She yells

”Oh my God Alexander!?” A shocked Tinny-B stares at her

”Yes, yes!!!” Alexander says placing both hands to her face ”Yes, i love him, i am inlove with him and i am so happy so happy i want to explode”

”Oh my God!” Tinny-B squeals in excitement as she jumps on the bed, hugging her friend ”Have you told him?”

An excited Alexander shakes her head ”Later tonight, it’s surprise and i need a few hours to digest this amazing realization like…what the fxxk! I am in love , inlove!!!! I would tell him later ”

‘Hey go tell him, he would be ontop of the moon!”

”Nah!……later, after the party, oh God i can’t wait!” she screams as they laugh and hug each other more ”Go go shower, i need to dance and scream and be loud, be happy and free….whoah!!!” Alexander jumps

”Alright alright” Tinny-B dashes into the bathroom, Alexander jumps and then lands on the bed, flinging her back on it, she covers her face and then screams into it in happiness, stamping her feet to the bed multiple times.

”I am inlove , i am in love i am inlove i am in love i am inlove with that beautiful man Jaime Lockswire, my man, mine..mine mine” she squeals singing

Tinny-B pushes her head out of the toilet and then stares at her ”You are not going mad are you?”

”I am i love, in love …in lovvvvvvvvvveeeeee!” she sang

Tinny-b roars in laughter ”Oh dear Lord, what has Jaime done to my friend?” she laughs watching the once robotic Alexander dance and sing and then yelling how much she is inlove.

There, there, that is what i have always wanted for you Alexander, you deserve it. Tinny-B thinks to herself watching her friend ”You deserve it” she says…



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