Salim is staring out the window of his office, he is pensive.

”Sir?” someone calls behind him, he doesn’t turn.


He rubs his jaw ”What?’

”We’ve gone through all firewalls, broken down stuff bridges. Nothing. This guy is practically a saint”

”Jimmy is nothing of a saint. It does not make sense. If Steve found something then that means it’s there, it can’t just disappear into thin air”

”Well, if you believe this isn’t fabricated”

Salim turns to face the officer. ”I may not have really known Steve, but i hear he is one of the good like really good one, everyone spoke highly of him. I am made to believe he ghosted on the day of his death?”

The officer nods ”No one to his colleagues”

”That is the question we should be asking. The day before his death, what was he working on?”

The Officer frowns ”Told you already, he was working the Mayor’s son’s case before Gareth pulled him out”


”Said something about taking over”

”And Steve didn’t show up at work the next day and he gets into an accident and then died, that is way too convenient. My take, he found something, which is these right here” he dangles the phone and then points to the files they have printed from it ”My other take is that Jimmy found out and then silenced him. Now with this investigation Jaime Lockswire had put on him, what other way to hide your tracks if not to sink evidence which makes these…inconsequential” he snaps

The officer blinks ”Meaning?”

”This can’t be used a s proper evidence in court, This is Exhibit A , yes, but there has to be a source..which we obviously don’t have because well..it is not there”

”Oh!” the officer nods understanding

”So what do we do?”

”What can we do? We can’t obviously arrest him, and probably what we can do is to put him on watch 27/7 and i wish i can bug and track him but we can’t obviously, that was be trespassing and we can get sewed for that..it’s just messed up”

The officer eyes his boss ”Why do you think he is guilty of these crimes he was accused off Sir, just curious”

Salim looks at him ”Instincts, police instincts plus..i have known the Wellingtons a long time, i know the family, Jimmy has not been a saint, but nothing tangible to hold him too. Possibly got good at covering his tracks..who knows” He sighs

”So what do we do about this?”

”Nothing, we can’t find anything. But i believe this..i do believe this evidence”

”Well if these evidence are facts, Mr Jimmy had a pretty good hacker to clean off his blemishes, the guy is an almost Jesus with a sparkling recording tracks.”

”You see, that is not right, but we can’t prove it can we?”

He shakes his head .

”Get me Gareth and the others, i need to know what the hell got into their heads at the heritage election, Gareth especially. Something is most definitely off. Infact, look into all of them”

”Yes Sir”


”Explain to me what happened Gareth, why the hell were you following Jimmy’s orders?” Salim is leaning towards the table

”Sir, she reached for her coat, first instincts was to protect lives in there”

”Even when i told you to step down?”

”Sir..what if it were a gun?”

”It wasn’t but you were asked to step down and you refused, albeit listening to Jimmy and ignoring a direct order more than once”

He doesn’t say anything .

”You do know that Jimmy is being investigated?”

He nods

”Good. I need to know…do you both have any sort of relationship that should be questioned?”

”None Sir”

”Is that so?”

”Yes Sir”

Salim smiles ”Then you don’t mind if i sniff around your ass would you?”

Gareth’s eyes grows big and then he adjusts immediately ”Sir, are you insinuating anything?”

”If i am, should i be worried?”

”No..no sir”

‘Gone. Ordinarily, for disobeying your superior and almost putting an innocent girl’s life in danger, you should be suspended indefinitely but, we would make it temporary, maybe two weeks max. In the main time, we are going to look into you Garth, you know why…it makes no sense that a man who was working the Jaime’s case is pulled out the night before his death, and the supposed forensic report got burnt and what have you.” And the one i have on my desk…it’s being denied and claimed none and void. See how that don’t seat well with me?”

”I ..i suppose”

”Good. I don’t like what stench i am perceiving so i want the foul smell to be abated that means, until i can smell my office and my environs scenting like roses…i don;t want to see your face. Which means, until i am sure that there is nothing more to this about you and Jimmy, then you can be reinstated, your boys get three weeks suspension without pay too. You are dismissed”

”Yes sir”

Gareth is working out the door ”Gareth?”

”Yes Sir”

”Drop your access details to your computer and codes, archives. Drop your keys too and all..do not, i repeat, do not go to your desk or pick up shit from it..just walk out of the police station and don;t return till you get a call from me , Understand?”

Gareth spares him a look ”Yessir”

He leaves, his heart beating fast. Salim steps out of his officer and watches him drop his details with his Secretary.

He tries not to look back so that he doesn’t think he was about to disobey him. He pauses at his office, and then continues to walk ahead.

Salim calls out to someone, he could hear him giving instructions. Gareth continues to walk till he leaves the station.

He should have wiped his computer, deleted his hard drive. There were some files that were stored as leverage.

If they find it, he is fxxked, so is Jaime and every fxxktard they had done business with for years.

He has to cal Jimmy, what would they do.

He wondered if he should just take his father out of town tonight and then join them in a few days after he does some change of identity.

He stares back at the station.

He should never had left sensitive information there.

He enters his car reversing. He had given them the wrong code, but he knew they would call for the right one, that would buy him a few hours of time to decide what the fxxk he was going to do.

Get his computer and fry it. But how can he do that when he can;t get back into the station?


Then he sees him, putting off a cigarette and then about to enter the station

”Psst! Frank?”

The officer turns and then looks at him ‘What?” he is crossing the road.. ”Shouldn’t you be in detention?”

”I got let go, Salim be smoking some stupid joint putting me in detention. He is always kissing the ass of the Mayor.” Gareth cocks his head to the side seeing a folded envelop in his arms ”Where you been? If i am right, you should not be on patrol duty this week. You on desk, how come you are out by this time”

”Had to attend to some urgent family business”

”Ah, i see”

”What you call me for” The officer inquired.

”I need a favor, life and death. You have got to be discreet”

”When you say discreet…”

”I mean shit in a hole buried discreet”

”I don’t do shirts like that”

”That’s what you said two years ago and then you smuggled in a coke just because. You got fat checks turning a blind eye to the Nolan stripes when they went off to Italy on that Gastly case. Turned saint since then?”

”The only reason you didn’t bust my ass is because you got a cut..” He points at him angrily.


”So you have no torch to hold over my head. So fix up your own damn shit asshole” He is working away, Gareth stops him, he is desperate.

”Hey hey, you don’t need to get angry. Okay i apologize okay. we cool ai-ight!! Look, it’s simple okay, just-”

”Anything that would make me get caught, i am out”

”Don’t be an arse, you won’t get caught, you hardly ever do so…”

”What exactly is this you want” The man cocks his head to the side ”And if i am doing this, it ain’t for free so what is it?”

”Fry my computer, now if you can”

Frank laughs ”You crazy you know that right?”

”Name your price”

Frank smiles.

Today has been a good day for him. The man at the pub wants some fool in cell to be silenced, and Gareth standing infront of him whats him to fry his system. More money to clean up people’s mess. His specialty. This would be easy-peasy.

”A hundred and fifty”

”Fxxk you”

”Well…” He backs away



Gareth is angry ”Half now, half later”

”Upfront or you do it yourself.”

”You know i can get anyone for a lesser price?” he threatens him

”Good luck with that” Now he is jogging away

”Fine. FINE DAMNIT !!”

Frank pauses at the entrance and smiles.

Yes, today is a good day.

”I”ll tell you my details, i see it, i fry your shit. Adieus punk!!” he disappears

”Fxxk!!” Gareth mutters pulling out his phone and driving off. ”Fxxk!!


Kennedy is on the floor, he is bleeding.

Jaime is held to the wall, two officers had come in to restrain him

”Sir..calm down, we cannot let you do this, we are sorry”

”Move damnit!!”


Jaime closes and then opens his eyes, he tries to clam his anger. He flexes his fist, it hurts from punching Kennedy to a pulp. He didn’t know he could do so much damage to a man like this.

”Fine, fine!” he sighs nodding his head. ”I am not done talking to him though, so if you don’t mind, step away”

The officers look at him, and then at the man on the floor who is bleeding from his nose and then his mouth, they look at each other. ”Sir..”

”I said i won’t hit him again, so step away and shut the door behind you. ”

Sighing they step away, and then pull Kennedy to the chair, then leaves the room.

Jaime eyes him in anger. But he resolved to control it. He pulls out the chair opposite him and then seats down, staring at the man who would have passed for an innocent business man.

It is true you never know the devil even if he is seating next to you.

He stares at his fist, he should get it into ice. He grimaces in numb pain.

Kennedy is laughing, Jaime shoots his head up, Kennedy spits out blood and chuckles ”Where is Alexander..is she..?” he trails off.

Jaime’s eyes dims , but he is curious ” I have one question, why did you do it?”

Kennedy who had been slouching seats up, he spits out blood again ”Do what?”

”Don’t play smart”

He chuckles ”You are the smart one, so you ask smart questions then I answer you”

”Why did you attack Alexander? Why did you shoot her, was she was random chick to you or you sort her out, where you following her or..i am curious”

”Is she dead?” Jaime notices some thing in his voice

”Answer me!” he sneers

Kennedy stares at him ”You want the truth or you want the lie?”

”Answer me damnit!!” Jaime hits the table, Kennedy didn’t flinch

”Let me put it out there, I didn’t pull the trigger, since no one is asking. I would never have thought to hurt her, never like that” He looks away , his voice is low. Jaime had to lean in


”I would never hurt her like that..i…i would never hurt her” He whispers staring at his hands

Jaime laughs ”You must be mad, you held out a gun and you shot her”

”I held my gun to scare her, not to shot her. Is she dead?”

Jaime is tempted to slam his fist into his face again, how dare he ask about her status.

”Please tell me, is she dead. Please!” he begs

”You tried, but you failed” Jaime sneers ”And there won’t be a second trial, because you aren’t getting out of here and you are going to pay for attempted rape and murder and maybe for crimes you may have committed and the law is yet to find out, i can assure you that we would find out and-”

Kennedy is laughing, he laughs and laughs hard.

Jaime stands up, he was going to make him beg, he was going to-

”Thank God..Thank God!” Kennedy exclaims happily, Jaime is confused as he pauses about to grab him.

Then it hits him, this man was a psychopath. He was delusional. He had to be.

Kennedy stops laughing and then he stares at him ”I am glad she made it. Now…back to you. I didn’t shot her. That i can swear”

”What the hell are you saying? I saw you, everyone saw you, you are lucky she is alive and-”

”I only wanted to scare her, i didn’t fxxking shot!!” Kennedy states, seeing that Jaime didn’t believe him, he continuous ”It was Jimmy, he-”

Jaime is shaking his head ”He tried to stop you and-”

Kennedy laughs ”You are a fool Jaime Lockswire, do you believe that?” He leans in ”You have enemies Jaime, do you not know?”

Jaime frowns suspecting he is trying to manipulate him and taking the light away from him , he centers back on Alexander.

He needed to know what this man had against her, she can’t just be a random girl he picked out of the crowd. ”Why did you attacker her then and why did you come for her again, why? You know you aren’t getting out of here, you are getting life and I pray you rot in jail. Scums like you don’t deserve a chance to live”

Kennedy laughs ”Really? I see. ” he looks at him ”Where is Alexander since you want to focus on her lover boy, i would like to see her?”

”If you think I am telling you, you must be out of your mind. So you can plan an attack? Oh i forgot, you can’t!”

”She is alive, that is all that matters” his voice is lowered..Jaime frowns at the look of relief crosses his eyes.

‘For a maniac, you seem concerned”

”that’s because I didn’t shot her, I didn’t want to hurt her…i..i love her”

Jaime is shocked, then he is shaking his head ”Love?”

He nods

Jaime grabs him and then slams him to the wall ”You filth, you scum of the earth, how dare you speak of love?”

The door opens ”Get the fxxk out” he barks at them, the officers close the door. He leans closer to his face ”You dare speak of love when you almost had an innocent girl killed, you despicable human!!!”

Kennedy chokes ”It is true, I love her, since the first day I saw her, I can get angry and lash out but..i always want to love and protect her, not to hurt her, not like that , I love her, I want her…she is my life, my all, my Alexander”

Jaime, disgusted slams him again and watches him slide to the floor crying ”You are sick” he turns way ”If you think this act would save you , you are wrong, you are going to pay. I would make sure you never hurt her again,never. You will not plead insanity if you think this acting would save you. You are a cold calculative psychotic criminal. You do not deserve a place among the freed. I swear by Alexander, you will pay for hurting her. You will never hurt her or any woman again.” He points at him.

Kennedy begins to laugh again, Jaime turns to face him, his fist folded again.

”You think you can protect her from me? You think you can protect her from harm? I only want her for me..but your friends want her dead”

”Friends?” Jaime squints his eyes as an antennae goes off in his head ”What friends?”

”Let me tell you a little story Jaime Lockswire, son of Jacob Wellington, lover of Alexander the first of her kind” he laughs ”You think you should be worried about me in here , locked up and no means of escape when you should be worried about hem out there roaming, close to you who wants her dead”


”Oh, I think you know them..”

Jaime’s eyes grows big ”Jimmy? You think Jimmy would hurt her” He didn’t believe himself too but he needed to be sure how far Jimmy would go to get what he wants.

”That is half the puzzled. He did lock her in the store room, you heard her didn’t you? But that is half of the puzzle my friend, the other half is a person, and the puzzle makes sense perfectly now” he laughs

Jaime grabs him and then pulls him up ”Who is the other”

”Maybe, If you scratch my back and I would scratch yours. I give you the name of the other person who put all this in motion, and you let me go, drop all the charges and let me go, with Alexander ofcourse”

Jaime slams him again, Kennedy cries out in pain ”You think you can fool me” He shouts into his face, Kennedy groans, coughs and then laughs

He breaths out ”Look at it this way, Jimmy you know, but the other you might not seem coming, your enemies Jaime,and if anything happens to Alexander, its on your head. I can save her, protect her and keep her safe. Let her come with me”

Jaime pushes him away, sensing danger.

Kennedy sounded serious, as though what he said were facts. He already know Jimmy hates him and would do anything to him to get what he wants. If he can threaten his brother and his father, a stranger would be nothing to him. But who is the other person working with Jimmy? If what Kennedy is saying is true, it would mean that he has to find out ‘‘Tell me what you know, who and what are they planning”

”I never said I knew if there was a plan, I just know that people hate you, one is Jimmy, the other is rather….pretty” he smiles. Jaime doesn’t understand. But something else occurs to him to.

”If you know this much, it means you are part of their plan and then attacking Alexander was in that deal too. So, you admit that you were sent to attack her?”

He nods and then shakes his head ”Yes and no, I came to town of my own volition and free well, the other event just played itself out conveniently i might add…it wasn’t supposed to end this way but…” he sighs ”Life!” Then he frowns ”But, you must believe me, I didn’t pull the trigger” He studies him ”Jimmy did. I swear it, and …I must fxxk him up for trying to play me,twice” he says in anger ”Jimmy thinks he is smart, he thinks he can ruin me ..nor, i would ruin him and make him realize he should never mess with a man on a mission” He shouts to no one in particular.

This man was more than crazy. he was the worst case of delusional, a calculated deluded criminal, Jamie concluded, but he would not let him plead insanity, he would serve his crime.

”You would rot in jail Kennedy” Jaime repeats

Kennedy stares at him ”She wouldn’t let me, she wouldn’t you do this to me” He reaches for Jaime, he pushes him away


”Alexander, she wouldn’t let me, we are family. She wouldn’t let you do this to me, she won’t!!. She would not turn a blind her to her family in suffering, i know it. i know it!!”

Jaime is shocked ”Family?”

Kennedy smiles

”What do you mean?”

Kennedy began to laugh and then whistle, he is singing even ”Oh my Alexander, I would like to see you again” he stares away from Jaime and is singing still.

”What does that mean Family?” he shakes him, Kennedy ignores him, frustrated, Jaime lets him go. It was apparent Kennedy was done talking. ”What the hell does that mean?”

Kennedy spares him a look and then ignores him again. ”Guards, i think i want to go back to my cell now” He bangs on the door.

The door opens, the security officers enters, they stare at him and then Jaime, Jaime has thoughts running through his head.


”Get him out of my sight. No one sees him, no one” he shouts at them and then makes his way out. He was heading to the hospital, Alexander has to talk to him. What did Kennedy mean? It can’t be right, it can’t be that they are family? No!


Kennedy is locked in the cell.

”I need to make a call”

”Fxxk off”

”It is life and death”

”I said fxxk off” The guard shouts back.

Kennedy frowns.

He knew if he remains here, one or two things would happened, he may die in here out of natural curses or he would be killed , and it would be on Jimmy’s orders. He had tried to kill him before, he can’t let it happen, no!.

He needs to get to Jimmy first before he gets to him.

Jimmy had pulled that trigger has he reached for it, was his intention to shot Alexander or Jaime or both, whatever the case, he needs to find away out of this cell, get Alexander and they can shot themselves up to blazes for all he cares.

He rushes to the gate again ”Tell the Chief of Police I have some information, it is urgent”


Frank walks into the station as he shoves his phone into his pocket. Gareth had sent the money, he got the alert just moments ago.

He grabs a cup of coffee, he is talking to a colleague and heading to Gareth’s office, he stops and peeks in.

Salim is in there and two officers.

”What do you mean you can’t access it, is that not the right code he sent?”

”Well i suppose but i have been trying to input but it’s saying access denied”

”Call the fool up and tell him to resend the code”

”Phone might be dead, not connecting ”The other officer states. He is going through the files in the cupboard

”Ping his phone then and know his location. I think Gareth is messing with me”

”Can’t boss, no phone access no pinging”

Salim curses

”Sir? Can i help?’

Salim looks up ”You know how to work this thing? How hacker is not on seat and i can’t get the boys down from IT. God knows where they weren’t to”

”Lunch boss” The first officer states

”Well, i can try..or..”’

”Go ahead”

Salim gives him space to find. Frank takes the seat vacated by the officer and then places the hot steaming cup of coffee close to the laptop. He held a tiny corrupter inserter flash in his hand as he held the cup.

He moves the cup close as the uses his free hand to click on the key board ”Gimme the code” he states. They do. He types it in. They are watched.

Access denied.

He tries again.

Access denied

Someone knocks on the door, they all look up ”Boss, the dude in lock down cell says he needs to talk to you, got some info that is important”

Salim and the others look up, Frank doesn’t.

”Every criminal would look for a way to get out of jail, tell him to keep it and shove it into his arse. He is going down for shooting that girl and putting everyone in danger, we have all evidence, there is nothing he can say”

While they are distracted, Frank inserts the corrupter, puts in the right code Gareth had sent to him as a message a second before he entered here. The computer access is accept, he looks up briefly, Salim is talking, the other two officers aren’t paying attention either.

He presses enter, and within a moment, the entire computer was scrambled, as a virus corrupter eats through damaging all files.

”Come on come on come on” he whispers to himself.

The other officer is saying something …

One percent to go to computer being fried.

Salim turns back to him and leans in.

”Punk ass” he swears ”Frank?”

Frank had removed the corrupter flash and held to his hot mug.

”Access denied..still” he shakes his head. ”Let me try again”

They are all leaning behind him to look. He tries the real code and then the laptop opens.

”Ah, bingo!” he smiles

”Nice work Frank, okay Duke, better get those information and what the fxxxxkk!!!!!” Salim exclaims

Frank, who had been getting up for Duke nudges him mistakenly and then his hot mug of tea pours on the laptop.

”Damnit Duke!” Frank exclaims as he moves back from the hot steaming tea splashing on him, someone reaches for the laptop and then turns it upside down to drain it.

He drops it back on the table, and then taps a button.

It came on.

”Phew!” he exclaims , Salim is relieved , ‘Get to work”

Duke sat down, and then taps a button again, and just like that, the screen begin to fade out, scrambled fonts, and just like lights out…there was a sound and the puff…

”Whoa!..what the hell!!” Frank exclaims leaning in..

”No no no no no”!! Salim is stating punching on the keypad. Everyone is trying to touch it.

”Damn!! it’s ruined”

”Do something damnit!!” Salim bellows

A few more tapping of the keyboard, turning the laptop over and shaking it to drain out more water, removing of the battery and then fixing it up.

It was useless.

”Computer is dead boss”

”Take it to IT!” he shouts in anger ”Why the hell did you come in here with that tea Frank?”

”i was passing and wanted to hell plus you did see that i got access to the laptop when none of the guys with you could, i did my part, it was duke who wasn’t looking when he hit while i was standing up boss…” he nudges Duke ”See what the fxxk you caused”

”Don’t touch me man!” Duke hits his hands away

”You did this , now Boss is mad, you gotta fix this shit up”

”It was your tea”

”And i got access and you smart fxxks couldn’t, don’t put it on me…i-”

They are bantering back and forth, Salim is livid as he screams at the top of his voice, ”Get out Frank!! Duke you better pray this system get’s fixed! James, get this to IT and makes sure they can fix it . I need it today” Salim storms away

”Fxxk you man!!” Duke says to Frank, he is mad

Frank says nothing, he turns away with a smile on his face.

One down, one to go.


”Order for Mr Frank?” Someone calls out to him

”Yeah, me” Frank says raising his hands. The officer who was stopped at the door by a delivery burger boy is pointed to him

Frank beckons to the boy and then pays for his snacks. It was lunch period. He watches as a few people leave for lunch leaving the few workaholic in the office.

He bids his time, as soon as he saw Salim head out with a few officers, he takes the burger and then makes his way to the cell block.

He chats for a while with the guard at the gate, and then says he was going to see Jate.

Jate was the supervisor to the cell block. When he got there, he smile shaking the man.

”What you doing down here frank?”

”Bored. I think i pissed off Boss.”

”Sorry man”

”Yeah” he looks behind him at the stretch of long halls disappearing into bends. ”So, how many guests do we have, anyone scary?”

Jate follows his eyes ”A few, nothing much. You know the dude who causes a scene in the Mayor’s thingie?”

Frank shakes his head. ‘What about him?”

Jate leans in, ”The Mayor’s son kicked his ass today, ”

”Jaime Lockswire was here?”

”Yeah! That chick who that guy killed must mean something, he got the guy all bloodied, but the fool deserved it, criminals deserve a little beating” he laughs. ”You gonna eat all that?” He eyes the burger

”Er…you want some ?” Frank eyes the man’s belt. He saw what he needed, he just needs to reach for it.


Frank hands it to him, it slips almost falling ”Oh shit” he made to reach for it, Jate was faster as he bends to catch it, Frank straightens up and leans towards Jate more .

”Saved!” Jate exclaims straightening up and shows off his victory

”Good catch!” Frank praises him

”Thank” Jate clicks his lips

”So, guess he is with the regulars right?”


”The asshole!”

Jate bites the burger and then shakes his head ”Nah, special knockdown, no visitors and shit. The Wellington’s orders”

”Wow! Top priority criminal. That man might not see the light of the day”

‘Doubt it.” He continuous to eat

”So, what cell he put in, is it the dungeon with no lights or the one facing the north”

Jate frowns ”Why?”

Frank shrugs ”I remember one time we had zulu here, the dude kept screaming he was seeing the ghosts of the people he killed just by staring at the moon from the north-end every night. Dude was crazy”

Jate smiles ”Yeah i remember Zulu. This dude would not have the pleasure of seeing even the stars” he laughs

Frank smiles. He gets up ”We’ll i gatto go”

”Oh, that’s fine, thanks for the burger”

”No sweat

Jate watches him leave. He didn’t notice he was messing something.

Frank gets back into their building and then seats down .

The man he was to kill was in the cell called ”Dane”. The only cell without window, lights and nothing else other than a toilet seat and hard floor.

Jate was a fool. He just played him for information. Now, he would wait till later.

He puts his hand into his pocket and pulls out a set of keys. He smiled. While he let the burger slip, he was aiming for the keys and he got it.

He just needs to find away to get in, kill the man and out. By the time anyone realizes the man is dead, it would be too late. Any blame would fall on Jate.

Frank is happy.


”Oh Tinny-B, you aren’t tired ?” Alexander says thank you to the nurse and doctor who came to check on her. They were shutting the door behind them when she turns to Tinny-B.

”And i bet you both would stay in that big fine house or maybe he can relocated you to a house in the middle of the ocean and you only get to use jets for transport. Oh, i cannot wait to see how beautiful you would look in a wedding dress and when the priest would as you, will you Alexander Beckington take this man Jaime Lockswire to be your lawfully wedded husband…oh i would be be so happy i may probably cry at your wedding or Alexie-”

”Alexie now?” Alexander chuckles

”Yes Alexie” Tinny-B gets up and then twirls around ”You would be the most beautiful bride ever to walk this earth…oh i cannot wait till the day you would be married i swear to God i will be so happy…”she turns and the pulls out a scarf from her bag, she drops it over her face and then stands poised, she begins to walks slowly…”Here comes the bride, all dressed in white..ta da da ta..la da ta da dum” she sang ”Alexander, you may now kiss your husband-”

”Its you may now kiss the bride”

”Oh shuu don’t ruin it” Tinny-B cautions ”Oh my sweet Alexander, you would glow on your wedding day i bet you would…you will be married soon oh….my heart”

”Married soon?”

Tinny-B swings around, Alexander shoots her head to the door. Jaime is standing there.

”You are getting married?” He asks. He felt a sudden pain to his chest ”I didn’t…wait! you are getting married?”

”Yes” Tinny-B exclaims in all smiles

”No!!” Alexander cuts her


”Tinny-B is having a moment of crazy and she tends to act delirious too. Right Tinny-B?”

She is trying to hide a smile as she nods ”Come come, come seat Mr Jaime Lockswire with the handsome face” Tinny-B goes to him and then pulls him by the hand to the bed, ”Seat”

Jaime is lowered to the bed, he raises an eyebrow to both of them ”Am i missing something here?”

”No..no…Noh!” Tinny-B sang, then she bites her lips ”So..erm…you know, Alexander’s favorite colour is white..and she loves to-”

Alexander nudges her with her feet, Tinny-B who had been seating at the edge of the hospital bed tumbles to the floor, Alexander laughs, Jiame quickly gets up and helps her

”You okay?”

”She had too much to drink last night, you okay Tinny-B?” Alexander stares at her

”Yeah i am fine, ” Tinny-B states . she moves away from the bed and then is staring into her bag ” So Jaime…do you love somebody..right now…?”

Alexander gasps, Jaime is confused, he clears his throat and then looks at Tinny-B, so does Alexander…but she wished she was near her so she can gag her with her bag.

”What?’ i am curious, i am sure Jaime wouldn’t mind i mean we don’t really know much about him and it would be great to know..stuff…about love..love is a good thing and when you find who you love it would be amazing… the person might be a stranger, someone who is in the hospital, or on the streets…or in church, or in another city or a one who took a bullet for y-”

Alexander flings the pillow ”Oww!” she groans from the pain to the tummy, the pillow hits Tinny-B square in the face as she drops to to the ground, Jaime reaches fro Alexander, worry creases his face

”Are you okay, does it hurt, should i call the doctor? You shouldn’t exert yourself ” he is staring into her eyes, he holds her hand and has his other hand covering hers as she touches her wounded tummy.

She shakes his head ”No, it’s fine…” She spares Tinny-B a look.

Tinny-B is smiling as she stood up , she pouts her mouth, rolls her body, and then have her both arms hugging her a she gestures movements as though two people were kissing…

Alexander’s eyes grows big, Jaime turns, Tinny-B quickly picks the pillow and is frowning at it.

Jaime cocks his head to the side ”Okay what’s going on with you two, really am i missing anything, and Tinny-B what’s with the questions?”

‘You aren’t, Tinny-B is being Tinny-B and she is leaving to go out..right?”

”I am?”

”Yes! Adam….Adam said he wanted to take you out for lunch?”

”Oh..Adam” Her face breaks out in a smile ”That sexy bodyguard

Jame raises an eyebrow ”Adam?” he stares at Alexander who shrugs ”Don’t seduce my bodyguard” he joked

”I have no intention of that, he might do the seducing, who knows” she laughed picking her bag ”And i will see you two love birds..i mean..strangers or whatever later…take care of my munchim Jaime..what am i saying, you will” she came and places a kiss on her forehead and then taps Jaime’s shoulders. She was outthe door.

”I will” he says more to himself than her.

”Sorry about that”

”Don’t be. Are you okay?”

She grimaces in pain, she nods. He is staring at her


”You made me a promise, and you broke it”

‘I did, when?”

”Right before the gun shot”

She stares at him blankly

” i told you, and i quote, ” “Alexander, promise me you wouldn’t do anything as stupid as putting yourself in danger again.” Do you remember your reply?”

Remembering, she says nothing.

”You said ”Fine, i promise…right before you added Silly to it”

She looks away.

”Alexander…i hate when people promise and then they break it” His voice was firm, she didn’t like his tone, and for lack of what to say, she became defensive.

She flares up ”Look if you are here to squeeze me for for trying to help because there was no way i was going to let anything happen to-”

He doesn’t let her finish, he leans in and then kisses her, shutting her up. She tensed, and then she pushes him away. Then she wished she hadn’t, he took her unawares.

”I am sorry..i just…i don’t want to fight . I didn’t come here to fight or query you Alexander” he says looking at her .. ”I..” he looks away, his chest felt suffocated, he rubs it mentally. ”Seeing you lying there, not breathing and the blood just…shook me you know. And all i kept thinking about is that you make it alive, so forgive me if i come off as annoying or mad..but when you make a promise, keep it. You can’t promise me to never put yourself in danger and then you go right ahead and take a bullet for me…why?”

”I don’t know” she whispers, she really didn’t know. She closes her eyes.

He is staring at her , he held her hands and then stares at her ”Look at me Alexander”

She does.

”I beg you, don’t you ever do that again..you probably would have given me a heart attack…bullets aren’t toys Alexander, you could have died”

”But i didn’t!”

”But you could have died damnit, what would have happened to your friend Tinny-B? ”

”She would cry and hate me and spit on my grave and then cry and say she loves me and hate me again. The circle goes on”

”What about your friends and all” he was beating around the push, his voice was still stern.

”I have no friends who would miss me aside Tinny-B…my boss Ricky would probably find a replacement and whoever would only remember a girl who used to be and that’s it”

”And your family, you think they deserve to be put in that state?”

She looks away ”I have Tinny-B. I have no other family. I am an orphan.” she says

He reaches for her face and then turns her to face him with a finger ”Then what about me? Did you take out time to think through this your thick skull of what happens to me? or what i would feel if anything much worse than this happened to you, did you? Or you were just thinking of yourself ”He was angry, but he didn’t get why he should be. The thought alone of her dying angered him and left him in different emotions he couldn’t understand.

”Lockswire…” she calls out, not understanding what he means.

”You don’t see it do you? You don’t see how annoying you make me, how mad, how frustrating it was even meeting you, You don’t see how you rile me up and get all up in my business without evening trying. You don’t see how you make me cuss and when you even have a way of just making me do what you want without realizing it. You do no see how you have messed up my entire perfect fxxking world just by your presence and you think taking a bullet for me and dying would do nothing to me?? Are you dumb or just stupid Alexander?”

She blinks ”You will not insult me” she blinks away whispering, her chest was burning, and it was not from pain..it was something else, entirely new to her.

He continuous, his voice thick with emotion, ”I will not let you walk into my life, i would not allow you come in and make me hate you and all those whatever emotions in-between and watch you leave like that, leave my life like that..i won’t allow you do that you hear me Alexander?..I won’t allow you go , not like that. So if i have to tie you to by back to ensure you never will put yourself in harm’s way again i would. You obviously like to break promises but i won’t let you do that again, you hear me?”

She blinks, she sniffs, ”I am sorry…”


She blinks back tears ”I am sorry okay, i am sorry that i couldn’t stand there and see the hate in Jimmy’s eyes. I am sorry i couldnt just stand there and watch you throw your life away letting you take blame for the crime you didn’t commit for something that may not even have to do with you. I am sorry i wanted to ensure that for once, justice is done. I am sorry..that i could not turn away knowing that just maybe, just maybe you would be shot and dead and God knows what would have happened to your parents, your mother, your father and their state of mind. I am sorry okay, i am sorry, but i am not sorry i got infront of you and i took that bullet, that is what people would do for people they care about, i am sorry i am not sorry, because maybe, just maybe i would do it again if the time rewinds and the scene replays itself..i am not sorry for protecting you..i may not know why i did it, but fxxk Jaime, i think i would do it again!…” she breaths as the tears fall from her eyes

”Fxxk Alexander” he grabs her and pulls her to him,

”Oww” she exclaims,

”I am sorry” he pulls away and then stares at her, he is shaking his head, stilling his beating heart ”You are crazy, you are so so crazy” he repeats.

She laughs in her tears ”And you have sworn like a hundred times already today…” she cries, he wipes her tears staring at her, he shakes his head laughing

”The bible is the truth, bad company corrupts good manners. I would never swear and stuff like that before but you walked in and …i am going fxxk fxxk fxxk!!”

She laughs ”Blame the teacher” she wipes her eyes

He stares at her , he flicks a tear from her cheeks ”I am sorry, i didn’t mean to..i…God i was scared and worried and ….” he trails off. Shaking his head. What the hell was happening to him?. H reaches for her hand again ”I met you, i hated you…you were a pain in my arse. Still is”

”That makes two of us” she chuckles

He nods ”But i don’t anymore Alexander…i don’t hate you. If anything, i care about you, seeing that your tricked me and went to the heritage election, i saw you there and aside thinking of my family and running out the door to protect them by all means, i was thinking about your safety too…and then the gun shot, you on the floor and…..i don’t want to ever see you hurt Alexander…i don’t . So this is what is going to happen..when you get out of here, i am going to ensure that you have a better life. First thing i would do is to rip off that contract, then i would ensure you get a better job, you will get paid for the time you had to spend with me and then you can go far away and have a good life and stay away from this danger until all this is cleared up…”

She felt suddenly sad. Then she became angry again cutting him off ”I don’t want your money Lockswire, and i get being a call girl is a …degrading job but atleast it’s a job plus i do not have to depend on someone to take care of me or give me money like a hand me down”

”I won’t let you go back to that job Alexander” he states.

”Why?. You got the President seat, and maybe Mayor…your life is on track..plus you now know Jimmy who the hell and whatever he is- is someone you need to keep an eye on and then..what do you need me for anyways, you don’t! And besides i didn’t exactly do anything for you so you don’t have to pay me nothing and then you don’t have to whisk me away to some city like i am a piece of cloth or whatever, I am my own boss and you aren’t the boss of me” she jabs his chest.

”I won’t allow you go back to that job. It is..” he catches her finger.

”Demeaning? Well you high class pretty boy didn’t mind getting your clean fine daddy’s limo to come pick a call girl to play for handle or whatever” she flares up

”Damnit Alexander, one minute we are cool and the next we are like cat and dogs” he flings his hands up in the air.

”’Don’t try to control my life or tell me what to do” she jabs him again.

”I am not trying to. I just ..i want you to get a decent job, i want you away from danger, i want you to live your life…i cannot ..i cannot let anything happen to you okay. Twice you have been at the verge of death, because of me i cannot and won’t let a third happen. So being far away from this city would keep you save form the likes of Jimmy and that Kennedy guy until we settle all of that. Having a decent job would ensure you don’t have to….” he trails off

”You can say it!” she flares up ”Sleep with random men for money”

He stares at her and then grabs her ”I do not want another man touching you ..not in that way…i just suddenly do not want and can’t bare the thought of knowing you are out there, working your client and he is touching you and making love to you-”

”Sex, it is sex. ”

”Whatever!!! I don’t want another man to touch you, not that way again”

She blinks, trying to be sarcastic ”Why? You want to be the only one to touch me that way Lockswire?”

He lets her go ”You enjoy riling me up don’t you?”

”You didn’t answer the damn question”

He stands up from the bed, backing her, ”I think..” he trails off turning to her ”I think you are an amazing woman Alexander, aside your annoying traits and your hot fiery temper. i think you deserve love and happiness and a decent life and forgive me if i want that for you”

”You don’t even know me Lockswire or what i want for me”

”Yet, i don’t know all i want to know about you yet or what you want for you..but it doesn’t mean i can’t want good things for you, it doesn’t mean i don’t care, don’t mean i want want the best for you and want your safety!”

”And you didn’t ask me what the hell i want, if i want to go far away or if i want to be here..and maybe keep annoying you” she blurts out. She bites her lips, his eyes follows the moment. A desire burns within him.

He stares at her , he runs a hand through his head. His emotions were all over the place, not making sense, her’s too. He could tell. Whatever was happening here, it didn’t make sense. But whatever he was feeling felt right, too right.

He goes to the bed, faces her ”Alexander Beckington, if you stay in town…”

”I am not going anywhere..okay, that’s it”

”Fine! But i can’t let you out of my sight”

”Someone has to cater to my needs, afteral it’s because of you i got shot” she sniffs.

He leans back, she smiles ”Well…”

He shakes his head ”You are crazy”

”Yeah, a crazy person you suddenly care about” she stares at him ”Who would have thought”

”You said you cared about me too” his voice is low, he liked how she said it even though she was mad.

”I lied”

He stare at her with a raised eyebrow…, ”Fine! i can work with that” he takes her hand ”You know, it would be great if we don’t fight all the time. It’s a kill joy”

She smiles loving the feel of his warm hands ”Being normal is boring…i think once i bark you stay on your toes, works for me” she bites her lips. He realized that the movement alone makes him want to run his tongue over her lips, be the one doing that.

He reaches out and then cleans her eyes..”Sorry i kissed you earlier. I probably took you unawares”

She says nothing

”But i am going to do it again”

”Is that a habit now?” a sly smile places at the corner of her lips

”It could be, it depends..would you push me away this time?”

She says nothing for a second, she cocks her head to the side ”Depends, would you be an asshole?”

He thinks for a moment ”Define asshole” he is leaning in with a smile to his lips.

”I still don’t fancy kisses” she breaths

He nods , inches away from her lips, ”That’s fine, practice makes perfect plus, you didn’t do bad the last time, if i didn’t know better, i would say you enjoyed your first class…”

She could feel his hot breath, her heart is pounding… ”Why do you want to kiss me again Jaime?” she whispers, she needed to know.

”Because it’s the only thing that makes sense right now and …i feel if i don’t i won’t be able to stop looking at your lips, especially you biting them, does that suffice?” he raises his eyes to stare at her

she says nothing, she bites her lips again

”Damnit!” he swears again

He closes the distance and then captures her lips kissing her. Forgetting what he he had come to the hospital to ask her. Forgetting about Kennedy and his insinuations of them being family.

They kissed for a much longer time this time. He ran his tongue over her lips, dipping them into her mouth as he urges her mouth open.

Dear Lord, her heart is pounding fast, why? This has never happened before. Alexander thinks within her. But soon she can’t think anymore. What he was doing had her all tingly.

His finger is under he chin, raising her head up to him. He has her lips glued to his, enjoying very moment as tongue twirl against tongue.

He could feel her heart pounded, or maybe it was his. As every moment passes, the desire to take her in his arms mounts.

They continue to kiss.

Alexander is breathless, but for the first, no second time…ever. She had realized that she liked kisses, and maybe she liked it with him.

The feel of his soft lips to hers, the way he drinks from her, twirling his tongue and urging her mouth open, the way his lips felt against hers. She felt warm, she felt good and she wanted more.

She unconsciously touches his face, with both hands and then slowly wands her hands around his neck. She felt him pull closer, and then felt his hand touch her neck, then her cheeks, then she felt his thumb caress her so slowly .

She felt weak, or maybe the drugs they had given her was making her weak. Or was it his kisses/ She felt weak but in a good way.

She wanted to be free, free to lean in to him, to hold him or have him hold her. Just to be near him, closer to him.

Damn her wound, moving too much would cause her pain but…


He removes his lips from hers and then kisses her neck, trailing his tongue there..

ohhhhh! A tiny moan escapes her lips.

She bites her lips, and moves her neck, it was ticklish, it felt good too.

Jaime smiles, observing ”You are ticklish there” he says kissing her neck again..

”I..” she swallows ”Didn’t know that” she admits closing her eyes.

These sensations she was feeling, they were new to her, really new. How could she not know she was ticklish at her neck? Or that if she really had tried she would love kisses or that…


Jaime kisses the back of her ears, and then finds his way back to her neck, jaw, and then back to her lips, teasing her. She felt like standing up, or something. Anything to really enjoy this feeling burning inside her.

She kisses him back until they are both out of air.

He should stop, he was getting excited.

He pulls away slowly, pecking her lips.. They stare at each other. She looks away, he doesn’t. He continuous to stare at her, feeling the sensation in his chest, observing it rise from his toe to his head and back centering where his heart is. Her beauty, her smile, everything about her made sense to him now. Everything about Alexander not only made sense, it felt right, real, powerfully strong. He felt like he could fly, face the world.

This sensation, was more than he had ever felt before for any woman, much more than he had felt for Christine. He had never truly felt this way for anyone. Then he realized it, staring at her.

He smiles shaking his head

oh Jaime Lockswire, your mother is right. !!!

He runs a hand through his hair.

There was no way he was going to ever let her go now that he had realized this. There was no way.



”I hope you don’t mind staying with me..i mean, till you heal properly. Erm..” he clears his throat ”Doctor said you can go home tomorrow, you are healing fast so…i erm..would get a nurse to come check on you and stuff and–”

”If you insist” she states not letting him finish

”Great”* He has a broad smile on ”Great!” he repeats. ”I would come get you after work.”

She nods ”You better!” she smiles.


Christine and Jimmy continue to hook up.

Jimmy goes about his day to day business, and when he gets back to his office, while the officer who is supposed to watch him is stationed outside, he makes his way out his window to make more plans for the party to happen in a few days.

His phone is ringing as soon as he touches ground ”Gareth, what?”

‘We need to talk” came the reply

”Meet me at the Pub, you know the place”


An hour later Gareth tells him what had happened and how he has resolved it. He tells Jimmy he needs some cash to send his family away. Jimmy inquires if he wants to be part of his plan to bring Jaime down, then he wouldn’t have to be worried of being caught or sending his family away. Plus he says he can take his bosses’ place. Gareth tells him he lost to Jaime, how can he make good on his promise.Jimmy tells him this time, his plan was bullet prove, 100 percent happening.

Gareth is indecisive. Jimmy pushes, plus tells him how he can pay his boss back for putting him in detention and on suspension. Gareth is bitter , he agrees, stating that if the police have nothing against him, which they don’t because his friend called him and told him he fried his computer, he would be reinstated. He agrees to join Jimmy again. He states that once he is reinstated, he would ask to be a part of the security detail to the Wellington’s. Then he would be able to control things.

They shake hands, Jimmy leaves.

He is back to his office. No one can claim he went about plotting a crime. Ina few days, Kennedy would die in cell, the Wellingtons would die in their home and he would be king.

He has a smile on his face.


Frank made a copy of the set of keys he had stolen and found away to drop it on the floor where it can be found.

Jate had raised an alarm that he lost his keys to the cell, there was an uproar. Salim didn’t take it lightly with him.

The cleaner finds it, Salim gives Jate a query for being careless, he would go on a one week suspension, his replacement was coming in to take over for the time period.

Frank sees a better opportunity, it was his only change. He would kill Kennedy during the change. He would find away to get in disguised as a cell guard on a day they have less supervisors working. That was the only way.

He bids his time.

He had a few days window. One day was all he needed. That day was the party of the Mayor’s son when the station might be half empty save for a few officers on duty. He would be right here.

He wondered if using a knife would be better.


Salim is standing in the middle of the office , Jacob is seated behind his big mahogany desk in his office.

”Nothing, you couldn’t get anything on Jimmy?”

”No Sir, nothing”

Jacob sighs

”What do i do Sir?”

”Jaime had asked for the investigation, i am sure he was sure of those facts before he brought it..”

”I suppose but nothing can be found and we cannot arrest him for a crime we do not have landing evidence aside this that he has committed…”

”True. ”

”Do i drop the case Sir?”

”Jaime , his orders you will follow. and the reports from Miss Alexander too, his hand prints she mentioned?”

”It’s the same, he claims they were fabricated”

Salim nods and then turns to leave , he pauses ”Whatever the case Sir, i would beef up securities around you and your family. Just for precaution. Jaime insistes”

Jacob nods. Salim excuses himself.

Jacob is worried.


Jaime is driving into the Heritage company complex when he meets Salim leaving. Salim stops and then gets down. They have a brief talk.

Jaime is not pleased with the news he gets from Salim.

”Sir, we cannot hold him down or even continue to keep a cop on his tail, we are violating his privacy and rights”

”It is not possible that Steve would have fabricated the facts. Okay the forensics report, what if we hold him on that? His finger prints were there”

”Yes, but it is same, no landing evidence to show where theses were gotten. There is no case. I told your father same thing”

Jaime curses.

”We would have to drop the investigation Sir, before he sues us for damages on wrongful accusation”

Jaime nods, Salim made to leave ”Salim, i need to know who Jimmy has been spending his time with, can i be able to get that atleast?”


”I believe or was made to believe he is up to something”

”We can try Sir. How is she?”

”Good. The Prisoner?”

”Lockdown. Is he getting a trail?”

”As much as i wouldn’t want him to, he would get one. But he isn’t going scot free. The judge has been contacted to set a date for his trail”

”He can’t , he had a gun, he shot, plus he was the one who attacked her, No judge would ignore the evidence.”

”Good. He should begin paying for his crimes already”

Salim nods leaving. Jaime makes his way into the building.

He had managed to set up ten more communities to partake in his project within a day. He was feeling fulfilled.

He hasn’t seen Jimmy since he won, he wonders his state of mind. But he had made up his mind not to continue letting him take control of his own life. He was dead sure those evidence were real, but hopefully, whatever Jimmy is planning, he hopes there is a lope hole and he gets caught.

He gets into the elevator heading up to his father’s office. He stops thinking of Jimmy.

He just spoke to his mother, she is in the hospital with Alexander.

He smiled, his mother saw him this morning and then she had said ”You look different today Jaime”

He had laughed and then kissed her chicks ”I do? i wonder why” he says hugging her and putting her in the car.

”Wanna share with your mother?”

”Nope!” he is laughing ”You girls have fun” he taps the car and watches it fade away

There was no way he was going to admit to his mother that she was right, that he may have just fallen for Alexander. How the hell that happened was still lost to him.

When he kissed her again yesterday, he got home and couldn’t stop thinking about her, infact he hadn’t slept. He kept on pacing the length of his room.

Tinny-B seemed to be in a weird happy mood and asking him weird questions about love and stuff. By this morning he had bundled her into a car and then given Adam is card to take her wherever she wanted. Once they left he began to laugh.

Oh Jaime locksiwre, Alexander had really messed up his head.

He steps out of the elevator, responding to a few greetings.

Now today, half of the day he had her in his mind. How can he fall for a woman like that is beneath him, but…love happens in the most strangest of places and from the most unlikeliest of people, according to his mother, and she was right.

But, he was taking his time to let it all sink in. He want to tell Alexander just yet

She needs to get well, then…

infact, he was thrilled that she gets to leave the hospital today. And he saying that she wasn’t going to leave his sight was a fact. He would just have quick meeting with his father and the broad of directors for their commissioning out of state and then he would rush down to get her from the hospital.

”Father?” He opens his door and walks in

”Come in, before they all get here i need to talk to you. Salim-”

”Yes, he met me..”

”You believe those facts are real, about Jimmy?” He needed to be sure they were not just throwing Jimmy under the bus. He was his son, if he was innocent then he would ensure all charges are cleared, but if he wasn’t then… but he needed Jaime to be sure.

”Yes father, and Steve must have died from it”

Jacobs sighs standing up ”I do not know what to believe and -”

”Salim would drop the case father” Jaime walks to him ”I know nit’s hard, he is your son, and i understand all you feel”

”You both are my sons, and i won’t let one chose to ruin the lives of people who care for him. ”

Jaime nods ”There is no evidence, there is no case, the court would rule that as inconsequential. ”

Jacob nods ”What now?”

”What now is that you, mother..is not my priority so i would ensure you both are kept safe, and even though i have nothing on Jimmy, it does not mean i would lose guard where he is, infact i had Salim beef up securities”

Jacob is sad ”I would never imagine that i would be protected from my own son” his voice is thick with emotion, Jaime says nothing but places a hand on his shoulders.

A knock sounds on the door , Jacob straightens up ”You know since there is none, he would be reinstated as a board member since he became second place to you”

Jaime nods ”Don’t worry father, i have no intention to make it hard for him”

They turn, everyone begin to walk in one by one, Jimmy is the last to walk in, following behind Christine and her mother.

”Shall we?” Jaime walks to another door, opens it and the ushers everyone into another room, he takes a seat, everyone is seated on a long trail of seats, his father takes his, at he right side of Jaime.

Jimmy hides a scroll on his face, but when he stares at his brother he had a cold smile.

Enjoy that seat while i lasts brother, in few days, a new king would ascend.


”I hear you are throwing a party for the poster boy, don’t i get an invite?” Jimmy walks up to them at the end of the meeting.

Jacob stares at him , ”It is Jaime’s party, if he want to invite you he can”

Jimmy smiles ”Or are people wrongfully accused not allowed? And besides, Jaime, you owe me a public apology and i think i would like it on that day, what do you say? That is the least you can do for tarnishing my image is that not so?”

Jaime smiles ” If you insist, i keep to my word” he says picking his briefcase

Christine and her mother walk up to them,

”Mrs Barlow;” he kisses her chicks ”Christine”’ He gives her a half smile. They exchange pleasantries.

”I see the wonderful work you have begun Jaime, the city is blessed to have a man like you” Mrs Barlow says to Jaime.

Jimmy concluded that she should die too, next to Gem her friend.

”Thank you” Jaime is checking his time ”If you excuse me, i have to go. Father, i would stop by later.”

”That is fine”

Mrs Barlow steps away from them with Jacob. They are walking to the group of board members immersed in talks. Mr Chena is there, he and the others decide to stay in Jaime’s camp. They ignore Jimmy.

Yes, they all might die too. Jimmy plots in his mind. Jaime walks away leaving them to stare after him.

”I was tempted to smash his face in” Jimmy says under his breath

”In a few days Jimmy, you can do more than that. Now, meet me in the toilet in five, i have an itch” she smiles walking away.

He meets her in three, held up in his arms, standing with her and her legs wrapped around him he thrusts deep into her until he shatters exploding.

They smile at each other. They leave separately.


Jaime enters the hospital room to see her been put in a wheel chair, he goes to them ”I can take her from her” he tells the nurse as he wheels her away. ”Thank you.”

”Oh, a handy man are we?” Alexander observes, he picks up her bag on the way out and smiles at her.

Outside, Adam opens the car, taking the bag away from Jaime. Jaime holds her up to enable the nurse take the wheel chair away and helps her into the car.

”Where is Tinny-B?”

”Possibly making a party for your welcome”

She smiles ‘i won’t doubt that fact” he slips into the car”

”Good to see you Miss Alexander, i can assure you you were missed”

”Thank you Adam, atleast you are honest, much less i can say for others who think me a pain” She throws him side-eyes.

”Just drive Adam and stop putting me in trouble with the crazy woman” Jaime chuckles. They laugh.


It was a quiet ride, one he used half of to think of her and the other to stare at her, wondering when it was that it happened.

He shakes his head ”What?” she catches the movement.

”Nothing” he stares away. Infact, there is so much i want to tell you Alexander, so much.

He stares at her again. He didn’t take his eyes off her till they got to his house.


Tinny-B squeals seeing her, she runs to the car and trying to open the door even before it slows to a stop.

”Oh, now she would go and kill herself, Tinny-B!!!!” Alexander screams, as soon as the car stops, Tinny-b opens the door and is hugging her, ”Welcome home!!”

”Don’t be ridiculous , this isn’t my home” Alexander exclaims as soon as she could breath from the hug.

Tinny-b ignores hugging her some more . Jaime gets out of the car and then comes round to her side, Tinny-B is talking excitedly of how she had supervised the chef to make her favorite food and all, and then how she did this and that. And how she missed her.

Alexander was half listening as she stares at Jaime who is patiently waiting for her to move. Tinny-B turns around …

”I was wondering when you are going to be through so she can get inside”

”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ Tinny-B laughs ”Come Alexie, your prince charming wants to do the honours”

”Stop it Tinny-B” she tries to help herself off the car, Jaime steps forward giving her his hands, Tinny-B steps away.

”Can you walk ?”

”Yes, i am not crippled Lockswire ”’ she joked, she moved wincing in slight pain, without thinking Jaime bends sweeping her off her feet bridal style and carried her inside the house.

Tinny-B is jumping behind them and twirling round and round.

”What got you so excited?” Adam is curious

”Oh, i smell wedding bells and i can’t wait” she laughs. Adam frowns

”Who is getting married?”

”Oh, if you are not blind you would see what i am seeing Adam..” she continuous to twirl and then runs into the house

Adam pauses and the takes a moment to take the scene in, then it dawns on him who she meant ” Well, i did notice some changes….ain’t that something. ” he laughs shaking his head.

”Welcome home Miss Alexander” The securities who were inside made sure to welcome her as Jaime carried her in.

”I didn’t realize i was missed like this, Thank you all”

They nod leaving

”Why did i feel like you made them do this?” she looks at him

”I didn’t make them do anything, everyone knows you got to be loyal to the person the boss cares about” he says to her hearing alone and then drops her slowly to the chair, He lingers staring at her lips, her cheeks burns, he pulls away, and then steps away from her.

”Coming through!” Tinny-B squeals carrying a tray of snacks and then beckoning to the chef to bring the other things ”Go on, eat, it’s a party, send out to the securities and cleaners..everyone. my girl is home” she dances. Everyone laughs.


An hour later, Alexander was full, laughed till her tummy hurts and then watched Tinny-B dance till her feet could no longer carry her. Half the time, she steal glances at Jaime and catches him staring at her. He would smile and then look away. The feeling was something else. She could get used to this.

Jaime watches them for a while. Then he quietly leaves the living room. Adam follows him. He finds him resting on the balcony, a drink in his hands. Staring into nothing in particular lost in thoughts.

”So Boss?”

‘Adam” he doesn’t look at him as he drinks from his wine glass.

”You seem different..”

Jaime laughs shaking his head ”All of a sudden, everyone is seeing a different me”

”Yeah! A good different. Do i thank Miss Alexander for this?”

”Nope” he smiles into the glass of wine.


Jaime laughs starring at him and backing the view, his free hand in his pocket ”I swear, didn’t know how it happened. but it did, it has…and i like the feeling. No i love the feeling”

”’Does she know?”


”I suppose you plan on telling her?”

Jaime frowns ”In as much as i can say for certain this is the way i feel, i don’t know if she would feel same way or if she does, i don’t want to force my feelings on her and if she would feel something for me, it should come naturally, not because i told her so…no.”’

”That’s the most stupidest thing i have ever heard..boss”

”I pay you to guard me not to meddle with my private life Adam”

”Shit covers for that too”

They smile.

”Look, what’s the worse that can happen, you are a charmer, no girl can resists that”

”She did, and i ended up falling and she is still standing”

”Not the she i saw..”

Jaime stares at him even more ”What do you mean”

”I think you are blinded that you don’t see. If she didn’t like you atleast, i think she wouldn’t allow you bring her back home, she would have taken your offer to leave the city and stuff, but like you said, she refused it and your money too. What do you think that means Boss?”

Jaime is pensive

”I think she was to be near you. If that don’t spell feelings i don’t think anything does” He smiles ”The big question is that do you want to find out what she feels for you or you are going to be a chicken playing guessing games..your choice. Let me leave you with an advice my father used to give me ”if it fills right, follow your heart and wherever it takes you” He taps his shoulders walking away.

Jaime takes the wine to his lips ”Does-she really have feelings for me?” he lowers the glass, smiles and the turns away to face the view staring into the star-studded night.

He would like to find out. He decides. He just needs to have a story to get her out of her room. Then he laughs making his way to her room.


Alexander smiles at her friend ”Aren’t you even remotely tired?”

”Nope. So..have you guys talked…like talked?” Tinny-B turns on her side, her head raised by her hand.

”Fight, yes!”

”Oh you both are always fighting, kids!But I meant has he confessed his feelings to you”

”Tinny-B, you have it all wrong. He doesn’


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