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*The Call Girl-Chapter Twenty-Six And Twenty- Seven





She strolls naked to his bed, climbing seductively till she is climbing and straddling him.

”Hmmm” he moans as he slips in deep inside her, grabbing her soft chicks he positions her at the center, she throws her head back and moans, biting her lips as he begins to rock her from below, feeding his lips with her breast.

”Ah damnit! You feel so good” He groans as he worked her from below, kissing her lips and squeezing her to him.

She moved, effortless letting her butt clap over him as she went up and down, up and down, moaning and kissing him.

Having had enough from her ontop of him, with one quick move he swings her with a turn and places her below him and sinks down ontop of her. Running his hands over her body he caresses her thighs and pushes her legs up, allowing himself gain more access to her core as he plunges deep inside her, watching her cry out in pain.

”Ahh yes” he meets her core, rolling his waist and pinning her hands over her head as he buries his head to hers, mulching her lips and drinking from her cries.

”Oh baby, give it to me, make me cum so hard, yes, yes yes!!!” she cries out .

His intensity increases and his movement intensified till he has her legs wrapped around his waist, his hands resting fisted on the bed and his body away from hers but connected with his member alone to her core as he plunges in and out, in and out, fast, really fast, extremely fast and her moans turns to cries.

”Stop, please stop you are hurting me… stop!!” she tries to pull away but he holds her down, capturing her lips with kisses he continuous, slipping his hand and pins her down by pressing her neck.

He doesn’t stop, his head going backwards, his eyes closing as he continuous to sink into her, fast, faster, faster until he shatters and collapses on her body, breathing hard as she continuous to choke and struggle.

He lets her go and rolls off, breathing hard, settling back into normalcy.

She struggles to breathe, coughing and holding her throat, he looks at her, and then tries to touch her face, she moves away from him in fear, he smiles and smacks her exposed butt chicks..

”It’s just a little pain, don’t give me that face”

”I want to go home” She says as tears run down her eyes.

He rolls over, opens his drawer and pulls out a few bills which he tosses to her ”Get lost”

His phone rings just there, he sees the caller and then frowns, ”Get lost” He tells the girl again as she scurries away with the money and then out the door.


”I have been calling you asshole, where have you been?”

”Oh, somewhere wet and soft and tight that gave me the much needed release, what is it?”

”Jaime hasn’t come to me, and he isn’t picking up the phone, why is that?”

”I am not his Mother Christine”

”Well, if your guy had done that which he was expected to do, I expect that Jaime wouldn’t have found her and with his mood tonight he should have been in my arms. He didn’t come to me and I am parked outside his house and he isn’t back yet and his security isn’t giving me entrance to go wait for him. It’s been two hours and I am tired. So where is Jaime. What happened to Alexandra?”

”Look, stop been an impatient woman Christine, he said he would handle her and I know he would. If he doesn’t i would track the fool down myself and make sure I break his legs for fooling us and I would get her out of the way for you. And you need to get Jaime off, I do not want him to show up for that pitching.”

”I will do that only if I can get him to come to me, he isn’t here”

”That is your business, I have done my part.”

”No you haven’t!!”

He removes the phone and puts it on speaker when he hears a message beep, he opens the message and then smiles ”Apparently our guy came through, he really did fxxk her up” he laughs.

”What, he did it? Did he send a picture, let me see Jimmy, send it to me” she sounded excited over the phone.

”No! You see it as everyone else sees it tomorrow over the news”

‘Don’t Jimmy, I want to see”

”Patience, patience. Go Home Christine, your lover boy would need you if not tonight, tomorrow and stop calling me at odd hours” He cuts the call and then makes another ”Jude, got some beauties to add to that news tomorrow, sending it to you right now. Do the needful okay, make it rain” he sends the picture and then smiles resting on his hand.

”Tomorrow, the sun is going to shine ..all this would come to an end. I told him to back off, he was too slow. Now he is going to get more than what he bargained for.” He laughs.

He needs to sleep and wake up on time and probably be there before it breaks out. He can’t wait to see his father’s face when it happens. Nor can he wait to see how Jaime would be dragged like a common criminal and tossed into the cell.

Yes, the sun would shine bright tomorrow, and on him.


Christine smiles ”At least, something good happened tonight.” She puts her phone back into her bag and stares at the gate ”Once I marry Jaime, all of you assholes are going to be fired” she points to the securities at the gate, ”All of you who have disrespected me tonight, fired!!” She enters her car and zooms off.

”We hope He doesn’t do that though, else I would turn in my resignation” One of them says

”Yeah, she is nothing but bad news, wonder what he saw in her in the first place?” Another says lighting a cigarette.

”He is hot stuff, they flock around him, it’s hard to fish out the good from the bad” the first one offers as he checks his time ”Shouldn’t they be back by now, Greg said the Mayor left hours ago.”

”Why, you think something is up?”

”I don’t know, should we call?”

”Adam is with him and besides, speaking off it’s been quiet from his end. You think something is up, should we inform the Mayor?”

”No, let’s wait it out, it might be nothing”



Jacob is staring out of his window that over looks the city from his room. He is quiet. Sad. He stands there with his head bowed and his hands in his pocket.

Gemmylyne who had just come out of the shower wraps a robe around her body and comes to him, touching him lightly on his shoulders ”Jacob?”

”Did we do something wrong Gem, did we, did i do something wrong?”


”You know, I loved him, at some point, he was mine, my little boy and I held him in my arms and I loved him as much as I loved his brother. But he changed, from bad to worse, from worse to one who cannot be saved. He blames me for what happened. I was still a young man Gem, still unable to understand all of the things happening but I went all out for them, for them Gem”

”I know Jacob, you cannot dwell in the past”

Jacob looks at his hands ”She died in my arms, and I couldn’t save her. The drugs, the men, the issues… yet I stuck it out. Jimmy wasn’t planned but I loved him. He was 10 at the time, angry, he lashed out, he did so many things to tell me how much he hated me, how much he hated his father. I was nothing but a news paper boy at the fox magazine, earning little to come by and she, she was the only girl I had loved. Jimmy happened and then tragedy struck. My father, he died in the collapsed mine and my mother went a year later battling with cancer. See, I was alone with a pregnant girlfriend at 20. A girl who loved drugs more than she did me, who slept with men for the fun of it. The fights, the quarrels… but I loved her Gem”

”I know Jacob, stop, it hurts I know but you have to stop. Jimmy choose his path”

”But he is my son, my first… what could I do?”

”He choose his part”

”I should have stopped him”

”You did, you fought him for it, you tried to change him but he picked his way and there was nothing you can do. You went when he was in trouble, you gave up your life for your son ..and if you had continued, you would have died a long time for a son who had no remorse but anger that made no sense. You did nothing wrong, you only loved a boy who didn’t love you and blamed you for his mothers death. Drugs killed her, her disease killed her. He joined the bad gangs Jacob and he went the dark way. But it wasn’t your fault”

”How do i make him understand all this. All he has done from then all out is to break me”

She sighs wrapping her hands around him. He breaths and then continued.

”You know, years later, when I got the job working as a PA to Senator Baggins, I looked for him, got him under my wings, got him into a good school even though he kept rejecting me I refused to let him be. I was doing good for myself and I was happy to be able to do something for my son. He didn’t want me to tell anyone I was his father, it was his idea. He was still an angry young man and he came and left, came only when he got needs but, I was sad and happy because I got to help him stand, sad that he didn’t give a shit about me. He got into so many troubles until the last time, that kid that died, He swore he wasn’t part of the gang. Then the robbery, he said he was forced to drive their car. The rape cases, the gory slut house, and it keeps pilling up and pilling up. I bailed him every time, and as soon as he came out, he left again, disappearing for months and coming back showing up at my doorstep ..almost a bag of bones.

I couldn’t turn him away, he was my son… but every time he came, he left bad things when he leaves. The last straw was when he blackmailed Baggins after sleeping with his wife, she drowned Gem, she killed herself because she couldn’t take the shame after her husband and his colleagues found out she had been sleeping with his PA’s boy. Baggins threatens to kill him, and when Jimmy showed up in the office and tried to act smart.. Baggins pulled a gun. ” He shakes his head as he remembers.

“I took a bullet for my son, almost dying in the hospital and he never came to check if i was alive or dead. He left Gem, stealing millions from Baggins and he left his father to die. That was when i realized that..he was a lost cost and I was done with him.

Then you happen. A little sunshine in my darkness. And then good things starting happening. You saved me, during those trying times, through the stroke..you were the one who walked into the hospital ward and saw a lonely man while you checked in on your ailing mother and you sat down with me, and talked to me. Days turned into weeks and then into months… he never came back once, maybe thought I was done for.

But good things began to happen for me. I got better, while I fell in love with you, I got the job years later to be Tips running mate after my boss put my name up as a candidate, a year before I had started my company, the Heritage company with just me. I had put in all my savings into that, we had nothing Gem, nothing to live on but you stood by me, understood my dreams and you said ”Do it Jacob, do it”

”And you did” She smiles

”And I did. And two years later, I had people coming to buy shares, my company was gaining momentum, then Jaime, Jaime happened..” he smiles as tears slipped down his eyes ”I am so sorry Gem, for trusting him even for a second with you, I am so sorry for what he did to you” he covers his eyes and cries.

”It wasn’t his fault, the car skirted off course”

”But he wasn’t sorry, he was drunk Gem, and we lost Adele!”

”Don’t think about the past Jacob, God blessed us with Jaime, he blessed us with Jaime” She wipes her own tears and then removes his hands from his face and cleans his ”Let’s not dwell in the past. It wasn’t Jimmy’s fault, that wasn’t. He was angry… he drank, he came and I went into labour and he offered to drive and… we skirted off the road. We have Jaime, and he is our son, your son…your miracle” she turns him to look at him, wiping his tears.. again”Jaime is your miracle and I understand the love you have for him because he came when we least expected him”

”The son I always wanted” he hugs her ”The one who showed me all the love unconditionally without questions… who loved his brother like he had never loved anyone. But what does Jimmy do..hated him from the first day..and did all sorts just to get him out of the way and for a time, Jaime kept loving him and then one day..one day..Jaime stopped. He never told us why, he never gave his reasons he just stopped following him, stopped being near him and was a little scared of him. He refused to tell us why.”

Jacob lets go of his wife and then goes to the bed, pulling her to seat beside him ”You know, even when I cut him off my life… I still funded all that he wanted, even as I became Mayor..I always gave him more than I gave Jaime..just to show that no matter what, I couldn’t deny my son his position in my affairs despite. I gave them all that they wanted and removed my hands and watched them from afar…Jimmy..did Jimmy and Jaime” he smiles ”Jaime…is a replica of me Gem. A replica and I didn’t have to influence him, I wanted to know just how much they can become without me helping… I only gave them the basics but see… Jaime’s company is known, he is a billionaire even if he doesn’t become President of the Heritage Group and even the Mayor. Jimmy? I am still clearing up debts even till this moment and keeping his company afloat. Now tell me, who would you think I rather let handle my affairs of my company? Of the people I have served for years and made life better for them..who Gem..?”


”Yes, because he is a better candidate, his genuine love and care for others is evident. I have eyes yet I pretend as though I don’t see, I know what he does and how he is planning to help the community, schools he has erupted, relief items he sent. I know my son, that is how I know that this his recent behavior isn’t entirely his doing that is why I won’t give up on him but I am tired, tired of fighting his brother, fighting my team in the Heritage group, I am tired of everything Gem. I want the best for my son, I do..i also have a duty to my city to give them the best..and i know who the best would be, from the helm of things to the last and Jaime… has a good head on his shoulders, he is focused, determined to do the right thing and he would pick his team accordingly and I cannot even influence him..that is why he is a good candidate but Jimmy..no. But like I told Jaime, I would be there at the pitching to vote for him..so he can show up or not, but I would be done and whoever then wins it, fine, But this would be fair and I do not intend to manipulate it… I expect that who ever is meant to lead will lead and even if my pick doesn’t… I hope whoever takes the mantle does a better job than I did but God help us all if it is Jimmy, God help Chocolate City. But Jaime hurt me tonight, he did.” He rubs his chest and closes his eyes.

”Jaime loves you, I hope you know that.?”

”Now, I do not know it anymore”

She wraps him in a hug and puts her head to his shoulders… ”A father loves his son too, no matter how much he is hurt”

He is silent ”I never can stop loving my sons..i only gave up on the one who did, and i hope i do not give up on the other too, i am human Gem, and i can only stretch that far”

”Let us hope for the best. Let us hope it doesn’t get that far. It hurts me too, but i only hope that our son would come back to us and this would be all a bad phase.”

”I still worry, I still worry about my son, despite his recent behavior I worry about his well being too. He is pushing us further away from him and whoever tried to kill him is still out there Gem… I would die if anything happens to Jaime.”

”He would be save, Adam wouldn’t let him go out of his sight.”

He nods. ”I pray so. ”


”Jesus , Sir!!!” Adam exclaims seeing the body on the floor

Jaime steps into the toilet and staggers backwards ”Alexandra?” He chokes as he rushes to her

Adam sees the open window and the rushes to it, he sees a shadow of a man running. ”I see him” He rushes out of the toilet and placing a call ”This is Adam, come in, i sight a harmful leaving the event vicinity echo 1 was just in. Block all connecting exit roads from station fifteen, this is not a drill, Echo 1 needs attention, this is not a drill” he says into a com phone as he jumps down the stairs and makes a dash towards the back, with his guns outstretched and chasing the shadowed man who disappears over the fence.

”Jesus, Alexandra” He touches her.. she wasn’t breathing. There was blood. ”Oh God” he gathers her to him ”Adam!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Was she dead? What did they do to her, how could this happen and..oh God!!

He places his ears to her chest, and then close to her mouth. Not able to hear anything he takes his finger to the neck to see if he can feel a pulse.

It was faint.

She was alive.

He lifts her up and rushes her out of the toilet and the exist the building. He could hear the siren blaring and by the time he got to the limousine, he saw a few cars there already with men jumping out and showing their guns.

”Sir… Sir are you okay, are you hurt?”

”Get me to the hospital, right now!!” he screamed as he slips into a car with Alexandra and looking down at her, fear grips him ”Get me to the hospital damnit!!!!”

Adam is running back, breathing heavily.. ”I lost him, I fxxking lost him” Adam says as he looks around ”Where is Jaime Lockswire?” Adam says pushing through the team of men running towards him.

”In a car, heading to the hospital, someone is hurt!!!!”

Adam rushes to the car and stops it, he slips in telling the driver to get down ”Comb the fxxking area and find out who did this..go go. I need a report before midnight, keep it low till we know what we are up against” He says shutting the door and then zooming away.

”Alright ladies, Adam said he lost him, but…there isn’t a ghost without a glue..find the fxxker or something that belongs to him and we got our guy. Keep it quiet , lets go!!”


Jaime had been pacing the lenght of the private ward he paid for for Alexandra for a while now. Adam watches him,


”I mean, I don’t understand it. Who would …why her? Has they called in to tell you anything?”

”They are still searching for glues. Apparently whoever the person was, the theory is that he wasn’t some stranger who just strolled into the building. This was apparently done during the charity event, and no one comes into it without being properly checked out, thoroughly and no stranger could just walk in and besides Sir, she was with you up to the time you left to see the Mayor”

”Yes, after then i lost track of time being by myself I didn’t realise she wasn’t there”

”Yes, so we are thinking probably that was when she was taken, but no one saw her leave. So theory one is a fact; he is no stranger, he got identity that was checked out and was vetted a pass into the event”

”And Theory two?”

”Yet to be ascertained if this was a random unplanned attack or if it was specific”

”What does that mean?”

”It means Sir, if the person had every intention to hurt her specifically like coming to the event to get to her or..she was just a random pick seeing that she was alone at the moment and became a spur of the moment”

”What do you think Adam, that someone was after her?”

”Well Sir, it depends..what do you know about her really?”

”Nothing Adam, other than she is a Call Girl for hire, we do not actually talk about our personal lives.”

”Well Sir, the only way to clear Theory two is to find out ..then if nothing points to that from the details you gather, then..he is a random, which means that he would definitely attack some random woman again…which always leads to get caught”

”And if he was specific?”

”Then, she is in danger because whoever did this either possibly meant to harm her thoroughly or maybe just wants to have a little fun but if she wakes up and can identify him? He would come back for her and she isn’t safe”


”What do you advice Adam, because let’s face it, I am at fault her. I got her here and she got attacked, so I have to shoulder the responsibility to make sure she is safe and back to her life. Until we know who did this and why, she needs to be protected, which means, she doesn’t leave my sight, not yours..if i am unavailable, you make sure you are in her face. I do not want someone dying on my watch Adam, Call Girl or not. ”

”Yes Sir”

He continues to pass .

”You have that look”

”What Look Adam?” Jaime says pausing

”I don’t know, that look” Adam says with a smile ”That look that portrays you don’t exactly care but I know you long enough to know that is just a camouflage”

”I don’t care Adam, just worried about her state because i took her out and-”

”Yeah yeah, deny it all you want. Did you see your face when you saw her in that state and the way you watched her in the car?”

”Dude, I practically didn’t know her state and if she was dead? What look should i have worn..glee?”

Adam laughs ”No, ofcourse not, you may be a dxxk sometimes but you wouldn’t wear glee….Sir”

Jaime takes a few steps to him ”You overstep Adam, you may be my most loyal, being with me for a while and just because I give you passes doesn’t mean you think you know me, but you overstep”

”Sorry Sir, just stating the obvious” Adam says apologetically, fighting a hidden smile. Jaime could punch him if he wanted, fire him..but he knew he wouldn’t. Yes, he knew Jaime well enough, enough to know that look he saw..it wasn’t a look that was random, it may mean nothing but…when does it ever mean nothing. Time would tell.

They heard footsteps. They turn as the Doctor walks towards them.

”How is She Doctor?” Jaime folds his hands

”Sir, She got drugged with chloroform.”

”Chloroform, what is that?”

She nods ”Chloroform is also known as trichloromethane or methyltrichloride. It is a colorless liquid with a pleasant, non-irritating odor and a slightly sweet taste. Chloroform was one of the first inhaled anesthetics to be used during surgery, but it is not used for anesthesia today”

”Why, because it is harmful?”

”There have been situations where people who are given to go under never wake up, and other adverse effects”

”How bad?” Adam asks

”If you are exposed to chloroform, many factors determine whether you’ll be harmed. These factors include the dose (how much), the duration (how long), and how you come in contact with it and in her case, it was properly doused in a cloth or handkerchief not sprayed, it was then placed over her nose and mouth to cause her to inhale. How long and how much cannot be ascertained at the moment”

”Okay, so what are the possible side effects considering?” Jaime asks, a crease of worry appeared on his forehead.

”Chloroform affects the central nervous system (brain), liver, and kidneys after a person breathes air or drinks liquids that contain large amounts of chloroform. Breathing about 900 parts of chloroform in a million parts of air (900 ppm or 900,000 ppb) for a short time causes fatigue, dizziness, and headache. If you breathe air, eat food, or drink water containing elevated levels of chloroform, over a long period, the chloroform may damage your liver and kidneys. Large amounts of chloroform can cause sores when the chloroform touches your skin.” The Doctor offers.

Jaime is shaking his head ”Okay so are there tests to be done to ascertain how much of it she inhaled?”

”Although we can measure the amount of chloroform in the air that one breathe out, and in blood, urine, and body tissues, we have no reliable test to determine how much chloroform one have been exposed to or whether one will experience any harmful health effects. The measurement of chloroform in body fluids and tissues may help to determine if one have come into contact with large amounts of chloroform. However, these tests are useful only a short time after one is exposed to chloroform because it leaves the body quickly. Because it is a breakdown product of other chemicals (chlorinated hydrocarbons), chloroform in your body might also indicate that you have come into contact with those other chemicals. Therefore, small amounts of chloroform in the body may indicate exposure to these other chemicals and may not indicate low chloroform levels in the environment. From blood tests to determine the amount of liver enzymes, we can tell whether the liver has been damaged, but we cannot tell whether the liver damage was caused by chloroform”

”Too much Jargons, speak english Doctor.” Adam says shaking his head

The Doctor sighs ”I’ll tell you what, I would run some tests to make sure nothing is damaged and if it comes up clean then there is nothing to worry about”

”Good, please run all tests needed, but is she awake?”

”She should come out of it in a few hours. But if the chloroform was doused on whatever that was used in more than a few doses, that means that she could be out for almost 24 hours”

”24 hours?”

”Yes. So that means we would keep her for that duration”

”Okay, I’ll – erm..something else Doctor, was she..was she erm, her cloths was .and her ..was she erm-” he trails off, fearing that possibility. He had tried not to think about it but it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t just a knockout session, her torn cloths and all.

”There was a possibility of that happening because we notice marks on her inner thighs, but..we did check, no she wasn’t. Possibiliy maybe because of the distraction from you guys who interrupted or there was no intent. who knows?”

Jaime breaths a sigh of relief ”The blood then?”

”Her finger, nipped, but that is nothing to worry about, Its been cleaned and tapped. Maybe it was a fetish, who knows. Why nip a thumb and use it all over her body and cloth?”

”I don’t know. Okay Doctor, do what you have to do… I would take care of it. Call me directly. ”

”That’s fine Sir” She is walking away,

”Doctor, another thing” Adam says coming to her ”Lets keep this discreet okay. We do not know the dimension of this attack so that means she isn’t allowed any visitors except cleared my me or my Boss.”

”What about family members?” she looks at both of them ”Surely they would be worried”

”She has known that I know of…”

”Friends? I mean, someone has to be here with her unless you want your guards to watch a lady all day all night and help with her essentials when she does wake up..or you would do that yourself?” She is looking at Jaime, Adam turns to look at him.

”I erm… I would stay with her”

”Very well Sir” She turns and walks away.

”But other than that, she would be fine, nothing else right? He asks

” A concussion to the head from the bump to her head when she must have fallen or hit it, a swelling to her shoulder, also a bump, and..pain would be there ofcourse when she wakes up but if all things being equal and the tests comes up clean, that would be a few days healing which we can work with. ”

Jaime nods, she leaves.

”Sir, isn’t there anyone who can stay with her?”

”No, it’s fine. I need to know if they found anything?”

He looks at his phone ”No calls yet.”

”Fine. ” He grabs his shirt and makes his way out

”Be here if you need me Sir”

”Goodnight Adam, pick me up in the morning”


”Is there anything you want me to get you?’ The nurse asks Jaime who settles on a chair beside her bed.

He shakes his head ”No, thank you. I can manage for the night”

”Okay Sir. If there is anything or you notice any discomfort from her, there is a red button you need to press and we would be with you. But give or take, she would be totally out for a few hours”

”That is fine. Thank you” The nurse leaves him.

He turns to her, resting his chin on his hands he placed on his knees as he slouches towards her.

A lock of her hair covered her eyes, he reaches out and then pushes it away from her face and then continuous to stare at her.

”I hope they find nothing damaging and that you are okay. Who ever did this would be found Alexa and dealt with. No one deserves to be dealt with like this…I,- I am sorry, I brought you out and now you are in the hospital. I hope you come out okay” he says.

The room was silent safe for the beeping sound from the machine.

”You know, I am used to your bickering and you fighting me that you not answering me now is awkward and weird” he smiled ”You are on hell of a girl Alexandra, annoying to say the least.”You are not the Boss of me Jaime Lockswire, say please Lockswire… you have got to be kidding me Lockswire..” he mimics her and then smiles ”No one talks to me the way you do, albeit rudely. No one , not any lady I know could stand up to my brother like that . You are trouble Alexandra, big one. And yet, for a girl who has such profession, you seem different..one who cannot be pushed and shoved unless you allow it. That is a good thing. Stranger is the fact that..unlike other girls I have come across..you have this air of aloofness..like you really don’t give a shit. That is a rare quality for a lady. Others are submissive, obedient but you are stubborn, fighting me and my rules anyway you can and have no remorse.” he laughs shaking his head again

”Not even bothered that I am the Mayor’s son, you bullshit me Alexandra, it’s a rare thing to get bulshit-ed by a lady. Not a lady I fancy obviously but… your reaction from day one was..strangely upsetting but relative. Other ladies would want to kiss ass, Bekky does that, she was useful. You, no! Instead I find myself having to compromise just to make you do what I want albeit a little. I hate to be dis-organised Alexandra..I like my days, plans and all I want according to plan but from day one..you mess things up, like now, dis-organizing my day, my thoughts and actions. Not your fault, but…point is..since you showed up, I am a little bit of a mess. Well not a mess..more ..un-coordinated. ” he takes a deep breath and runs a hand through his hair ”I am not blaming you Alexa. Not at all, I am just stating the obvious. My plan was simple..give Jimmy what he wants, knowing Pops won’t let me go, do things that is outside my character that would cause him to question me, people to question me,bear bad on my reputation. Yes, it would cause a negative effect but it would be effective, nothing is working, father wouldn’t let me go, so becoming a bad boy idea came up, the strings of women, the parties and clubs and nonsense..the Call girls, the handlers..you..all in the plan but..doesn’t look like that is working, but unlike the others and Bekky, you came with a manual. You came with a head, a mouth and a conscience. Pricking me, like trying to talk me out from being an ass towards my parents, even having a conversation with my mother and God knows what you have planned with her to do. Point is…you mess things up, my things..” He raises his hands and then touches hers on the bed ”But within all this, I find it comforting. That even in this uncoordinated mess, I get to laugh about our awkward moments. Like when I saw you walking down the stairs and I choked on the water I was drinking, I had no idea why that happen. Or was it when i saw you in that dress. Yes i didn’t expect my reaction. I may not be able to admit it when you are awake but..you were breathtaking but..telling you would make your head swell because you always want to fight me” He laughs ” Or was it when you were running your smart mouth and I teased you and you nearly choked on your drink because I mentioned my member, that was the first time you actually laughed with me, or when I forced you to dance, your anger was funny. Yes, I did that on purpose, I like to get my way. But, you also like to make sure I do not… given all the indication. If that is a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t know. In fact, I do no even know why I am saying what I am saying. I don’t like hospitals, never did” He lets go of her hand and stands up, pulling the covers over her body ”Wake up, and point me to your attacker, and he would be dealt with. I am sorry”. He turns away from her and stares out of the window.


Anderson is breathing hard by the time he gets to his hotel room having boarded a bus and flagged two taxis to get to it. He begins to pace the length of the run, cursing and kicking ”Damnit Damnit Damnit!!! This is bad, this is bad. If Alexander wakes up, he was done for. He needs to get to her before she does, how the hell can he?”

He grabs his phone and begins to dial Jimmy’s number.


Jimmy sees the call and then switches off his phone ‘You are of no use to me Anderson, you job is done, we have no more business together” He dumps the phone on his table and goes back to sleep.

He was looking forward to the 8:am news tomorrow,


”Damnit! He needs to find Alexander himself, and Jimmy would have to help him. If he is going down, so is he. If he can help him kidnap her, he can take her away but if she wakes up and tell them who her attacker is, it would be bad, very bad” He looks around and begins to park his bag. He leaves the hotel immediately and finds a motel. Tomorrow, he would go search for Jimmy and go get Alexander and be gone before the cops find him


”Hello Jaime?” Christine speaks as soon as his phone was picked

”Sorry Ma’am, he isn’t here, he forgot his phone”

”Who are you?”

The line went dead. . ”So he gave his phone to a security to answer huh? Well that’s fine, tomorrow, he would need me” She climbs her bed and tries to go to sleep.


”We found a car in the garage, it is rented. We called it in, we should get a feedback to who rented it for the day by morning” Adam listens as they told him

”Okay, anything else?”

”Yes, we found her things in the store room, apparently she was locked in because we could see shoe marks on the door, it is soundproof so that means she was trying to get out. It was a little knocked off so it is assumed there was a struggle, and that was where she was knocked out, blood stains on the ground.”

”Nothing on the attacker?”

”By morning once we have done a thorough sweep, we should get something solid.”


”We have his phone and wallet , Boss’s and Miss Christine called for the Boss”

”Have someone bring it by, thanks, keep us updated and like i said, keep it quiet till we get concrete lead”


Adam walks in hours later and finds Jaime asleep, resting his head on the bed close to Alexandra. He drops his phone and wallet, Alexandra’s things and then leaves.


The Best Morning…

”Breaking News..

”Oh my God!!” Tiny-B screams dropping her glass of orange juice.


”Jacob?” Gem sinks to the bed, her hands covering her mouth causing Jacob to rush back into their bedroom. ”Jacob oh my God, Jaime!!!!”


”Here we go Pops, how you like your golden boy now, haha!!”‘ Jimmy smiles.


Anderson watches the news ”She is going to tell everyone it was me, she is going to tell everyone it was me when she wakes up and they find out that she isn’t dead as the news make it sound, she is going to tell everyone its me. ”


”Come to me baby” Christine is smiling, then she frowns ”Okay..wait!!” she jumps up ”If Jaime goes to prison for this, what the hell happens to…oh God no!”


”Sir, Sir, wake up..all hell just broke loose” Adam is shaking Jaime up.




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