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The Call Girl Chapter Thirty-Three





It takes a few minutes before any of them could find their voice. It was Tinny-B who speaks;


”Jimmy, the asshole who made snide comments about you in that dinner party you attended with Jaime the first time you met? That Jimmy you kept wondering while he was so outspoken even to the Mayor you mentioned to me? That Jimmy, who you said made your skin crawl every time he was near you, that asshole Jimmy?” Tinny-B came close to her, Jaime still held her shoulders, but his grip lessens as he stares at her face.

Alexander was staring into space as she nods ”I –cannot believe i forgot all about that must have been when i passed out and..just now..it just came back. I kept trying to remember how i ended up in that store room but i forgot. ”

Jaime lets go of her. His features hard, the video forgotten ”Tell me what you remember”

She cocks her head to the side ”You had left after you father; i think he was upset with you after you pulled that last stunt and he … i think he had excused himself to go for a meeting or something, i don’t know. When he returned his countenance was sore and he was leaving, that’s when you went after him”

”Yes, i wanted to talk to him , and i told you to wait there for me. Was it then?”

She frowns ”I ..needed to pee or powder my nose or something so i left towards the hall, that’s when i saw him”

”He was waiting for you or followed you?” Tinny-B inquired as she pulls Alexander to the bed, Jaime turns to stare at her as she seats

”I don’t know, all i know is that, as soon as i got out..i think he just grabbed me, i hit him, i remember hitting him and telling him never to touch me again and he said …” she frowns trying to remember ”He said something along the lines of ”I would love to hit you back and make sure you don’t recognize your face but I got beautiful plans for you. Something you would not enjoy you bitch!”

Tinny-B gasps closing her mouth ”No he didn’t” she exclaims

Alexander continued ”…and while i struggled..i remember him kicking the door behind me in and then pushes me in” She nods her head closing her eyes ”I fall back wards stumbling and hitting my shoulders to the shelve, Yes,” she gets up rubbing her face ”How the fxxk did i forget that happened.”

”Why didn’t you scream for help? Why didn’t you punch him in or kick his nuts?”

”I did Tinny-B. But one he was strong, holding me still and nudging me backwards. i remember screaming my lungs out and screaming i would kill him if he doesn’t let me out, saying that i wasn’t scared of him, but he just laughed and i heard the click. I banged at the door and i eventually got tired of calling out for anyone, i tried my phone but no battery life or service. i sat on the floor and hoped Jaime would come looking for me..but…” she trails off.

Jaime’s heart suddenly tightens, he closes his eyes and then opens it . He was speechless, a sudden weight clams his shoulders.

It was his fault, her attack, it was his fault, it was because of him. She would have died that day, if he hadn’t gotten to her on time and saved her then’ she probably would have died if the attacker had succeeded. Damnit, it was all his fault.

Now it all made sense, maybe Adam was right. Jimmy didn’t like Alexander, and those one two run-ins had resulted in this. He was the one who put her in that storeroom and locked her in. Why? Why?

Unless he had something to do with her attack. Was he he one who did that to her? Was he? Or he hired someone to do it.


He raises his hand and runs a hand through his head, anger boiling within in. He closes his fist, tight. His veins popping.

Would he go that far to get what he want to harm an innocent girl who knows nothing all because he was in his company?

Or wait, was he just exaggerating?

It cannot be a coincidence.. ”Was it Jimmy though?” he asks her again; wishing to God he heard wrong.

Alexander stares at him with a frown ”Are you fxxking serious right now?”

”Jaime, don’t ask a girl who was traumatized only earlier if she was sure, the fxxk man, she is, She wouldn’t call a random’s stranger’s name just because she hates him. If she says it was the asshole Jimmy who grabbed her and pushed her unto the store room, then he was the one”

”But i found her in the toilet..” he trails off, he didn’t want to believe Jimmy would go that far, an innocent girl? Threatening his parents was one thing because he was personally involved with them and because of his selfish desire, but having to rope a stranger into an affair that does not concern them is another ”I found you in the toilet” He says

”I don’t know how i got there, must have passed out after..” she trails off looking away, her hands slightly shaking . After my father walked in and maybe tried to..tried to..and he clammed his hand over my mouth and nose and….i remember nothing else.

They observe. Tinny-B grabs them coming to her ”It’s okay, you do not have to be scared Alexander”

Jaime comes to her ”Look, i need to be sure okay. ”

She flares up ”What the hell is that supposed to me Jaime. Jimmy hates me, he grabbed me and pushed me in there and said he has plans for me, what sort of plans does he have for me huh? Explain that!”

He blinks, his heart constricting as he saw tears glisten her eyes, she blinks, it drops. A sudden urge to pull her to himself and keep her save creeps up on him.

”I am sorry, i am trying to make sense of this..i am sorry…i just..” he trails off.

She steps away from both of them ”He was the one who locked me in okay. i don’t know why, what he intended to do..but he was the one who locked me in”

”Then he was the one who attacked you, maybe he came back and then knocked you out and tried to kill you” Tinny-B offers

She backs them. Her mind thinking fast as possibilities played over in her head. He locked her in, he said he had plans for her, he didn’t come back, papa came in his stead and…

She covers her mouth. God, does this mean that he was the one who sent Papa..?

No, it cannot be…Jimmy locked her yes, but how did her father find her in there? Was he following her, how did he come to the event. Did he know she was going to be there or some coincidence?

Did he see Jimmy do that and then bidded his time to come get her? Was that it? Or..did Jimmy send him. What did he mean by he had plans for her? Was that the plans or he had a different plan and her father beat him to it with his own plans.?

Or Did they know each other?

She is shaking her head,

No, it has got to be a coincidence, her father being there, Jimmy being there, both after her, ..unknowingly. That has got to be it. They have no connection. And if that’s the case, Jimmy’s plan was incomplete..

And her father, knowing who he is..probably looking for her so he can get her and possibly take her back with him. But he knows she is with Jaime, that’s why he called them. But he hasn’t made a move. What is he waiting for, he probably don’t know where she is..and even if he does, he cannot just walk in and demand for her.

She frowns;

He was probably planning something, but what?

But, Jimmy, why did he lock her in that store room, what was his game plan. How come no one knew about that? He was probably keeping it low, so he doesn’t get entangled in this mess.

She folds her fist,

But whatever the case, he was the reason why her father found her in that storeroom, if he hadn’t locked her in, he wouldn’t have come for er unawares and attacked her.

It was Jimmy’s fault, he had plans for her, but he just wait, he probably thinks she is dead and he kept quiet when he would have opened the door for her, well, she would ensure he gets his taste of his own medicine.

”Alexander, Alexander?” Tinny-B calls out to her ”Are you okay? i was asking a question”


Tinny-B repeats” Since he was the one who locks you in there, he was definitely the one who attacked you right, he was the one who attacked you too, same person?”

She shakes her head, Jaime frowns , Tinny-b cocks her head to the side ”What does that mean?” Jaime inquires

”It means that he locked me in the room and had plans for me, but it was someone else who walked in that door later”

”Who?” Jaime steps closer to her

She looks away ”I don’t remember his face”

Tinny-B opens her mouth to speak”But.. Alexander, i love you girl but, this is a serious matter..you know who he is, you told me”

Jaime’s frown deepens ”Is that true?”

Alexander fires her friend a look,

”I am talking to you Alexander”

”I don’t okay, she didn’t hear me clearly. I meant nothing by that. i didn’t see his face, it was dark by then and i was scared and i passed out, because i was struggling with him and all…i don’t remember his face okay” she walks away to the bed

”If you don’t remember, then how you figure it wasn’t Jimmy who attacked you in the storeroom?”

”I know what Jimmy sounds like,i know how strong his arms were when he held me..it wasn’t Jimmy who walked in that door. Even though i hate him, i would give him a crime he didn’t commit unless i am sure. But his crime was locking me in there after manhandling me..” She turns to them ” I just remember that Jimmy locked me in and i would like to ask him why the fxxk he did that and what his purpose was and why..why why? Did he mention that he had an alteration with me, did he?”

Jaime rubs his back of his neck ”Since that night, i haven’t been in communication with Jimmy or anyone else aside people in this house and premises”

”But when the news went up that i was dead, he didn’t mention maybe while talking to the press he had an alteration with me or spoke to me before it all?”

Tinny-B scoffs ”Don’t be naive baby, you think anyone would want to associate themselves with a case of murder or having to have been with the victim before the case of murder? Hell no babe, i seriously doubt that”

Alexander nods ”Well i would like to ask him myself when i see him”

”You are not seeing him, you are going to stay here till i figure it out”

”Figure what out, i demand that you call him now to ask him why the hell did he lock me in there and how the hell i got attacked and almost died”

”You think he would tell me upfront? Alexander, since he didn’t think to mention to me since this all happened i doubt he would want to now. And like you said, he locked you in and had an alteration with you, you also admit that he wasn’t the one who attacked you, so…we have nothing”

”So you are going to let this slide?” Surprise filled her voice.

”No, i am not..” he closes his fist ”Hell i am not.”

”Yes you are”

”I am not” He repeats firmly.

She didn’t believe him ”Damnit Jaime, you are. What is your deal with Jimmy? You seem scared of him, he speaks to your parents how he pleases and you can’t do nothing, he challenges your father in the presence pf people and you can’t do nothing, what the hell is your deal with this guy hmm? He got something on you you don’t want the world to know hmm? What is your deal with him, who the hell is Jimmy to think that he can just manhandle people the way he thinks like hmm, and why aren’t you first calling the police to pick him up for questioning instead of telling me trash”

”Alexander!!!!!” he bellows

”No Jaime, i am sick and tired of people fxxking up my life, Jimmy, you..and my fath-” she trails of

”And your what?” he asks stepping even closer, ”Finish what you were saying, and who else Alexander?”

” And everyone else for their fxxking selfish reasons. Look, i want my life back, i do…and i cannot stay coped up in here. I need to go away and far away..i need to breath. Now, you destroyed the video..”

He stares at where she pointed, and then looks at Tinny-B ”If that’s your phone i would get you a new one. But you both needs to listen to me and listen to me carefully. This…” he sighs ”This would be handled, i promise.”

”How, when? Because i do not know you and your promise don’t mean shit to me, i just want to have a talk with Jimmy, i just need to carry a sledge hammer while i am doing that to bash his skull in”

”Make that two sledge hammers, then we look for the fxxker who attacked you and pup his nuts too” Tinny-B added

He stares at Alexander , he takes a step towards her, now he was barely inches from her, Tinny-B moves away, he grabs her shoulders and looks into her eyes ”Look, Alexander, this is not your fight”

”Then whose-”

”Listen to me, this may have nothing to do with you at all”

”What does that mean ?” Her father has everything to do with her, he wants her, what is he saying?

”It means that..i may have enemies and they are lashing at people around me, maybe”

”Okay, that’s not safe for us right?” Tinny-B is suddenly scared

He spares her a glance ”Now, i do not think it is..so, this is what is going to a happen.. i would take Adam’s offer, he has a few friends to take you into protective custody, off the book. You are going to be safe there until i clear this whole matter off. Don’t worry, i would set you both on allowances as long as this takes, but for now, i need you both to stay safe, and when i say you both i mean you both, If they are after you because of me there may be after anyone who is close to you too and that means Tinny-B. So you both needs to be out of the public view till all this is over”

She hits his hands away ”what the hell is going on? I am not going into hiding”


”I said i am not, if i leave here i am going to my house and back to work. i don’t need your damn money for allowances or hid away like some fugitive, Who ever wants to come for me should come, i am not scared.”

”Can’t you see i am trying to keep you save”

”Well don’t! You don’t know me so fxxking allow me deal with my issues”

”Oh how are you going to do that, face Jimmy?”

”Damn Yes!”

”You do not have any idea what he is capable off do you?” He grabs her shoulders again and shakes her, she hit his hands away again.

”No, why don’t you tell me then hmm, since we are on the subject!” she stares at him coldly

”Guys , you both got fire steaming out of your heads so if you could calm down , we can discuss it rationally and-‘ Tinny-B began, they both ignored her , she bites her lips ”Oh, this is not good..they are like cat and dog…ohhh” she places her palm to her forehead and places her friend hand to her waist and stares as they continue to bicker at each other.

He opens his mouth and then closes it ”Alexander, please do as i say..you would go with Adam. Everyone thinks you are dead and for now that may be the good thing so i can clear this matter off as soon as possible and find out amongst other things the main reason for your own attack. You need to go to a more safe place.”

‘No! I am going home, and it doesn’t matter you crushed that video..i am living prove that i am alive and it would be nice to show a real life ghost story don’t you think ” She smirks.

He sighs ” Why do you have to be so stubborn, damn it Alexander”

”Why do you always have to assume that just because you open your mouth everyone needs to fall in line? I told you before, i am not that kind of girl who takes orders, you are not the boss of me and i can do whatever i want, when i want and this affects me. It is my life and i won’t let one asshole Jimmy control it. I should be hidden somewhere? Hell to the no, i ain’t going to no protective custody like i am some kid who needs protecting, i am an adult and i have been protecting myself for God knows how long, i would be fine, at my house…so stay off my course Lockswire”

He shakes his head, seeing that there was no use ”Fine, if you refuse to go with Adam then you would do this.. you would not leave this house”

She scoffs ”It’s like you are deaf pretty boy, you can’t restrict me. I will take no orders”

He takes his face closer to hers, his eyes hard ” I can and i will and i have. You think you are stubborn, i can be damn worse. You will not get harmed on my account, not again. If i have to tie you to the bed to keep you safe i will”

”Why do you care what happens to me? You don’t know me” she stares him eye to eye

”I do not care, but i rather have one less person on my case to worry about. So stay down damnit, please, for once please, i cannot look over my parent’s shoulders and then yours too”

She is quiet , she blinks ”Your parents, what does that mean?”

He turns walking away ”Means nothing” he leaves then staring after him as he exits the room.

Tinny-B comes to her ”Are you okay, that was one heated argument,i wanted to be anywhere but this room. Wow, you both are like plus and minus wires, sparking as you both meet. how do you have such energy girl..see how angry he was…you should listen to him though. He seems to care”

She scoffs ”Care, that fool does not care for anyone”

”Hey don’t be like that, he could easily kick you out of his house and act like he ain’t his problem. You should have seen his face when you said you thought he would come for you but he didn’t, he seemed broken, I think he blames himself for your attack and he is trying to make it right.”

”Well, he shouldn’t. i am not his concern”

”You are stubborn, someone is trying to help you, and keep you safe”

‘WELL HE SHOULDN’T DAMNIT!” she snaps turning away, then she pauses ”What does he mean by he can’t look over his parents shoulders and then mine?’ she points to the door he just left through

”Eh” Tinny-B shrugs ”And that my attack may be as a result of his enemies who wants to get to him but can’t so gets to people around him?”

Tinny-B shrugs again ”Like in the movies? They want to go for someone and if they can’t get him they go for his family? That sort of thing?”

”But this isn’t the movies and my attack…” she trails off as as thoughts play out in her head again.

Her father had come for her, it wasn’t Jaime he was after , it was her.

Jimmy had locked her in the storeroom , Jimmy hated her, he has plans for her.

But Jaime…said he is looking over his parents shoulders.

Jimmy always challenging the Mayor..Jimmy hates her because she stood up to him for being an asshole..Jimmy hates her..Jimmy challenges the Mayor..that party..Jimmy didn’t want the Mayor to bother about Jaime giving his peach on the..what was that..the candidate position for the president’s seat at the table..right?

Oh…it was beginning to make sense .

She turns to Tinny-B , staring at her, staring through her.

Jimmy has a thing against Jaime then. The reason Jimmy hates her was because she was in Jaime’s company, because she stood up to him while she was in Jaime’s company. Jimmy….jimmy, Jimmy must hate Jaime then. Jimmy hates her because she told him what he was, a stinking asshole with a rotten attitude.

Oh, she remembered the scene all to clearly when the Mayor first called Lockswire’s name and insisted that he said something and he refused, kept refusing . She remembered how Jimmy reacted to it, how he insisted against it.

Jimmy wants something, something he didn’t want Jaime to have..that has got to be it..he was furious the Mayor kept calling Jaime to peach, he was angered, embittered and …oh, he smiled, she remembered seeing him smile when Jaime began to walk out. Rejecting the Mayor.

That’s it. It made sense now.

But what didn’t make sense was why Jaime seems to be scared of Jimmy. Jimmy wants that seat, it was clear now, Jaime didn’t want it. It was evident as he refused to peach and claim a candidate position but the Mayor, his father insisted.

Oh damnit, no wonder. it makes sense why he and his father have tense moments. It makes perfect sense… Jaime wants it not, Jimmy wants it all and Mayor wants his son to have it.

She cocks her head to the side , If i don’t want something i am being forced to have, what do i do? Everything opposite to spoil my chances of getting it.”

Her eyes grows big in realization. Tinny-B backs away for a minute as Alexander’s eyes pops open.

”Er..Alex-” she trails off touching her chest in fear ”You okay, you look scary”

Alexander doesn’t answer , she continues to think, looking this way and then that way, pointing to the door, pointing around, and then..cocking her head to the side and then back.

Does that mean, does it mean that..everything Jaime has been doing from the moment they met up until now was he trying to spoil his chances of being the best candidate for that position.?


She goes to the table and then turns on the news, flicking through channels ”The Mayor’s son has still not turned up…” she changes Channel ”The body of Miss Bekington Alexander, a woman who was for a short time the companion and handler of Mr Jaime Lockswire, the son to the Mayor has still not being found, the speculations surrounding the death are still unclear and-” she changes the channel again.

Tinny-B who has been staring at her as though her friend had suddenly gone mad comes to her ” Alexander , you are scaring me, acting like a crazy person, are you okay, talk to me girl”

”Sshhh!” she places her finger to her lips and continues to change channel ”It has been unanimously reported that the forensics report to prove what actually happened in the event centre where Miss Beckington’s prints were found was burnt in a lab fire which leaves with police with nothing other than to start from scratch to investigate and-” she continues to change ”Jaime Lockswire, original badboy-” she pauses , Tinny-B taps her

”Alexander, what is it”

”Sshhh, i am trying to make sense of all this ”— He used to be the brain behind his father’s company and may very well be. Quiet, reserved and still every lady’s man. But he had eyes only for one, Miss Christine Barlow. Everyone had thought that this would be it, but years after a long relationship, he breaks up with him with a long time friend and disappeared to God knows where. Years later, Jaime Lockswire got back on his feet and doing good works, being a son of his father, he followed in his foot steps, keeping a low key on his foundations and what not. Everyone had thesame thought, when the Mayor steps down, his son was the most aspiring candidate to take Mayorship and most importantly, be the future in his father’s company with a good track record that was unbeatable. But like all good fairytale stories, all good thing comes to an end or rather, not every thing is as it seems. It appears that Jaime Lockswire have always being living the double life or in pretense .Two years ago, his true nature began to resurface.. the chains of countless women piled up with broken hearts on the streets, the drugs, the bad boys company, the bad reviews of his working ethics began to surface, the bribery, the corruption and all that jazz. It happens that daddy’s boy wasn’t the good little two shoes we have always envisioned him to be, which left us regretting why we thought hat he would be a good buy for the public. And then to crown it up, a few days ago, he told the world how he got anger issues, maniac tendencies of committing a crime. Yes, Jaime Lockswire confessed to his murderous intent before he committed a crime. Now, a young vibrant woman is dead, her body unknown and he is in hiding, and what is the Mayor doing? instead of him to make sure his son is being searched for and arrested he is paying hanky-panky with our lives? He intends that his son, the killer be in the Mayorship race by putting him in as an aspirant ? Even in his company as a candidate for the presidential position? no way..we would not allow such atrocity to befall chocolate city. The Mayor, Mr Jacob Wellington has been a good man, God sent. But his son is the devil and God forbid we let the citizens of Chocolate city in his care, God forbid. I am not against the boy, i watched him grow up and care for him, but i would not be blind to this act no, before we give others the notion that it is okay to be rich and murderous and get all you want just because. Justice must be served and..i hope the Mayor understands”

”But Sir Mr Chena, if i am not mistaken, you have praised the boy at some point in your briefing in the last foundation event about his great work ethics?” the reporter inquired

”I was blinded, but see what has happened. Alot of us regret this”

”So..what do your propose?”

”That whoever knows the whereabouts of Lockswire should inform the police and ensure that justice is served”

”But, we have reports that the primaries would still hold, tomorrow at the company’s conference town scare at Brooklyn-dutch by 11 am central time?”’

He smiles ”Yes, with all that is going on we need to give people hope and we also need to survive. The company is suffering with all this, people are scared and they need assurance, we need another person to man the seat.. and take back our plummeting stock and give us back to the right standing”

”So who are you pitching on?”

”The best man, we all are pitching for our own best man”

”But who do you think would win?”

He rubs his jaw ”I have known each candidate personally and i know their strengths and weakness and can tell who can take us further to the promised land we have always dreamed and i believe Mr Christopher Lipon is a strong candidate but i believe my Jimmy Agreyo is a best candidate..he has all it takes, the vision, the motivation and determination and his pitch is divine, you should be there to see what he has planned for the future, technologies, innovation, the community and the public. Knowing that the Heritage group is also the lifeline of chocolate city..he has the best ideas ever. So my votes are on him and i have a strong conviction that he would win. No one has such ideas as great as his”

”But it is the Mayor’s company, do you think he would agree? He is in a state at the moment with the situation of his son. Would he even want this to go on now? Knowing that his son was an aspirant too, and rumor has it that his pitch was carrying so much weight’ that’s why he was eager for the world to hear it.”

”It is his company and we all have shares in it. We all have a say in this and when something is affecting the company, we all have a right to ask for a change, albeit temporary to solve it. The Mayor understands this, that is why i am acting president for the time being while he steps down to take care of his issues, but tomorrow, the primaries would still hold and every candidate aspiring would still make their peach and then we vote, who ever wins would be sworn in as president of the Heritage group and then begins resumes as proper”

”When you say aspiring candidate, you mean all right?”

”Yes all candidates are mandated and expected to pitch”

”That means Mr Jaime Lockswire inclusive?”

Mr Chena stares at the reporter ”He is a fugitive and a murderer”

”But he is still a candidate?”

”In that sense, yes”

”And does the law not state one is innocent until proven guilty?”

”Indeed, but he is a murderer, he confessed before the act and then committed it”

”But there is no body to confirm that”

”Because he hid it and he is in hiding, what sort of reporting is this lady?” He frowns

”I am just curious Sir, indulge me, supposing he isn’t in hiding and he were to be available, can he not pitch at the primaries tomorrow?”

”He cannot pitch, because he is a murderer and he would not be given that stand”

”Assuming, you forget that it has not be proven yet, supposing Sir”

”Then as long a he is being investigated, he would not be allowed to. And mind you, a criminal would not just walk in knowing he would be arrested, that is why he is in hiding or maybe have left the country. it is sad.”

”But what if he shows up’?’

”Look. he wouldn’t unless he would have done so since ..he is a murderer and we would not allow him take a stand and astir for a position that have lots of people under him, he would cause ruin, and if you must know, the Mayor really do understand. He has infact endorsed Jimmy Agreyo as his best candidate”

”Oh really?”

”Yes really, i thought you are the news, you didn’t get the memo, i saw it on the news just now, ” he smiles ”and if you have no other questions, i beg to excuse myself. ”

”And the election of the Mayorship come November?” she throws at him

”That is in course, now if you would excuse me, i have a meeting” …

Alexander changes channel again, flipping through news until something got her eye, he goes a channel back, and then stares hard at the Tv , a picture was being shown, it has Jimmy standing between the Mayor and then his wife, he was smiling into the camera shaking the Major’s hand and then waving to the camera, there were other pictures like that, he hugging and placing a kiss to the Mayor’s wife’s cheeks and then he and the Mayor alone, both waving to the camera. It was a suggestive picture, one meant to imply , the reporter came on ”It so appears that the Mayor, Mr Jacob Wellington has endorsed Jimmy Agreyo as his running aspirant for the Heritage group which also means that he has endorsed him for the Mayorship candidate, this is what Jimmy Agreyo had to say to this ”

Jimmy come son, he is smiling deeply into the camera has they pushed a mike to his lips ”Oh, no no..i do not think that is the case but if that was what the Mayor wanted then i am happy to take it . That day, at the charity event, he kept praising the good work i have done and wanting to know more about my ideas and i was happy to share. little did i know i impressed him . So i came that day and he was the one who called out to me and then asked that we take pictures together and then he said, i quote ”my votes are on you Jimmy, i hope you would take the company to where it should be, i believe that you would be a great Mayor one day” he laughs and pats my bag. So, really, this is news to me but..if the Mayor, the Mayor, the man behind the man, the one everyone looks up to thinks i can be worth it to vote for me, then, i thin i a already blessed. So yes…thank you”

He was seen waving and then entering his car.

That prick!!!” It was Alexander who states

”Is that Jimmy, asshole Jimmy?”

”Yep..for a fine man he is a dxxk”

”Nothing fine about that man, he is a corny asshole when was this interview done?”

”It says here, over two hours ago”

”This morning, imagine that..i can bet my ass the Mayor wouldn’t endorse him shit. The Mayor endorsed his son all this while, while endorse someone just because his son is supposedly a murderer without closing the case..i think this is bullshit, and that man whose face looks like a pig’s snort..is it China-


”Yes, Chena! man knows nothing what he is saying” She stands up and then begins to pace ”It’s making sense now, all of it. Nothing is as it seems, i think there is a plot here, and Lockswire has been blind to it. I see it..i see it clearly now”

”What do you see. You aren’t making any sense”

”I know, but i know what i have to do..and i would make sure he doesn’t get off so easily”

”Who Alexander?”

”J-” Her eyes catches something on the scream

”There have been an accident on fork-lane, a police officer was found dead and the truck driver unconscious. His name is Steven Kirkled, Officer of the district police, homicide division. Investigations are on-going but it appeared to be a case of wrong driving and the curve which had resulted in an incoming to an impact leaving him dead on the spot. The trunk driver is in a coma presently.”

”Who is stupid to be on speed on that curve, alot of people die in sharp curves not seeing the next car on time” Tinny-B turns away.

”Sad” She is walking out the door, Tinny-B is following her

”Who do you intend not to let off the hook?”

”Jaime, and then Jimmy” they walk down the stairs to the living room

”But…Alexander, do you think you can just leave it for Jaime to handle because i am really confused right now”

‘Let me explain what i think it’s going on..i think Jimmy wants something and he doesn’t want Jaime to want what he wants”

”And you know that how?”

”It’s pretty clear now..everything is making sense, and i may be cut in the cross fire but i am also a mission of another”

”I do not understand”

She sighs ”Don’t worry. I know what i must do, and i would ensure he doesn’t stop me. Do you have a gig for tomorrow?”


”What the?”

”9: am, maybe 10:am”

”Great, have you got a wig, and know how to do dress-up?”

”What are you planning Alexander?”

”Have you?”


Alexander smiles ”Great, i need a favor, but we have to be discreet”


Jimmy smiles as Chena walks into the office, they shake hands ”You were wonderful, didn’t break a sweat when that reporter cornered you”

”I know how to hold a conversation, and did you see her face when i told her you have been endorsed by the Mayor?”

”Oh i did, i was watching. ” he laughs handing him a drink ”Now, everything is in play, i had my but Jude upload those pictures and then waited til i saw the reporters did i make a move, that interview was just on point.”

”Yes, not, the whole world would back you knowing the Mayor endorsed you. Come tomorrow, i believe every other board members would step away and side us. Let only the Mayor stand on his own and that Mrs Barlow. ”

They laugh.

”Have you heard from your brother?”

”That wasted sperm isn’t a brother of mine, and i hope he doesn’t rear his head up anytime soon. I have eyes everywhere, they see him, the alert the police. I need to have a smooth win to kick off my future. But no fret, he has the good sense to stay low, he knows what would happen if he doesn’t.


Jimmy smiles ”Nothing you need to worry yourself about, just ensure that we are good to go”

”Very well, see you tomorrow, look sharp, the world would be watching”

”Yes, that would be a great audience for my rise to the throne”

They laugh again.

As soon as he left, Jimmy stares at his phone ”Missed calls from Kennedy and then Christine . ” he sighs . He needs to get rid of Kennedy, he has no more use of him. And Alexander would be stupid to even mention his name as the one who locked her in the storeroom if it ever gets to that. Her mind would be more focused on the man who attacked her..

Kennedy was a loose end, which needs to be tied up. Then, he would find away to get rid of Alexander himself. She too needs to be dealt with, finally.

He begins to type ”Kennedy, let’s meet up and discuss..something important came up, i know where Alexander is, and how you can get her, tonight.” he sends the message.

Christine’s call comes in ”You keep calling me like i am your lover, what the hell Christine”

”You fxxking asshole why were you not picking?”

”Some of us have a life, work, future, you know what those are right?” He replies sarcastically

”Fxxk you okay and your plans. Kennedy was here, in my house, he threatened me with a gun, a bloody gun, he said he would kill me”

”He should have!” Jimmy smiles

”How dare you?”

”Relax Christine, that man is an asshole.But i think if he wanted to kill you he would have, He is just scaring you”

”Oh nice to know, damnit Jimmy, he wasn’t okay. what the hell? He walks into my compound and no one was able to stop him because they knew him because he had come to meet my mother during the charity. He has a gone and they didn’t know”

”Then fire your securities, case closed”

”Are you joking about this? You do realize that if he doesn’t get what he wants or who, we are fxxked”

”No you are, my end is covered, nothing linking me to this plan, just you and Kennedy. As for Alexander, i hope to cover her end when i do get to know where Jaime has her holed up. And chill Christine, Kennedy would not bother you for long. Look, i need to rest, you too, we have pitching to make tomorrow, rest…nothing would happen”

”So you are going to win right? You finally have Jaime out of the way and you would win right? He gets to go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit and you get to win right?”

”Yes, you are smart”

”How about i become smarter, since Jaime is in hiding and since he cannot be president or Mayor, this is my preposition, i want in, i get 40% of whatever you would be getting as president of the Heritage company once you win , else i would go to the police”

Jimmy laughs ”You are not smart Christine, you just played me all your cards. I can end you with a click of my fingers..you are like dust. Now shut your mouth and don’t threaten me bitch!” He cuts the call.

His eyes catches the news , there were talking about an accident, he smiles reaching for the envelop, he opens it and sees the result. He sees other things Steve must have dugged up about him, His activities for the last few years, illegal activities, drugs and his connection to the case of smuggling of children over five years ago. Death threats to the Mayor and his family, all connected to him and the the night Gemmlyne lost her child. He was driving and then others.

He smiles , ”Oh Steve, you had been busy , too bad ” He takes it to his shredding machine and shreds it.

Whistling he scrolls through his phone and then dials ”Hey beautiful, how about a little fun, i may pay you a little more than i did the last time and i promise to be gentle. Nice, don’t wear anything underneath, i would like to ram into you as soon as. I am so excited” he smiles.


”Oh my God, Jacob?” Gem gasps tapping his shoulders . He still held her on the floor as they stared there after she finished reading Jaime’s letter. ”Is that not the police officer who just left here?”

Jacob gets up, pulling her with him and then grabbing the remote to increase it ”He died on impact as soon as the car stumbled , leaving him to choke as the seat belt pulled him backwards causing a restriction of breathing, as you can see here..his head was bleeding and the blood rushed to it which would have caused and hemorrhage still which would have led to his death too. There was no foul play other than a driver going though a sharp bend in full speed and drives straight to the trunk. See the impact from his car to the trunk, it hits the truck close to the windscreen almost crushing the driver and the it falls away rolling and turns over. We are still carrying out more investigations but, it is an accident as observed nothing more. We have informed the police to contact his family and-”

”Oh God!” Gem exclaims again

Jacob is frowning ”Why does this feel like it is not a coincidence, he comes her, he comes her to tell me something, he leaves without telling me anything, and now he is dead”

”It’s an accident, you heard the news”

Jacob is shaking his head ”Why do i doubt it?” He grabs his phone and dials the chief of police ”Yes, i am sorry to hear about the death of one of your police officer, but i need you to find out if he was working on anything outside the books before his death”

”Why is that Sir?”


‘Okay Sir”

”Another thing, let this stay between us”

”Okay Sir. Sir, i hear the primaries is still going on tomorrow and you endorsed Jimmy Argreyo? Also i would b providing you security just incase and-”

”I did not endorse Jimmy”

”But..that is what is being said all over the news and–”

Jacob turns around, grabbing the remote and flipping through channels ”What is this, who ran this news?” he bellows

Gem is staring at the Tv ”But, did you do this Jacob?”

”How can i, my son has been endorsed by me already , i would endorse no one else. Jimmy did this” he says in anger ”Jimmy did this”

”Calm down”

Jacob laughs shaking his head ”No wonder he insisted on taking those pictures, he had it all planned out..how convenient. Did he..did he plan this too, about his brother because it all seems to fall into place for him. Jaime is not available, he gets to win..did he plan this? Because i do not truth him ”

Gem goes to him ”Do not think so Jacob, Jimmy may have his bad side but he wouldn’t do this, this is ridiculous and absurd to think so”

”Just look at this, imagine, can you hear him , what he said in the interview..and” he flips channel, he sees Mr Chena on the news, he listens. He sinks to the chair ”Oh My God, Gem, hear what they describe my son as…oh my God my boy” he cries , Gem goes to him , hugging him.

He is shaking his head ”I won’t let them do this, i won’t!”

”You cannot stop the primaries for your company’s election, and you cannot not give your vote, you promised them to stand down till it is over and you promised to be there and vote the winner, do not go against your word. You are a man of your word.”

”But see what they are doing, lying about my endorsement, saying things about my son?”

She stares tearfully at the TV screen ”Greed, greed is evident, but i do not believe Jimmy has anything to do with Jaime’s case and that Chena just wants the seat maybe..look, i am worried about my son to..but you must be strong,. I have prayed that God returns him back to us and clear this shadow hanging over his head..but.i also know that he would protect our son . I have cried and cried..only God can make things possible okay”

Jacob stares at his wife ”You are so strong, ”

”I have to be, for my men..that’s all that matters to me . it would be fine,. I would go with you tomorrow, it would be over..then together we would help to find our boy and make sure he is okay’

He nods holding her tight.


Adam walks straight to him ”Sir, i dropped the letter as instructed, also..your parents are not in the best state. Also, Jimmy was there-”

”Jimmy?” Jaime swings around

”Yessir, also a police officer, Steve was there too. Strange enough he said he wanted to tell me somethings about someone and said he believes you were frame up and-”

”Jimmy was the one who locked her up Adam, it was Jimmy who put her in harm’s way”

Adam frowns ”Jimmy?”

”Yes, you are right..you suspected and i doubted you”

”Wow, how far would he go, so he came back to attack her, he is our guy? I knew it had got to be someone close you ”

”No, he locked her in , someone else attacked her there. But you know what this means right? Jimmy is ensuring that he hurts everyone and anyone who is around me”

”Then, we need to take her into protective custody”

”She doesn’t want to go anywhere but home, so she stares her,e you can take Tinny-B for now.”

”You think she would want to leave without her friend?”

”She would have to, for now”

”Okay. Damnit Boss, your brother would stop at nothing to get what he wants”

He nods ”I see that now. i would confront him, soon i will” he closes his fist.

”Jesus!!” they both turn to the Cleaner who was passing with her cleaning appliances ”Oh such a horrible death” she was pointing to the screen, they frown following her hand. Adam picks up the remote and increases the channel. He staggers back..

”Dear Lord, No!!” Adam exclaims staggering again

Alexander and Tinny-B comes down just then.

Jaime grabs Adam ”What, what Adam?”

”Steve, that’s Steve!!”

Jaime looks at the screen and then back at him ”Adam?”

He didn’t look at him, he kept staring at the TV ”He was at your house, just now the securities said, they also said he had an argument with Jimmy and he left, and Jimmy leaves almost immediately..now he is dead, fxxking dead by a car accident. You know how i know that’s not possible that he was driving recklessly? he used to be a racer, five years ..got gold. He can race you with his eyes closed, and knows how to cut round a fine bend. This was no accident, this was a murder..and it was Jimmy” his nose blares in anger

”’Adam you don’t know that”

”He said he knew you were framed up, he said he had the forensics report to prove your innocence and he was going to give it to your father.. he said he had some investigations done and he was talking and then the line dies…he was about to tell me somethings and he was killed. Who else was there other than Jimmy…who the fxxk was?. I would kill him i swear i would” he made to move, Jaime grabs him

”No Adam no!!!!”

”Let me go!!”

”No…calm down, i know what he meant to you and-”

”He was my brother, we had each other’s back, we may not have seen eye to eye but we were there for each other, growing up in an orphanage, having no both parents killed or being abandoned, going to military school and he going off to racing and then back to the force..he was the only thing i had close to a family. And when Gareth had an issue with me, he put out his neck for me, we may fight alot, hate each other alot but we cared for each other and had each other’s back and no matter how many times he threatens to arrest me for defaulting, he never does…he…is dead!” he grabs Jaime’s shirt ”He is dead, he was killed, he was killed!”

”I am sorry!”

”You are sorry , no i am sorry for what i am about to do. I would kill him and send his body parts to you”

”Stop it Adam you aren’t a murderer”

He nods ”Maybe until he gets to your family and have them drop one by one would you realize that he isn’t playing by the rules . Maybe until you stand up to him would you realize that sometimes one does not have to give in to fear but face your demon . Maybe until it is too late would you realize that you should have stopped him. I lost a fried today who was trying to clear your name, i won’ t lose another and if you would not do something about him, i will” he says walking away

”I forbid you Adam..i promise, i would handle it, just give me a little time”

”Yeah..time enough for him to take all that belongs to you while you lose and then be bagged for a crime you didn’t commit. Look at all the signs, it has Jimmy written all over it. I know how it feels and how you want to protect their memory of him, but the more this goes on, the more innocent persons gets caught in the cross fire. Like Steve, like that officer and like Miss Alexander, but she got lucky, would your parents be safe..you think they would be when he finally wins? Do you think you would be too? While you let that sink in Sir, i need to go identify his body and tell his wife” he was out of the door.

Jaime looks up and sees them. the cleaner excuses herself. Tinny-B turns walking back upstairs, ”Alexander?”

”You go ahead Tinny-B”

She walks to him , his eyes didn’t leave her face ”I think i have a clear picture of what is going on, and i would like that you spill”

”It doesn’t concern you Alexander”

”Oh it does, Jimmy attacks me because of you, he ..well..i do not know if he got that man killed but i do know he wants something that you have..or would be given, and i do know he doesn’t like you nor your father, am i close enough?”

He stares at her, he turns and walks away, she follows him ”I am right aren’t i?”

He swings to face her ”You are wrong”

”Humor me?”

”It doesn’t concern you”

”Let me tell you what i would do to someone who threatens my family, i would ensure he never does it again. And if someone i care about dies because of him, i would ensure he never gets to breath again and if someone is threatening me to step down just so they can have all that i own or have worked to achieve on my own, i won’t. I won’t be you Lockswire cowering in fear, running the other way and doing the opposites just to get bad impressions about yourself just5 because”

”What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

”I figured why you are like this..it;s because of Jimmy, he is making you do this you won;t ordinarily do..right? He wants the seat, the Presidential seat at your father;s company and which would make him a less unbeatable candidate at the Mayorship election right? ”

He opens his mouth and then closes it , he turns and walk away again, he pauses as she began

”You are a fool, to let a man control you, to let a man who has nothing compared to your intelligence, successes and hardwork control you like a pussy. You are a fool, to let one man disrepect your family, to let a man make your mother hurt because you had to change to suit him. You are a food Lockswire, to watch the tears fall from your mother’s eyes, to watch your father in pains as you opened your mouth at that charity to say the things you are not, You are a fool to run away from your problems instead of facing them. To watch a man cry over his friend and say you would handle it when you should be running out that door with him and find justice instead of hiding in your mansion while some asshole is out there plotting God knows what. You are a fool to cower like a chicken and allow pain in your family, a heartless uncaring son who is a fool. You are a fool, a weak inconsiderate fool” she says angrily.

Silence , he resumes walking away, up the stairs, into his room and lets the door shut.

She blinks, her heart pulls. She blinks again, and again, and then again.

”Oh my God!” she covers her mouth,her hands shaking as tears roll down her eyes.

She runs up the stairs and opens his door. He was seated on floor of the bed, his head bowed to his hand on his knees, his shoulders heaving up and down.


She closes the door and came to him, kneeing infront of him ”I am sorry, i don’t know why i did that..or said those things and-” she reaches out and touches his head, trying to raise his head, touching hid face underneath his bent head. she felt it, it was wet.

She stares at her hands. He was crying, Her heart constricts. ”I didn’t mean to, i am sorry”

A sudden urge to comfort him pulls at her, she goes closer to him, wrapping her hand around him, pulling him close to her. ”I am sorry”

He releases his hand, then he grabs her, tight , crying even harder.

Her heart broke. For the first time, for the first time in her life, she had seen a man cry and then felt his pain as it shoots through her as he held her .

She did this, she hurt him. She was sorry. ”I am sorry, i am so sorry…i– ” she trails off. Pulling away and then raising up his face, his eyes were closed,

”No..” he tried to turn away. She didn’t let him.

He had never allowed anyone to see his pain, see how he can be broken like this, He was good at keeping all of this inside, locked up and act like all is well. For a long time, all by himself he nursed his pain, and it broke his heart everything he had to suffer in silence, unable to share his pain with another person..could not tell his mother, nor his father..

How can he tell them, that their son was aware when he rammed the car that had their mother into the tree when she was in labour, killing the child and almost leaving her for dead. That he knew the man was going to shoot so he stood behind his father hoping that he would die from the bullet. How can he tell them at the security man who died from a stray bullet..that the bullet had his name ”Jaime L.” initialed on it. How can he tell his parents that the boy, his father loved more than anything in the world before now wanted to ruin in, ruin him to the ground and everyone with him.

That he plans to kill them if he doesn’t make President at the Heritage group or Mayor come November. That he is behind alot of crimes and atrocities in the country. How can be be the one to ruin all that, and make his father hate him the more.

No, he cannot, he can only protect them by giving Jimmy what he wants, after all, it is his, everything is truly Jimmy’s, he doesn’t deserve the love his father was giving him, he doesn’t. Jimmy deserves all of it. He just wants his father and mother to be safe. He just wants all of them to be safe.

But these deaths, they keep piling up. Today it was Steve’s friend, and then it was almost Alexander, who else has to die for Jimmy to get what he wants. What does he do? How does he stop hmm?

”I don’t know what to do, to keep them safe, to keep all of you safe…i-” he says trailing off ”This is only how i know, by staying away and being quiet..all of you would be safe , i do not know what else to do..i do not know..and” he covers his eyes and his shoulders heaves up and down.

She stares at this broken man. This man who have always portrayed himself to be strong, firm, a no-nonsense man. This man who acted like he could punch the wall and the quakes would seize.

He was nothing but a child, who needs protecting , assurance, hope…just like her. She had always hoped that someone who rescue her from the hands of her father, no one came, no one came because no one knew her pain. She never told anyone and she suffered in silence, she embraced the life she was forced into and continued in that trend. No one could give her comfort, no one could tell her it was okay. No one could promise her a chance of hope..because no one knew or saw her in her pain, she hide it well. How did it work out for her? It didn’t. She hide in the showers and cried , she scrubbed her body till it turned red, she hated all men, she wished they all died..and sometimes she contemplated suicide and then she wakes up the next day determined to survive.

She stares at Jaime ,

Wondering about his pain, knowing that he must have hide it for so long and no one to share it with. Maybe, since she didn’t have anyone to save her, to talk to her, to share her pain with..

Maybe there was a reason she was in his life now…even though she may not know what he is going through, and he may not want to talk about it..a little comfort would give him peace. A little assurance , a friend..anything at all.

She removes his hands from his face shaking his head ”Let me help you”

”You can’t! It is my battle, my fight”

”It doesn’t have to be, and you don’t have to fight it alone, let me help you..”She wipes his tears, he opens his eyes to stare at her.

”You can’t!”

”Then let me make you feel better”

”How, you can’t make me feel better, nothing can!”

”I can take your mind off your pain, even if for a moment”


She stares at him, then leans into him, he pulls back ”Don’t”

”It’s okay.”

”No it’s not, i won’t kiss you Alexander”


”Because you hate to be kissed, you hit me remember”

”I won’t hit you now, i promise”

He stares at her shaking his head ”You think kissing me would ease my state of mind now?’

”Comforting you would..”


”Because i want to..”


”I don’t know okay, are you going to kiss me or not so you can stop crying ?”

He smiles ”Men don’t cry”

She touches his cheeks ”Men do, they just don’t tell anyone”

Her hand felt warm to his cheeks , he covers it with his. ”If i ever do kiss you Alexander, it’s because i want to, not because you are offering me out of pity”

”You paid for my services remember, i think i do not have a choice in that matter if you do demand to have your cake, and i ordinarily do not allow men kiss me so if i say you should , you should be lucky.”

His eyes grows dark , he lets go of her hand, She missed the warmth, strangely ”Let’s make this clear Alexander, i didn’t pay for your services because i wanted to have sex with you”

”No, so you did because you wanted to put up an act then, that part is obvious because you would have had sex with me if you wanted to from day one”

”Correct. No wait!” His brows furrows

She laughs ”I am part of some plan you had to pretend to be someone you are not”


”Yes, you just admitted”

”You caught me off guard”

She smiles ”Cos’ i am smarter than you”

”Right!” he gives a one sided grin. ”Why do you not let men kiss you…out of curiosity”

”Because i hate to be kissed”


”Because..just because”

”There are got to be a reason, if you could allow them..you know, i am not judging okay. If you could allow them have sex with you, how does kissing be a any different?”

”They use condoms. And truthfully?” She cocks her head to the side, deciding to be honest ” kissing is..i don’t know,uninteresting. i hate to have them sticking their tongue down my throat and then mauling mine too. It’s disgusting, and i do not get why people get excited about it. It’s all smelling breath and what not”

He is staring at her ”So you mean you haven’t been kissed before?”

”Dude i have, that’s how i know i don’t want it ever and i would punch anyone who tries to because i hate it. Exchange of saliva..ewww?”

He laughs shaking his head ”So you really really haven’t been properly kissed before then”

”There is nothing proper about kisses”

”Yes..you hate it, and you where asking me to kiss you so you can make faces and wish i stop immediately?”

She opens her mouth to speak ”Okay..well, i could endure it. If it makes you feel better and ..forget about your pain for a moment”

”Selfless and stupid!”

She hits him ”Hey!’

He laughs staring at her , he reaches out to push a loc of her hair behind her ears”I would never kiss a girl who would have to endure a kiss with me, even if it is just to make me feel better”

”How would you kiss a girl then?”

”I would kiss a girl who wants to be kissed, and if i like her..”

”So all the girls you have kissed wanted to be kissed and you liked them?”


”Guess they are like a thousand” she turns her nose up

He smiles ”A million”


”Bite me!!”

She smiles

”Actually, a handful, stopped kissing girls awhile ago, if i had to count, maybe five…”

She raises an eyebrow ”Liar, you don’t hear the news, a typical ladies man, womanizer and a heart breaker”

”Not everything the media says is the truth. Plus, aside Christine, a few rebounds..no one else”

”And all the women around you, even the ones you had for this specific purpose i am in”

He smiles ”Never touched them”

”I don’t believe you, Men are all thesame..they see a woman their head stands, and i don’t mean the one sitting on their necks” she blinks, he coughs

”Well, i am not that kind of man”

”You bisexual then?”

He coughs again ”No, and i am not practicing abstinence. I just…have to really be attracted to a woman before..you know”

”So you haven’t ever had a one night stand..ever, pick up random chicks and call girls for sex..you don’t have random sex ever..you don’t have hook-up sex and-”

”Hey..i did say i am not practicing abstinence right? I have sex it just…has to be with someone i am attracted to that’s why the ladies who have graced by bed are few..five i said…”

Her eyes grows dim ”And Bekky? the other girl before me?”

”Never touched her. She was fine, seductive but hey…wasn’t interested. ”


”Why is it hard for you to believe?” He is surprised

”Have you seen you, ladies would be throwing themselves at you…every woman. And men are thesame, and you are no different to see a woman and not want it to..plus..all the ladies would definitely be throwing and swooning for you and would want to give it up at a go”

”Including you?”

she scoffs ”Most especially not me”


”I don’t like men that way”

”Yet you have sex with them, i don’t see how that makes sense”

‘Necessary evil” She shrugs

”How do you like men your ideal man” he was curious

”I don’t have a mental picture of an ideal man because i don’t think of one”

‘You are weird. Every woman has one.”

”I am real, i don’t have one because i don’t like men that way, sex is physical, i do not have to feel nothing and pass through it..and you are a liar”

”Sex may be physical but is is a feeling, it’s an emotion and it connects two people together it is more than just humping and if you do it with the person you love, it is beautiful and i am not a liar..i am not a sex mania, i like it, i just limit it to a few ..narrow it down to one i am attracted to.”

”So you cannot be with anyone you aren’t attracted to?”


”And you can’t kiss anyone you aren’t attracted to?”


”You just lied cos you kissed me”

He laughs ”That wasn’t a kiss kiss, it was a spite-you-kiss, it doesn’t follow. And you said you didn’t like kisses and you kissed me too..so you lied ”

”Noooooo! hat was to spite-your-girlfriend-Christine-kiss-kiss”

”Oh, why?”

”Because she thought this ridiculous notion that i was trying to steal you away from her and no matter how much i tried to tell her that i wasn’t interested she insisted so i told her that if i wanted to steal you away, i got all the moves so i gave her a taste of it….”

”Hmmm badass..no wonder she was furious”

”I liked her expression, had to tell her to pick her mouth from the floor.”

He smiles at her, not telling her that kiss was…strangely nice. He stares at her lips , he smiles ”Are you still offering?”

”No, its past” she made to get up, he pulls her down back to him, and holds her to himself

”You do like this pulling games don’t you, you do this with all your ladies?” her hands her to his chest

”Nope, just you. So, i have a preposition, just for the fun of it”

”What?’ she is suspicious

”How about, i teach you or show you how a real kiss is or feels like-”


”Work with me. I show you what it feels like and you promise not to be stiff or make a face”

”What’s the catch?”

”You have got to want it, like really want it else it would be pointless”

”Okay what just happen, how did we get from being cat and dog to this..kissing budies”

”When you refused to mind your business and walked into my room”

”You were crying like a baby and i felt guilty”

”I was not…”

”Was too”

”Tell anyone i kill you”

”And my ghost would hunt you down”

They smile at each other ”I really want to do humanity a favour, i mean i think it’s a crime to not really know what a real real kiss feels like and enjoy it for once in your life before dying”

”Don’t want it, it’s ewwish! And you call this service to humanity or you just want to kiss me because ….i don’t know you are attracted to me.”

”You haven’t been kissed by me. And it is not ewwish and yes, service to humanity and i am not attracted to you. Service to humanity” He repeats.


”Yes really”

”Fine.” she pouts her lips

He stares at them and then bursts out laughing ”I swear this is ridiculous” he was laughing, she punches him,

”Asshole.!” She smiles ”I would probably have spit in your mouth anyways, my intent”

”I figured as much plus your face had the suckiest pouting game. Advice, don’t pout like that, no guy would want to kiss you with a clown face like that”

”Right, and a guy would want to kiss me like how?”

”Like this?” He pulls her even closer, his face close to hers, really close ”Just like this, by staring into your eyes, breaking down your resolves with just one look” he stares into her eyes ”Bearing deep into your soul and finding out all hidden secrets..” He says against her lips but not touching her…

” A man would want to kiss a woman who desires to be kissed by him. A girl whose heartbeat is beating against his.. thum thum thum tithum..like that. And whose touch to her body sends shivers down her spin” he runs a hand over her back, still staring at her, not breaking his stare as he continuous to speak

She should stop it, she would have stopped any man who held her like this, She should stop him, but she doesn’t. Curiosity held her still, or was it something else.? He was still talking

”Whose lips is parted, moist, ready to be savored” he runs his thumb over them, ”Soft, succulent, enticing. A man do not need a woman to tell him to kiss her, a man needs to only look into her eyes, stare at her and see her need to be kissed, not by anyone but by him…”

She suddenly became warm, listening to him..staring at him as he stares at her…

”Kissing is a feeling, a need ,a desire, …it is not just about lips against lips and tongue curling over another tongue, it is much more than that and if you do not feel it, anticipate it and let yourself go to enjoy it..you would never enjoy being kissed..” he says.

He stares at her, she stares back at him…

Maybe this was a bad idea, a game of curiosity, a stupid joke was what he intended…


He stares at her lips, parted, moist.

”And if a girl desires to be kissed now, to want to feel that which you speak off…what does she do?”

”She does nothing, nothing but anticipate it.”

Whatever was going on now was not anticipated, hell it didn’t make any sense. But right now, right this moment, he does want to kiss her now, and this was definitely not a joke, not out of curiosity..

This was mere…..

He closes the distance, slowly and captures her lips with his.

She became stiff, all too suddenly. Her eyes shoots open..she made to pull back. He stops her, speaking against her lips ”Don’t think, nothing at all..let me ” he grabs her face ”Close your eyes, part your lips..and let me help you fee it.”

She does.

He trails a tongue over her lips, kissing it over, carefully, slowly.Savoring the sweetness he kissed her, taking his time..

She lets him.

He parts her lips more with his tongue, taking his time he kisses off the edges of her lips, caressing her face and then her neck with his thumb, leaving her lips he kisses her cheeks..and then her neck, her ear lop and then back to her neck as he trails a tongue through her collarbone, and then back to her neck, caressing her.

She gasps, holding him firmer. Oh God, she swallows…what is happening to me..why do i feel so….ohhhh! she licks her lips.

He is back to her lips now, carefully nudging his tongue into her mouth, teasing her tongue with his, drinking from her and kissing her deeply. A sudden desire burning through him.

She began to kiss him back..slowly and then deeply, meeting him pace for pace until they ran out of air breaking apart.

Damn…Jaime exclaims within.

They are staring at each other…speechless.




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