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The Call Girl – Chapter Thirty-One And Thirty- Two




Alexander opens her eyes drowsily. She stretches and then freezes.

There was a man in the bed with her, fear grips her, she made to scream when he turns to face her. Eyes closed, he was sleeping.

Her screams catches in her chest.


Why was he on the bed with her, holding her, did they?

She looks down at herself, she was still wearing the patient rope, and he was clothed. Okay he was on pajamas..grey and Burgundy.

She seats up, pushing her hair away from her eyes. The light had seeped into the room from outside, the sun rays beams evenly over him, centering on his face.

She is staring at him.

She raises her legs and places her hands over it, resting her head, she is frowning.

But she didn’t stop staring at him.

The night plays before her , she covers her face and groans.

She had another episode, and this time, she had been really scared. She still remembered his soothing voice pulling her out.

Her father was raping her, and strangling her. She had seen his face clearly as though he was right there with her. There was blood, knives, ropes.

Then there were her screams.

She shivers.

Then there was his voice, pulling her out of it, when she did come out, and called his name, it was as if her fear withered away.

She remembered she telling him not to go, why?

She was scared to go back to sleep, and somehow, she felt a presence close to her would chase her fears. When she closed her eyes and did eventually go back to sleep..She felt nothing, no fear, just peace, calm.

she bites her lips.

That was what was making her upset. Because she didn’t understand why she felt safe, in his arms. Did the nurse give her some stupid drugs though? She should ask her.

It was messing up with her thoughts maybe.

She stares at him as he continues to sleep, breathing silently. Most men she had been with were never cute sleepers..

Whoa wait! she had never been with him so…why the hell did she just sum him into the sum..?

Bleh!! she shivers

Most of her clients were horrible sleepers, they either snored and snorted like pigs, farted in their sleep, groped her and they end up in a bloody nose. she hated to be touched at it, smooched unawares. Infact, she hardly stayed the night and when she did, she set up boundaries.

No kissing, no romancing, just s3*..which they pay for and she is on her way. Back home and scrubbing the life out of her body..and hating men ten times more.

She shakes the thoughts away from her head.

She hated men, that fact was never gonna change, they were animals..her father was the head of animals and other men just followed his scent.

Jaime …

She cocks her head to the side again staring at him, frowning a bit.

Jaime had been a gentleman, surprisingly, he had paid for her services and had not even asked for s3*. The other day she had stripped thinking that was what he wanted, he had told her to put on her cloths and had walked away to give her some stupid papers to sign with equally stupid rules she does not intend to keep.

She shakes her head again.

men were animals alright, then there were the monster animals which her father falls into, and there are lesser animals which men who act like him fall into.

And there were men, men like Jaime, which she cannot quiet categorize him yet.

No, she had not met men like Jaime.

Men all wanted to slip into her pants. They pay, she lets them and at night she wishes she could stab them.

But she was not a killer. She had a choice to continue being raped by men who fancied her or used her greatest weapon..her body to make a lie for herself.

She picked the latar. A decision she hates and regrets, but one she cannot work away from. Because like was fxxked up, and no one wants to help a pretty lady for free. Yes, she would know.

Life on the streets was hard, so they faced her demons and here she was.

Living the life of A Call Girl..and then Jaime happened. Her life went from the girl who wanted to make a live in her mess, to a girl who was attacked by her father she had hoped was dead, and now to a girl, who is having more horrible nightmares and coped up in a house made of glass and shining things with a man she obviously despises because of his rotten attitude..and still, it was thesame man she felt suddenly safe with, after last night’s episode.

What does that even mean?

She bites her nails.

He moves, she falls back to the bed and pretends to be asleep.

She counts one to ten, he didn’t move again, she gets up and then resumes staring at him.

If she liked men, the operating word was if, she would have considered this romantic even, watching him sleep. If not that she was just a hard nut, she would admit that he was a cute sleeper, a handsome man.

But girls like her don’t take notice of those things, he is not that handsome anyways.

She stares into his face.

Okay, let her not just be a bad heart, he was fine. But that never bothered her before. she had met way handsome men, and then she had felt repulsed .

Men were never going to excite her the way they did with others. No matter how Tinny-B says that you gotta feel the moment, let herself go in the process. All she wanted to do in the process with her client’s is to scream and thrash their faces and tell them to get off her body. She literally cringes when they touch her, trying to caress her..she stopped letting them do that.

”Stick it in and out, as as long as you want. But if you want to cuddle, get a teddy bear” Became her constant saying. And she was glad majority of them followed, they needed the release not a wife, and she was nobody’s mother to smother them.

The sun ray rests on his face again after disappearing. She cocks her face even lower.

He had long lashes for a man, she observes. She wonders if he had ever wanted to play dress up. She would have loved to put some mascara on those lashes.

He would be pretty, a pretty man,

She laughs and then clams her mouth shut almost immediately. And holds her breath.

He doesn’t move.

Phew!! Thank God.

She continues to stare at him.

If she liked men, Jaime would have been one to admire. But she didn’t, so staring at him was annoying.

She turns and then gets up, going to the warddrop, she opens and sees that it empty.

”Now what am i going to wear?” She closes it with a frown ”The fool thought it a bright idea to bring me here and did not think to pick me cloths, i can’t pad around the house wearing a rope with my butt showing. Why do all hospitals have this stupid rope anyways. ” she turns to face him, tying the rope tighter she walks out of the room, finding her self in a lush living room. It was still dark.

Retracing her steps through her minds eye, she climbs the stars and goes to his room. Atleast she had been in that room twice already so..she could find her away around.

She opens his ward drop to find some shirts hanging. She picks out one and then places it on the bed, she opens his bathroom and then closes it.

The shower comes on.

There was something she loved about his bathroom, it was like a separate haven away from her thoughts, the water crescending down her body, the scent of the scented flowers handing on the walls, the enclosed bath tub and the soothing music that tends to calm her nerves. It keeps the water rushing inside, and the noise outside.

In here, she forgets about the world out there.


Jaime stretches on the bed, then he seats up with a start. ”Alexandra?” He wipes his eyes and then searches the room.

Did she leave?

His face contorts to a frown.

Okay, there was no way she would walk past the securities without them stopping her, she was probably somewhere in the house.

He leaves the guest room and makes his way to his room. Picking up his phone, he checks for messages.

A few hundreds was from Christine, he deletes them without reading it. Some from his parents, he was scared to open them.


He opens his message ”Brother, I worry about you. Where are you, invite me over..maybe I can make this go away and you give me what I want faster, yes? Or you tarry abit, by Saturday, all this would be over hmmm..” A smiley face attached to it, then he adds ” By the way, I liked Alexandra, she was pretty, feisty but pretty, I never knew you had it in you to kill someone, that’s harsh bro… Your mother and the Mayor are going out of their mind, I think you should lay low for now, till it boils over, maybe when i become president and Mayor, I would ensure all this goes away, We are brothers aren’t we? By any chance you think you can speak to pops so he wills everything to me, now would be the perfect time. Hope to hear from you soon..wish me luck”

Jaime’s face contorts into a deeper frown, he places the phone on the table and takes of his shirt, then his trousers, and then his brief. He walks to the door and then turns the knob to his bathroom.

It swings open to show Alexander, a naked Alexander reaching for the towel .

They stare at each other, speechless.

‘Shit I am sorry i didn’t realize-” he turns away

”Can’t you knock?” she fires grabbing the towel and wrapping it round herself, she walks past him.

”You are in my house , and using my bathroom, why the hell are you using my bathroom?”

”Because i came looking for what to wear and I wanted to shower and…can you put on some clothes though ”She backs him shaking her head

”Please, can i have the towel atleast”

She scoffs reaching for his shirt, she wears and buttons it, then she dances away from the towel and tosses it to him without looking at him. He picks it up and wraps it around his middle, then he walks to her..

”How about we set some ground rules” He is facing her now, his eyes goes to the shirt she is wearing, his frown deepens. Then he stares at her again. Her hair dripping wet, touching his shirt. His shirt, that shirt. He should tell her to take it off, of all shirts why that.

Take off my shirt. His mind says.

He shakes his head, not saying it, partially scared that she may very well take it off here and now. For some reason, he couldn’t bear another naked her.

Not that she wasn’t an appealing look because…damn she is..

Okay stop thinking Jaime, your head is fried at the moment, what the hell. she isn’t the first naked woman he had seen, and she may not be the last. So why did hers make him feel…funny.

Her eyes are big, questioning him. He stares at her again. His shirt gets to her thighs, not reaching her knees, her arms at akimbo as she waits for him to speak.

There was something about the way she was looking, standing there, wearing nothing beneath his shirt that unsettled him. His tongue felt suddenly tied. If she wasn’t so annoying, he probably would have considered her..beau-

Hell no! he frowns.

Speak Lockswire! He tells himself. Say something else

”We need to set some ground rules Alexander”

She rolls her eyes ”I do not do well with rules Lockswire, you should know that by now.”

”Well this rules you would follow, first off..I have a room prepared for you, you sleep there and you shower there, your friend can stay with you there or we clear out another guest bedroom for her. The house is large enough, you both can get lost in it. I do not want to be caught unawares again and besides, Adam would have walked in here”

She laughs ”So?”

”You have no respect for yourself I see?”

” I didn’t say that, I just said so, and besides, it’s your house, i do not see why your bodyguard and driver gets to walk into his Boss’s room unannounced..what if you were with a woman, he gets free viewing?”

He shakes his head ”You have a room to yourself Alexandra, use it. And, my shirt?” He points at her

”Yes, good you have eyes, you brought me here having nothing on but hospital rope, how thoughtless of you. I make do with what I have, I can’t pad round here with my ass showing, see..i respect myself”

”You don’t understand, that’s my shirt, my -”

”Why you want it? i can take if off and go about the house in baby skin..”

He shakes his head turning away

”Yeah, thought so” she leaves the room.


Jaime stays under the shower longer than necessary, letting the water caress his body. He closes his eyes.

He places his hands to the wall and lets the water wash down his neck to the back.

”Damnit” he curses when he opens his eyes to see the reason for his cursing. Junior was saying more than a hello, at a reasonable length. Jaime increases the shower and stands directly under it..then he shakes his head and begins to laugh ”Alexander, this is not happening.”


He comes out of the bathroom to find the room empty.

Good thing she had left.

He makes his way to his closet and then pulls out another shirt, he stares at it and wonders if he should take it down for her or wait. Then again, she would make a scene. He didn’t have time for time for that.

Alexander was annoying, very annoying.

He hangs back the shirt, pulls another t-shirt, wears it and grabs his track suit.

Adam knocks once and then comes in.

”Morning Boss”

”Adam, next time i think about taking stray unprotected dogs home, stop me”

Adam pauses, then understanding he smiles ”Oh, I think she is a cute little puppy”

”Not funny” Jaime says standing up and putting on his watch ”Do you know the annoying thing though. she cannot even appreciate the fact that i am helping her to keep her safe, if she is not annoying, she is driving me mad…little by little, those snide comments, her angry laugh, spiteful even and the way she talks..her mouth is so…argh” he shakes his head

”She infuriates you?”

”Yes, she does”

”You know you can hand her to the police to place in protective custody, that way she is alive and safe, and you off the hook”

Jaime turns to him ”I see what you are trying to do Adam, don’t”


”I am not clearing my name, i told you what is at stake, for now, let it. A woman is protected, so atleast i am doing one thing right” he is walking out of the room, Adam follows him

”If you say so. So i went into town” Adam says following him down the stairs


”I met Steve”

”Hmmm” He goes to his study, opening and closing his drawers, frowning a bit

”Apparently, the forensics reports is out”

”Good, when can we see whose prints are on the door and everywhere else?”

”We don’t!”

”Okay I get they want to do their investigations but, I guess we can get privy into that information can’t we Adam?”

”He said and I quote ”Boss wants it to pass through him”

”What does that mean?” Jaime pauses and stares at him, his brows furrowing

”It means that…well i may be wrong but someone doesn’t want you to see the prints or what it to get out. It means that either whoever attacked Alexander is more closer to us than we know, it means that…we need to actually consider everyone to be a suspect”

”Hmm?” Jaime turns away opening another drawer

”It does not bother you?”

”Oh it does, in fact… I am really bothered i cannot actually find my watch”

”You are wearing it?” Adam has a puzzled look on his face at he points to his wrists ”Unless that does not look like a watch and I gat eye issues”

Jaime stares at his wrists and then sighs ”Oh!” Then he closes the last drawer ”I swear I remember putting it on at some point and then…” he shakes his head walking out of the study and heading to the door.

”Right. But anyhow, Gareth shouldn’t be trusted and i believe that he wouldn’t be doing this on his own. I have been in the force, once there is an ongoing investigation, everything is put out on the table, and knowing how delicate this matter is, it should be given top most priority, but holding out a vital investigation or evidence that would either crack or seal a case is enough to raise and eye..”

”So what do you want to do, what do you suggest. You have a hunch?”

”Yes! Stroke Steve, maybe he might know something or find someone who sees the cracks in the wall like I do.”

”And then do what?”

”If there is someone behind this, we find him and serve justice, is that not the law”

”Legal Justice” Jaime corrects with an index finger.

”I don’t kill bad people unless they ask” he smiles, then he heard a sound, he turns to where it was coming from, which was the kitchen and then he stares back at Jaime”And erm.. Did she get another episode? It freaked out the securities last night though”

Jaime looks at the direction of where the sound came from, ”She would be fine. I have to go for a run, need to clear out my head.” He steps out , he opens his wallet and hands him a gold card ”Take her to get some things, she almost bite my head off because she didn’t have cloths to wear”

Adam smiles taking the card, a mischievous glint in his eyes, his lips twitching

”What do you have that stupid face for?” Jaime inquires

Adam lets his mouth curve into a large smile, his eyes sparkled ”You know, most guys would find it exciting or romantic to have their lady friend pad around with no cloths on”

”I am not most guys”

”Ofcourse you are not, and yet..you are buying her new cloths”

”Because she has nothing to wear here”

”I am sure Tinny-B would not mind strolling by their house to get some”

Jaime smiles ”I know what you are doing”

Adam laughs innocently ”I am doing nothing other than asking you questions, you are feeling guilty of something?”

”I am not, I don’t even like her”

”That’s what he said and I never asked you a question of likes and dislikes, you see where the lope holes are?”

”Shut up! she is annoying, pissy, infuriating..she is argh!!! drives me crazy..” he shakes his head

Adam nods still smiling ”If you say so. Twice in one minute you lose your head, from not realizing you had on your watch to giving me your gold card to buy her dresses when you know fully well the world thinks she is dead and she can’t just stroll into any boutique without people either running for their lives thinking she is a ghost”

”I do not see where you are going with this Adam” Jaime folds his hands and rests on the door.

”Did you see something that’s frying up your brain cells or..maybe you cannot completely reason appropriately since this girl walked in. I mean you were always organised, never forgetful and precise. These days, not so much”

”Atleast we agree on something, she is bad news” He sees her in his mind’s eye standing shocked in the toilet, speechless and naked.

Adam was saying something.

”Are you listening to me Sir?”

”Hmm? Look I would be back, but she needs cloths, shoes, whatever, just get her what she wants. I am sure an attendant can help you with a choice or you can take Tinny-B or something” Then he was out the door before Adam could say another word.


Alexander looks up when she heard someone come in.

”Hey girl!!” Tinny-B comes to her and crushes her in a hug ”How are you?”

”Er, good” Alexander hugs her back ”Where did you sleep?”

”Had a client. You okay?”

Alexander places the plate of food before her and begins to eat ”Yes, i am” she rubs her neck

”Any episode?”

”Hmmm” she continues to eat

”Oh dear” Tinny-B hugs her again ”It’s getting worse. How did you..where is Jaime anyways? The nurse had told him to be alert and all and how to clam you down when it did happen. Did he?”

She shrugs

Tinny-B cocks her head ”What’s that?” she mimics her doing the shoulder shrugs

”Nothing, just a shrug”

”Where is he?”

”Don’t know , don’t care”

”Did you guys have a fight again?”

”It’s his fault!” She angrily grabs her glass of juice and drinks it

”Okay, tell me, what happened?”

”The fool walked in on me naked, and he had the effrontery to bark. Plus didn’t he realize when he had the genius idea to bring me here to think of cloths and whatnot? Then he goes I shouldn’t use his bathroom and I can have the guest room and bla bla bla, then he goes..why am I wearing his shirt -”

”Yeah, why are you wearing his shirt?” Tinny-B observes

”Because, hello, I do not have what to wear here durh!”

”Right” Tinny-B taps her lips and then points to no where in particular as she spoke ” So you are angry he saw you naked or because you didn’t have cloths to wear which isn’t his fault because this move to here was impromptu.”

”Which side are you on?” Alexander didn’t like her observation.

”None, getting clarity. What are you mad at him for?”


”Or that he saw you naked? I mean, give or take…you are his client, he is paying you for your services which he hasn’t began collecting so..why are you angry, he gets to see and tap that eventually”

The thought of that made her frown..”Whatever!It doe not mean he gets to barge in while i am stark nark and he being equally naked and staring at me like he -”

”Whoa! Naked?” Tinny-B comes closer ”Is he packing” she curves her hand into a ”C”

”Tinny?” Alexander’s face was straight as she wonders if she was

”Hey, come on, indulge me….i mean with his build and all those abs and beautiful body that man has, tell me he looks good naked as he looks good with cloths”

”I don’t know Tinny-B, i was not looking” She rubs his eyes


Alexandra scoffs dropping her hands.

”You do realize that I don’t fancy guys so all those don’t bother me, whether he got a big junk or a tinny-willy one. Don’t bother me none”

”But you see bothered” She points at her friend

”I am not”

”You are too”

”I am not”

”Are too”

”I am not”

”Are too, are too , are too” she points at her friend as she continues after she pulls her nose, Alexander hits her hand a way and wriggles it..

”Leave my nose alone, what did it ever do to you? I am not, that’s ridiculous”

”Nothing, are too. You are either bothered that he saw you naked or you saw him naked and liked what you saw”

Now she laughs ”That’s stupid, i never liked what i saw in men not near, not far and not even when they are doing their business. He wouldn’t be different and i said i wasn’t looking to see the size of it or if he looks great … i really don’t care at all”

”I don’t believe you. So did he like what he saw too?” she winks

”I didn’t give him a chance to speak, he stood there speechless like a buffoon and then gave a halfass apology right after that he asks about his shirt and whatever” She rolls her eyes.

Tinny-B folds her hands and taps her jaw. ”You know what your problem is? You take life too seriously, you should relax and enjoy the moment”

”And I assume that moment is what? Jaime Lockswire?”

”Yes sistah! A fine ass vanilla goodness, hmm hmm hmm hmm”

”Oh God! You can have him though. He is probably gay” She snickers.

Tinny-B laughs out loud ”That dude is straighter than straight and the only reason he hasn’t boinked you yet is probably beca use he not interested in you..or maybe he is, and bidding his time” she taps her jaw with her well manicured fingers.

”Everyone is interested in me” she smiles ”I just don’t give two actual fxxks”

”I know of one fxxk, you got two fxxks?” Tinny-B’s winks at her

”Quit playing” She tosses Tinny-B a scrum of bread.

”’But what if though.. Jaime does like you like you, what’s going to happen then?” Tinny-B picks it up and plops it into her mouth, chewing with a half smile

Alexander raises her index finger”One, he wouldn’t” she adds another and then another ”two, i am a call girl, no one in their right senses wants that kind of girl, three he wouldn’t even think of such and four, he wouldn’t like me..those who do that do it on their own peril..i don’t like men that way and i intent to continue and five ” she puts out all fingers ”He probably hates me as much as i hate him so…so no likeness there. I feel that he is just helping me just because he..i don’t know, felt like but that’s it. I am here for a reason, be his company when he needs-”

”Not sexually obviously because he isn’t working up that department”

”Good for me, I can’t stand his person now, i wonder how we are going to accomplish that with..both of us not like each other, it would be a mess. I probably would have to tie my eyes, cringe and pray he cums in a second”

”You never know , maybe you get to enjoy it… I mean, who doesn’t enjoy s3*. It’s the most beautiful thing ever, and when you have the right man, the right touch and one who knows his onions, baby girl you would be quaking with ecstasy even the angels would blush”

”Whatever that is” she rolls her eyes

Tinny-B stares at her wide-eyed ”You know, guys cum, girls too cum.. especially whey they hit your g-spot in ways that is electrifying. You telling me you don’t know how that feels though, even when you getting it on a daily because those clients are like dogs, there isn’t one who had made you all jelly and gave you butterflies and all…mushy and shit when he doing his business and makes you pop like a weasel?”

”Your descriptions are horrible and no, why? s3* is tedious, un-enjoyable and …just not what i would have designed if i were God. Guys poking you with hard rocks, they groaning like dogs and we..we have to pretend by screaming and stuff, and then what, some might go five minutes and AHHHHHHHHH! another goes a minute and those who stay longer…i want to strangle, i literally zone out, i think of flowers, and lovely buildings and i count to 100 backwards over and over again and ..when they are done… I want to get their stench away from my body and stuff” she looks away

”Why do you do it then, if you hate it so much, you can quit you know, go to school , have a nice job, become a nun..okay, you would be a s3*y nun, probably give them a hard-on while they are holding mass or taking confessions” She chuckles

Alexandra smiles sadly ”I never wanted to have this life, no….my childhood wasn’t pretty, not something i would wish for another. Leaving home and coming here..i wanted a different life..but i then realized that life is not so pretty the way i imagined it. I came out , to a place all by myself, i looked for a job, waitress, errand girl, even to clear dishes and walk dogs.. i even stayed at a nun’s house..” she stares at her hand ”Her brother didn’t mind that I was just fifteen and he was way older than me”

”Did he rape you Alexandra?” Tinny-B’s face shoots up with surprise

She doesn’t answer ”Then the restaurant, the men there were groping, they were dogs. And everywhere i went, my peace of mind lasted for a few minutes before a man walks through that door and his eyes centers on me. I soon came to realize that, no one really cared about you, none. Once you are in the streets, in order to survive, you need to be among them, join them or die..literally. No home, no meal, no family out here…what do I do? ”She stares at Tinny-B ”I used what I had to ensure I don’t die..to ensure that I don’t continue begging. My body for survival. that was it. They paid, I allowed them, I live a day. Now I am too far gone. Maybe one day, I would retire of this life of Call Girl services, make enough money, go back to school, probably become a fashion designer or something befitting a lady and die happy”

Tinny-B felt suddenly sad for her friend ”Alone? I don’t see you mention finding a man, love, marry him, have a family and then die fulfilled”

She is shaking her head ”That my dear is not in my foresight..men are pain, I don’t need that. Who needs a man when you get rich? You see any rich woman sulking over a man? Or going crazy about s3* and stupid cums? No! you all can enjoy it. But, it’s all not enjoyable, thank you very much”

”I see, if you say so!” Tinny-B pouts ”I want you to be happy, i don’t see much of that with you, and forgive me but, I always pray you find happiness and if a man can give that to you..then why the hell not”

”I say so. A man or you mean Jaime?” Alexander has her eye raises questioningly

”Er..come on have you seen the features of that man, and i know you don’t have eyes at the back of your head and you aren’t God who can see everything. One minute with you both and i think you look perfect together..oh you both would make beautiful babies together” She curves her hands to her bosom as though she was carrying a child, she rocks the it and then looks at her friend, when she sees Alexander’s face which is a mask of no emotion, she drops her hand ”A girl gatto dream right?”

”He is the Mayor’s son”

”Er, yes, surprising bit. He is a fine ass Mayor son” She points out

”And his social ranking is a thousand times over mine”

”Er, news flash..prince just got married to an African american descent..baby you don’t see how God isn’t playing by the rules when it comes to elevating people. Your’s would be easy-peasy”

”You do not see how I hate him?” Alexander is not believing how her friend can be so naive.

”Baby, the best couples had a thousand fights. And look at you both..always bickering at each other. Jaime this, Alexander that..bla bla bla..and yet he ran all the way to the hospital to ensure you are safe, whisked you in his arms like a Cinderella, and by the way you slept in his arms like a baby in comfort while he stared ta you all through the ride, brought you to his castle..have you protected and don’t mind his name being tarnished to ensure that you are safe…baby I see signs, I am a seer..i tell you”

”Oh Tinny-B, in as much as I love your enthusiasm about my life and my happiness.., Girl you got to wake up, that dream is too much for your head. This is real life and prince’s don’t marry gutter girls”

Tinny-B grabs her face ”Hey, you are beautiful, a s3*y goddess and you would be any man’s dreams, any man would be lucky to have you as a wife” She places a kiss to her both cheeks loudly and pulls away.

”Hmm, right! I don’t see that for myself neither do I want it. Now, can we stop talking about Jamie Lockswire, because it makes me head hurt”

”Oh really?” Tinny-B raises an eyebrow, ”But your head didn’t hurt when you had your body crushing his and his arms around you”


‘Yep, I came in in the early hours of this morning with Adam, such a fine heart..picked my call and came all the way to pick me. Anyways, I walk in and I see him in your bed and you both were all clinging to each other”

”Oh, that and eww! we were not clinging with each other, I had a nightmare, he came to help and-” she scratches her head ”And…i calmed down and I- ” she frowns ”Asked that he stay because…you know nightmares” she finishes lowering her eyes innocently.

Her friend was smiling with a knowing look on her face ”Now you stutter?”

”I am not stuttering, I don’t even know why I asked him to stay. I think it was those nasty drugs the nurse got me on. Messing up with my head”

”You know there is nothing wrong to want him to stay..even if to hold you”

”I had a nightmare Tinny-B..I didn’t want him to stay and hold me..I just -”


”Oh get out” she turns away as her face suddenly became hurt. ”What the hell Tinny-B.”

She is laughing following her to the sink and hugs her from behind, ”I know I can be annoying, that’s why you love me majorly” another kiss to her cheek.

Someone clears his throat behind, they turn.

”I am sorry..”Adam frowns ”Are you guys-?”

Alexander has a puzzled expression to her face, so does Tinny-B. ”Are we what?”

He stares at them, with Tinny-B hugging Alexander from behind.

”Oh..no, ewww!” Tinny-B lets Alexander go and steps away ”I love her , but i don’t love her like that. I like them hard..you know..really hard” she licks her lips

Adam smiles and then clears his throat ”Good to know.” He steps to them averting his eyes as soon as he realized that Alexander has on a shirt.

Just a shirt alone that stops at her mid thigh.. Jaime’s shirt. One of his favorite white shirts with the doted buttons. He would know, the last time his laundry was done and he couldn’t find this particular shit, he was livid. Some had stolen it or the laundry place had it exchanged. Who knows.

Jaime loved that shirt, he had another one customized and shipped to him. He only wears it on days he feels exceptionally happy.

And it didn’t look as if she had anything else on underneath that shirt. Did Jame see her on this..? Adam wondered.

Looking at her now, with her air slightly damp dripping to the shirt, legs that ran up for miles and disappearing underneath that shirt. She looked like something that just walked out of a magazine and those questioning eyes would bore a hole in a man’s heart.

Did Jaime see this look this morning?

Adam smiles…damn right he did..and worse he was blown, unexpectedly maybe.

Adam rubs his lips,

Oh right, no wonder he lost his head asking for a watch when he was wearing it and zoning out there a minute ago.

Oh poor Jaime.

”Adam , what are you smiling at?” Alexander crosses her hands over her chest and perches close to the table.

Adam comes out of his thoughts, showing her the gold card ”I erm..wanted to find out what kind of cloths you wear”

”Why?” she eyes him

”Well, I need to get you some, so that means the kind of cloths you wear, your sizes etc. Oh shoes inclusive”


”Jaime requests it”

Alexander’s frown depends , Tinny-B smiles and rubs her palms together ”He buying you sexy cloths now mama. I tell you what she likes, she likes hgjfjhhghhg-” her words come out muffled.

Alexander clams her friend’s mouth shut ”I have cloths, back at home i can wear. Since he desires to keep me locked in here, he should atleast allow me pick my cloths from home. Stop removing my hand from your mouth Tinny-B” she stares at her friend and holds her to herself, having Tinny-B struggle, laughter in her eyes

”You are strong for a girl” He observes seeing how she easily fit Tinny-B under her underarm and clams her mouth shut everytime she struggles free bubbling with laughter.

”She is just tinny, that’s why” she smiles

Tinny-B breaks free and running to the other side of the kitchen ”I tell you,” she is behind Adam now ” she likes shorts, dresses above the knee, sexy hugging ones, high heels that make you feel as though you want to fall..white and red undies and ofcourse black. D cup for bra size, her waist is a 32 and her hips is a mad 43 with the C curve, not forgetting to tell them that jeans? she likes them stretchy so it sits perfectly. Her dresses her white, red, shimmerings in gold and silver and she loves jewels…oh…i know what she likes”

”Tinny -B stop. I do not need him getting me anything”

”Perfect, let’s go” Adam turns pulling Tinny-B with him

”Hey, where to?” Tinny-b looks up at Adam in surpirse

”Hey, where you going with her?” Alexander comes forward

”She is going to help pick out your things for you”

”I am? yeah, we are going shopping” Tinny-B is excited

”No!” She pulls her friend by the arm, Adam pulls her back

”Ma’am, please!”

‘I have nice cloths at home”

”No you don’t” She says directly at Alexander and then to Adam ”no she doesn’t” She smiles up at Adam ”Take me!” she pouts

”Yeah, my intention, and on orders”

Alexander pulls her friend again, Adam pulls her back, Tinny-B is laughing ”Aww, see how loved i am, two people wanting me…see how blessed I am”

”Shut up!” Alexander was not liking it one bit.

But her friend laughs ”Aww poor baby!”

”Come on Tinny-B, I do not want to be indebted to Jaime okay so quite playing”

”Who said anything about that?”

She lets go of her friend and turns to see Jaime, ear phone plugs in his arm, a towel around his neck, beads of sweat lining his head and his eyebrows raised.

”I do not want you buying me cloths”

”I wasn’t asking for permission” he says staring at her..then he looks at her again, a frown coming ”You do realize you wearing just a shirt and you are playing tug and pull out here, where anyone can walk in, with you almost naked?”

Tinny-B smiles ”I -”

”Shut up Tinny-B” She points at her friend,

Tinny-B bites her lip and then laughs ”She can be bossy” she nods to Adam

”I can see that, too bad He can be worse”

”Best combination”

”Recipe for disaster if you ask me.”

Alexander was showing her anger.

”What do you care if anyone walks in, it’s my body not yours”

”Right, so it’s okay to flaunt it?”

”My body”

”Well, it is okay for me to flaunt it how I want, where, and anyhow.”

”And it’s in my house you want to flaunt it to the world?”

”You did not mind when you had my ass showing the first day we met”

”Alexander” Jaime sighs rubbing his temple

”Oh here we go..” Tinny-B cocks her head to Adam

”Let’s just leave them with it” Adam says pulling Tinny-B away and out the door, into the car and zooms away.

”But that’s the truth” she continues ”I kept insisting for a dress but no, you wanted me to wear another sizes too small. You do not listen but prefer to do what feels good at another’s expense. ”

”You want an apology for that day? is that it?”

”No! infact yes, I do want an apology”

”Fine. I am sorry, is that good? now drop it. Why does everything have to be an issue with you?The reason your friend is going is so that she can help with cloths for you”

”I have cloths at home Jaime, you cannot just uproot my life just because and changing it.”

”It’s cloths you bit my head off this morning, and I am proffering a solution and you are mad?” He shakes his head incredulously.

”I have my cloths and even if … I can pick my own damn cloths and what I need to wear”

”Well, news flash, you are not supposed to be alive”

”Whose fault is that refusing to tell them otherwise?”

He is quiet ”You should be grateful Alexander”

”Oh you want a thank you? How about you go tell the world I am alive and that you aren’t a bloody murderer!”

”How about you show some more concern over the fact that you were almost killed and the man is out there and he may come for you..you forget he already called here, you not asking yourself how he got Adam’s number and stuff?”

”I am not a mind reader nor do I have special powers of decernment ”

”Well you should”

”Look Jaime, despite that we don’t get along, I won’t let that be the reason you get out away. I may not like you which is understandable because you are bloody annoying and I want you out of my face, doesn’t mean I would wish you rot in jail. So if you don’t go and tell the world, i would”

”Are you threatening me?”

She turns and walks away ”Alexander, I am talking to you”

She ignores him, goes up the stairs and makes a turn to the guest room. ”I am done talking Jaime”

”How did we get from cloths to this in one second?”

”Keep asking!” she says over her shoulders

”Alexander?” he was angry now. He climbs the stairs two at a time and follows her. She enters the room and then shuts the door with a slam.

He opens the door, slams it shut, takes two long strides to her, grabs her hand and turning her to him before she can lay on the bed

”Don’t walk out on me when I am talking to you, ever. You are being disrespectful.”

”Then do not talk to me the way your please. I am not one of your paid staff that you can boss around. I have a life and I am not selfish that someone would get to be in danger because of me. And right now, thinking about me, I hate to think about the state of your parents. You sweet mother was so worried about you when you pulled that stunt at the event and now, now …I took a few minutes to watch the news while i was in the kitchen, I see what they are saying about you, I see the comments and what they would do to you if they find an evidence and my body and i wonder, whose man in his right senses would not want to clear his name hmm? All because of me? That’s stupid. You don’t know me and once this contract ends i would be out the door and that’s it. You let your life be tarnished for a stranger? That’s stupid Jaime, unless there is something else you aren’t saying.”

”You know nothing”

”Oh I know plenty, at least enough to know that there is something more to this. You have it all, a mother and father who loves you, a family who is rich, your name speaks volumes and you are willing to throw it away because of me? Hell na! What the hell is going on Jaime?”

He stares at her ”Nothing is”


He pulls her closer ”Don’t call me a Lair”

”Liar, liar liar. You know how I know you are lying? Your eyes, they tell a different story when you speak.”

”Just like yours..”

”What the hell does that mean?”

”Last night, when i asked if you saw the face of the man who attacked you, or whether you were having nightmares about him, or if you know him..your eyes conveyed a different message even in your silence, what are you hiding?”

”I am not hiding anything, let me go Jaime” she tries to release her hand, he held her tighter

”You think I have more to tell? You have ten times more. But what i do with my life is my business”’ He tells her

”What I do with mine is mine, so let me go”

He wraps his hand around her and brought her even closer ” I will not take orders from you, I would not tolerate you speaking to me in this manner and i won’t allow you go do something that is stupid. So Alexander Beckington, you would stop your bickering”

”And if I do not?”

He smiles ”I would spank you like a little girl, because that’s what they do to naughty girls with bad behaviors. Their daddy spanks some senses into them..and i may not be your father but i would spank some senses into. ”

She freezes. He felt her.

Damn, he forgot. The last time he spanked her, she had cried..and he felt uncomfortable for that.

He saw that look in her eyes again, fear, concrete evidence ”I am sorry, i really don’t mean that..it’s just..argh!” he trials off.

She is quiet, she made to pull away ”Let me go Lockswire” her tone had changed, her eyes even darker.

Papa..that man who had ruined her, ever since she could call his name. Thoughts of him brings fear, hatred and sadness..realizing he is in the same town with her, almost had her back was enough to send someone into a feat of fear, anger..pain. Why did he just associate his talk and mentioned father. It was a trigger to pain, unbearable pain.

she closes and then opens her eyes.

”Who are you scared off?” he searches her eyes

She stares into his, ”Let me go!” Her voice cracks.

”Who are you scared off, who do you see in your dreams?”

”Let me go!” her eyes pools

”Tell me Alexander, did he hurt you, who ever is in your dreams, did he hurt you before now..tell me!”

”Let me go”

He held her even tighter, her face close to his ”No. Tell me Alexander, I see your eyes, I feel your fear..and i do not think this is all about the event we went and you got attacked..did someone hurt you, did someone hurt you Alexander, are you scared of someone other than the attacker? Who hurt you? I promise that i would ensure you are never harmed again, but you need to tell me something, please” He speaks softly to her searching her eyes again, see that there is something she is hiding. ”Please, talk to me…let me help you..let me protect you..let me ease the pain i see in your eyes and calm the waves that torments your dreams…i can only help if you tell me” He says to her, wondering why he felt the need to, not understanding it either and yet, desiring to see what she is scared of.

The tears rolls down. She couldn’t control it. She is shaking her head,

His heart pulls. That was happening too recently. He mentally rubs his chest. ”Alexander?” he releases the hold on her and touches her face, and the tears. His heart pulls again.

”Damnit!” He swears

She bends her head and lets the crying continue. Staring away from him, he raises her face to look at her.

”Damnit! I am sorry, so so sorry..I didn’t realize it would get to this far” he says. For lack of what to do, he places her head on his shoulders as she cried.

Sighing he pulls her to the bed,she didn’t resist. He sat down and allowed her cry on his shoulders . Letting her have her moment. Wishing there was something to do, or say to ease her pain, whatever it is.

After a while, he says to her, trying to lighten the mood, knowing that inquiring about anything in that line would not yield any results. He snakes his hand through hers and places his hand around her shoulders, resting to the bed with her head under his chin.

”You know, you shouldn’t get used to this”

”To what?” she sniffs as his statement took her unawares.

”This, my shoulders. Between last night and today, twice. It’s a record to have a stranger lay there without a fee, you owe me a few bucks”

”Fxxk you!” she says, but her lips curve into a little smile.

”Your mouth is foul..tsk tsk tsk!, I got detergent in the bathroom, it would help to wash all this bile out, purge you of those bitterness. Very unhealthy.”

Alexander sits up wiping her eyes and stares at him, frowning at the fact she even allowed herself to rest on his shoulders and him to pull her to the bed. Okay, this was unhealthy. ”Just so you know, this does not mean i am soft..this moment of me breaking down never happen. You mess up i go at you head to head” she says

He nods,his hands rises on their own accord and then touches her cheeks, she tenses and hits it away


”You know Alexander, sometimes, you just need to let go and relax. Infact i believe you would be a nice person if you aren’t fighting me all the time. We could even be friends”

She scoffs standing , he pulls her back , the force gets her to his chest with her hands laying there to support her

”Lockswire what the hell!”

”Look, I am tired of this fights, honest to God, It’s driving me crazy. So what if we don’t like each other, we can be civil, can we not?”


”Look, I would start all over okay. Hi, i am Jaime Lockswire, a business man and you are?”

She smiles ”This is ridiculous!”

”Do not be an enemy of progress”

She scoffs again ”Whatever, I am Alexander Beckington, Call Girl , stripper and every man’s desire”

He suddenly frowns ”Alexander Beckington, that is all..your profession do not define you. You can do a whole lot more if you put your mind to it”

”I cannot do alot more. this is where my life is and that is how it would be..case closed”

He searches her eyes ”You are the architect of your life. It does not matter who has the blueprints and who began the foundation, like the designer you have the right to redesign your life and make it what you want to be, it takes only a decision. You do not need to limit yourself. Do not describe yourself as that..you can be better than that..you just have to want it”

”Just because you speak deep does not mean I won’t use a badminton on your head when you overstep with your stuck up attitude”

”My God, can’t you just be nice, like ever?”

”I am nice, just not nice to people like you” She smiles

”Aaah! Tushe. So..you cannot be nice to me ever?”


”What if i am nice to you, would you return the favour?

She thinks to herself ”You have no nice bone in your body. Nice and you are like water and oil, doesn’t mix”

”You think i cannot be nice, i am Mr. nice girl, all the girls says that”

”Not just me..and i am not like every other girl who sees glittering and i swoon”

He nods, having realized that. ‘No, you are not, you are weird, like an alien”

”You are smart, and smart people would know not to mess with me, kapish!”

He laughs ”kapish? You are bark and no bite”

”Maybe if you give me your arm we can do a test run.” she grabs his arm, he pulls it away with a suprise in his face

”Be nice, that is what we are preaching. Be nice, i would be nice and you be nice so we can stop this world war, it’s tiring so i repeat, if i am nice to you would you be nice to me?

She thinks ” Maybe”

”Good, I would be nice to you from henceforth, and you return it.”

”Fxxk no””

”Stop swearing , damnit Alexander”

she laughs pointing to him ”You swore just now”

”I am a guy”

”Oh, I see. Its a man’s world”

”You know what, lets try it, say something nice about me and i would say something nice about you”

”No way” she made to pull away, he pulls her back

”Okay I would go first.” he thinks for a bit ”I think you are a caring person even if you have a shitty way of showing it. I think you are selfless going by not minding if your attacker was to come just so i can clear my name. I think you limit yourself too much, assuming the world begins and stops at a place for certain people” he stares at her ”I think you are strong, the ability to hold in whatever is wrong and acting like it doesn’t matter, stupid but strong”

”Hey that is not nice!” she hits him.

He laughs ”Sorry..erm” he stares at her again, cocking his head to the side ”I think..erm..” he stares at her face ”I think you are beau-”

The door opens , Tinny-B and Adam freeze on their tracks.

”Okay, is it just me Adam or I am seeing things?”

Jaime lets her go, Alexander gets up like Jaime was fire. Jaime murmurs something under his breath and walks past them rubbing the back of his head with the other hand in his pocket.

Tinny-B has a look on her face staring back at Alexander. Adam smiles, dropping the bags and then turns away leaving the girls alone.

”Erm..I left here with both of you at each other’s throat, I come back and you are lying in his arms, actually laughing and you both aren’t about to tear out your heads…tell me this is real? Does my girl like Jaime?”

”That was not what happened..he erm..we were fighting and then..he said something and then , we ended up on the bed because I was crying and..he said something about being nice and he was saying some nice things about me and I was supposed to-”

”Nice things about you and and and er er er” Tinny-B teases

Alexander thins her lips ”Just stupid anyways and–” she felt her cheeks burn as it dawned on her what he was about to say. Was he calling to call her beau-tiful? Was that it? Did Jaime Lockswire think she was beau-tiful? Oh…wow! No, that’s not it. He wouldn’t say that right, he hates her, she hates him..and .. .

She felt her cheeks burn again, she touches them absentmindedly.

”Are you blushing Alexander?” Tinny-B drops her back and rushes to her ”Oh my God, you are blushing..what a glorious sight never been seen on your face..OH MY GOD! YOU LIKE HIM!”

Alexander drops her hands , a frown replaces her blush. ”Don’t be silly!” and she walks away. Tinny-B shakes her head in wonder…”Oh my God, she likes him, i cannot believe it..you like him girl, you just don’t realize it”

”You are crazy. I HATE THE MAN”

”Not, but you would be crazy and you don’t hate the man, not what i just saw ..all the butterflies would kick in soon..oh..this is good, this is really good” she claps and dances.


”Are we set for tomorrow Mr Chena?” Jimmy shakes his hand as he steps into his office. He ushers him to a seat.

‘ We are, with majority of the vote, it would be a clean win”

”Good, and the Mayor, he is coming right?”

Mr Chena takes a seat ”We made him a very tiny window of choice, he would be there”

”Great, i want the press to be contacted, camera crew, the news house, the whole world must see me win ”

”It is all arranged”

Jimmy is happy. He looks at his phone vibrating. It was Kennedy. He busies the call for the 100th time that day.

”Drinks? How about Mr Lupit?”

”placing final touches. Yes please ”

”Lovely, so let us talk about the modalities on how we can liquidate this company” he smiles handing Chena a drink

”The Mayor wouldn’t allow it”

”I would be the president, my word stands, i don’t care what he would say, allow or admit. We commence work tomorrow.Drink and be merry. Drink Chena drink.!!”

They clink their glasses as they smile to each other. ”I need to swing by the Mayor’s , be a good soon and check how they are doing” he laughs.


Kennedy curses as he realized that Jimmy was not going to pick his call. He drops his phone into his pocket and then knocks on the door.

The security had let him pass. He was glad he didn’t need to do much talking having been seen with the lady of the house the other day.

He knocks on the door again, he waits as he hears footsteps. The door swings open and a lady is at the door

”Yes sir?”

”Tell Christine Barlow that she has a friend at the door please” he smiles watching her nod and disappear back into the house.

He is thinking, his flight was supposed to leave late this afternoon, no word from Jimmy nor from Christine about the whereabouts of Alexander. And Jimmy seems to be playing an angle he is yet to see. He had mentioned he had the prints taken care off, he was not scared which means that he would not want to budge..

No, he needs to put the fear of God in them, he needs his Akexander before midnight. And since he doesn’t know where Jimmy lives, but he knows where Christine lives.

What should he do to put the fear of God and let them know that he is dead serious, that he would do anything to ensure he gets what he wants..anything.

The door opens, Christine has a look on her face ”What the fxxk are you doing in my house, get out or i am calling the police” she sneers ”who dared to let you in”

Jimmy is smiling , he shows her a gun ”Lets talk, shall we?”


Jacob is pacing the length of his room, speaking to the chief of police ”I do not understand what you are saying, i thought you said that the forensics reports would be out and then we can finally have some concrete evidence to know for certain who the murderer is because i still do not believe it is my son”

”Yes sir, but i just got word from Gareth, that the reports were corrupted due to some fire incidence in the lab and it’s gone. We are back to scratch”

”Argh damnit! So what do I do?” Jacob seats on the chair, his head in his arms ”Have we found the body?”

”No Sir, we have all come up to a dead end, only Jaime can pinpoint us and he is still unable to be found..we can’t even get a hold of his body guards, they are laying low and unseen in the dark. we just need to keep searching for evidence , good or bad.”

”My God.!”

”We are doing all we can, but i would advice that you get him a good lawyer, because as soon as he shows up, he would have to answer Sir…and i have to do my job as an officer of the law and the protector of lives”

”I understand just…just find him please”

”Okay Sir”

The line cuts. Gem walks to him ”Nothing?”

He shakes his head. She is quite. ”I saw a message, they are still going ahead with the primaries tomorrow?”

He nods ”It was an ambush… I had to step down temporarily. I had no choice, I need to focus and find my son and ensure he is safe, I need to care for you…it’s nothing”

”But you cannot leave your company int the hands of those who want to ruin it”

”Let me find my boy, whatever Jimmy thinks he is doing..he should go ahead. I would be there, whoever wins would be endorsed by me..”

”Even if it is Jimmy?”

”Free and fair, yes, but i pray it does not come to that because if that happens, I won’t give him free reins ..i would keep the power of attorney for the sake of others..if not by morning, Jimmy would do what he knows how to do best, ruin us all”

”I would come with you”

”No, you stay”

”I am coming, to support you. I may be losing a son but I won’t let my husband go through this alone”

He nods.

Someone knocks on the door ”Sir, ” he says opening it briefly stepping into their living room ”The police is here to see you”

Jacob frowns ”The chief of police? I just spoke to him”

”He said his name is Steve? He works directly under Mr Gareth he said”

”Send him in”

”What is that about?” Gem turns to him

”I do not know, maybe the chief of police sent him to me, but he didn’t mention” he stands up as Steve walks into the living room, greeting them.

”How can I help you Steve, did Mokaly send you, or your boss Gareth?”

Steve shakes his head as he brings out an envelop ”No sir, I came here on my own, no one knows I am here”


”I have something to tell you, about the reports and about this case.. I have the forensics report here with me, and I have opened it and I think you should to. I believe that Mr Jimmy-”

The door bursts open and Jimmy walks in ”Mayor, Gem..how are you both?” Then he sees Steve, he frowns ”What are you doing here?” He sees the envelop and it was boldly written ”Original forensics reports for the Mayor” ”What is that?” Jimmy’s antennas went up, his eyes grows dark. What the fxxk does he have that and why is he here..what the hell was he about to do? What’s in that envelop, why does he look at me like that? And if that is written ”Original forensics reports for the Mayor, what was inside the envelop did he give me that he burnt?

Steve swallows, his eyes darts to the Mayor, Gem and then Jimmy.




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